Twerk contest gone wrong

twerk contest gone wrong
My name is Terri, 22 years: I think I am an open-minded and friendly young woman. I always try to be kind, honest and helpful. I hate people who lie and cannot respect others..

Top 10 Most Shocking Twerking Moments of 2014

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DESCRIPTION: Bikini barista fire leads to arrest of 2 men 2 Found San Antonio kittens turn out to be baby bobcats 3 Carolyn Hax: Competitors competed for cash prizes, gift cards to The word "twerking" first twerk contest gone wrong on record in "Do the Jubilee All" by DJ Jubilee inin which he chanted, "Twerk baby, twerk baby, twerk, twerk, twerk..

#1 kankirill1: you forgot the Eastern Brown snake, the 3rd most deadliest snake in the world, you forgot the red bellied black snake also a place in the top 10. These are facts and you need to do your research better.

#2 xtk2: that hungry hippo said kobe isnt a scorer? LOL FIRE HER IMMEDIATELY

#3 bombastik: We can't have women in powerful positions; there would be nothing for the left to complain about.

#4 majeure1: why are we breaking these things man

#5 laxes: What about Gwen Stacy

#6 smokerl2060794: We miss you RJ

#7 mack12: Y'all gotta understand. back in those days, it was rare that players got together to hang out during the off season. Even at all star games, u would see players either hangin out w they teammates or hangin out w guys they went to HS or college w/. When u have fierce battles w each other, u don't like them in person. Larry bird still TIL THIS DAY has issues w Bill Lambier. Just recently, Magic Zeke finally ended they beef after 30 yrs. Charles Barkley Charles Oakley don't like each other. When u have battles like players did in the 80s 90s, its never a surprise when they get in they 40s 50s still not liking each other. I'm pretty sure Karl Malone Dennis Rodman are not gonna go have a cigar together any time soon lol. My guy Stephen Jackson said it best, ALL NBA PLAYERS DO NOT HANG OUT W EACH OTHER lol. That's why this NBA is so soft. Players hang out w each other alot. That's why the 80s 90s NBA was the BEST NBA.

#8 bloordodl: three man and a baby: it is a cardboard of a guy. not a boy. already explained hundreds of times

#9 tfx15: Lendsey is the winner

#10 skinny9674576: 3:21 is that hot or cold water?

#11 dider: Klay Thompson is much better!

#12 L2Prophet: Nothing here

#13 karadimi7: This looks so good oh man

#14 belka92: eu amo ece cime

#15 VanCanto: To everyone getting mad about the fact that some of these people are bisexual and not gay. People fall in love with people. People do not fall in love with genders. Therefore, labels don't matter.

#16 Ramones1983: I dont drop character till Ive done a dvd commentary LMFAO

Blac Chyna Judges Twerking Contest in Atlantic City |

This page was last edited on 30 April , at The following week, American comedian and television host Jimmy Kimmel revealed the video was a hoax that he and his team had devised, on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Archived from the original on 10 December The New York Times. Louis Ladies Who Belch. If all you know about twerking you learned from Miley, you have a lot to learn.

Oh, My: Blac Chyna Twerk Contest Went Off the Rails.

twerk contest gone wrong
My name is Faith, 24.: I love to read, my house has a small library in the house. I love spending time with friends.

So we couldn't let you go out this weekend without knowing about a new contest at a University City night club..

  • Competitors competed for cash prizes, gift cards to Studio and In March , American pop singer Miley Cyrus posted a video on Facebook which featured her performing a twerking routine while wearing a unicorn suit, to the single " Wop " by J..
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Special Issues Summer Guide..

  • Nov 28, - Twerk contest goes wrong when one of the dancers does the splits on the other girls hesd.
  • Jul 14, - West Palm Beach.
  • May 5, - Team Swagg Ent. Presents Good Girls; Gone Bad Twerk Contest Hosted By Amiir & Poobiee Celebrating Deja' Simmons Birthday Sponsored By Christina Leach & Jay-O.

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Liza! you are such a sweetheart! I couldn't imagine a better person to do these interviews

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Peter muriendo y la gente grabando la gente de los comics es igual de tontas como en la vida real ese comic es muy realista XD (es broma no lo tomen enserio y yo tambien soy una persona)

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People say Daniel won with an illegal kick to the face, yet throughout this tournament, Johnny is doing it, and so is Daniel's quarter final opponent. It was not an illegal win, kicks to the face were allowed

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me imagine a Saitama frente a Tanos dandole un one punch jajajaja. esta imaginacion preciosa que tengo jaja. espero sea una pelicula entretenida y que guardianes de la galaxia tenga una actuacion epica.

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3:51 Thug Life

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