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My name is Annette, 22 years: I am a painter! but i am not some crazy person who doesnt care about all world around! i know that a lot of people have bad attitude to painters!! they think that if I am a painter - I am some lazy woman, who has nothing to do( it is not so! I do a lot of different kind of work - from painting of walls to painting of ladies' faces)))))))))))).

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#13 Scorp9090: I was actually surprised and pleased that the Sonic fandom didn't actually make it onto this list.

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#19 tazakos14: Pittsburgh drafted someone better than Big Ben who Ive had the pleasure of watching and Mason Rudolphs Oklahoma State lost in a pretty close one while he was injured to a really good Baker Mayfield-led Oklahoma team. Rudolph is the future of that organization. I want to see where the patriots turn to in the next few seasons with who fills in the big shoes of Tom Brady, and maybe Bill Belichek. Id like to see Quinton Flowers, or Nathan Peterman from the Bills. With some fine-tuning Peterman could be dangerous.

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The animal decides to jump the fence and ends up running playfully through the crowd of tourists before being led away by a handler..

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#1 28.03.2018 at 12:42 nikpivovar:
He is just perfect

#2 29.03.2018 at 18:31 zanzi6ar:
Dear Cartoon Network, if you make Sonic and Amy at least hug in an episode, I'm SURE that everybody will scream and dance around their devices they saw it on.

#3 05.04.2018 at 08:11 apalon6:
Who keeps smacking their lips

#4 07.04.2018 at 09:52 xas149:
can anyone tell me the name of the music in this video the first music sounds starts 25 seconds please or the artist name?

#5 13.04.2018 at 17:39 gaaarcia:
OMG ! Her Legs !

#6 14.04.2018 at 13:12 vitamin9218:
So many epic moments to an epic series. MORPHENOMINAL!

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wow, his first good mood for 40 years

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How big can here ears be my god

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#10 02.05.2018 at 07:14 KEHT_ru:
I like to play piano too!

#11 04.05.2018 at 11:13 pitch:
I really liked that trip into the future!

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#14 27.05.2018 at 15:39 mezartim:
Great tips! I gotta have my bootcut jeansfor my pointy toed Fiesso shoesthough.

#15 02.06.2018 at 11:13 Krystian_PL:
Masterful assembly of sounds and sights. Entertaining, though extraterrestrials are real of course. What is not real is the illuminati, or at least an illuminati with any centralized power. No human certainly no governmental or business group is that intelligent. History proves this over and over and over. What is most likely true, is that there are MANY (not eight, or a dozen, or even fifty separate cells of greedy or self-important people/corporations who make ill designed attempts at controlling food, energy, and conflicts. Extraterrestrials probably find us almost indistinguishable from apes in many ways. Thank goodness they chose to alter some Earthly DNA hundreds of thousands of years ago. We are probably more entertaining to some of them than Netflix. Of the likely hundreds (thousands? of different ET civilizations that have visited this planet, I wonder if some of them may walk among us, perfectly disguised as humans driving Hondas.

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I don't get it

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were the hell is the weeknd

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This was kinda funny but maybe would've been better with Teens. More interesting feedback

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The best punishment for rage quitting is still the original NEW Zelda game. Rage quit? Good! Start the whole game over!