Did benson and stabler hook up

did benson and stabler hook up
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Law & Order: SVU - TV Time with Benson and Noah (Deleted Scene)

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DESCRIPTION: Storming in she notices that the offices remains empty, as if everyone has done home for the night, but then she notices Elliot sitting at his desk sorting through paperwork concerning todays case. Would you like to view this in our German edition? Christopher Meloni Weighs in. You May Also Like.

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El brings her into the bed room throwing her passionately onto the bed. They were partners, after all. El you can't just go getting all involved in my cases, risking your life, and then expect me to just be grateful and move on. You have a wife and a family! But yeah, constantly busting chops," Christopher said of what he and Mariska were like in between takes. Story from TV Shows. And so, that was priceless, I think for both of us.

Chris Meloni Explains Why Benson & Stabler Didn't Hook Up.

did benson and stabler hook up
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  • Why Didn't Elliot Stabler Ever Get Together with Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU?
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  • Stabler and Benson's Law & Order: SVU chemistry was hot offscreen, too

Sure, Stabler was married, but he and Kathy's separation would have made an office romance possible and it did, though unfortunately with a different detective. Liv had never felt such amazing pleasure before in her entire life..

  • Apr 1, - Meloni knew Detectives Benson and Stabler better than they knew themselves. He Didn't Want Benson And Stabler To Hook Up On 'Law & Order SVU' . once and for all, Meloni and Mariska Hargitay did do a little “making.
  • Feb 16, - Benson And Stabler From Law & Order: SVU Reunited With A Kiss And Benson had the hots for each other, yet them hooking up was never.
  • Mar 31, - Christopher Meloni explains the real reason Benson and Stabler kept Stabler and Benson, why didn't Benson and Stabler ever hook up onscreen? Well in to Benson and Stabler's carnal desires, or did they make the right.

But these characters were so captivating onscreen on their own, they didn't really need to have a love connection spice things up a little, now did they? Switch to Did benson and stabler hook up edition? They were partners, after all. You have to start thinking bensn clearly! But would Christopher choose Mariska over the actor who played his character's lover on OzLee Tergesen? I could never do that.

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