Hans and harry bakery bonita ca

hans and harry bakery bonita ca
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DESCRIPTION: The cake tasted wonderful! Planning a trip to San Diego? Patricia M March 5, Chocolate cake with home made German chocolate icing and chocolate buttercream. You can do this via email, telephone, or in person..

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Hans and Harry's Bakery - Bonita, CA

Reviewed May 21, via mobile. Great cakes and affordable! Reviewed August 6, They still make the classic European buttercream here, and very few places take the time and care to do that. I like that they greet you with a smile. Sections of this page. She can box my pastry anytime

Hans & Harry Bakery.

hans and harry bakery bonita ca
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Is this your business? They still make the classic European buttercream here, and very few places take the time and care to do that..

  • So much to choose from Is this your business?.
  • Hans and Harry's Bakery
  • Planning a trip to San Diego?
  • Hans & Harry's Bakery - San Diego A-List

The cake was absolutely beautiful, but most of all extremely delicious! Restaurant Menu Sorry, we were unable to load the menu data..

  • Photo of Hans & Harry's Bakery - Bonita, CA, United States. Fruit crown Photo of Hans & Harry's Bakery - Bonita, CA, United States · See all photos. “They're.
  • Bonita, CA () Monday-Friday am to pm. Saturday am to pm. Sunday Closed. E-mail us at [email protected]‎Cakes · ‎Strudels · ‎Pastries & Desserts · ‎Seasonal.
  • Let Hans & Harry's Bakery help you with selecting the perfect cake for your special occasion. Choose a signature cake or Bonita, CA ()

Rachel Trujillo September 28, Reviewed April 10, Created by our pastry chefs and changed on a seasonal basis we are offering a delicious variety of gourmet pastries. With bacon" Jason Trey. All dessert options are delicious, everyday is freshly baked, and you have many options, if you are a dessert lover you will love this place and hary back for sure.

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