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#1 muzik1234567: Saddens me to see Tommy, one if the greatest Rangers to have ever existed if not THE greatest, seeing him evil.

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#3 Artifex1: Whose in the thumbnail?

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#5 klim1: LeBron is such a nice guy

#6 kat0000: good movie

#7 anna221089: Efren never saw that 100K

#8 D-man0055: Love your DIY jars x thankyou really stunning x

#9 Wilgelm: I got frickin scared

#10 michas1: Mankalor you are evil. I love it!

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#12 vitalik82: cr7 is the best

#13 minilenin1: They really should of had the Lady Death/Thanos relationship in the Infinite War movie.

#14 BuhtiMne: Who else noticed that Messis mum last name had the word Gucci in it

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#16 idra2: my favourite is the icacle maskara. chrismas is the perfact time to do it! chrismas will be fun with these khind of mekuep!

#17 nurikaw: Roses are red Violets are blue I have a horrible voice My ears start to bleed too ;

#18 inferno000: LOL He slams the door and screams, sorry Nova [ACTING]


#20 tktktk3: But why the fuck would that guy even have that painting at all? Even without the supposed haunting it's creepy as FUCK.

#21 illya4a: IDEA: Get your kids to plan the perfect date night for you and your hubby, but try to arrange it so that you get to know the plans when they happen, not in advance. :)

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So KO and TKO is going Two-Face

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Not enough charcoal

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Lebron's game is actively predicated on his size(I think Isaiah gave that up). It's not that he is not skilled, but when you see him driving down the lane, he is usually using his forearm to move people(that is brawn not skill). MJ was a much better ball handler, mid range and 3 point shooter, and we all know how he could get to the basket. If you hear something long enough, who is to say it is not true? That is what the media is doing with their platform(s)

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James the oils from your skin might be getting in to their body and that might be why they keep dying #hamsterlivesmatter #justlikemydad

#8 30.04.2018 at 20:03 GooZMan:
Mass starvation in North Korea.and this guy thinks It's an act.

#9 05.05.2018 at 16:16 lordship:
RIP for Superman. Wolverine's whole body is made out of adamantium. Which is the most powerful type a metal that is not actually real in the universe and it can cut through anything BOOM!

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Sonic dash

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everyone that lives in hungary is very hungry

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apenas empec este tratamiento ayer, pero lo mezcle con te de canela, limn y bicarbonato, y tengo muy flojo el estomago. es normal?

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A foot wouldn't still be visible unless the accident was VERY recent.

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Damn, Joe was shilling for Trump hard last year. That sucks, I hope he's bright enough not to fall for the Russian propaganda

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Sleep Score goals&Assists dance Eat Sleep

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So toxic to drink out of a hose, unless it is marked as safe.

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