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Below is a portion of a mass email I sent out earlier today to dozens of people who had written to us to ask what happened:. On the Defence website it says offers will continue into September. Mine just says submitted — I applied for Defence policy. Tickets go on sale Monday and will be available at: Applications close on the 3rd April, therefore this process will continue for some time until all applications have been assessed. The question perhaps is how the value would be interpreted and whether it would be accepted by most if not all. Vapors lighting and shading my face it shall be you!

Managed to get to the assessment centre. And we had to do a group exercise. There were 6 of us in the room: Even though we had the worst aptitude tests scores and did not solve the test we were communicating as if we were in an armed conflict. I completed the part 2 app but I don't remember having to type out all my grades!

Bit confused on this one. Maybe have just put in a gpa or something: I just had to chuck in a GPA. Could this be because I attached a transcript with initial application? I just checked too; I definitely did type out all my units and grades, and I had submitted a transcript earlier too.

Maybe it depends on the streams that you had applied for? I submitting my mediocre grades and all that. And just waiting to hear from them. The wait is just so bad. This is one of about 4 programs that have said they will get back to me at the end of the month. Very odd-definitely didn't chuck in the grades: I applied for the more general streams with my civil engineering degree. Does anyone have any clue about how many GP there are every year? It says on the FAQ page "This number varies each year, however over the last few years we have recruited more than graduates across the Department each year.

I doubt we will hear anything till next week at the earliest given that the emails have stated they expect to get back to us in late April. Should I email defence tomorrow and ask them where we are at with the shortlisting?

Maybe if we had no communication whatsoever, but they have clearly said they expect to get back to us in late April. It's only mid April. I too am keen for a federal government job. But was not successful in getting it. However I am on a merit list though. Anyway, I think I have a better chance rising through the dod rather than the graduate program. Might be the same for me too, but the relocation and interview assistance really does help out.

Early days though, so I'm still hoping! There was no interview assistance for me when I had the interview in Canberra for the ICT apprenticeship. I think that whole interview assistance package kicks in in APS 4 and above.

Sorry, I should have said that's one of the appealing aspects of the grad program! Makes the interstate move a lot easier.

It's funny, going back through the previous years' threads, the process seems action packed. But in real time These begin in the second week of May and progressively role out into June. I have that job. But the interviews I had were for permanent roles in defence. Chorister Another user who was successful last year wrote a couple of weeks ago that there is an essay but didn't give details, saying that it wouldn't be fair to applicants.

Another user mentioned something about the defence white paper It would most likely be on Chapter 2 of the defence white papers. When I got feedback from the DIO and ASD jobs that I got knocked back from, they told me my answers had to be based on chapter 2 of the defence white papers. This recruitment process is worst than trying to get a date.

Like in dating within a second you know if you are friend zone or your through to the next stage. Where as with this defence recruitment they leave you hanging. Intelligence stream has different dates. Replies will come out in line with where your nearest capital city is as it's a rolling system, those with capital cities late in the key dates section you'd expect won't hear for a while.

They have started releasing invitation letters today for Brisbane, so keep an eye on your emails if that's your capital city.

Best of luck, some of the streams will lag behind the others, so don't lose sleep if you don't hear anything today. Tomorrow is a public holiday, so don't doubt yourself even if it comes to Friday I'd say and you haven't heard yet. Just got an email inviting to Melbourne assessment centre, but then 10mins later got an email saying that my invitation was sent in error I'd be optimistic and assume it was an error in so much as they have sent the invitation early, not that they're not interested in you but I'm a glass-half-full sort of guy.

I know last year my invite came a day later then some of them on here. I think i might have received mine a tad early. There's no booking selections under 'My interviews'. Hey there, what do you reckon is to be said for ACT assessment centres? Sydney dates look to be after Adelaide and before Perth which is the last round of ACs.

So once we hear about the Adelaide invites going out, we can start to get worried. Someone has already said they have an invite for Perth unfortunately. So that makes me think they jumped the gun with some Perth invites. Also from Brisbane and got an invite to the Adelaide AC for the research and innovation stream. Anyone know much about the travel assistance they provide? Fly down day before, accommodation, etc?

Having a look at last years thread It looks like Invites went out on the 27th for most streams, but then the SS for intelligence went out over a few days a couple of days later. But that's the only thing I got which is keeping me sane right now. How you holding up? Hey all, question for you.

When you receive an invitation to the AC, does this automatically mean the SS as well for intelligence? I am planned to be on holiday during the SS, so wondering whether I need to change my flight ASAP, or email and ask, or just the waiting game!

Mine's still just submitted, I'll give it until the end of the week but I've got a feeling that people who didn't get emails today didn't make the cut I've got nothing to base that on though.

Hoping they do reasonably timed rejection letters for people who don't progress. Nobody from the engineering streams on this thread has an invite yet, that would be unusual. It does seem like demand in engineering can be quite variable though, at least from what I've read on the Navy website. I'm going for electrical power , depending on what the Naval Technical Bureau needs they may take a good number of people from a wide variety of disciplines or few people from few disciplines.

Good point, that's actually very encouraging — it's a bit separate from the other streams. Doubt they have recruiters in on a public. I just emailed the graduate office, still have no access to book AC dates. Yet i've been able to complete the Behavioural Profile. Just curious, i didn't do well on the Revelian test that i was required to do for this graduate program, however i did really well for KPMG Revelian test. Do they take both into consideration or just the department of defence one?

It's whatever tests it askee you to release.. I think it depends on your stream what ones they use. I thought my cognitive score was ok and put a lot of effort into my app so not sure where I would have went wrong if I don't get an AC invite. I guess that's where feedback comes in and holding out till Friday! Yeah I really hope to hear something by the end of the week.

Great to hear about the people that got AC invites so far! Also received invite to AC, Melbourne capability pathway — engineering.

Anyone booked their AC and interested in meeting up for coffee before hand? The actual date isn't until June. Though it doesn't clash with my exams, it's quite possible there may be many in Sydney that will have exams on the dates. I did indicate that in my app. Don't know if it means anything in the grand order of things but we will see. And you and I are on a merit list, so the recruiters could easily read through our report and see what we are all about. I will spit the dummy at these recruiters if they choose a non-aps worker over an aps worker.

What's your opinion on the matter? Probably a good time for a reminder that you are naive if you think that recruiters don't read these threads. You have posted enough detail about yourself to make yourself easily identified. Just because you work for the aps doesn't automatically make you a good fit for this program, and your "mightier than thou" attitude won't be looked upon favourably He told me to save the department money you need to short list people with security clearances or ex-defence personnel.

And doing a 'section A 26 transfers between: I haven't put mightier than thou attitude on my application but, Vidori If I get through to the AC I will buy you a beer.

We both live in Victoria. Additionally, as a non-APS applicant, I would feel a little disheartened about the whole selection process if an APS applicant was selected based on the advantage of having a security clearance. While I'm sure they have more information on you to see what you're about, I'd like to think it's equally as important for the recruiters to understand what the rest of us are on about and to make decisions accordingly.

I do wish you the best of luck chorister. Can you buy me a beer too if I get through to AC? Should I have heard by now? When is it time to give up and go home. If our AC appointments are on the same day, we can go for a beer after the assessment. Thanks for the offer, but I am attending an AC in another state. I am not going to say how I know, but I can guarantee you that a security clearance alone will not help you secure an AC spot.

Cultural fit and technical ability plays an important role. A security clearance may help you if the DoD was choosing between candidates of a similar calibre. Good luck for your application.

Did anyone hear back for ACT yet? Given that it's the earliest AC shouldn't they be sending invites out here first? I'm not too worried yet, as it seems emails just rolled out this morning, but rather nervous! I don't recall if anyone here has received AC invitations for ACT, but I'll be going back through the thread to check I'm sure — I don't think anyone has. The invite for Revelian Behavioural Testing appeared to be in its own stand alone email.

If you want to see if you have any testing pending, go to your DoD graduate application log in, proceed to "my profile" and then "my tests" and see if you have anything pending. Anyone know what the salary progression is in the DoD? Does it vary between roles at all? I emailed them about travel assistance the day I received the invite but I haven't heard anything back, should I send another email? Still waiting on emails, suspect I was rejected given that the streams I applied for, have been spoken of by successful applicants in previous comments.

When can we expect rejection emails and the like? Still can't see the AC dates, yet i've been able to complete the Behavioural Profile, and the email response from the grad team was "we'll looking into it over the next few days". And for some reason it showed that all slots were full.

I emailed them regarding this and they got back to me the next day rectifying the issue. I can now see interviews under "Book Interview" but i now have your exact same problem. Slots full, can't select anything. Yes, i meant screening haha.

Sorry, im a bit too cheerful at the moment, didn't pay enough attention. I think you may have to go through behavioural psychometric tests like: Just try to remain consistent in your answers. There is a lot of statistical jargon involved in this process. Thanks for the heads up, i appreciate it. My background is in psychology so I'm familiar with some of these tests. Also, you may need to do that wheschler critical thinking test too.

And are you going to Saxon recruitment in Collins street? I can confirm I have received an invite to the HR stream in Sydney. Looking forward to seeing other members from HR stream on the AC day.

PM me if you guys are keen for a beer after or something. The more you tell me about these tests the better i feel haha! They sent out an email this morning clarifying that there was some confusion with the venue, it's actually the Karsten's room on Queens Street. Just got an invite to book for an online written assessment.

Was able to easily book the assessment and choose times and dates. Still can't choose an AC date, no acknowledgement to my follow up email stating these issues. What a joke this is becoming. G Le G writes Just received an invitation to a DIO first preference! I haven't seen much on Sydney AC invites.. I'm waiting on the estate and infrastructure stream.. Are they still sending emails or is today the last day and I should assume I was unsuccessful? I'd be guessing if you don't have an invitation to the next stage of your application by now you didn't make the cut unfortunately.

Damn shame, it would have been a lot of fun — always next year if I'm not doing anything else. Someone told me that recruiters monitor these threads. So, to the recruiters, private message me your demands and how much cash you want. And I will make it happen. As the website states. However, when you apply for and get the interview for aps 5 jobs, you will have strong evidence to support your claim for the max salary, if you have gone through the defence grad program.

You have a better chance of being defence secretary if you have gone through the grad program rather than work yourself up from APS1. So 'salary progression with time frame,' 1 year. I assumed you were in the generalist stream or applying for it at least, which is 12 months. In your case, you could get a pay increase if the public servants decide to vote yes for the next wage increase which is in months from now.

After completing the grad program you are in, you can go up in pay scale at the discretion of the program secretary. I'm a current grad. At the end of the grad year your salary increases to the top of APS 4 level. Additionally, I believe there is a scheme for high performers to receive a promotion to APS 5 if there is a suitable role available.

So don't be expecting anything too rapid. Has anyone got any ideas about the written assessment? I have absolutely zero information to provide as I don't know.

I would say though, based on browsing previous year's threads, that whatever stream you're being considered for you should REALLY know the department's white paper section on the topic. In fact I'd say read the DoD's White Paper front to back twice as a matter of course for both the written assessment and the AC's and read your stream's section a third time just to be safe.

I know of a mate who did a written assessment for a DFAT analyst job. It was basically on how international trade can influence domestic politics. More too the point look at the topics in chapter two of the defence white pages. For instance Google 'south China sea-australian strategic policy institute.

Also obviously , the provided material is geared to your stream. The consensus seems to be read all instructions carefully and don't waste time as most people that finished their documents properly took till the last minute. I don't know if it will be a similar question but I applied for a position as DIO analyst before the grad program and the application asked something like 'name three strategic challenges Australia will face in the following decade' I decided to read the white paper after submitting and realised that the answers were perfectly written in there haha!

Hi guys, I got invitation last week as well in Brissy. However, I got an email for Online Written Test. Does anybody has any idea about what this online written test gonna be like and about what? Don't see any source to prepare. I noticed a few applicants have received AC invites. Should I assume I didn't make the cut? I guess you never know for sure until you receive a rejection but it seems that last year all of the invites were sent out within a couple of days and everyone else got their rejection way later.

I also haven't heard anything and since AC invitations were sent out last week, I am assuming I have been rejected. But I guess you never know so just have to wait and hope for the best: My AC isn't until June.

There doesn't seem to be any obvious pattern or consistency as to how invitations are being sent out, so I wouldn't rule yourself out until you see an email stating this. But speaking about invites did anyone receive invites for ASD, I saw the other two but not that one. They had two intakes and was wondering if they were split as well? Has anybody heard from Defence Capability in Sydney? And if so, when? I'm starting to think it may be too late, even with the disruption from Easter.

However, nobody has said anything about these streams that's been from Sydney. I'm in Adelaide and heard from Capability last week with emails confirming the booking to Assessment Centre. I think they might still be inviting applicants to it.

Best to wait until end of this week. Does anyone have any info about the 3 x 6 month rotation for the defence capability pathway? Like every grad rotation, it is most likely going to be competitively driven. You list your preferences, at the same time the department has their own list of needs and demands and they try to match the best person based upon this entire application with each job. I'm sure though that for non-Canberra based rotations there is considerable flexibility because of course people sign leases and have obligations when they move to Canberra.

From what I've seen and heard previously, no. Everything is merit and demand based. If you perform exceptionally during the programme then you increase your ability to get a priority placement. There aren't many people who've applied for that stream in this thread that I can see, so I'm guessing that we haven't made it through either because none of us cut it or because they were doing fairly limited hires this year — they only took people from internal streams, e.

I applied for Naval CEDP, haven't heard anything lately and no status changes online, I wouldn't stress yet, the cogs turn slowly sometimes in defence. Also do you get put forward for both preferences or just the one??

Like would I receive invites for both streams? I was under the impression that all grads get bumped up to APS 5 upon completion of the grad program. I got my generalist AC invite for Sydney last week. Also did my written assessment this morning currently in UK and it was verrry early. Rejection as well, suspected as much. Doesn't seem like many on here got through this year, so good luck to those remaining!

I'm going for CASG. Thanks for posting this, but can I ask your source on that info? Hi everyone Quick question. I don't know how much weight they really give to the Revelian test. I spoke to one of the recruiters and they said that it is also about your response to the selection criteria. If you wrote something really well that supports or demonstrates your abilities then you will have a better chance of being selected for the AC.

Whilst the cognitive score might play some role, it now seems to be used as a grading tool to stop you applying for certain roles in part 2. I think the selection criteria response has taken an increasingly important role in getting to AC's than in previous years.

It makes me appreciate the government even more, they look at each individual application fairly. Basically unheard of in the private sector. I got an average score for the test too and I have average grades, got through to A. When I spoke to a rep from DOD at a careers night, they said its crucial to be able to apply the STAR method in your answers and this is what they really look at.

I made sure I spoke to her as long as I could to get any helpful information from her and she was really great. I swear I wrote my answers for the questions and got them checked a million times before I submitted and it thankfully paid off. Good luck to everyone else going to A. Well done and good luck to all who progressed! Did people from all streams get asked to complete a written assessment before the AC? I did for Policy.

Well I've picked myself up a flu, so not in the best of shape for this right now. Hoping for nothing TOO interesting. Also doing my written response tonight at 7pm. Kinda unsure what to expect, and kind of surprised to see I have to do yet another assessment before the AC.

Compared to some programmes, such as DFAT, you have about 5 elimination tasks before you even make it to the assessment centres, so not too bad really! I have also got online assessment on friday. I got for Defence Capability. Any ideas what we can expect on online written test?? I'll tell you what, despite getting it done to what I consider a standard I am somewhat pleased with, an hour was definately a 'Crunch time' sort of feeling.

No test in my life has made me feel so much pressure. They said on the the old thread that you get a document to guide your responses? Obviously without giving away too much information, you are basically given a scenario and like you said, a supporting document to guide your responses. I'd assume it's similar then to last year's assessment.

Though that is not to say the supporting document was the holy grail. More often than not it relied upon pre-existing knowledge rather than simply 'Refer to the DoD White paper' that many others seem to have purported. Yeah i understand not giving much away. So your description seems pretty spot on. It's definitely an interesting assessment and like you all said, it's one that "crunches" your time. I'm sure the assessors know this. Good luck to all.

The written assessment isn't too difficult, you're given supporting documentation and are required to comment on that. It would be good to have background information regardless as would be opportunities to fit it in somewhere. Thanks for the heads up. I have mine tonight. It would be interesting to see how they differed from stream to stream. X number of "resource documents" are provided for you to read, you are given instructions on what they are looking for in you written document and you just write to your best ability to meet those requirements.

It took me till the last 5 mins, but i stayed under the word count and submitted the doc with about three mins to spare. They just emailed me to confirm they received the submission.

Just completed the written assessment, not so bad, however I'm not sure if I displayed enough analysis skills.

Last year I made it through to the assessment centre for Defence Grad Prog. Was then listed on the Merit Pool. This year I have not made it to the next stage,If I remember to be the written test.

I contacted them they won't reply. I was last year considered a strong contender. Wasn't too bad given the time frame, but I kept writing and was about words over the limit when i went to submit so I had to do some last minute editing to have it still make sense! The email invitation mentions that there will be a written psychological assessment.

Does anyone have any idea what this entails? What do people generally think this actually means? In this case, it just means the assessors don't care if you turn up in smart casual or full business attire.

Smart casual is considered to be what you'd wear on a date, business casual is more or less suit without jacket or tie although I am still completely baffled by female dress codes.

I'd personally go with business casual, much safer bet. You could also bring a tie along in your bag. I just re-read my AC invite email and haven't been asked to provide any work history for Generalist stream. Anyone else not been asked for that?

I wasn't asked for a work history per se, but the email did say they would discuss my work history, and as mine is fairly extensive, I just want to go back over everything I have done, and refresh my memory ahead of time. That's kind of what I was thinking, but there are just so many different interpretations that it gets confusing.

Congrats on getting through to the next stage! I'm attending the Perth session this Thursday. I think this will be a more casual session than AC.

I'm planning on wearing something smart but keeping things comfy. Sounds like we will be sat down most of the day anyway. My invitation states to bring full work history on an Excel file — I've emailed them to clarify how much detail we need to go into and they have suggested to "Please just list what you can, and the month is sufficient. I'm haven't reviewed the white paper at this stage — I don't think this is necessary for IS.

But if anyone has any evidence otherwise please speak up! Does anyone know if the screening session entails a written component or psychometric cognitive testing? Or is it more psychological testing? I have not been asked to bring my employment history, only the reference reports. I am applying for Corporate ICT. Though they obviously have this on record and the referee reports are fairly comprehensive, I'll still bring a copy of my resume.

We have to bring the other documents like transcripts and proof of citizenship yesterday, so it doesn't hurt to have a spare copy. I actually went to an assesment centre where they had everyone's resume, but a few including mine were missing pages.

Pulled out my complete copy and fixed that! Hey Fenchurch, my advice is that unless you've gotten the impression from some communications with the DoD grad team regarding the session being lax I'd highly recommend you go in full business dress. Intelligence might be a different kettle of fish, in which case ignore this if you've heard differently, but I've asked some mates who have experience with DoD and they've said that they take full business attire very seriously.

That's just my 2 cents based upon what I've been told. I don't think you'll regret turning up in a full suit and tie, and you can lose the jacket if it does turn out to be less formal, but you don't want to be the guy in a polo and jeans when everyone else is dressed to the nines. Same as yourself, I'll be taking a folio with all of my documents so why not take a copy of the CV as well. Thanks for the advice Tomfischer! I think most people would be confused by the smart casual dress code, so I agree it's always best to be overdressed when expectations are unclear.

I'm a woman, so I'm gonna keep things comfy with flats and an outfit that I can breathe in. I guess men's suits are pretty comfortable to begin with, so I can understand your averseness to the idea of wearing something "comfy". I'll bring along the original copies, JP certified copies and extra copies for them, including my CV. Great to see women progressing into the DoD.

Prepare to write more than you have ever written in one sitting. Don't get tricked into thinking you have plenty of time. According to whirlpool, the session usually ends a lot earlier than scheduled.

Best of luck to those still in the race. You have to write a lot, that is true, but they don't officially end the session earlier — they say that they expect most people won't need that much time. My session ended probably hours earlier than scheduled. At 2 hours before the end time, at least half of the people had left. And you should do what they say and prepare your employment and travel history beforehand, it'd save you so much time writing all this down at the session.

I was silly enough to not take that advice, it takes much longer if you are trying to scramble all the information together on the day. Smart casual plain business shirt with no tie for men is all that is required.

This part of the DOD communication is in bold for a reason. This session is in no way comparable to an AC or formal job interview, it is simply to gain a better sense of your personal qualities and behaviours. For those who asked, you will not have an opportunity to apply any information from the Defence White Paper etc. Man, I just went to the 'screening session' and was very disappointed It really didn't need to start at such an odd time Also filling out circles by hand is really unnecessary The session would have lasted 2 hours if it was done on computers I was at the Intelligence Screening session in Sydney today and can confirm that your hand will be sore by the end of it.

As mentioned above, lots of circling. Don't stress about what to wear. You can go in a suit if you want. A few people did. Smart casual is fine though. Take the advice on board that others have given already and throw your overseas travel details and work history into a spreadsheet.

It will save you time at the screening session and get you out the door quicker. Does anyone know if they do alcohol testing on the premises? Of if you require a BAC of 0 to attend? I'll be having a mate's party the night before my AC and I'm wondering if it would be wise to have a couple of beers or not.

No testing of that nature when I went, however, it was pretty intense half day. It would be unwise not to be at your best i. Haha all good man, not planning to be hungover just don't want some 0. Thanks for the response. Hi garamond, From what I heard, from one of the psychologists at the screening session, they will take around 3 weeks to process. From what I heard, from one of the psychologists at the screening session, they will take around 3 weeks to process.

Received an invitation to the intelligence AC in Canberra. Email stated that invitations will be sent out progressively over the next few weeks. Good grief, this is so unprofessional, first the awful screening session and now this. Getting rejected from this place might be a good thing. What can I expect from the assessment centre? How difficult are the group discussions and interviews? Im unsure if I should know technical areas or if it will mostly be based around behavioral questions.

Do we have to do pre employment stuff like a drug test or background check there? Has anyone in the intelligence stream heard anything since the correction email? I received an invite to AC intelligence stream yesterday. Said that invitations will be sent out across the coming weeks. Applying to AGO from Perth. It seems that the people who are invited to AC didnt receive the correction email.

I guess the correction email is almost like a rejection then. I decided to withdraw from the process as I've received offers elsewhere. So it's possible others have too and spots I'll open up! I received an invite and received that "disregard" email as well.

Must have been some kind of error. Question for people outside the Intelligence streams who have done a written assessment: The Intelligence assessments are scheduled for June and I've got three final exams in that week. A clash could be nasty. I would contact the recruitment team regarding assessment times clashing with exams. It seems likely to me that they would be able to arrange something for you.

They normally schedule multiple times each day to avoid clashes. For instance a 9am, 3pm, 7pm OWA on the same day. Like people on here I got the 'email sent in error' on Monday, which says 'final outcomes and invitations will be advised by mid next week'.

But some people have already received their AC invites a couple of days ago, I still haven't got mine and holding out til mid next week. Noting the level of discussion that occurs via social media forums such as Whirlpool, it is worth noting that invitations for the Intelligence Stream are being sent out progressively over the next few weeks depending on the agency and stream.

My hypothesis was that: I got an invite to the AGO assessment centre last week. I was also told that there were a few people that had said they could not attend, meaning more spots available. This system makes one nervous as heck, especially when July is a busy conference month for me and I need to arrange all this well ahead of time.

Also, there are only days until the OWA. However, according to the email that was sent on Monday, we should all know by tomorrow: I did mine for the policy stream about a month ago.

Was interesting, more time would have been good though! Out of curiosity, for those who did the Online Behavioural Profile, what does the test action section of your defence career profile say? Mine is showing "test expired" as opposed to "test completed on [date]".

I'm pretty sure I did the test and received a confirmation email from Revelian. I emailed them about that, and they said they were having some technical issues and not to worry: Does anyone know when the offers for Generalist come out in comparison to the other streams?

Maybe from last year? I was scheduled for 7pm Sydney time and it is now 7: I have called the number that was provided twice but there is no answer. Left a voicemail and sent an email. Just curious if anybody else is having issues? Has anyone heard back from Procurement and contracting Brisbane? I know they told us July but i thought i would just check since the Department of Health said August but replied in June. I would have assumed that the report would be enough and they would be called in case they needed to clarify anything, but of course that's just an assumption.

For those that have done the Policy AC, does it really last the full 6 hours? On the email i received they stated 3 assessments and having experienced AC's similar, they only took about Just completed the OWA for intelligence not sure if each stream has it differently. By itself, the task is not tricky, however the time limit really screws you over. I was at an AC in SA in May, so not sure if that was before or after yours, but my references haven't been called yet.

Was anybody else scheduled in for the online written assessment tonight? There definitely wasn't enough time for a carefully thought-out response. I'm a slow writer. My response is nowhere near the word limit. Just finished the final AC for non Intel streams. Was a whole lot of fun! Very well run and sounds like a great place to work. I didn't find it too bad, but then I just did three long-form written exams in two days. Everything's relative, I suppose. I did have problems submitting my response at 9: I refreshed it, but it just sat there until the time limit ticked over then locked me out!

I sent off an email attachment version and hopefully it'll all turn out all right. Really looking forward to the results. All in all a great experience. I had problems submitting too and had to email them, but they got back to me and said it was all ok.

I received a call yesterday and was given an early offer: Good luck to all other applicants! It seems quite early as the ACs only finished last week too? Which state did you attend the AC in?

I imagine they'd give offers for September first so probably still a ways off for the majority of us in the Feb intake. It's a February start for me. Best of luck with your application and remember to keep your phone close. Well done and congratulations to the people with offers already so early! Wow this is crazy, can't believe offers are out already! I'm not sure how much I can say about the early offers. Rest assured though, the bulk of the offers sound as though they will be in line with the timeline we were given at the AC's.

I think they told me July when I got my offer yesterday. So the race isn't over yet. I asked this question at the AC. The graduate coordinator gave a vague but sufficient answer. More than 15 less than They could be accepting anything in between, the maximum or the bare minimum. I'm overseas at a Yoga retreat and this phone call is the only reason I brought a phone, you're not alone in your anxiety: How have the intelligence AC's gone for the people that have done them?

I have no idea what to expect going in. The DoD know there is a problem so don't worry too much, just submit a password reset request and wait until it's fixed I spose!

I doubt people are allowed to talk about it. Too much info in the public domain will compromise the integrity of the selection process. Like most AC's, it will probably consist of a series of written and group activities and behavioural interviews. For anyone who has attended AC, is it compulsory to get a certified copy of your academic transcript or are they okauy with originals to show and copies to submit.

I had an original and they offered to give it back to me straight away after it was sighted. Not sure how uniform that will be across all ACs. They did say that the panel likes to have one to look at so might be worth finding a JP. I had an original and just a photocopy. They just took the photocopy after sighting the original. I'm just pretty nervous haha. The whole "comfortable business attire" thing has got me over-analysing what I'd be wearing. I spoke to one of mine this morning and she hadn't.

However, based on last year's thread it looks like they weren't calling referees after supplying the referee reports. Maybe they only do it in certain circs? Also, I have never disliked receiving telemarketing calls as much as I do right now. Are you in the intelligence stream? I doubt they'd be calling for offers when some haven't even done their assessment centre yet. Haven't seen any ICT offers on the forum yet..

My guess is that early offers are for special reasons e. Speculating further will just be one big, bottomless hole of worry. Good luck my friend! Micra Where did you attend the ac if you dont mind? Received an offer for generalist!! Good luck everyone, they're rolling initial ones out now, it seems. Did they tell you if they'll keep rolling out calls into next week or is this it?

I somehow don't think the APS will work weekends to call grads with offers. They've got to get through several hundred people, so its not going to be a fast process. Did you apply for Engineering, Logistics or Procurement and Contracting? Did you guys receive calls from unknown numbers?

I got one from a number beginning with 08 It was a private number for me. I also remember they mentioned in the AC it would a private number and they would try to call again if they missed you.

Anybody with offers for logistics? Does anyone know if we get to choose which state we want to settle in after the 18 month graduate program? Are you starting in September or February next year? Is that only for the corporate streams or does that also include engineering?

Not sure if forum is quiet because there aren't many participants or because no-one else has heard anything? Waiting as well for accounting and finance I dont want to guess the worse as i have still a little bit hope. Has anyone received any new offers for the policy stream?

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