Are gassy and renee still dating

are gassy and renee still dating
My name is Sarah, 23 years: I am open to everything new, very positive and tender girl. I am a goal-oriented, faithful and decent lady. I believe in love and in happy future with my beloved. I have good moral values and family is the biggest priority for me! I dream of world travel with my second half. It can be the most charming, romantic and unforgettable trip in the world of joy and happiness. Because what else can be more embarrassing than spending time together in such way. Hope you feel the same about this idea and I finally found my beloved to make this dream come true..

Adventures w/ Gassy & Renee

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DESCRIPTION: They don't know what you guys are like when you're alone. Also this guy lost k in a single month in stocks and laughed it off. Yeah that looks pretty photoshopped..

#1 kayff: daredevil (lol cause I'm a demon/devil)

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#24 iva90: Seven fousand? Geez, no matter how good the story is, I just can't listen to English people pronouncing TH as F

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I watch Northernlion, Dansgaming, Rockleesmile, sometimes Totalbiscuit when he streams. If he was truly money hungry don't you think he would stream regularly and still enter in tournaments? He wasn't doing it for the money, though. She doesn't say anything about missing him or loving him. Right, but I hope you're not inferring he should not be viewed as a douche this was a douche move because he was a great player. Because I'm not getting reassurance over something I might be totally fucking wrong about.


are gassy and renee still dating
My name is Juliet, 23.: People say that I am really a kind, smart and communicative lady. I always try to find positive sides in life and share my energy and good mood with my close people. I am an easy-going and sincere woman, I always speak from my heart and believe just in best in people. I have many friends and people who are dear to me. I love to get together with my friends and relatives and be the soul of the house, make everybody feel comfortable and cozy. I love kinds very much and I work with kids right now also. Kids make me happy and always smile. I have very romantic soul, I love to make small, nice surprises for my man, pleasant and calm evenings for us together.

It wasn't about him saying "I'm sorry" because he apologized several times..

  • I remember trying to watch his stream a while back and he was flirting with some other streamer, it was pretty fucking cringeworthy, like damn bro I just came here to watch some hearthstone..
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Because I'm not getting reassurance over something I might be totally fucking wrong about..

  • Mar 18, - There really is no easy way to announce this, but we (Max & Renee) have @GassyMexican @lolrenaynay I'm trying to decide who gets to @GassyMexican Sorry to hear about that, but now there means you and @withsean can date . @GassyMexican That blows, glad it was on good terms and still.
  • As of December 4, , Max has been dating Renée which became a long distance relationship As time went on Gassy has made up with Kootra and Danz.
  • Renée "LolRenaynay" Reynosa is a friend of the Creatures and former She started playing with Gassy, then on Gassy's Formspring, he said they were dating.

He had to wait for the technology to advance far enough that he was able to do it. Cringe-worthy content needs to be an awkward or embarrassing social interaction. Him abiding by her wishes makes him an ass? Playing the ol' "it's are gassy and renee still dating your fault" argument when the breakup begins. Yeah that looks pretty photoshopped. He also is a fan of basketball, hockey supporting the Chicago BlackHawks and football.

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