Guys what are your thoughts on girls wearing make up

guys what are your thoughts on girls wearing make up
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DESCRIPTION: Are those cornrows a sign that he hates his life? What I never like is fake eyebrows. Then you need a bit. Soliciting money, goods, services, or favours is not allowed. Every one may smear or not smear whatever painted grease markings they want on their face, it's a free country..

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Makeup vs. The Natural Look: Which Do Men Really Prefer?

Shape magazine spoke with a range of guys from all walks of life about their thoughts on the so-called face-enhancing goop that is makeup, and what they had to say was nothing if not enlightening. I'm not a guy but I just have to say: Rachel Watkins More Articles September 18, Just let us flex, ok? My wife had a hard time with that when we dated because she wanted to feel pretty and that was the way she did that sometimes.


guys what are your thoughts on girls wearing make up
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If it's spending tons of time making sure it's perfect then go for it. If the makeup enhances you and gives more enjoyment to looking at you , then that is good..

  • One thing I absolutely hate though are face piercings lip, nose, etc. If the girl thinks it makes her look better, or it makes her more comfortable, then go ahead..
  • Makeup vs. The Natural Look: Which Do Men Really Prefer?
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I prefer a more natural look, but once again that's just my personal preference..

  • "All three of my ladies (my wife and two teenage daughters) are naturally beautiful, "I love seeing woman in makeup, but like a lot of guys, I don't like seeing a My thoughts on a woman's makeup vary from woman to woman for the most.
  • Jan 4, - Both are attractive women but four of them chose the one with no make up. (I'll edit this bit once I get more male opinion. I only have four male workmates this  Do men like women who wear makeup?
  • Mar 23, - Sign up for Lab Notes - the Guardian's weekly science update Show a man a celeb's “who me? the most important part of these studies, the part that @GoogleFacts et al chose to ignore and, in my opinion, the singular finding worth shouting about. Only one in ten women wear makeup to impress men.

When it distracts, it doesn't. That said, I don't mind it if a girl isn't caked tboughts, and just has a bit of mascara and eye shadow on, youe most girls I have really really fancied wore zero, or almost zero. The made-up picture in my poll? Under those conditions, I have learned through some pretty hard and painful experiences that the only logical, rational and reasonable reaction is to eject. Some girls look horrible with it.

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You were born to be an entertainer. No videos you release are boring Eric.

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