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Some have suggested that a remedy is to pretend to live a different lifestyle until you are further along in the relationship, but I find that to be a bit of false advertising. My beautiful wife and two children are my reward to all my hardships and accomplishments. Do you feel you have trouble spending after years of savings? And all we know is from their carefully crafted blog post. Facebook has suspended Cambridge Analytica, the data analytics firm that helped Donald Trump get elected. Any thoughts as to how to transition to a more aggressive investment stance and whether it makes sense to buy rather than rent? I agree with Anonymous that it can be more of a lifestyle conversation at some point than an earnings conversation.

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I like your enthusiasm. After the third year, then that was the time that my net worth exponentially increased. Would he be willing to go to couples counseling? I always roll over my k's when I leave a job so it is difficult to know that total. I am very surprised at the numbers and that I am just above average. I can see if it were completely contradictory. Key is to get out of debt early.

And all we know is from their carefully crafted blog post. Facebook suspends Trump-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica. It is almost like no one read the The Guardian's work on this https: They broke this in May This is a big , bad story for Facebook.

News released late on a Friday? Facebook suspends Trump-connected data analytics firm. Univision mulling heavy cost cuts at Fusion Media. Consulting firm recommends Fusion Media Group cut budget by third. Good god, that's at least 2 VPs http: The RSS reader, for me and likely many others, was a godsend after the shuttering of Google Reader. Alas, Digg Reader is shutting down at the end of March.

Digg Reader shutting down is the worst thing to happen to my Internet self since Google Reader broke my heart back in What alternatives are people turning to? The end of digg Reader is another blow to chronological consumption of the internet. Digg Reader is shutting down this month - here are 3 great free alternatives. Reddit to introduce native post ads, Digg Reader bites the dust.

Digg reader will shut down this month, you might want to look at some alternatives. Digg Reader shuts down this month another RSS app bites the dust. Digg Reader is dead but you can still save your RSS feed. Wow, this tweet form seanhannity. Sean Hannity to stay with Fox News through Media Matters for America: Sean Hannity isn't just attacking Shepard Smith. He's attacking the very nature of news.

Who does not enjoy this? I can't think of anyone. True fans of Shep, true fans of Hannity. Fox haters and doubters. This is entertainment at a very high level.

Shep Smith on Fox News opinion programming: They can say whatever they want. Fox News Food Fight: And I try to do that. Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess http: But breaking news has a way of shaking up established agendas.

What will it do with all that money? Why Reuters needs to start getting out of financial news, and why that's also very exciting: Oooh good piece on reuters and their Blackstone deal: Two things to note about this already bizarre story: Yesterday, Facebook users reported that the website's search …. You walk into a room. Your eyes scan the crowd, and something, someone draws your eyes like a magnet. You assess his face, his clothes, and his body.

You find your eyes wandering uncontrollably in his direction. At age forty-five, I started my new journey on which The Journey program is based. During this time, my new counselor described something called Poisonous Pedagogy as described by Alice Miller. I was completely amazed to see my life laid out in black and white. Poisonous Pedagogy was is?

What I am going to discuss is my kindred feelings towards the German men I dated over the years. Each man was emotionally unavailable for some particular reason. Each had excessive emotional anger, and sometimes rage. All of them were verbally and emotionally abusive.

My task was to save them from their past, and make them whole and loving again. Without empirical evidence, I cannot say definitively that I was physically attracted to them, because they were of German descent or because they were raised to meet my Parent Trap. Nor can I say they also were raised using the Poisonous Pedagogy methods. What I can say, is I believe I was attracted to them because they appeared familiar. I could feel their victimization within the set of their shoulders or the softness of their eyes.

In this, I felt safety. I felt The Spark! In reality, I was anything but safe. Emotionally and physically I opened myself to repeated victimization again and again.

Through therapy, I became determined to overcome. Once my therapist gave my condition a name and a reason. I changed my dating habits. I ventured out of my comfort zone. I opened my heart to new posibilities.

I stared at my fears and questioned them. And I found Scott. A truly loving, thoughtful, and giving man… of Irish descent. April 30, at 8: I feel for the ones that got them.

I had a high school acquaintance mention that I might be leading them on with this experiment. If any of them is floating on cloud nine because they got a message from me, then my company is SO needed today. One or two emails do not make a relationship! Neither does one or two dates. We go from wooing to courtship with out dating. Dating is the most important part of a relationship. Or should I say the foundation of the entire relationship. You should be dating 2. If you were looking for a job, would you only put in one application and hope for the best?

Serial dating is not your friend. Courtship is the phase where you pare things down to just one person, and then only after you both decide this is a committed relationship and one you both want to work on extending for a while. April 28, at 1: I messaged them, and right away they want a reply. Running Lynx Dating Solutions is a full time job, so I diverted my time to that. I just spent the last hour answering all my inquires. At the moment, my criteria are grammar and spelling.

A few grammar and spelling mistakes are fine, but some of these posts are like deciphering hieroglyphics. I did this when I tried online dating as a female as well. You may be the nicest person on the planet, but seeing sentences with ,,, used as spaces, most nouns are misspelled, verb tenses are completely wrong, no capitalizations nor punctuation marks… I cringe when I see these.

I also am cutting out the combative females. I can see if it were completely contradictory. Too nit picky even for this experiment. I did, however, get some lovely responses from some of the ladies. He said as long as he could still live with me that would be okay. April 25, at 7: You both show up looking the best you could for that day. Some women overdress, and it just about kills me when I see this — but I digress. He wants to impress you. The pre and post tax savings can be invested however you see fit and is a topic of another post.

Another thing to note is taxation, given pre-tax savings have to eventually be withdrawn and taxed. Again, these are rough estimates to give you an idea of the average net worth of the above average person. There you have it! The key is to stay disciplined with your savings and investing routine.

Of course some of you above average Financial Samurai readers will have a total net worth much higher than the chart. Before Personal Capital, I had to log into eight different systems to track 28 different accounts brokerage, multiple banks, K, etc to track my finances. Now, I can just log into Personal Capital to see how my stock accounts are doing, how my net worth is progressing, and where my spending is going. You also get your net worth amount sent to your inbox weekly. You just click on the Investment Tab and run your portfolio through their fee analyzer with one click of the button.

You can input various income and expense variables to see the outcomes. Bull markets are where fortunes are made. Take full advantage before the downturn inevitably returns. Where I live, I think a responsible renter can accumulate a higher net worth than a homeowner easily. Home prices in the DC area are ridonkulous. If you invest — I mean really, invest and not blow — the amount you save by renting instead of owning, you should be able to come out ahead of the average homeowner.

Later down the road if you wanted to own a home, you could just move to a lower cost of living area, pay cash for a house, and have a more diversified portfolio of assets.

If your plan is to invest the difference, then you execute on the plan. I am a renter and invest the difference. By 30 I expect to be somewhere around depending on returns, extra saving, ect. The opportunity cost of that difference played out over 15 years made all the difference. How much would you have made buying the same condo years ago plus investing in the stock market? A lot of people move on with their lives and live in a nicer places after college.

Since rents increase over time…its a growing problem. In equity research on retailers that lease all their stores, analyst often put a figure 7x -9x annual rent as the amount of debt the firm really has. To be fair to the renter. They could over come this liability with an solid amount of investment gains outside of real estate that offsets the liability or inherit a property from mom and dad that they can live forever.

Is this per person or family? What if we have two income earners? We are doing ok by your estimate. The after tax saving is not as high, but our real estate equity made up for that short fall. I was too aggressive with my stock market investing and I think that hurt me in the long run with the schizo over the past 15 years.

Got to count on yourself and hope for the best. We are still ok from the individual standpoint because we are both savers. Once I leave my job, it will be a lot more difficult to stay with your curve, but that is expected. Of course, going back to school and taking out loans will drop me down all the way to negative: Hopefully I can get back where I want to be by the standard of your chart after I graduate… Ahhh, this is making me nervous.

By that time I should have property though, so we shall see how that works out. A snapshot of property is just accounting… but over time, property becomes an important part of your diversified portfolio. Are you living at home or finding a new place during law school?

I like what you have written about passive income streams and I am trying to find my niche in that area. I work with investors everyday and what I see scares me. Many retirees are sitting on less than 6 digits. During that time, the renters are paying down my principle while I reap the tax benefits. I believe that the main contributing factor was the lack of retirement accounts in the 70s and 80s.

Most large firms did not offer k s until the mid to late 80s. Pensions were also more common than they are today. That will depend heavily on the individual. I definitely believe that on average, homeowners are wealthier than renters, but not necessarily because they are homeowners.

I am a renter, but I own three rental homes as well. Basically, a person can be a smart renter or a smart homeowner — both involve assessing your needs and your budget and sticking to both. ERE mentioned something like this awhile ago: While one is worried about making payments, the other is free to explore the X Factor you mentioned. Never thought about that, but how true. I have some work to do! Hang in their Jacob! Your lesson on cherishing money after that K spent in your younger years will go very very far.

Got it out of your system. My goal is to increase my passive income revenue stream. I attempted couple business opportunities but no real return so far. Any helps, recommendations, leads are greatly appreciated. Looks like you are on a good track Hiro! Knowing you so well Sydney, you are doing great.

The point is knowing now so we are better positioned in the future. As a 65 old person, I am in excellent shape, if I include the fixed portion of my retirement into the equation. I think that is conservative since there is a built COLA and lifetime medical. This is what early planning does for you.

What about just dropping everything and doing other stuff Larry? Or, do you love what you do so much that you are happy to continue teaching? Unfortunately, I need to teach just a little longer approx 5years to vest for full retirement and receive lifetime medical. I am putting off taking Social Security until I turn 70 years old to max that as well. Although teaching has changed with my new assignment, I looking into changes there too. Things may change in the next few years, but I am prepared for retirement and other opportunities.

I am renting now and banking plenty of money while doing so. Living in a low cost of living area is a big bonus as well. As Wesley Snipes said in demolition man??? I am about 30…I am much higher in some categories and much lower than others. I think it is pretty aggressive to assume maxing out of a retirement account at 25 especially considering the recent study that said most 50 year olds have less than K in retirement accounts.

Good point on student loan debt. Would it be safe to argue that the above average person got scholarships, help from their parents, and worked jobs to lessen that debt level or eliminate it altogether? This is unrealistic for the average American, by far. There is a student debt crisis that was ever present even when this article was written years ago.

According to Forbes and the Fed, student loan debt in the US has reached 1. The article is not supposed to be a representation of the average middle class person. There are plenty of above average people who have no student loan debt because their parents paid for their schooling.

I am well above these figures at 48 years old. I went to a SUNY Binghamton and had lower middle class parents who could not afford to give me a lot of financial aid, so I had student debt at graduation.. You can major in art history at Harvard too. Not everyone coming out of an Ivy League school gets an Ivy League salary.

IMO the above average person would not need help from their parents, certainly not a luxury I had or would change because it made me the financially conscious person I am. You just have to do the calculation over TIME. What is your return on rent after 30 years besides a place to stay?

Even through all the ups and downs of the past 10 years, I wish I had invested more in real estate in SF and elsewhere. The cash flow is very good, and thanks to inflation, a fixed or lower rate, things get better practically every month. A nice structure and guide to reference, that can be tailored to our specific situations. I appreciate your bullishness on leverage. I hope creating wealth really is that simple and that you accumulate more than your wildest imaginations. You have good comments.

Just make sure you put things in perspective. Things are NOT as easy as you think. And if you think things are easy and have the audacity to say being wealthy and investing is easy, then you better have the financials to back it up. Take my advice and be more low key with your words on investing. If not, I guarantee you that your interviewer will slaughter you and never give you a chance. Or not, and continue to rebel against the very gatekeepers that decide on letting you in or not.

Being more low key, especially about making money in the markets is a very smart idea when talking to others. EVERYONE in the business has lost money before, and coming in what a cavalier attitude that you never have and are a genius will lead to an instant pass. We consider ourselves savers, but those kid raising years really are expensive.

That been said, we're right in the middle of the range for pretax savings, trending towards the high end of the range for after tax savings and over the top for the HE we have a vacation home.

Seems like we're headed in the right direction, thanks for the charts and comments. I enjoy your blog, seems like you're absolutely headed in the right direction at a young age! However, these ranges are based on what I think are above average net worth ranges for above average folks.

I loved the X factor you described. I like how you described it as being more than just some get-quick-rich-scheme because it really is. Everyone has ideas about fast money but to be successful the focus should be on sustainability and building wealth.

I think there are wild swings in the first 5 years, but things start smoothing out the older we get. If we ignored when I was born, and worked off your charts, we would guess my age to be about Once I actually get started, I will go into high powered debt repayment and saving mode. Also, I have often wondered, are these charts for a household, or individual?

My husband and I have always just lumped all our money together, except for k contributions obviously. Since I am 44, should I solely have a net worth of k to be above average? And my husband also have ? Or did you explain that and I somehow missed it? Defining a person is somewhat subjective. It depends on how strongly you believe in your marriage.

A person is a single person before marriage. If you absolutely know for sure that your marriage will last, then you can treat your marriage as a person too. Just be prepared to divide the assets up in case anything changes. Well, I will have to accept my substandardness!

However, I would not do anything different. I still would have stayed home with the kiddos and chosen private school. At least I am not a drain on society.

All these are really just figures and guidelines. Never the less your post is very interesting Sam. Somehow though the numbers you present are in the ideal world, there are way too many variables for a 30 yr old working for 8 years roughly to achieve that net worth.

There certainly are a lot of variables Eddie. I bake in practically 0 returns on property and savings for all these years to account for the good and the bad. Yes you did address that Sam. One thing that particularly stands out for me in terms of building wealth is that as a single household income, my wealth building income streams are x3. I think the days of a single income, and getting ahead are slowly diminishing. One observation in the table… at age 55, total net worth is about 1.

It goes to show that once you accumulate a lot of money you have to be careful where you put it… if you can put it into a rising market that is a bonus but if not the case you can come up short. Tis true… hopefully when one is 55, one is invested in a stable value fund. Most of it is from k house with k loan back in the southwest.

What do you think? Should I wait another year or so to purchase in the NorthEast? Buying a home is a gamble on your longevity in one place. I found your blog while trying to search for an answer on where my k should be around at my age and profession. I think the search landed me on a very detailed post with clear numbers. I think these are very realistic numbers for those of us who went to college and have normal spending habits. Mostly from savings, as opposed to appreciation.

There are definitely exceptions about your comment on renters versus homeowners, namely myself. Granted, I am living in Texas so cost of living is lower and I have a roommate. However, if I were to buy a home, it would likely be at least , which can get you quite a bit in Texas. With a , home, I would pay roughly a year in property tax alone! That is , x 3. My point is, in Texas at least, it can make sense to rent sometimes because there is no state income tax and I am able to avoid high property taxes — something that probably infuriates you, sorry.

For background I am 23 yrs old, no debt. I have 3 rental homes, 65k in taxable stock accounts, 28k in IRA, and 45k in cash trying to acquire 2 more rentals this year. This is a long post, sorry in advance. I studied way too much in high school but as a result, I graduated top of the class and had options for college. I ended up choosing a state public college for the following reasons:.

College credit — I took so many college credit courses in high school that I essentially started college as a junior. Price — Tuition cost me 8k a year for in-state tuition. Private tuition I was looking at would have cost me 30k a year. Also, state schools are willing to give A LOT more scholarships. My parents were middle class meaning they were too poor to be able to pay for my college but too rich for me to get any freebies from the government.

This means a lot of the grants meant for school get squandered away through Macbook Pros, fancy apartments, etc. One large caveat to my story is that my major was petroleum engineering. There is a huge demand for petroleum engineers right now. It has ultimate job security even in these rough times. This is a result of oil and gas companies not hiring anyone in the 80s and now they are screwed because everyone is retiring with no one to replace them.

I definitely believe college is an investment and should be treated as such. Some majors give a lot better return on your money than others. I put down about 15k per home to gain control of them k homes. I do have a question for you though. Could you ever justify not contributing to your k? My wife is a stay home mom, but she is also managing an online business we have.

Looking forward to double the cash and stocks portion of the networth in the next 2 — 3 years. I had a substantially longer than average education due to grad school.

I have generally found your numbers to be high relative to my world. Having a non-working spouse with student loan debt has not helped. But my kid gets the kind of attention we prefer. My first impression is that this seems a little high for the average person.

It would also make sense to break this down to location. I would imagine you would end up with a higher net worth in a larger city or more expensive city.

Even though your costs are higher, you would have a higher salary and a more valuable asset in your home. I agree that this person would catch up by 35 or so but the 20s are often about paying down debt fast. One important point to make is: Not everybody wants to be above average. Have already learned a lot and have also very much enjoyed the comments of all. Like you, Sam, I dont order soda when eating out and almost never buy anything unless its on sale, online and further discounted via coupons.

On the other hand, if I really like it, I will buy it. But my needs are few and very simple. Would like to comment on whether you should sell your house. No, you should not. Market is not right and you will not get top dollar. Besides, you seem to love your house, so why not enjoy it? Wait a few years, let the market come and then sell at top dollar. We kept our first house and are glad we did. Another thing you can do: Rent a place for a few months and see if you like it.

That way, you can always change your mind and go back to your house. Even better, rent out your house for a month and go rent an apartment in Paris for a month!! I dont think that a year time projection is enough. I think the market will rebound very strongly only after 5 years.

Meanwhile, the price will only go up. But there are several ways to monetize your house…. Or rent out a room to a grad. If you have the space, put an addition to the house and rent that room out. I really liked your ideas! Like you, I spend a LOT of time thinking about ways to make extra cash without killing myself! I actually did make a little money [6k] selling my paintings, but it was also difficult to let go of some of my art….

Oh, Im a professor and I teach and do research…. Very cool that you are a professor. I have a post on PhDs coming up, which you might want to participate in! And can help you do some research too…. Let me know how I can help. So my Q is: I agree with one of your earlier comments that some of the studies about people not saving enough just gives most an excuse not to save. I like your aggressive net worth scale, but I will fall behind quite rapidly unless I start earning 6 figures.

There is no law that say houses will go up in value in the long run. Everyone compares rent rates vs. I think the real pros and cons to home vs. Do you want stability, or do you want flexibility? Do you want a customized living environment, or just a good roof over your head? If you never own your own, you will rent forever.

That is the true value of your home. Furthermore, the rental stock is inferior to the ownership stock here in SF, hence why I bought. I wanted a nicer place to live.

I graduated with a Ph. I have 0 debt other than my mortgage is that considered debt? The former seems to be more consistent, except for the fact that my salary and income is on a higher trajectory than non-PhDs. The latter seems more appropriate, but obviously I will end up with about 10 years less time to work. I did the calculations a few years ago, and even at the reduced salary of that time, the commitment to the PhD seemed to be a net financial gain.

You can classify yourself in either category. It depends on how long more you want to work. The chart should give you some motivation, or some comfort. I like the info. Averages are a good simple math but distort the true story. This info does not calculate negative equity that many homeowners face, especially those with higher incomes because they bought homes when the market was up too.

Not accounting for student loans is bad because even the financially responsible took out loans to get graduate degrees. I agree they are better off and the article displays that very well. Plus the older people get the more financially unstable they get due to high health care costs. So far I essentially meet your average above average financial qualifications.

I got started late, by your standards, at 25 years old. I caught up by investing as much as possible during that and another subsquent deployment. Thus, if I stay in until retirement, and have approximately k in investments at that time plus military retirement, I will be in a way above your templated average above average situation.

The wife and I retired last year with 20 years each, no kids, and no home. Just do yourself a favor and set it in your mind now that you WILL retire at 20 years. Retiring at age 39 my case is not much different than at Still young enough to start a new career, and financially wise enough to make it work without going back to work.

In the private sector, we have to put aside money for ours. I knew going into it at the wise old age of 17 I was in it for the long haul, and it was quite the positive experience, at least for the first 8 or 10 years. In my decision to serve, retirement at twenty years was second only to my desire to serve this great Nation of ours. I am a 52 year old, homeless, unemployed female. The conversations had here have created such a sense of dispair in my heart that it is overwhelming. Fortunately, I do have rooms to use free of charge just not of my own.

I need a plan for purchasing and furnishing a home while still maintaining a reasonably prosperous retirement fund. Got any other ideas? You obviously had a decent career; perhaps you could ply your skills in a new career where living is much cheaper. We considered Belize, on the south-eastern side of the Yucatan peninsula, but retiring to another country seemed a bit extreme for us.

And yes part of it was stupid financial decisions early on listened to the wrong people, had the wrong girlfriend…many of us have been there. However, one big reason is that I spent almost my entire 20s pursuing the dream in music. And then around age 30, I spent a lot of time with startups, only this time I did have a financial education.

Still, the landscape was one of working hard, for very little money, but if things took off, the sweat equity would have paid off in spades. It has only been recently that I really focused on current cash flow instead of laying the ground for a quantum leap. Did I sell out? Anyway, my net worth is almost 10 years behind what this chart says for my age. Is your friend happy? Because although a lot of us work hard and have a lot of stress in our jobs, many of us are also very happy.

I DID pursue my dreams, and had some very good success with them—just not the financial kind. I am no longer in touch with that friend…. I do know he worked himself to the bone during his mids, and was developing a problem with alcoholism which he used to hang on. Later I heard he was at the forefront of a major economic expansion with some country, and became quite wealthy. I will count my husband and I as one unit since we have lived off of only one income for the large majority of our marriage.

We wedded shortly after our college graduation, and I only worked for one year before we had our first child. I have been a stay-at-home mom now for the last ten years one child attends a public charter school, one child is homeschooled due to a special needs. Our net worth is a little less than what you would project for our age.

The breakdown of our accounts is quite different than what you have listed, however. We live in the midwest, and though it is smaller than the average home, we like it.

Anyway, we wanted to pay off our mortgage first before heavily investing in retirement. At age 30, it was off our hands. We have since invested much more heavily in the k and college savings for our children…while having extra money for special classes and extracurricular activities for the kids. When our kids are in college, I plan to work I hope to also do part-time work in a couple of years from now, too, if we are able to find an appropriate school for our oldest child.

Sounds good to me Renee! Seems you guys are on the right track, and the 28K for college education can be considered savings. Thanks for the advice, FS! Just curious, is there a reason that you suggest on this post maxing out the k but make no mention of IRAs?

We have two income earners and are doing ok by your estimate. We are in the above average group. We do have a lot of retirement savings though and real estate equity. I think we are headed on the right path as far as growing our net worth.

Basically your first 10K is tax free. After that, here are the rates: And for the most populous province, Ontario, the provincial rates are 5. Canada has done well. I have a real estate appraisal business and have worked in this field over 30 yrs.

The real estate market will never be the same here. I am in New England. For young people it isimportant to to be fluid You are being told that you will change jobs every few yrs and have several careers. That does not create stability in a society. It is not a healthy environment. The depth of the fraud by Wall St.

Is ten times worse then you can imagine. Both parties are very corrupt. Just had a seminar on this. They were tl be in addition to your pension. Oh right those are gone. Your figures for an above average net worth, for our age, is exactly what we have. Our parents could never afford to send us so we started working out of high school.

This makes more sense than CNN stat as it is being skewed due to age range. I also have sizable k , but my real estate portion is much larger. That means were less than half of where you say we should be for AAPs. A variety of banks made very risky loans and those loans were repackaged as investments and sold on the market to put it simply.

Any single person making that amount has an above average income. Any single person at or above that is above average. Seems this article serves the purpose of making financially secure people feel insecure about where they are. Any single person who is meeting these targets is doing very well, and far above average compared to the rest of the US in my opinion.

Your net worth estimate belies your net household income. What on earth are you spending it all on? I agree with you on what got us into the mess with the housing market. We really wanted to pay cash for our first home, but it was going to take too long to get there and we, like you, were throwing money away on renting, setting us back further.

Our next home purchase, if ever, will most certainly not involve a mortgage. I am below average on my savings. I earn 90k, and my wife stays at home taking care of my son. But i already achieved your financial goal. This was a great article; I really enjoyed reading it. My wife and I are quite a bit above the average. My wife stays home with our two kiddos. Hope to retire around age Welcome to Financial Samurai! Glad you enjoyed the post.

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Iamges: average dating time prior to engagement

average dating time prior to engagement

I just choose not too.

average dating time prior to engagement

Although teaching has changed with my new assignment, I looking into changes there too.

average dating time prior to engagement

Worked hard to earn promotions and although my average dating time prior to engagement has more than doubled, my egagement has only slightly increased. Also, state schools are willing to give A LOT more scholarships. The last thing a person starting their life needs is to lose hard earned money age law for dating minors the ever changing stock market. My SO does not endorse their beliefs or practices but does choose to network, be friendly with these people. Foreign service premiums in datint locations have provided a nice boost to savings.