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Blood brothers matchmaking

blood brothers pvp matchmaking

Mischief Arrows Area of Effect: Wrath, Beast of Sin II. Also, I hate how people abuse the matchmaking system. Fate Restrained Enemy Debuff:

Thoughts on this team setup?

Intrepid Hand of Uranus. Fleet of Foot Area of Effect: Deathbed Shot Upon Death: I must say I have some kind of problem lol. Farwal the Glutton II.

Mana is slow, but better than Faf in all stats beside agi. Getting the boost from GDK would solve that problem. Also, Mana is a tank. Definitely use a Mana with an Agi buffer, it is genius. I have the formula to tell how much dmg your familiars' skill can deal.

Just PM me if you're interested. I guess I'm just worried about it throwing off my sneaky matchmaking optimization. While the rest of this team is notably weak in matchmaking terms, whether matchups are done via total stats or procs or just values associated with each familiar, Managarmr is a BEAST and will possibly be reflected as such in matchups. Aiming for an "under-the-radar" powerhouse team to abuse matchmaking while still being quite powerful.

I'll just mention the formation and skills before I explain why: As a quick reminder, Blue Beard stats are: Reminder, this is if either GDK procs. I've also chosen electric shock as my BB's offensive proc as he requires no external buffs for it to OHKO most familiars Seems like a pretty solid team setup for doing a lot of damage.

It's reliant on buffs but should perform admirably even if only one or two out of four go off. So if I face teams with Yulia, even though my Warlord's proc is made anemic, my Galahads both have heavy-damaging auto attacks and procs, and I still have a powerful shield and dagger.

Leader Skills Your heroes have leader skills that can boost the overall power of your team. You much place the hero in the leader slot for the leader skill to take in effect and activate. In general, higher rarity and level heroes research mastery faster than the weaker ones. Each mastery is a skill tree that unlocks sequentially. You unlock major mastery category with every chapter that you beat. Always have your heroes research the mastery skills.

Each category of mastery skill can only have 1 active hero researching. By switching to another skill type you will effectively stop out the process. Each stage will require certain amount of energy to proceed. While fighting the story campaign, make sure that you protect your home base and clear the enemy base before your tun runs out. In story mode, you get first strike when you attack enemies on the global map, so always try to count moves against the AI players to receive the upper hand.

You almost always want to get first strike, having first strike usually allow you to take much less damage. Since you can kill the enemies one turn ahead of time. Base Healing If you move the unit back into home base, the unit will receive some light healing. This can be useful for stages with lots of turns and enemies. You can defend your home turf and do some heals as necessary. It should be noted that your unit does not recover HP by staying at the home base.

Assisted Attack If you attack an enemy square, while having another unit in its adjacent square but not the one of your originating attack unit. The other unit will deal assisted attack damage. This can be helpful at times to wear down enemies much quicker.

However, it should be noted that the AI enemies can also deal assisted attack damage on your team. Tactics 10 Tactic points are rewarded with every passing turn. Tactics allow you to either heal your self, debuff or damage enemies.

You can unlock more types of tactics through mastery. In general, the first capture usually have higher chances, and the chances increase with every failure attempts. However, the more enemies that you kill, the more EXP and Gold that you are given based on the enemies. So that if you can, always try to kill everything on the map to receive maximum amount of EXP and Gold. Another thing I hate, which is not really due to PvP but i'll vent anyways, is when I wake up for work at 4: Eh, I dunno, I'm not even gonna finish 40k Not going so bad for me.

After that is all L teams. It is hard to get promotions though, to get the second day a double promotion, I had to play like 5 hours straight. To get a promo, I need at least 1. I realize the effect PvP can have on other events and apparently now, for leveling familiars because we get our title bonus for PvE too but it's difficult to keep up.

I'm gonna throw a tip to ya'll, don't struggle for promotes the first 2 days. You're grouped based on that stuff I'm gonna hit 1. With like zero effort, haven't pulled more than k in a day so far. I was trying to keep pace with someone else yesterday and just to catch up, I had to go All Out. Then I went to sleep about midnight east coast and woke up around 2: I wake up a few hours later to find out I came in 2nd.

They guy was probably on the west coast.

Iamges: blood brothers pvp matchmaking

blood brothers pvp matchmaking

Tomoe, the Lightning Arrow II. Scathing Fire Brand Sweeping:

blood brothers pvp matchmaking

I was trying to keep pace with someone else yesterday and just to catch up, I had to go All Out. Imperial Audience Enemy Debuff: Bennu, the Sun Bird II.

blood brothers pvp matchmaking

White Ruin Area of Effect: Aipaloovik, Sacred Dragon II. Nephthys, Ruler of Death. Blood Brothers 2 com. Farwal the Glutton II. I will never ever play any of Dena's game anymore.