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Pipes & Accessories for sale at the rebornpipes store

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As for paying you can do so through my paypal account slaug uniserve. You must use the device fasteners shown below in order for these undress bars to work. H, Alberta Light Horse, shoulder title. Shows age darkening but excellent condition.

reclaiming old and worn estate pipes

Loop on the back, removed. Each one was different due to multiple artists doing the work. All in white metal. Appears to not been finished. Brass metal, with screw post fastener on the back. Huntsville Police Shoulder Patch. New condition, but felt remaining from previous display.

All pipes are described in terms of condition. The price is for the pipe. Either I will pay the postage as will be stated in the description or the postage will be added when I am contacted by the buyer with their mailing address.

If you are interested in any of these pipes or others you may see on the blog contact me at slaug uniserve. You can also post questions or make offers in the comments box below. I have added some Handmade Tampers for sale here. They are made by Aaron Henson — one of the refurbishers who contribute blogs to rebornpipes.

All proceeds from the tamper sales will be donated to the work of the SA Foundation — which provides long term recovery for sexually exploited or trafficked women with or without children. Check out their website at www. If you want one of them follow the same process as above and I will send you the cost.

Payment can be made to my Paypal account: The price of each tamper is listed below with the tamper and the postage from the US will be added to the final cost. Once the invoice is paid on Paypal the item will be shipped to the buyer. Steve, in your repair blog you talked about the repair of the Dunhill Shell you currently have for sale.

Is that wax not a micro-crystalline product? I have been wondering about micro-crystalline wax applications on pipes. Since they are petroleum based and synthetic, do they allow the wood to breathe adequately to prevent the pipe from over heating?

I have, however, been reluctant to use it on my pipes because I have not found anyone who can address my concern that the wax will seal the wood, preventing it from breathing. Frank I have used it for a while now and found no issues with the breathing of the bowl. I find on the contrary that as the bowl is heated the wax dissipates and I can buff it with a soft cloth… works really well.

It is pretty much the same thing as Renaissance Wax. Thank you so much. Your experience encourages me to at least try the Renaissance Wax for this specific application. I would like to purchase, so please send me the invoice again for the pipe and whitetail antler tamper.

Hi Robert I am traveling until November Send me an email with your addresss again and when I get home I will send the invoice. I have recently purchased a vintage Bent Savinelli Alligator brown KS Blue stem and it needs a replacement stem and some refurbishing.

Any ideas on where I could find one? Any info or help would be appreciated. Hi Mark Good to hear from you. You might try contacting the US Savinelli dealer about a stem unless the one you have can be repaired.

You are welcome to send me some photos of the stem and I will have a look and see what I can tell you. The most economical and cost effective is fine with me trying to cost cost low. I have friend looking for a Dunhill D and another who seeks a Bill Ashton Taylor early bent smooth finish.

Will keep an eye out for you. Nothing at the moment matching those but you never know when one will come. Please get in touch with me and thanks. Email me at slaug uniserve. The Iwan Ries store is near and dear to my heart, and you did a great job on the pipe. I sent a email to you regarding this pipe. Send me your information at slaug uniserve. Will you actually contact me?!

My e-mail address is not for public consumption!!! Send me an email at slaug uniserve. For your interest and with respect to the Sasieni Fantail Rusticated A Google patent search yields the results that the US patent D was obtained in valid for 14 years but Sasieni patent stamping was discontinued in the late s apparently.

I will go to the post office this evening and see what the postage will be. Steve, I am looking for my birth year pipe, Do you have anything from that year. Preferably English made but any suggestions would be appreciated. I have a Hilson Spectacular meerschaum lined pipe. I need a tubular condenser for it. How much for postage to Canada? This would be my first meerschaum. Is the Calabash real carved block meer? I know some are a meer paste. How much would shipping be?

I have to say I would be rather surprised if it was block meerschaum. Calabash meerschaum heads are not supposed to be block meerschaum, and are basically never or very very rarely made from block meerschaum. Probably because it would be pointless to use block meerschaum for a calabash, as the gourd cone takes care of the moisture which is the one real reason to use block meerschaum in pipes. If you really want to make sure, there are ways to test whether it is one or the other, but as I said, I would be very surprised if this was block meerschaum, as that is not what is normally used for calabash pipes.

I would like to purchase from you a John Calich tobacco pipe used or new pipe if you have one available? John Calich was a personal friend of our family and my dear Dad had many pipes handcrafted by Mr Calich. Please let me know if you can assist in my special request. Each one was different due to multiple artists doing the work. These early lighters are extremely rare in mint condition.

Zippo also produced lighters from a Canadian plant that opened in The Niagara Falls plant was officially closed in The Base stamps were different, as well as the product line,. Very rare, especially in new condition like this. This same version was also made at the Bradford plant in the early 50s. I have dated this one to Packaging for them was also different. It was made during the change-over period, where ZIPPO was still using up old stock of nickel silver. The lid of this lighter is still made from Nickel silver, but the case is made from brass.

It has been gently used, but it's still a stunning lighter.

Iamges: canadian zippo dating

canadian zippo dating

Even better when it's a family-run place where Celtic music and conviviality are on the menu along with the pints of Guinness. Smylie refers F48c, circa or later. Administration Branch Cloth Badge Padded.

canadian zippo dating

I have a cpl dz pipes in various states of disrepair.

canadian zippo dating

Administration Human Resources Military: Shows slight wear but still quite nice. Brown leather sweat band and dull gold tan cloth, padded, lining. Shows age but still an near excellent un- canadian zippo dating peaked hat. The Base stamps were different, canadiqn well as the product line.