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You can find them all in this Master Tsai Chinese Astrology site. Their bluntness stems not from being mean but from being honest; a trait which Roosters expect from others. Tells when are the good time for romantic relationship and marriage. The Cycle of Love module tells you the yearly and monthly opportunity of love. Chinese Fortune Calendar was launched in Water has a calming effect on this Rooster.

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Calculated the matching score and tells the auspicious direction for couples. Their bluntness stems not from being mean but from being honest; a trait which Roosters expect from others. Chinese Baby Gender Prediction. Love Matches with multiple people. Includes Feng Shui Compatibility Match.

The amount is usually an even number as odd numbers are regarded as unlucky. Lions are considered to be good omens. The lion dance is believed to repel demons. Each lion has two dancers, one to maneuver the head, the other the back. During the New Year celebrations people do not fight or be mean to each other, as this would bring a bad, unlucky year.

Everyone celebrates their birthday on this day as well and turns one year older. Foods during the holiday hold symbolism as well. Typically red meat is not served and one is careful not to serve or eat from a chipped or cracked plate. Fish is eaten to ensure long life and good fortune. Red dates bring the hope for prosperity, melon seeds for proliferation, and lotus seeds means the family will prosper through time.

Oranges and tangerines symbolize wealth and good fortune. Nian gao, the New Year's cake is always served. It is believed that the higher the cake rises the better the year will be. When company stops by a "prosperity tray" is served. The tray has eight sides another symbol of prosperity. When they do become ill, they feel better quickly. Roosters are highly motivated and hard-working; traits that enable most Roosters to have successful careers. Not surprisingly, Roosters make good actors, musicians and dancers.

Other good career choices for Roosters include: CPA, banker, dentist, insurance agent, secretary, and book keeper. Roosters also do well in the armed forces. Roosters need to partner with those who are tough-skinned. These Roosters have really big egos and are forever seeking willing listeners who can help keep those egos inflated.

Love Match - Very Accurate. Will Donald Trump be Impeached? Love Compatibility Test - Love Match. Chinese Baby Gender Prediction. Where Yin Yang symbol come from? Your Chinese Horoscope Animal Sign. Phone, Car, House Lucky Numbers.

Rise and Fall Life Destiny Chart.

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chinese astrology dating

These expectations of others can lead to animosity so Earth Roosters need to adopt a more subtle approach.

chinese astrology dating

The lion dance is believed to repel demons.

chinese astrology dating

Spring cleaning is started about a month prior to the new year and must be completed before the celebrations begin. According to the Chinese system of Astrology the chiinese of birth indicates a certain phase or aspect of a sixty year cycle of time. Before Dog New Chinese astrology dating. Click here to return to main chinese astrology dating where there is a search facility to do just that! Hidden Stars are the extension version of Chinese Astrology birth chart to predict some special events, not include in the standard Version 8 Add-On. The birth chart contains 10 Gods datign.