Would you date a girl with bad acne scars?

Would you girls date a guy with severe acne?

dating a guy with severe acne

I never mention my skin, but if it was so bad.. The opinion owner is going to be notified and earn 7 XPER points. I look at it the same way I look at push up bras. It can prevent a man even going up to say hello.

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I would like to take the Liv Tox supplements for liver support, but I read in a few places that you should do a colon cleanse before and after doing a liver flush. My husband used to comment about my skin all the time only because he cares about me. Order History Quick Reorder. They don't have scars ,etc. If you can't upgrade stay with the best thing you have while fucking other girls on the side.

Additionally, sometimes these procedures can cause complications that can make the scarring worse. I personally think severe acne scars are a deal breaker for me. It just kind of depends If she looks tolerable, then I'd give her a few bangs, but not LTR. I will also comment on fillers. The problem with these is if the filler is at a location of a natural crease when you smile, the whole area moves when smiling, thus creating its own set of lines that are not natural.

You probably have to see it to understand what I'm talking about. Any scar or skin imperfection can easily be removed by computer, no make up necessary. Most likely if you saw Brad Pitt in person, up close, you would be suprised to see that he still has acne scars you did not see in the movie. I've been going for all kinds of lasers since then, Mostly Fraxel Restore.

I've had it 7 times. Since needling does the same thing, makes small holes in your skin I thought I would give it a try. I lost fat, it's in the shape of a square. I know it does work for a lot of people so I'm not going to say don't do it but just make sure you have a laser doctor.

Get one that just does lasers all day long. Seems like two votes for letting her go. I think that's what I will do as I don't want to keep leading her on. Unfortunately some tears might be shed in the process by her. I also vote no, but I do it with a bit of regret. It's one thing if a girl treats her body poorly and gets fat, it's a whole different issue if she is just genetically unfortunate.

I make it a point not to think ill or talk shit about a girl who has poor facial genetics, since it truly wasn't something they did to themselves. There are so many aspects of genetics that determine attractiveness that we are all judged on all the time: I won't feel bad on judging a woman on something she has no control over because women judge us all the time on things we have no control over either.

I'm not saying she gets a free pass on attractiveness, believe me. I don't want to sleep with an ugly girl. But I judge them less harshly than fat girls. I've got bad acne scars myself and have resorted to needling to soften them, been at it for a year and so far I've found very little changes. Maybe I'm a harsh judge of my skin or scar repair tech affects everyone differently, I personally will judge a girl for her scars even though I'm scarred myself. The truth is if I don't find her attractive then we obviously have a problem.

Before you drop her I'd say recommend needling to her, http: At least give her a chance to better he skin for the next dude. I wouldn't ask them out, because I wouldn't want to be rejected by a deformed chick.

When I was at uni there was a really cute blonde with one arm. She had a really pretty face and a great, athletic body, but I would never ask her out, because I couldn't take being rejected by a girl with one arm. That would make me want to kill myself. I couldn't help but think, "Damn this chick has only one arm, and she just turned me down for a date?!

Why should your value be determined by one person? Why give her this power? The less you care about what others think and the less you want, then the less power they have over you. There is no end to trying to seek validation from others to make oneself feel important and worthy. Also give up trying to get the most likes on your facebook pictures.

I think it's a tremendous waste of time. I probably wouldn't even though I have them myself haha. Wow, I didn't even know that Cameron Diaz had those acne scars on her face.

Makeup and photoshop can be pretty powerful coverup tools. Significant acne scars are one of my only deal-breakers. A couple of chicken pox marks is fine, but anything more than that completely turns me off.

The biggest problem i come across on this site is that hardly any one can accept themselves. You have to play the hand you dealt the best you can and just do your best to be a good person. Everything else is either a bonus or irrelevant. I still have acne and yes it can get me down but it's there has been since i was I am no 28, it is part of who i am and you know what? It's made me who i am. Posted October 11, The few guys I have dated have not had acne that I can recall. Though I probably would date someone as long as they had an attractive personality.

I mean my wonderful boyfriend of 2 years has the odd zit but who doesn't? He has freckles galore and not acne. From day one of talking to him, first date, you name it! I was upfront with him about my appearance. I told him and showed him that I have struggled with acne since I was a kid.

Even now, when I have breakouts and he is talking to me about how gorgeous I am I have hesitations. I say " Yeah whatever look as these pimples! It really makes me feel better. Though I know I can be myself around him its being in public that makes me feel self concious.

But then again, when I am with him, I forget all about my appearance cause I am too busy smiling and laughing. Finacea in the morning. Posted October 13, I would never not date someone because he had acne. If I liked his personality and enjoyed his company and liked the way he makes me feel then thats ALL that matters to me. There are actually some insanely gorgeous guys out there that have acne, even severe acne I see this guy at my college every so often, he has severe acne, but I find him pretty darn hot.

I do always wonder what guys think of girls with acne, I see alot more guys with acne than I do females. Recently I actually cancelled on a date with a guy I had never met before due to my face, it might sound pathetic but deep down I was afraid, afraid of being rejected maybe? Its refreshing to me to see couples with one or both of them having acne, it kind of shows that we are decent human beings for the most part and can see past our "faults" or whatever.

Beauty is definately "in the eye of the beholder" though, some people will see past it some people just won't but thats fine. Ive actually never dated a guy with acne at all, I have had bad skin since I was around 15 though and my only serious boyfriend never ever saw anything wrong with me.

Too much fruit breaks me out unfortunately. Isotrex - Active ingredient of Accutane, Isotretinoin 0. Posted October 16, I don't think I could date anyone with acne I've just about got over my own skin troubles haha That's why I don't date ' till my skin is almost completely clear.

Posted October 18, I have a question for those who found a partner through a dating site. Did you edit your picture and hid scars, red marks, etc? I think I should upload a picture of my actual skin so they know. If I date a girl with acne then our children will suffer from bad acne since we both had skin problems.

My dad had bad acne, but my mom never had it. I have the worst skin of all. My sisters are clear and so my brother. They don't have scars ,etc. My big sis did got a lot of cysts , but that was before. My lilttle bro did got a LOT of small zits on his entire face, it last a couple of days then he got clear. This sucks that I still get pimples. I hate my skin.. Upload a picture of yourself and have your skin look the way it does, maybe better.

Dont upload a picture that shows off every flaw on your face. When you meet the girl or guy, im not sure what you're into This has taught me to value and bless simplicity. A month before my ex and I broke up, I was talking to him and the entire time, he was staring at a pimple on my face and never once looked at me square in the eye. Sometimes people have something in their teeth. Sometimes they have major physical defects.

In my junior year of college, I spent significant hours looking in the mirror and experimenting with new lotions and medications. Eventually that made me so mentally distressed I broke down crying and burned my skin because I layered on too much benzoyl peroxide. Eventually some of these guys grew on me and I stopped noticing their physical quirks altogether.

To my friend -— be kind. I am still very insecure about my acne and a lot of times I let it define me. I have to remind myself that it is just a physical inconvenience and that who I am has nothing to do with the bumps on my face.

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dating a guy with severe acne

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dating a guy with severe acne

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dating a guy with severe acne

Kieran Alpha Male Posts: Girl asks for my last name before a first date wants to google check me. So females with severe acne suffer far more prejudice because it just has always been that a woman's dating a guy with severe acne have counted for more than a man's. She is constantly messaging me, calling me, and sending naughty pics. Stalking a girl's profile prior to the date speed dating liverpool professionals good or bad? Anyway, if you didn't have pimples surely you would be worried about some other imperfection--we are women after all and women do that!