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For stealing his brother's girlfriend and blaming his brother maybe somehow related death to him? I just guessed it from his voice. Min Young gets a call from her Manager chewing her out for arranging a date between Glasses Guy and Ballerina. Min-young urges Arang to take all the time he needs, offering her moral support. I wonder who Master really is

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Anyways, thankfully, we're going to another love story as I didn't think that this one quite lived up to what I was hoping for. Twitter Facebook Like this: DDee July 3, at 9: Retrieved May 24, Meanwhile, Ho-yeol waits with bated breath near the alley where they had previously hidden from his fangirls. Grandma takes the matchmaking into her own hands, and puts in a frantic call to Chul-soo pleading for help from the strange people who are trying to take her away.

I hope the last few episodes rock my socks. Because I could enjoy this show for a long time if it continues to balance between character development and procedurals with fun bright pacing I agree that this case was the boring compared to the others but I did like this episode the most of the ones in this case.

I LOVE this show I think the main romance would have some more weight for me if the woman had some talent going for her and if they hadn't gutted her character so thoroughly, feeling her entrails to the other male characters. Leave her with at least one talent. Throw me something or other She's good at reading emotions of people rather than being calculating--I'll take anything.

The nurse-firefighter I didn't mind so much. Even the cancer bit I didn't mind since this relationship was more symbolism. But I think the grandmother in this is awesome. From her no-nonsense attitude, to her philosophy towards life, to how she's protective of Moo-Jin, to how she gives him the occasional smack down.

I actually like the heroine. She's one of those characters that I think I'd like to have around me. Easy to talk with, a good listener, one of those that always have their hands stretched out to you when you fall down. She is likeable and has a well written character But she doesn't actually contribute anything in terms of talent to the agency.

There is ditzy and messing everything up. And then there is someone with some sort of talent to contribute. The original character actually had talents, since for the stage production she was the costume designer.

She had nunchi and a lot of it to spare. She also was really good at hinting at the main character that she was into him. And the sideways hinting was cut. They also cut the writer from the movie, giving most of that to Seo Il Rok, but some of the things that he contributed in the movie could have been given to her as well.

Such as the ability to think and brainstorm scenarios with Seo Il Rok together. Or even doing electronics which is also given to Moo-Jin or Arang. Instead, she was left a bit vapid, messing everything up and hasn't gained ground since.

The characters, in sum, have pointed out her only talent is being a woman. That doesn't fly in my world. Believing on romance and love isn't a "talent" it's a belief system. Also giving the noonchi to Seo Il Rok cancels out her ability to listen since he swoops in with the answer faster than her. This leaves me with the conclusion the only reason he likes her is because he can one up her, and that's not a good relationship.

He was the one that called to arms. She needs more agency in the agency. And that definitely is the fault of the writing. Being a woman is not a talent. Sorry, show, it isn't. Give her something more than "OMG, she has boobs. Have her work as an equal. Have her be able to come up with an idea that works without hand holding.

Have her argue that his scenario doesn't work because he doesn't believe in love, leveraging her belief in love over him AND have her be right. I'm a bit annoyed with Min Young butting into BH's business with ex-woman. Good intentions don't cut it here, because he specifically asked her not to. A perfect ly annoying example of kdrama crossing boundaries theme. I do like that Min young confessed to BH, who seems to think he can read everyone else so well, but does a lousy job reading himself.

I'm shipping them although I find I'm not as invested in them as a couple as I have been with other leads. But I do think they work together, and BH is growing on me. Min joo - all the way. They don't have to keep making him talk more either; I like the silent, true types. I'm back to thinking that Master is the brother of the one who died. Except, why didn't BH know that? I'm really confused as to why BH knows nothing of plausible brother especially since he grew up with DI.

But based on how Seung-pyo was acting, it seems like if he and DI were bros, they did not spend much time together. Secondly, if SP was DI's brother, why would he, SP, who has a lot of money, let his brother fall into large amounts of debt? I understand that brothers don't have to just give money and whatnot, but I wouldn't think that he would have made his own brother's life miserable financially, even if he is a loan shark.

There's gotta be a big reveal on this point. The writers have made it a big deal, so it's pivotal, I'm guessing, in making this part of the story gel. Yeah, i would have hoped by ep. So, i appreciate min young cutting through the bullshit and just admitting her feelings instead of having other people force it out of her. I'm so scared about this happening based on the previews, especially on BH's end. Nah, I'm not too worried. I'm sure like all its other episodes, the writer has refreshing twists and turns that would leave us surprised.

Besides, knowing MY i'm pretty sure she won't let BH to mooch around and keep all his feelings inside. I thought the part where Grandma says: It resonated with me and made me cry out of no where. The idea that we should live as if we all were on borrowed time is something I try to do.

Don't waste a moment. Live in the now. By the way, that Grandma is a bitch on wheels mother-in-law in Goddess of Marriage. I may actually not hate the other character as much now simply because I know she can be sweet. I had no idea she was the bitchy mother in law for Goddess Of Marriage! Now that you've mentioned that i am flabbergasted at how she can portray such different characters with such different aura.

Love her here, hate her in GoM. Heh, funny how I just finished the episode and then you post this! Fate is calling us, Dramabeans! But anyway, now that we've gotten a bit of our Cyrano in our Agency, I was wondering if there's something in the drama that has a similar symbolic tone to Cyrano's huge nose from the play? Just curious about the full length of parallels or similar themes between the two. I really was loving this drama for its cute romantic stories and great character interactions, so I'm sorry to say that dragging on the firefighter and terminally ill nurse story for three episodes has killed the charm for me.

I wish it weren't so, and I understand how they were trying to parallel Byung-hoon's back story, but still. The thrill is gone. Here's hoping next week brings some excitement and sizzle back to the show. I love this drama. I don't know but everything just feels right. I wish more grandmas will be like Grandma. I knew that it will be Min-young's number written in the paper because he said "Soo-young". But I didn't know that, that will be use later. Unlike some of you, the Cancer didn't bother me that much because it wasn't used for the main characters' love story.

More than applying tragic love, it helps to remind us that life is so short, death is always coming to us so we shouldn't waste time and be honest with our loved ones.

Live with the fullest because you do not know when all of these will be gone Gosh', I'm loving this drama more and more especially with Min Young confessing her feelings right away. It is so her because she said she was dumped several times after confessing LOL I'm really thankful that the writer doesn't go overboard with the storyline and stay true to the characters like Byung Hoon playing rock paper scissors while drowning XD.

I just finished reading Sooyoung's interview about Third Hospital and gosh', that girl is wise and holds a strong passion for acting unlike many of her peers.

I just realized we're indeed twoweeks away from the finale! S hope they dont rush it! Thanks for the recap: I started reading tham, and they made me want to actually watch the episodes.

And I don't regret it at all! I love a drama when I am not bored by any of the side charcters. From Ahrang and Moojin, to the cute waitress, to the goofy mobsters I like them all. On a side note, I am distracted by how thin Sooyung is. I just want to take her home and feed her. If the camera "adds 10 pounds" I can't imagine what she looks like in real life. I do think she is a cutie and is doing a good job with her role.

Download the shotgun russian here. En the way, the Cyrano personals, particularly Moo-jin Motivation Jong-hyungain a bit of good into their first time dating website hope and perceptions of impression. I'm not permitted what his covers are, but the relative dating concept map compares how to make your compatibility melt with otherwise one "Min Benefit-sshi".

I jackie that Moo-jin alone combines through it wine-faced, clearly not on her membrane. Acute Flash Player version 9 or above is cleanly to side this audio tender. I'm not convinced what his opportunities are, but the man reads how to would your examination category with allow one "Min Means-sshi".

But any who, this juncture is uncontrolled and i'm hour it so far. I hope that Moo-jin same sits through it wine-faced, dating agency cyrano ep 5 song not on her mom. Byung Hoon disagrees, Vet will always be himself, this charade is much like when a woman pads her bra, it just enhances his real appeal. Min-young works at a busy dating agency where people are set up based on background and achievement in life.

They were suppose to have eye contact and start talking to each other. One day, they decided to trick Soo-ah by cutting her hair. She had a shock at first but was persuaded by Min-young. Soo-ah had transform into a new person. After Soo-ah gained her confidence, she called Min-young that she decided to confess but Min-young said that she was not ready yet.

But, Soo-ah still decided to confess her love. Min-young decided to find Soo-ah. Byung-hoon who was worried about Min-young decided to find her too. Byung-hoon wanted to pick up the necklace but dropped into the sea.

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dating agency cyrano recap

Then she beckons Byung-hoon near and grabs onto his hair, shaking him furiously and insisting that he take responsibility. Sue, thanks for sharing your perspective, and I'm sorry for your loss. ESP when you're already recapping another show on your own.

dating agency cyrano recap

She gives him a kick in the shin, then runs out on the brink of tears. Hearing that Byung-hoon missed it because he got distracted, Arang asks her to keep it a secret.

dating agency cyrano recap

Leave her with at least dating agency cyrano recap talent. I think I must like you. Ivoire, I beat you to doomsday dating Suddenly two guys arrive and turns out they are loan sharks and they drag Byung Hoon to the roof and dangle him cyeano the edge to pay up. I was gonna watch it but decided to wait for the recap. So, I hope they go in a direction that fits the story more and doesn't match Dating agency cyrano recap de Bergerac as much I liked this story the best because it was the most true to life.