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Super TV Episode 1

dating alone ep 1 eng sub kshownow

Till then, we, HH shippers, would definitely support HwanHye playground till end and beyond! Discovered your blog through Misscupcakes. Be on a lookout. Can you help with the recap.

I'll talk about dramas if I want to

Its my of my fav and I hardly see anyone recommending it. Your Koala Highness Just a short note that your laborious hours in bringing about the latest news on Geun2 and MP has been much appreciated. Seiously though I think its great and explains their chemistry in the mess GOF. Your writing is fun and interesting. Many thanks for a wonderful site. And that I really enjoy reading them everyday! Hi, love this site.

Life Bar Episode 7 one year ago. Simply K Pop Episode one year ago. Screening Humanity Episode 15 2 years ago. Pops In Seoul Episode 2 years ago. Yeo Yoo Man Man Episode 95 2 years ago. Live Info Show 2 Episode one year ago. Battle Trip Episode 39 one year ago. MV Bank Season 2 Episode 34 one year ago. Radio Star Episode 2 years ago. MV Bank Season 2 Episode 34 one year ago. Radio Star Episode 2 years ago.

Law Of The Jungle Episode 5 hrs ago. I Live Alone Episode 5 hrs ago. Super TV Episode 8 10 hrs ago. Happy Together Episode yesterday. Radio Star Episode yesterday. Knowing Brother Episode will air on 23h00 Saturday, Mar 24, Running Man Episode will air on 17h00 Sunday, Mar 18, But as the number of comments increase, the waiting time for the Forum page to display has also increased.

At first, I immediately attributed it to my computer being old and my slow internet connection. Then I did a quick research and found this website:. Thank you for always putting up the most juicy up to date info.

I have realized since then that I have an addiction. Currently, loving Dream High. You have added to my excitement, angst and eveything in between in regard to dramas. Thank you so much for allowing us to indulge in our obssession! I was wondering is there a way to send you any PMs? Btw, can i ask how do u order his album online? I tried looking for it but i cant find the link! Koala Thanks for the lovely banner of the two very gorgeous looking people… much appreciate… cheers..

Thanks for the banner. I must have miss-read your post and thought you were going to recap. I was wondering if you ever watched East of Eden.

I became a recent fan through My Princess and immediately went to watch EofE. And I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Watching it all at once and skipping the boring parts allowed me to be a lot more forgiving towards it as I know that many had lots of criticisms toward it.

And seriously, how can you not love the DC-YR pairing? I wanted to share this clip with you. Hope you enjoy it. For that, I am eternally grateful. Hi… Koala Ssi… Annyeong haseyo…. Do you have twitter account that linked to this website? So, if you post something new I will know about it asap.

I so love you recaps and your passion for K and T dramas. Let me know how I can subscribe. I check the website all the time and it makes me smile. I was reading through Tokyohive, the japanese component to Allkpop for Japanese news and I found something that was interesting.

Talents as the 3 lead guys. Lots of dramas coming our way! Am wondering if I might be able to enlist your help in finding download links to a couple of songs off a TWdrama? BTW love all your goodies and keep up the great work. Please, email me at my email addy that should show up for you? If not, please reply! I knew the country… let met see… uuummmmm…. I thought we could be neighbors! I meant to write you an e-mail, been a reader of your blog since PK days and I really appreciate everything that you do.

Your playground is so much fun! Do you mind sending me your email addy? My avatar links to my blog. Or you can also send it to oalpuerto at yahoo dot com. I am a non-korean but an avid watcher of Korean drama. Not being able to understand crucial dialgoues with the sub-titles is a killer when watching raw videos. Your recaps are life savers. Am in US too!! Thanks to Hulu many of us here are exposed to Korean drama and addicted as caffine. I came across your site when I was eagerly looking for previews on Sunny Happiness before.

Just want to thank you for your time and effort in providing this playground for us. Your writing and insights are marvelous with humor. After watching LTM I found your blog which is very interesting! I love all your recaps and must read everyday…especially those romance and comedy dramas.

Appreciated much for your effort! I find someone posted about u! I log on to your blog to see what new updates you will spoil us with, so many times in one day that I have stopped keeping count …. But each time today, even after I was every much sure that I was on the right blog, my mind kept telling wrong blog…. Any way I wanted to tell you thank you. Thank you for all the updates and recaps, for your long hours and opposable thumb…..

I can see this a website somewhat like dramabeans and what i love is that you dont do just KDramas recaps. I love that you taiwan ones, which are hard to find. Have seen two Eps. Thanks for all your efforts to bring us these recaps. Are ypou not watching Pretty Young woman jang Nara? I like her too. Koala, I came across your blog last week because of my LTM madness and omg….

I like so much your thoughts and your recaps. Thanks for putting so much effort on this blog. I greatly commend you. I chanced upon your site last week while I was in a LTM craze still am and I love your witty comments and humour. Thank you for all the effort. It must be your full time job managing this site. Its my of my fav and I hardly see anyone recommending it.

I am a scientist who is crazy about drama. They are good for my soul and they make me happy. I love to read your blog especially the k-drama LTM, i now re watch it every night and always stay in your playground almost everyday when I have nothing much to do during my office hours. Hehehe, I also wish the OTP can be real in life. BTW are you korean or american chinese, can i make friend with you, mind you?

Koala, I had a question because I have been watching Smile, You and am emotionally charged. My question if you would help, this is only drama, Korean society is not really like this drama, right? Anyway, thank you for having this blog, whether you answer me or not, because that felt good to release.

I am such a masochist but I have to see the story through. Talking with a therapist next. Smile, You is pure entertainment with very cartoonish parental figures. If you ever want to watch a K-drama that tries to depict regular Koreans and their mundane but interesting interactions, let me know and I can recommend some. But for the most part, everything you see in K-dramas is purely scripted entertainment.

SY is a very bad offender. All the hitting and screeching gave me a headache. I wanted to shove her in a toilet for the first few episodes she was so annoying. Thankfully she calmed down and her performance was really lovely by the end. Thank you for your very informative answer. I finished watching it yesterday. I had to pause so many times that the last five episodes took two days to watch. I agree that in the beginning I dislike the LMJ character so much, I almost started disliking the actress but that is great acting if you get me to believe that you really are like that.

Uhhh, it happened sometime between when you went AWOL and when you stumbled out of the woods after a one year sleep covered in twigs and leaves asking what the heck was a Secret Garden and who the heck got a girlfriend that was a Gumiho. Love your new look sis! Please continue the way you are, always giving us the fastest news and the crumbs and tidbits you can get to whet our drama appetites. They are not just worth your time. We are always here to support you.

The paragraphs are not clearly delineated it seems to remove the line between paragraph returns , comments run into another, etc. I really did like your layout two layouts ago. Anyhow, those are my two or three or four cents. I really appreciate your feedback. This layout I think is the best of all worlds, with a large reading, writing space, clean comment blocks in white with black letters for readability , and a more streamlined look.

The old layout was really temporary for me it was too cute and reading space in posts was too small , and the one I tried for a couple hours was too different and had too many readability issues. It does look so much better now! Do you accept guest bloggers? I kinda want to give it a go and I like your site.

You can reply by email too: It is soooo good! Plotwise, there is nothing much in it, but everything is woven so smoothly that you would get hooked easily. I cannot agree more! Yes, Rainie Yang is really good, but Joseph is like his living the character himself.

One of the bestest drama, I feel so light-hearted after watching. Our OTP totally rocks! They also got a very good OST. Oh my dear Ms Koala. Anyway, thank you for listening. They need to redefine Rom-Com to melodrama. I am staying far far away from SOAW until its finished. Great dramas that will give you the fix without the tears. You can do it! I hear SOAW is lovely, despite all the tears. I watched My Girl but did not like the lead girl.

I could never tell if she was smiling or crying. Tried to watch La Dolce Vita title fail but it was too emotional so I dropped. I went back to my fave My Lovely Sam Soon. Now I am watching the good parts of The Woman who still wants to Marry. When you finally watch SOAW, be prepared. Lee Dong Wook will forever make my heart melt. He is like fine wine, aged to perfection. It is a lovely thing you do — especially with all you have going on in your life.

I love coming to the Playground and having all the recommendations from fellow drama lovers and you are such a gracious host. Yoon Eun Hye is gonna be in a chinese historicial film. I just wanna to let ya know. I think your site has been reported as an attack site on firefox. My firefox keeps marking yours as an attack site and telling me to not enter it.

Every detail and conversation is very well translated. Not forgetting your witty and funny comments at times! This will give your website more publicity and more people will come to it. I would really appreciate your help. Do you know who sings the opening theme for In Time With You?? I want to subscribe to your posts via email, but for the last couple of days, when I try to subscribe in the sidebar, there are errors.

Is there another way I can be added to the email list? It was a really wonderful drama. It just left me speechless… so beautiful, great acting, wonderful scenes and a really really good story.

Just finished it and the tears are still fresh. This is the first C-drama i ever watch. I was just wondering is that because you know all three languages? Sorry, is that a stupid question? I mean including English you know four languages….. Hey, keep up the good work…. I just had to say how much I like your blog already, though I just discovered it. I have been looking for a blog on dramas that, in addition to Korean dramas, discusses Japanese and Taiwanese dramas as well.

Keep up the great work! Love your name, reminds me of koala bears duh, obviously. I recently stumbled upon your wonderful recap for Tamra the Island, and immediately watched the drama. Within a week I was finished and had already bought the dvd set.

I can easily say that it is one of my favorites EVER! I noticed in your recap you mentioned marriage? At the end in the little manga montage are Beo Jin and Park Kyu getting married? So Skip Beat just started airing like a week ago and I was wondering if you could recap it soon?

Just a little request — could you post a link to ep 15 of Me Too Flower in the recaps please… I like to read it occasionally cuz I still love that drama to death, but have to keep paging back to find it. I hope it cheers you up: I was wondering if you have watched that drama? I found the modern C-drama really great. However, the storyline and his overall acting was what made me stick it through. And soo I wanted to read the novel online,and that is how I came to your site.

Makes my life so much easier! Thank you, your love for the novel and your translation has spread to me! Koala, I came across your blog three days ago and I got addicted!!!!

Iamges: dating alone ep 1 eng sub kshownow

dating alone ep 1 eng sub kshownow

I was wondering if you have watched that drama? And I am so grateful and speechless with the gift you bestowed on me! I think making these stuff keeps me sane while waiting for the next eps.

dating alone ep 1 eng sub kshownow

Mix Nine Episode 15 will air on 23h00 Sunday, Mar 18,

dating alone ep 1 eng sub kshownow

Just want to thank you for your time and effort in providing this playground for us. Dwting though I think its great and explains their chemistry in the mess GOF. Just a quick question, is here the best way for us to send you our banner? Long live Your Lovely Koala Dating alone ep 1 eng sub kshownow Makes my life so much easier! Do you even need me to tell you that I love it?