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Dating Chanel Perfume

dating chanel no 5

Coco Chanel Karl Lagerfeld. February 9, at Eau Premiere is definitely the most accessible to those who either do not like overly aldehydic fragrances or prefer a softer, floral blend. Rallet and Company, where he had been employed since It was so strong like a punch to my nose.

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If you ever get the chance to try this on your skin, give it a whirl, it may surprise you. The chemical formula for the fragrance was compounded by French-Russian chemist and perfumer Ernest Beaux. Antaeus batch with barcode,. I simply dont understand it. This is the exception to the low sillage rule for extraits. I don't think I can bring myself to open it when it might be valuable.

I can't help you, perhaps you could take it to a perfume boutique with knowledgeable staff or email your pics to Chanel for assistance. Nov 8, Posts Female. The number and T.

I think it's quite hard to tell the era without opening the box, because the bottle shape and the label say a lot. Someone might know more than me when it comes to boxes though! Jun 18, Posts Science Chick. Jan 9, 3, Posts. I would take it to any antique store. I'm sure they'd be able to help ya. In the meantime DON'T open it! It's more valuable that way.

I'm sure my mother must have gotten this as a gift. She used to buy designer clothes but never expensive perfume or bags sigh. Apr 1, 10, Posts. There are a lot of perfume blogs and communities online, perhaps try emailing one of them.

They may be able to help you out or at least point you in the right direction! Apr 15, 56, Posts. Mar 6, 3, Posts it's all about the arts If you like Chanel, I would keep and use it to remind yourself of her. I do that with some of my Mom's Dior perfumes that I found after she died.

Mar 16, 1, Posts. Wow what a find! I emailed Chanel but I haven't heard back yet. I do love Chanel but my favorite is Chance. The initial spray is bright and fresh. A few minutes later it becomes powdery and spicy. Once it's settled into your skin, it smells absolutely luxurious. I smell like I bathed in a jacuzzi at a luxury hotel. It's hands down better than the other Chanel no. This is my favorite perfume of all. I mean I know it's many people's but I think that speaks to its quality.

In the early 90s my mom found a bottle in an estate sale and gave it to me. It smelled wonderful, and unlike any perfume I had had before, it lasted and changed and made me love the smell of my own skin. I remember the first days of wearing that bottle. I kept sniffing my wrist over and over. I still do that with Chanel No 5.

It will always be my favorite perfume. That said, I'd love to find more that suit me as well so I can change it up now and then.

Tonight I tried on Coco and loved it, so that will probably be next. Oh and one more thing about this perfume - it smells best on skin. I have other perfumes that smell wonderful on clothes.

Funny how that is. Clean, but not chilly. Powdery, but not dusty. A perfect skin scent imagine Romy Schneider's gorgeous bare back in Boccaccio ' This is a perfume for the modernists. An abstract art in a bottle. That is why No. The scent let people want to know If you tend to enjoy detecting favorite materials in your fragrances like "Where's Wally", I don't recommend blind-buy.

I write my review based on my mother's parfum bottle. My mother has the vintage EDP Bottle, so the formula is not like the current EDP which was created in , it's the same formula as the original Parfum, that's why I'm posting my review here. I really wished I liked Chanel No. I can see the mastery behind it, the talent to choose and coordinate each of its notes To me, it's a scent that plays with our senses, sometimes you think it's floral but when you smell it again it becomes animalic, then it becomes woody, then it's powdery..

I can find each of these notes in the perfume, and I praise Ernest Beaux for creating such a beautiful, intelligent and complex fragrance as Chanel No. I believe it's complex because each person smells and processes it in a different way, to some it's a mainly floral perfume, to others it's more animalic or powdery and so it goes Yes, I can acknowledge it's a complex, beautifully constructed perfume, but I definitely do not like it.

It doesn't captivate me. Though I can smell all its complexity - I can find the rose, the musk, the vanilla, the amber, the violet, iris, lemon and sandal in it - in the end all I really smell is baby powder. The base notes are disappointing - it's cheap, pure baby powder, it's a classic "old lady" smell that to me it doesn't evoke anything romantic, magical or ethereal It's mundane, concrete, almost pedantic in a way.

I usually like perfumes that with their scent transport me to another world or an imaginary reality, but Chanel No. Though it's considered unique by many, it doesn't smell "unique" to me. Not because I have smelled anything like it, because no perfume is like Chanel No.

Plain, concrete, serious, square, old-fashioned Not my kind of perfume at all. Soap Marseille, clean and fresh. There was a documentary at the tv suggesting that the bottle has a higher cost price then the actual perfume. Where do I start? So many memories attached to it, so many different incarnations of it and so much mystery surrounding it.

The Eau de Cologne: A not so lightweight cologne, it's quite aldehydic and quite animalic. Seems less citrusy, but has much more in common with No. The Eau de Toilette: The sparkly, youthful original one.

You wear it and feel classy and elegant. Super pretty, but lasts very little time. Less than 2 hours. The Eau de Parfum: The golden one, the one that everyone should try in order to get to know the 'modern' No.

It's strange in the top and middle notes, but the dry down is where this one shines. Very musky and creamy, extremely sensual and long lasting. The platinum one, the goddess. It's the one where it all started. The one that created something that women, and now men, could aspire to own as their own personal signature.

So well known that it became synonymous with both the twenties and the twentieth century itself. Creamy ylang ylang, white florals, civet musk and aldehydes. Impossible to describe, impossible to decipher.

As far as flankers go, these two were masterfully done. Eau Premiere simply feels like a lighter version, which isn't bad. Suits the young ones. L'Eau is something different. It's long lasting, and the initial opening is so different from the originals but still remains beautiful. It dries down to No. Cannot praise Chanel higher for the quality of those reforms.

Go out, try it if you haven't already. You won't regret it. It was also a blind buy no regrets , but I couldn't understand why it was so popular. Bottle wise, it was simple yet very elegantly designed. Scent wise, I'd have to say I agreed with a lot of reviews, that it smelled like something my grandmother would wear.

And yes, I did just that, I would douse my grandmother in it everyday, at least I knew it wasn't gong to waste. Over the years, there seems to have been a resurgence of Chanel no 5, with more modern variations. Obviously with the intent of growing sales off the popularity of No 5. So, I thought I would venture again into the world of Chanel no 5 to give it another go. I thought I would buy the L'eau version but instead bought pure Parfum. All I can say is "wow, what a difference!

I blind bought this based on the reviews, never even smelt the edt or edp so jumping to parfum was all down to you fragranticans: I must admit , i did wonder if id think it was a little dated but i just had a feeling about it.

A good feeling, what a totally adorable classy fragrance this is! So this is what marilyn monroe wore to bed huh! You will probably find the mid and dry down most to your liking ,let those first soapy aldehydes settle for 30 mins and you get the most amazing fresh yet kinda dry lemon, bergamote ,jasmin rose and iris , over sandalwood.

Theres just enough soft musk and the whole composition feels very fresh still. Think baby powder and a soft lemony sweet woody creamy vibe, delightfull. I dont feel its at all dated -not the tiniest bit, intead its a classic that will always have a much deserved place high up in history!! I have a vintage bottle of this thick amber gooey lusciousness with original box. Christmas came early, I'm always buying pure parfum from now on. Now this is beautiful.

Does anyone know, is the "parfum" simply the larger size of the extrait? I've tried the eau de toilette and the eau de parfum, but not the parfum.

Both of the ones I've tried only lasted an hour on my skin which was quite upsetting. I'm hoping that the parfum and the extrait will be different. I am taking back every word I said in any review about No 5! Whatever I tested before was wrong it was the ugliest thing that has nothing to do with No 5! I have Premire and love it dearly so I decided to get pure perfume. I got vintage tiny pure perfume from eBay for laughable price and I thought I died and went to heaven! I applied a dab on my rist and went shopping.

Initial wired stage was like 5 min. And then it was out of this world. Powedery, creamy, sweet, ferry-like light, but persistent and very present from just one dab of left wrist. It took over whatever I was wearing and only No 5 was present. It is so long lasting that it stayed on after 2 showers in pm and am.

I do t know what I was smelling before but pure perfume is something. It is not for hot weather though. And be aware it will smell differently on different people. It smells different on my skin than from the bottle. No 5 fans and Dear No 5, I am so sorry I ever said anything negative about you! Please accept in Chanel No 5 fun club. If the artworks of Raqib Shaw had a smell, they would smell of no. Winged lions, gold, money, religious iconography, pillars, gazebos, cherubs, bible stories and mythical creatures out of a colourful story book is what comes to mind when I wear this one.

I imagine the Garden of Eden smelling like this; all of the most beautiful flowers, trees, animals and mountains, heightened in scent, colour and size by their supernatural and divine nature. It's timeless, androgynous, and otherworldly. This is my signature perfume and have been wearing it for all my adult life. I dip my toes and try others even like some of them but this is the one I always come back to, my kids smell it and it reminds them of mum and likewise as my own mum wore it.

What can I say? It's pure class in a bottle and it makes me feel I can take on the world when I'm wearing it.

You only have to smell it once to be hooked, no wonder it stands the test of time. Just like the perfume, the glass decanter it comes in is classy, elegant and understated, this beauty needs no bells and whistles.

I have a big bottle since many many years, not really my style so I use it very rarely. Quality is very good, longevity, packaging, etc. But I recognize it is a true classic, from time to time it fits perfectly an occasion.

Chanel no 5 has been in my life for over fifty years. I grew up in a shop where my father sold fine fragrance etc I'd say that in it's extrait form, no 5 is one of the least changed fragrances I have ever come across. Pure class,style, self confidence and love of life and beauty in a bottle. This parfum is my love and my husband's favorite! I purchased this in the 1oz size summer '16 and wore it just about every night that summer.. At least for the pure parfum, its amazing in the summer evenings.

This version stays extremely close to the skin making it the perfect skin scent Its been hard for me to wear my EDP and eau premier versions now because I spoiled myself with the pure parfum and there really just isnt anything like it!

Its well worth it!! Love this so much! Old version or new version, Chanel No. However, I would like to question the use of the term 'old lady', not just for these reviews but throughout the website; how incredibly ageist you are all being. Old can be beautiful: Don't fall for the endless marketing of youth culture,because it's really all about money.

If you are a woman, then embrace the certainty that you will be old one day and do your best not to hate what you will become. And, by the way, I'm not old myself. I did not think I was a Chanel No 5 girl. As a teen, I had a sample vial and did not care for it which saddened me as I assumed this meant I wasn't sophisticated enough to appreciate a classic French perfume.

Fast forward so fast! Until recently I had not realized there was a difference between the concentrations. So I tried them all. I realize now that the sample I held in the 80's was the EdP. EdP and I still don't get along well until the dry down which is lovely.

EdT was 'better' but still not quite there. No 5 Extrait is pure and true love! I love it so much. I love it in vintage deeper, dirtier and I love it in its current formulation more floral to my nose, way less dirty, same creamy dry down but a bit less deep. I tend to layer the two as I think the top notes on my vintage burned off a bit where the new one truly soars, but I love the mid and base of vintage more than the new. The dry down is so creamy and woodsy in the most beautiful, soft, sexy way.

The notes blend together so well it's hard to pick them out, it is a complex fragrance and it morphs so much from opening to dry down, it's a pleasure to wear and sniff throughout the day. I do tend to avoid being around people for the first 30 minutes of wear due to the aldehydes but my own nose is never unhappy.

I wasn't sure about sillage or longevity - to me, it seemed that after hours I couldn't smell much but last night I walked into a girlfriend's house and was greeted with,'Mmmmmmm, you smell so good! What are you wearing today? Good job, No 5! I should add that I applied from a mini spray bottle into which I had decanted the parfum. This may have effected sillage?

On a side note, I also got my hands on a bottle of vintage No 5 EdC and I would say it is the formulation I love best after the extrait.

It is less floral, more creamy woods and I can see why Marilyn Monroe would choose to wear it to bed - softly sexy, comforting. I AM a Chanel No 5 girl! I can't even begin to describe how happy this fragrance makes me. I'm the happy and delighted owner of a 7,5ml bottle of pure parfum and let me tell you I'm in love!

I don't know anything about reformulation or vintage, all I know is what's inside my little gem of a bottle. And what comes out of it fulfills all my perfume lover's expectations. After all these years being delighted by perfume I've come to understand what I like and what I don't like to smell on my skin. That's how it performs on my skin and I love it. In my experience the pure parfum smells fresher upon first application than the EDP, much like the EDT does, but it dries down softer and sweeter than the other two.

It's very much a skin scent mostly due to the way it's applied on skin my bottle has a glass stopper and it's intended to be dabbed. Spraying fragrances allows more projection, dabbing makes it a more personal and sexy experience, shared only by those who come within your personal space. If you ever get the chance to try this on your skin, give it a whirl, it may surprise you. Manna of the Heavens! That is what i exclaimed upon breaking the black seal and unstoppering the perfume.

I went on a French exchange,and my wonderful host family gave me an edp minature,so that i could be like Marilyn in bed,with my blonde hair. My younger years signature perfume was established! Because of intermittent going in and out of luck,i was Chanel no 5 less for many years,altho i have recently finished a ml edp that a gentleman bought me for Christmas 3 years ago. I actually videoed my grand unboxing and first impression,so my initial "olifactory climaxing" is now immortalized on facebook.

It is that golden blend of sherbety aldehyde and Grasse jasmine heads that seduce me. Wearing this today, as I have done regularly, although not daily, for more years than I dare to count.

Mine is the reformulated version. I have gone through numerous bottles of what is now the vintage version, but didn't ever stockpile them.

Not a Fragrantica reader then, nor a perfumista. Merely someone who wore and loved No 5. I still love No 5, in all iterations.

This, the extract, is still my favourite of all of them, although the EDT comes a close second. Yes, she no longer roars. I miss the roar, but I love the quieter voice too. She still lasts all day with one spritz, and smells as beautiful at drydown as at first spray. I feel that it is almost easier to pick out the individual notes now, than it was in the past. I get some of the more subtle nuances that were simply overcome by the fierce blast. No 5 simply makes me happy.

The current parfum has no real civet and is watered down like every other Chanel perfume nowadays besides Coco mad. This is the exception to the low sillage rule for extraits. This can really be extremely loud and in your face and i love it. I tried it and found it boring, linear or just not for me, it was too sweet I don't know, thank goodness I could test it first, I wanted to know what all the rage was about,but didn't impress me at all I like Cristalle or no 19 better.

The price on this guy is to high. This is the version that's most like what Coco would have smelled. The eau de parfum spray came out in the 80's and is actually quite different that the pure perfume.

I feel like many people are unaware of this. It is impossible to find testers of this version in the stores. This one is much lighter and closer to the skin than the EDP and much less heavy. I so much prefer the dry down on this one. It's much fresher as much as it can be I just find this one so much more interesting and better formulated. They claim the flowers on this one are sourced from different regions than the EDP, and it's more "precious".

If you can, spring for this one over all the others. May I ask if anyone knows why the Chanel No. All the other bath and shower products are still on websites. I wonder if it is a deliberate removal to encourage the purchase of the oval soap for shower use. I bought this soap,along with the other bath range and it smelled of plain soap and had nothing in common with the other products.

I have never had the square soap and wonder too,if those bars,which were being sold prior to new oval bars,had a better scent? I am suspecting they may want to use up stock of the oval soap.

Does anyone here know a sales assistant from Chanel,who may know? To my skin and nose this is the worst perfume ever! I don't even like it on other people! I sometimes believe that it does not suit anyone and people keep buying it just because it is chanel no 5. May have been good once. But Lanvin's Arpege still tops it in terms of aldehydes. Most over-rated perfume ever. After the cloud of aldehydes finally dies down a few hours into wear, it briefly gets sweetly powdery in a way that reminds me of Estee Lauder Youth Dew.

This stage quickly fades, and the rest of the wear is a dry, starchy, powdery, slightly white floral finish before it fades into nothing.

This is such a classy, beautiful, iconic fragrance. Unfortunately it doesn't work on me. My body chemistry just turns it into a sour floral mess. But on many women it smells amazing. If you like this and it works on you, go for it, it is pure elegance.

It smells great on her, but it never got my attention smelling it from the bottle or tester. I guess that's good, 'cause otherwise we all had the same signature parfum: This is a wonderful perfume. My own issues with the brand and its popularity kept me from testing it more than half-heartedly and acknowledging its beauty.

I also happen to have the rare luck of not having relatives or friends who wear it. It feels very thin, a bit stale. The EDP is great, but gets a little weird in the late drydown. Not sure how I feel about that yet. The extract, however… is a work of art.

It has a pleasantly cosmetic vibe akin to Chanel's own Misia and, to me, a bit of Nahema with less rose. The drydown is orris heaven. Wearing a vintage from in the spray bottle form and omg this is every bit of everyone's favorite aspects of Chanel no 5. This is much sweeter and more floral than any other incarnation. I think that you may not fully understand how this site works. When people complain about your reviews is not due to zealous perfume patrol, as you may seem to think. But because it keeps popping up on the New Reviews list.

And it's annoying, not because we are protective of this particular perfume, but because you insult the rest of us and that's simply not cool. I don't like Chanel No5 either, I really really don't, and I don't understand it either, but I'm also really tired of seeing your identical comments about it everytime I refresh.

Perfume is a subjective issue and everyone has a right to like or dislike whatever they want. Sampled this at Macy's I wonder WHO the audience for this is?

Strangely synthetic as well. Just weird to me that the "mother" of all fragrances smelled so Im going to tackle the elephant in the room first. This is not a "old lady" scent or any other vintage scent is for that matter Its a properly constructed french perfume.

I think because of the current sea of sugar bowl, gourmand, and fruitchouli modern madness, we have people not understanding the fact that these types in her genre was composed of heavier ingredients with musk, civet, indolic jasmine, and aldeydes in a style that is foreign to them. Its called using a multitude of quality ingredients.

Its a proper floral aldehyde perfume that is elegance and class. Just because it may or may not appeal to your nose does not make it "old lady" Classic Chypres and Orientals fall into this category as well. Its a category, just like the current candy fruit-chouli is. We as perfume enthusiasts need to respect all categories Now with that elephant dispatched The older versions are heavier with more gravitas with civet,musk notes, oakmoss, amber , vanilla in the base.

Complexity and quality to create a whole more than the sum of its parts. The great scents tend to all have this characteristic. You still smell the aldehydes, roses and jasmine.. It is a photo snapshot of its era.

Its still elegantly beautiful. I wore the hell out of No. I'm not sure what it is. I try so many different fragrances and you know how it is, you find one that you love because it seems to love you right back. I only wear fragrances that suit me, my body, my blonde hair, my moods, and the clothes I wear. Used to have a website offering my professional services as a Marilyn Monroe singer.

I don't think it's suited to bed. It's definitely a showy evening cologne. It starts off with aldehydes and citrus which are signature Chanel openings.

There's a hint of neroli and verbena even. Then I smell roses roses roses and ylangylang, and some jasmine. I don't know if the list of notes is correct. The jasmine is a bit indolic and more dirty because of the musk and civet which is totally there toward the end.

The muskiness is what turns me off to the fragrance. I think this frag would smell better without it. But it's really not that bad. It's just that some people don't like it because it's more chemical and more heavy than other Chanels especially the newer ones which have been perfected to wear as a subtle softer skin scent. I also do agree that all the Chanel No. It just means you have to have a sophisticated and more refined taste in fragrance and it also means you have to have tons of experience wearing many different perfumes so that you have known what all the notes in this one wears like on your skin: A lot of other fragrances do contain the citrus floral musk accords so it shouldn't be hard for a girl ages 20 to 26 to eventually graduate into wearing Chanel No.

The scent is classic, strangely beautiful and yes sexy but I don't like to wear this too often. In fact I haven't worn it in years. I keep only one bottle in my house and it will be a while before its finished. This fragrance is overrated and beloved but with good reason. It seems to be the perfume that most people think of when they say the word "perfume". It's a dictionary definition of a perfume. It's not for everyone, but it has it's merits.

It's an old friend that comes to see me and wants to spend the night with me. And I let her. You know it's really hard to find out what the reformulated versions actually smell like with all this in-fighting. It does look odd from an outsider that there are so many positive reviews when the votes at the top are divided.

Thumbs up and down should be for quality of review not if you disagree with it or not.

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dating chanel no 5

A total classic, through and through.

dating chanel no 5

Not my favorite, but my go-to when nothing else really sparks for me.

dating chanel no 5

But its too differente and that makes me a bit sad. Beaux's student, Constantin Weriguine dsting, said the aldehyde Beaux used had the clean note of the hookup nyc, "a melting winter note". My daughter is dating chanel no 5 16 but She loves this fabulous expensive smell dating chanel no 5. Perfume sales in the United States from to had increased tenfold, Chanel No. Seems less citrusy, but has much more in common with No. It is too early for me to describe it, as I've just applied it. This is my signature perfume and have been wearing it for all my adult life.