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It was at Bolletieri's academy where she met her biggest competitor. I place my order in the end of August using regular shipping which took at least 10 days. I have no idea what experiences others have had with them? This made me feel terribly insecure, and sent me spiralling in to coming across as needy, clingy with a sense of not being able to cope on my own.


M-badges for women suffering from menopause? I will never be with a man that de-values me ever again. Thanks Evan, for showing me it's never too late to learn. I was talking to him last night, and he said to me direct quote: As for the trial period I had passed mine by my doing not the companies , and they were still there to help and guide me to happiness. One boyfriend may have cheated on you.

Over the years, it had struck me, if I stayed on my meds, there would be no way to know if it was working. I had no gauge. After working up my nerve for 2 months, I approached my psychiatrist with my plan. Including the ones for schizophrenia. I was tapered to be off my meds half way through week one. My doctor told me at the beginning, to keep a few of my meds, just in case.

I was glad I did. There were two separate dark nights where I did take small amounts of the main stay; klonopin. That was perhaps 6 years ago now. It took me 17 weeks though, not Just to be sure. No more panic attacks. But it just goes to show you, it is largely the power of suggestion.

That is, how you look at things. I know there are other factors involved, and Lucinda will tell you the same, but the biggest factor in most cases is; it is all in the head. To those who doubt this, I want you to know; there is an answer out there for you.

If not this program, then something will help. Keep looking, and trying. It is worth it. Just wanted to tell u good luck and youre not alone,that kinda helps to remember sometimes.

I have only gotten free of my physco-meds. Just one more post here. I have now read ALL the posts here. I think I was lucky on this one. But please believe me, the program itself has worked wonders for me. I hope some of you have kept your programs, and will at least try it one day, when you feel ready. I have had bad experiences with other products. Telemarketers are often a service separate companies use. I know they often use convicts in prison for this. I am on week 4 of the lessons and finding them helpful and insightful.

You will not be able to return them due to FDA regulations that supplements are not refundable. One month later I get 3 boxes of vitamins,,,,,,,and now the fight is on! I just found out the same information regarding the vitamins. I was told the same thing they cannot be returned due to FDA regulations.

Actually I am not out I have not tried the program yet, but I have heard good things about it so I will give that a try. It is too bad that such a wonderful program gets knocked when it has changed lives for the better!

Thanks Lucinda for your hard work and dedication! I am proof that the program works!!! I wonder if you are a paid person to search through the internet trying to promote this product. OMG this website saved me hundreds of dollars!!!!

Tonight I saw their infomercial so i called to get the free cd. As the rep is talking and trying to relate to my situation, i decided to look them up online. Its a shame people try to take advantage of someone like me that is just trying to get better…. I highly recommend zen living. It will help you live in the present…. Thank you for your blog.

I agree with whoever said it above. The Bible is free, if you look for a free one. I just need to pray harder. Prayer and taking the time to go to a counselor. He is the almighty healer of all things. The program is like I saw the paid programming for this supposedly miracle cure for anxiety and depression from the Midwest Center.

I admit, I was intrigued so I called to get the free informtion they were offering. The operator asked what seemed like a million questions as to why I needed help with my anixety. She used the infomation I gave her to her advantage in order to sell the product. She repeatedly I do mean repeatedly asked for my credit card number to get me started on the program.

This lady was relentless! I kept telling her all I wanted was the free cd offered in the commercial, she said we had already completed the initial process over the phone so all I had to do was place my order, she even said it was her professional recommendation I begin this program immediately. From the moment she asked for my credit card number I felt something suspicious was going on.

To make a long story short, I just ended up hanging up on the operator who was still wanting me to give her my credit card number. I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for many years.

I am so grateful that I did not see this blog or any of these negative comments before purchasing the program. I would probably passed on. I am in NO way affiliated with the company and I am not in the habit of posting on any blog, especially about something so private. But, if my comments can counter some of the negativity here it is worth the time. My husband saw the infomercial late one night about 10 years ago and I purchased it. The program helped me get control of my panic attacks when nothing else had helped.

And yes they were horrible and they controlled my life and I had tried it all from medication, individual therapy as well as group therapy.

I did not do the program perfectly, but I did listen to the tapes and I did use the relaxation tape often. I do not believe Lucinda Bassett overstated her condition. There is no way she could explain anxiety and agoraphobia the way she does without having the condition. I thought I was one of the only people in the world with some of my issues until I read her book. The book From Panic to Power probably helped more than the tapes.

They never promised to be cured in 15 weeks and part of the program teaches how to manage expectations such as thinking you will be cured in 15 weeks. I am Alyssa, I have had Anxiety pretty much all my life, and this program, pulled me out of one of my darkest times. My anxiety was so awful, and this program has helped me so much, not cured me, but helped me.

Any questions feel free to facebook me, Alyssa Rennie. This company is a total fraud, I totally agree with all negative comments here. A friend of mine recommended this program and I was naive enough to believe it is something worth trying.

The program is an average behavioural analysing program that repeats the same concepts through out all the CDs over and over again. A good book can be much more useful. My main complain is regarding the FREE supplements they offer in addition. I purchased the program on August and am receiving vitamin pills since then.

They automatically also included the second shipment of pills in my first bill without any notice. First I sent an email to the customer service department without getting a reply. The lady was unforgiving and very unfriendly! This was in Dec The last charge after I had cancel in Dec was placed Jan I have already contacted my credit card company and will block any further charges.

If needed I will take legal steps to stop them from further fraud. Maybe a strong law suit helps to give them a good lesson. So glad I found this blog. I am watching the infomercial right now. Instead, I decided to check their website. Thankfully the google search brought me here. I needed this jolt of reality. Jo, this program works, you are not alone, I wish I can give you my tapes but I already gave them away to a person that is overcoming anxiety successfully.

Pray JO, that is what I did the night I cried so hard in the middle of my living room asking God to help me to get better, this happened in the year I thought I will buy those tapes although my income was low, I made some adjustments in my life for a couple of months in order to get this program, I do not regret it.

I am proud of who I am today. I am a nurse and I have been helping people with what I know from this wonderful program, JO, there is hope, you are so worthed! Jo — Do you know what automatically reduced your stress — not ordering a product from a company that has a history of fraudulent business practices.

It absolutely does not matter. Because the truth is that not a single program out there will magically fix everyone. And they have no right to take advantage of those people they are not able to help. If they are truly a company that cares about healing and not just making money, they are obligated to provide honest and reasonable customer service.

I myself have tried it all, I have tried an aboundance of methods. At the end of the day I do not care how much it cost, my health comes first and money comes last. I am very greatful to be in the right place at the right time to see the commercial. I ordered the free trial and can not wait to recieve it. It is baffling that when it comes to: I have yet to experience the treatment and when I do if it does works for me I will be happy, but if it dont at least I can say I tried instead of being discouraged by someone elses failure.

I truly hope the best for you, and here is a saying I know all to well: I saw this commercial and almost picked up the phone. This program help me to overcome my anxiety and panic attacks, it works! And I am thankful I found it. In order for this program to work you have to listen the tapes and later do the work book.

Expect less and gain more. I still dealing with small things like trying not to overreact, the beautiful thing is every time I am about to overreact I take a deep breath and I can control the overreaction. This program saved my life and I am stronger than ever without taking any type of medication. A coworker had a panic attack at work, she did not know what was going on, she was prescribed prozac, I am not against medication that can help people, but I could not stand to see this young girl go into an abysm of depression, I gave her my tapes and copy of my work book.

She does not have any panic attacks anymore; after listened the third tape she already felt better, she looks happy again and smiles. She looks more determine, strong, I have no words to describe the changes in her, the positive changes. This program is not for everybody; maybe for those people that say the program did not work, well, maybe it was not meant to be to work for you. If you believe in Karma, well, maybe it is not your karma to find a way to get better with this program.

So, go ahead and find something better that helps you, I think without taking medications you will not find anything better. God bless you and God bless Lucinda and her family.

Bought the program in the 90s. The thing I dont understand is how can you tell it works when ur trying to return it without giving it a chance. I just bought the program without a trial run and it really helped me overcome my sickness. Also you have to remember their in it to make money. I lost one of the tapes and I called for a new one and they replaced it free of chare no questions asked.

It is through years of growing up, learning and thriving continously to get better,looking for help, reading, googling, understanding and unwebing the tangles down under that really helps you to go on, one moment at a time.

I wish you all good luck from the bottom of my heart for I know, being there and done that. I have to admit that when I first learned this , it disturbed me greatly.

I felt like how on earth can this help me…when he lived in the house with her and still did that to himself. It is very discouraging to say the least. BUT…we do not know anything about him, his life, what was going on, what other kinds of things he may of had wrong with him…so I try to not jump to conclusions. It is hard though….. I hope I can overcome these feelings and continue on using it as good reference material.

I have had anxiety and depression for 10 years and i got these tapes. It changed my life and I would never want to go back to the way that i felt befor. You have already set your self up to fail. I do feel bad for her and what she went through.

You think of how much money you spend on meds and the doc visits. I dont have to take any meds anymore because i dont have any anxiety or depression anymore. Every company has there policiys and ya if you are out of the trial peiod no company is going to let you return it because 4 months down the road you want your money back. The mid west center is not a scam or Bullshit as you like to say it. They save lives and get peoples lives back.

I could not get my self out of the house and now i can do all of those things i could not do befor. When i talked to the Rep about the price she helped me because i dont make much money but she helped me because she wanted to help me not just stick me with a bill i cant afford. I still do tell people about the program because i know what it can do if you give your self the chance to change your life. She was able to stop meds and has managed some tough times since.

Not a quick fix as some people expect. Best to get an accountability partner also. Can end up cheaper than psychiatric or therapist visits and is used on your own time. Should be kept for future refreshers if needed. It was disturbing to read all of the comments around the alleged business practices of the MId West Center. I ordered this program in the mid s and I can honestly say that it changed my life. It was the most horrible time of my life until I heard about a woman called Lucinda Bassett.

I went to hear her speak at la local hotel promoting the program. I was so relieved to see hundreds of people at this event many of whom suffered from the same symptoms as I did. My most important realization was that I was not alone. The tapes provided support and guidance for me at a time when psychiatrists and psychologists did very little to understand and help me deal with my symptoms.

They actually made me worse. Listening to the individuals on the tapes recount their battles and stories let me know that I was not going insane and there really was hope for dealing with my symptoms. Clonazepam provided symptomatic relief during my very dark days, but after a year or so of working with the program, I was able to deal with my symptoms by altering my response to situations rather than relying on medication.

Medication does play an important role until you can develop better coping skills. I have referred many people to the program, some of which were helped tremendously and still thank me today and others who saw no benefit.

I would do it all again as I was so desparate to find relief in a world where you think that no one really understands what you are going through or how to pull you out of it. To this day, I thank Lucinda for sharing her story and her research with me. I hope my post helps you. Every one has to find their own way and the tools provided in this program may not work for everyone. There is no magic bullet. But applying the skills laid out in this program can provide some relief if you are willing to really work through them and not make excuses about it.

The program took much longer than 15 weeks for me. In fact, it took several years before I had overcome my fear of anxious feelings and had developed the skills I needed to deal with them. If there are questionable business practices at the Mid West Center, I hope Lucinda finds a way to rectify this. IThe supplements were not part of the program when I ordered it, so perhaps that is more the issue. In the interim, perhaps as the reader suggests, there are other avenues to find used programs where others have not found benefit.

The program worked for me. The program teaches you skils that you have to enforce yourself long after the 15 weeks. No one can work miracles. Makes me wonder how many people just post that this helped them just to help them sell, If this was any kind of real deal then they would be up front about the cost and not scamm anyone, I just found this revue as i just watched the tv commercial and was just curious what others would say about it,.

I dont realy deal with any serious anxiety but the commercial simply can make a person think these people just invented the wheel, The commercial itself was puting me in to depression for christ sake, All they mention is a free cd, Nothing is free unless it has something attached to it, In this case its a credit card number that they can charge you what ever there heart desires,.

Its not bad enough they can take your money that you never intended to spend, There is always someone claiming how it helped them and justifying these people taking others for there money,. And if the program did not help you then sure it must be your own fault in some way or another, Its easier to take the attention away from the real fact of being scammed out of your money, If this was an honest thing then the cost would be up front and not hiden in the fine print,.

In my opinion money would be beter spent researching some natural herbs that help with symptoms of anxiety and depression and even take a good bubble bath with relaxing music and know you are not feeding some money greedy people that are enjoying others suffering while profiting from it,. I am sure they cant wait to get you on the phone when you asking for the free cd as they put the pressure sales pitch on you to get your credit card number, This is nothing new and reports to the BBB.

Is full of these complaints from many diferent scams as this, i am sure,. Best thing is probably to contact your credit card company and dispute any charges from such company,s who refuse to stop charging for something you dont want, Because the sales reps have no reason to stop charges if they can get away with it,.

Ive read most of the comments at this site and most are negative, few are positive, owing to the heterogenous mix of people with different levels of anxiety and depression, from subclinical to clinical.

The CDs made me aware right away of certain things. I have realized now that I have had minor anxiety attacks throughout the years, and recently couldnt sleep due to a break up. I ordered the program at 2am knowing full well I am in no state of mind to be ordering it, but thats the nature of the situation. The concepts they describe and techniques seem valid and can be used throughout your life, not just at this moment in your life.

This awareness is similar to the time-transcending application of the Bible in times of stress in your life to different situations at different times in your life. Im a scientist and am not religious mind you. I believe the concepts taught by the CDs help me regain control over my thoughts caused by my over analytical nature. This awareness is worth the money over the long run in a life of self improvement. For people with serious clinical panic attacks and clinical depression its best to seek mental and medical help.

Lastly, there are few guarantees in life, if you feel it didnt work for you, ask yourself why and find ways to solve the problem. Believe in yourself, invest in the time and work involved in self awareness and self control, a life long pursuit.

Unfortunately this program obviously doesnt work for everyone, are these negative comments posted here a representative consensus of probably thousands of people that have ordered these tapes and now CDs.

I empathize with all of you that feel ripped off and betrayed however. Lucinda ultimately is irresponsible and should address these poor customer service and return policy and poor business tactics. Shame on you Lucinda! I ordered the program a few years ago ? I was having up to 5 panic attacks a day and 3 separate doctors told me that I was the worst case of Anxiety Disorder they had ever seen.

It had gotten so bad that the phone ringing could send me into an attack, or eating off of a fork that I had forgotten to sterilize. Needless to say, getting to a doctor for medication was out of the question the 3 docs were after the program.

Desperate I ordered the program. But the program gave me enough tools to control my anxiety to actually be able to get into a car another thing that sent me into an attack. And getting into a car led me to getting to the doctor, who was able to prescribe meds. Was the program a cure-all? But it gave me a good bit of control over part of my anxiety, which led to me being able to take full control.

This program does work, to a degree. For those with low to mid-level anxiety, it will be a God-send. To those like me with overwhelming anxiety levels? It will help but not cure. I have also been plagued with depression and anxiety for several years. I have been on several medications but nothing has really worked for me completely.

Then I was guided to a herbologist who used a scanner and determined the chemicals that were imbalanced. After taking an array of herbals and most important a lot of prayer and healing from God, I am a lot better and extremely excited that I can finally come off of a lot of medications.

So, just give it a try with both prayer, God healing power and herbs to get your life back. Take care and God Bless. I just found out that Midwest Center has deducted money from my account without my permission. I just called customer service and was told the first time that I can get a refund if I call another, which I did and still am. I called the customer service number the second time and was told that I would not get the refund because I did not cancel before trial offer.

This is such bullshit. First, these people cannot without your approval take money from your account. Second of all, you must be able to talk to someone to correct this matter. And right now, I am so pissed that I will create a lot of problems for them, so no one gets taken advantage like I did.

Just to add to my above post, aside from the 93 complaints resolved in , this section really caught my attention:. Our office also wrote to the company on December 13, , requesting that the Terms and Conditions be clearly posted on their website. The program worked great for me.

I highly recommend it. I had generalized anxiety and panic attacks for years and found the program helpful to the point of a cure when I remember to use the tools they taught. You really have to follow it as they tell you to do. I do believe your thoughts can make you feel what you do, and I know I can control what I am thinking. Nothing changed except what the child was thinking about. I have been trapped in the refund nighmare for several products but usually, it was because I was days late in calling for the return authorization number.

Nothing works for everyone but I believe it is a fine product and will work for some if used correctly. If you order it, make sure you mark your calendar for the last day to return if you need to! I will NOT give this company anything but negative feed back!!

Beware the Midwest Center. My wife suffers from depression and anxiety, leading her to call and order this program. The main problem is the supplement pills.

First, she cannot take these along with the current medication she is using. She was clear about this from the beginning. However, the Midwest Center continued to send the supplements and to charge our credit card for the next three months. We called today to ask that the shipments stop and to have no further charges to our credit card. The customer service representative who answered the phone mumbled terribly and was difficult to understand, to say the least. Then the supervisor we asked for talked in circles about the supplements — ignoring the repeated assertions that we made about my wife not being able to take the pills and refusing to stop the credit card charges.

The supervisor did a great job of reading from his script and in his robotic manner simply refused to acknowledge my complaint. These people are drinking the Kool-Aid. We need to get the word out about scams such as this. Good to see the Midwest Center thinks that no amount of stress is too good for the customers paying the bills.

I was going to call the number to enquire last night as it all sounded too much to be true but decided to research it on line first and wow am I thank full to all of you. Is there a way to collectively sue companies that due this as this is not the only bullshit on the TV, or better still start a centre brought together by people from around the world who have found ways and created support groups to help others regain their lives where it is supported by donations from people who find the new on line free help website helpful.

Would anyone live to help me set this up. I was bullied all my life and that is why I believe I suffer from bouts of depression and loneliness. I recently read a book on bulling that lifted my spirits and I realized that I was not the only one bullied in this world. Its just a little book on Amazon but a powerful one I keep it with me and look up my underlined page everyday and it really does help me to come back to the present and reality. In Darkness Light Dawns.

Take a look it might help you she recently spoke at My Rotary club and many people spoke to her afterwards. Wishing you all love to yourself and peace within it is your journey not the BS on the TV, Remember Heaven on earth is within you make it beautiful. Contact Carol Ann at carol3lakebreeze gmail. Well, I got the program and really helped me a lot!!! I love this program, I think that the people that think that this is fraud are CRAZY and they really need help, people with depression and Anxiety always see the negative side of the things, so please fix your problems Crazy people, try something diferent for your lifes and then talk abouth something you have never tried!!

I can honestly say this program completely changed my life! I had been suffering with post traumatic stress syndrome, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic attacks for 8 years!!

I saw her infomercials on TV and thought I might as well try it! I was told by a couple doctors I would possibly be on medication for the rest of my life…and here I am medication free for almost 3 years, and I credit it all to this program!

This program completely changed my thinking! I still have anxiety, but nowhere near what I used to experience! I lived in a petrified bubble, even afraid to leave my house! This program stopped all of that within the first couple weeks! Now when I start to feel anxious I no exactly what to do to help myself, and I can stop it from becoming a vicious, raging on-going cycle of panic! I would recommend anyone who has experienced anxiety to try this program, it takes a lot of time and effort, but it is so worth it!!

I totally understand how you feel. I bought the program about 10 years ago. I had my own business and became homebound. Paralized with fear of everything!. The tapes helped me tremendously! I am now able to get out and drive around town.. Even on intertate as long as im within city limits! But I still cant get on interstate where there is five miles between exits! I used to could not go to malls or get stuck in a grocery line or even verbally order for myself at a restaurant.

All that is secound nature now. I did get help from the Center when nothing else worked. I called to order it again. It was the best money spent. Better than taking meds. I got this program when I was at my wits end. I was on anti depressants , anti anxiety pills , high blood pressure pills and getting horrid migraines daily due to the stress. I was killing myself with the stress. Well I got the program after seeing the infamercial.

It sat on my dresser for weeks. I finally opened it and started listening, felt totally overwhelmed with it so I called to return it. I got a very kind lady to talk to and she did ask me why I wanted to return it and why I felt it wasnt working.

We ended up talking for about a hour and she gave me suggestions on how to work through the program and concentrate on just one lesson, to take a week to two weeks per lesson or until I felt comfortable moving on to another. Well I did listen to the lessons 2 times a week , went through the guide book. I started seeing a change in my thinking and that I was smiling again.

About two week later the same lady called me from the Midwest Center to see how I was doing. It was great to be able to talk to her again and say well I think this may be working. Long story short no the program didnt work at first but looking at it and not applying the tools , nothings going to work. Granted not everyone will have the same results , we are not all the same , but if you dont try you will never know. As for the trial period I had passed mine by my doing not the companies , and they were still there to help and guide me to happiness.

Do you think perhaps when you called in YOU were angry , upset , and unwilling to listen to the help they were more then willing to give. Im sure your going to think I work for them , the answer is no , but if I could , I surely would. I will never forget the time the lady took to show me she did care and to help me succeed in becoming the person I was before I was burdened with my anxiety.

Nothing is going to cure or help everybody but you have to have an open mind for anything to work. Hell I was on pills that didnt work cuz my mindset was they wouldnt.

What do you have to lose if you call before the trial is up. All I can say is Try it what do you have to lose. It was really hard to find an identifying phrase in their infomercial. I agree the price was high but I have to say…. It was worth it. I use them often. Am I completely cured???? I was being sent the vitamins in the mail too but when I called to have them stoppe, the woman was very kind and did exactly what I asked. A person from the company even calld me a few weeks later to see how I was doing….

I was thinking she was going to try and do a sales pitch on me but she didnt. Your help is appreciated. I just was listening again to the tapes I purchasewd several yrs ago.

While im sure a few men might have found some relief again Ifeel these tapes are designed for stay at home wives and I wouldnt be suprised that this group found relief from these tapes. I bought the program from the Midwest Center and it worked perfect for me.

Every week I started a new cd and was amazed! It was like they had lived my life. I lived with bad anxiety for over 40 years and realized that it was NOT something I would get over in a couple of days,weeks or months. But most men do not want to be actively pursued.

The only guys who do are really shy, really insecure, or really clueless about women. Most men will value you more if they have to win you over. One boyfriend may have cheated on you. Another might have been a friends-with-benefits guy who never wanted a relationship with you.

So you become vigilant. You look for the signs. Men are not heartbreakers looking for our next victim. It is never our goal to hurt you at any point in time. Actually, you broke through to me by helping me shift my perspective.

It took a while Letting go has given me confidence. But, most of all, it has set me free. I now know not every date I go on has to, or will, mean something. And instead of sweating the "what does it all mean?!

Your down-to earth attitude and easy-going demeanor made me feel at ease. I hope we can meet again and pickup where we left off. Perhaps they have brothers. Maybe they have lots of guy friends. They could have had a number of long-term relationships. Why do guys do what they do? Why are they so confusing? But just like I was one of those guys. I also know that despite seeming like a player, I was always looking for a relationship, I never wanted to hurt anyone, and would never openly criticize a woman I was dating.

On paper, there was nothing wrong with these women. Smart, successful, interesting, educated, attractive, sophisticated, ambitious, opinionated — these were the qualities that drew me to them. Yet they were never enough. My attractive, relationship-oriented male clients feel the same way. Every single one has identical frustrations with the women they date, which has nothing to do with how these women look, how smart they are, how funny they are, how successful they are, or how educated they are.

Men of all different ages, of all different stripes, from all over the world pass up amazing women for reasons that the women have never even considered. Then I found myself on the phone with a close friend who happened to be a business coach. When we were discussing her latest fizzled relationship, the first thing she said was: I mean really, really hurt.

I read the entire book in one sitting. Reading Why He Disappeared was like reading my own personal dating history replete with failures. Except this time, I have the opportunity to get it right. I just told my boyfriend of 3 months yes, he does all of the things on the checklist that I totally trust him This came as the result of another single, mutual friend of ours trying to sabotage our relationship.

It made us stronger. It made me anxious to buy Evan's book. I am a successful, independent, African American attorney. I live in Memphis, TN which, among other issues, does not have the greatest reputation for being a place where singles can live, thrive, and DATE.

I am now dating a wonderful and successful African American man whose devotion to me never ceases to amaze me. We are both in our late 30s I am 37 and he is 36 , and yes, I do want children someday. Neither one of us have children. Although, I am in a relationship, I found the advice on page 35 of the book regarding what men want to be highly enlightening. I too believed that just being beautiful I am often told this by men and women alike , successful, financially stable, secure, confident, and a great cook, would cause me to have men lined up down the street and around the corner--not so.

I blamed it on the fact that most of the men I date have not acquired the success nor the financial stability I have, and they are intimidated. When my guy called last night he works in corporate America and travels with his position , we talked, I giggled softly, I did not indict him for his perceived flaws, he asked if I minded cooking lasagna for him when he returns this weekend, I obliged. He called me back before going to sleep thanking me for being supportive of him.

Thanks to you, Evan, I now have a fighting chance with this relationship before knocking myself out of contention. No, I do not know whether I will marry him, but if even my excuses about the shortage of men of my ethnicity could be dissolved by reading your book, then ANY woman's excuses should dissolve just as rapidly.

The same exact way you hope that a man will simply listen to you instead of telling you how to fix your problems…. But they HAVE said to it to me. Not the bad men — the bad men are clueless — but the GOOD men. The men you want. The men who make you laugh. The men who believe in chivalry. The men who want families. The men who value commitment. If you are truly serious about finding the love of your life then I suggest you fully commit yourself to being guided by Evan.

You should be skeptical. Smart women always are. Just ask some of the readers who have already taken my advice to heart. I wanted to give feedback about your new book. I have always struggled with the whole ''let the guy pursue you'' concept.

From a woman''s perspective, I always want to be up-front about my interest level, and thought that if I didn't show interest, the guy would move on. I am in the ''courting phase'' in my current relationship yes, we met online. Every fiber of my being wanted to e-mail my new guy today, just to let him know that I was thinking of him, etc.

But after reading your book, I decided to take your advice and Don't. And, BTW, he had said to me casually a couple of times that ''it's all about the chase, don't forget that. And I followed your instructions, and responded happily to his e-mail and his text. Now, the other part of the book that resonated with me was written by your wife, so you get no credit. Right has a big family ''birthday dinner'' on Sunday because 4 of his family members have birthdays within a few weeks.

He did not ask me to attend this event. I was hurt at first, but after reading what your wife wrote, I understand that him not inviting me to this, has nothing to do with me. I felt so relieved to learn how to focus on men's behaviours instead of words, but especially, how to flatter and bring out the best in the men I was dating. This took the pressure off, made dating more fun, and was extremely effective at making men feel comfortable.

As well, I learned a very important lesson about how to recognize the good things men were doing, which I often overlooked, and forgive their minor mistakes. I applied Evan's approach and saw immediate results. Suddenly, I was in control - the men I were dating always called me back for another date. It was so easy! I felt like I was finally effectively showing who I was during these dates: I had so much more fun on dates because by learning how to make men feel appreciated and at ease, I really feel that I got to see the best side of them, too!

Shortly after, I met a man I was very interested in but who had a very successful and busy life. Things moved slowly at first given his busy schedule. Eventually he told me I was irresistible and he had to be my boyfriend. We couldn't be happier! I feel absolutely fantastic. There is no better feeling than knowing you are putting your best foot forward and are in control of your dating life, instead of the other way around. Using Evan's tools, I was able to effectively show men who I am, make them comfortable and at ease around me and wanting more.

The result was that I let the man of my dreams walk right into my arms. It still feels surreal, it's so great! Because you may already be sending the wrong subliminal message that could make him disappear. These are highly effective insights from my wife, who really understands men. My point is that I know women like you and I care deeply for your well-being. And who could blame you? When every single relationship ends in disappointment, what incentive is there to keep on going?

Which is why you MUST do something different. Instead of staying the course and inviting in the same players and liars and emotionally unavailable guys, you need to open up to a new world view: How important is meeting the right man and creating a loving, committed future with him to you?

Is it on your Top 5 list of things you think about on a weekly basis? What would it be worth to finally have the kind of close, connected and loving relationship that just keeps getting better, so you never again have to wait for the day he changes his mind?

After coaching thousands of women about dating, I know how valuable the information I share in this book is for any single woman. Unable to move on, you stay single for years, avoiding intimacy or going in and out of one dead-end relationship after another. Imagine hearing me — and my wife — provide a more nuanced and personal experience than simply reading the book yourself, on your commute to work, while out for a walk, or anywhere!

This book is also divided into 3 main sections, so you can understand the 3 biggest reasons that men disappear while communicating with you.

In this information-packed hour long interview, I talk about ALL of the following topics. This special super bonus is a valuable perspective shift on the ways that being single, dating, online dating, and men can get you down. Imagine if you and I spoke for over EIGHT hours and I promised to give you my best, most life-changing insights about men that would instantly free you of past pain and open you up to a new way of approaching dating.

Except instead of charging you for this paradigm-shifting material, I decided that I wanted you to save your money to splurge on yourself — hair color, spring shopping, spa days, lingerie, shoes and travel. To get the information you need to break free of the confusion of the past and create a bright new romantic future will cost less than fifty dollars.

I believe in this material and have seen the positive effects of understanding men. I encourage you to read the entire book. See how it fits into your specific situation.

Think about how it might change things for you, and how you can apply everything you learned. I want to help you get that peace of mind and confidence that will improve your love life immediately. After submitting your information you can download the book immediately as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

The process takes just a few clicks and you can be reading my book on your computer in as little as 5 minutes from now. Imagine never having to agonize over what you said or did because a guy disappeared after a few dates or stopped calling when things seemed to be going so great. I'm a 25 year old British girl who has recently come back to the UK after living abroad for four years.

In that time I had a lot of boyfriends but none really stuck longer than a few months - and I thought it was because I always knew I was going to leave I moved every year or so and didn't really commit fully even though I was desperate to. I thought that when I came back to England everything would fall into place and I'd settle down. I have a lot of friends and am generally a very happy, easy going person. I also have three brothers so am very at ease with men and didn't struggle getting dates but just couldn't get over that two month hump.

I've only had one long term relationship that broke up when I was I had to conclude that I was good on paper but not in reality, as a girlfriend, and I needed to know why.

The biggest lesson I learned from WHD was to relinquish control. It's still very early days with W but it's been nothing but a positive experience and I'm having a lot of fun. I'm used to being proactive in everything I do, so waiting for him to get in touch with me, for him to ask for another date and organise it, and for him to pay is a real shift but I'm loving it. I don't feel needy, I don't feel like I'm hanging around waiting for him to reply, and I'm not in any rush to cement and confirm what's going on.

It's ok to just go with the flow. I always wanted a man who I felt would look after me, but never let anyone even try before. Now I am and he's rising to the challenge. I also have some perspective on it all because I don't feel consumed by this relationship.

Yes I enjoy his company but no I won't be a shell of my former self if it doesn't work out. I wanted to thank you Evan for giving me that perspective to understand - I feel more myself in this relationship than I ever have before, even though the nuance has shifted.

Man, you have just changed my life. He is texting me 20 times a day Jump-in-the-deep-end-head-first without knowing a person No amount of money You have completely changed my life I am so extremely grateful to you. But I now feel this way because a huge weight has been lifted and I have a new path and outlook for my future.

Do you have any idea how huge that is? I hope I just gave you the compliment of the year because that is big stuff; to make that kind of a difference. You got through like no one else has ever been able to.

I especially liked your points about the pros and cons of smart, attractive women and the need to persevere. I think singledom is an epidemic in our country. Everything you write rings with the truth and I "like" them all, meaning: Your work is a practical, useful guide to successful dating and relationship management. It's like a light bulb lighting up over one's head. I read your book Why He Disappeared and thought it was excellent.

I have followed to the best of my ability your advice and have succeeded in finding a truly wonderful man who actually, as he puts it, fell for me from the moment I walked into the restaurant. I could have found a million things wrong with him and why he wasn't the one for me but this time I took pause and reflected on what you said. What a wise move that was. I have finally selected a kind, compassionate and caring man, one who knows how to love another, not just himself.

I will keep rereading your book to make sure I never slip into my old ways. I just wanted to let you know how much you have helped me this year. I was getting into the dating pool again after a marriage that lasted less than 2 years, a LTR that lasted 18 years, but we stopped having sex after 8, and slept in separate bedrooms for the last 2, and a 7 yr.

I have to say, I fumbled a lot, and acted a little crazy when I first started dating again. All the things you talk about in your book, your blog, your teleconference, I did. I was the role model for girls guys hate to date! I purchased your book, and then met a wonderful man. We are together after 10 months, and happily talking about a future together. For the first time in my life, I have not morphed into the woman that a man wants me to be A funny side note A few weeks later he had a change of heart.

I was ecstatic, and readily welcomed him back into my life. Yes, I repeated this one more time So long story short Then I get a text from him telling me how he dreams about me, how he wishes he could do it all over, yada yada yada BEST thing is, because of your advice, I can now see that for what it is, and ignore it, laugh about it, and go on.

It wouldn't even matter that I am in a happy relationship now You have truly changed my life, and in this season of giving, I just wanted you to know that! I really feel like I gained a new respect for myself and realized that my past relationship was not working for me and hadn't for a long time.

Something in your book spoke to me like no other dating coach did. Most dating coaches deal with what YOU can do to make the relationship better. Even my therapist did the same thing. From the time we are children we are told you will be successful at anything if you just try. That is not always the case in dating. While your book does provide skills for successful relationships, if the guy is a jerk, he's just a jerk. Your book gave me permission to evaluate the relationship for what it was and realize this is not the man for me and finally cut the tie as opposed to trying new ways to hang on to what wasn't worth hanging on to.

Today I feel confident in myself and my ability to have a good solid relationship. I have acknowledged my own mistakes. I am also confident in knowing when it's time to get out as opposed to staying and beating my head against a wall for a year. Your book has alerted me that regardless of how much love, understanding and acceptance I apply, it just is not going go fix someone that is a mess!

I have been seeing a nice gentleman. He lives an hour away. It's a good distance that allows me to learn to be me and do my own thing and gives him the same. I realize should the relationship grow closer, it may require more time together and less time with my girlfriends and I understand that. However, this relationship is moving at a very slow relaxed pace. It is exactly what I need right now. I will never be with a man that de-values me ever again. I know who I am and what I can bring to a relationship.

Thanks to coaches like yourself, I feel like I can approach dating on a more cerebral level instead of just emotional. I've told myself that the next serious relationship I find myself in, my head and heart will be in sync! I'll admit it, I used to be absolutely clueless about the opposite sex and dating. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get the men who liked me to stay in a relationship with me.

I'd make up excuses like "Oh, he's just a dick who doesn't know better' and so on, but after reading your book, I realised my mistakes. Your book however showed me ALL the answers I had ever wanted to know! He calls me the perfect girlfriend and he rates me 15 out of We never get bored of physical affection, EVER! We have make out sessions that last for hours, and the only reason they aren't longer is because of unavoidable commitments. He talks about us in the future, and wants our relationship to be a serious long-term one.

He tells me that he loves me everyday, and he calls me beautiful. I'm going to go a bit off track here, but you will see why. My boyfriend is the guy I had wanted since 2 years ago.

He is kind, funny, intelligent, logical, good looking and mild-tempered - pretty much everything you could ask for. Because of his excellent traits, he was chased by many women.

Now here's the main point: Before buying this book, I thought to myself that there was no chance that I would ever be with him.. I'm so happy and I feel so blessed. He occasionally asks me 'what did you do to make me love you so much?

I have been raving about it to all my girlfriends who are frustrated with the opposite sex. This book is an absolute joy to read and it's so good I bet you that you will finish it in only one day!! That's what I did! Also, I recommend you to take notes, and regularly revise over the notes, as the concepts Evan teaches may be difficult for your mind to absorb, as they were for me. Once again Evan, thank you oh so so so much!! Over the last couple of years, I bought a few books which really helped me get my attitude straight and helped me to chill out about the whole dating process.

However, they are all from a female perspective. I had got into a zone of "all or nothing" I wanted to get a male perspective and your regular email updates really connected with me - I wanted to find out more. I learned that I need to give as well as take.

I was expecting the guy to make ALL the moves without giving anything back and was wondering why he was holding back.

Your book really helped me to see things from a guy's perspective and allowed me to let my guard down. The funny thing is, I was at the point where I was going to end the relationship I was having. I've been seeing him for 7 months.

One of the nicest and most respectful guys I've ever met sexiest too! But I felt that he was pulling away. I expected him to make all the moves and initiate all the contact without anything from me in return.

I had the "I'm always busy, I have a great life, why do I need you So how could he feel needed?! Your book gave me the confidence to let my guard down a little bit. By giving him some encouragement it's totally changed things!! I felt like I'd been a bit of an ice queen.

And to think that I was at the point of letting him go!! Now I feel like I can let my guard down and let him in a little Never been in love. But life is about choices and love is a choice too. I've always had a lot of male friends and never had problems communicating with them. In fact, I think most of them appreciated my directness, honesty, and no-nonsense approach. But when it came to dating, I could never seem to keep someone who I wanted around for more than a year or two.

I didn't understand this because I have always felt like I am exactly the woman you described - smart, attractive, independent, successful I realized all these failed relationships had one common denominator: So I set out to learn what I was doing wrong.

I wanted to know what I was doing to push them away when that was exactly the opposite of the reaction I wanted. We might not expect these politics in the beauty industry, but Munroe Bergdorf was the first trans woman of colour to model for L'Oreal in their diversity campaign, and then unapologetically sacked a few days later when her comments on Charlottesville surfaced in the Daily Mail, taken out of context with "all white people are racist".

The hypocrisy that ensued next was actually comical. L'Oreal hired Bergdorf because of every injustice she'd ever experienced and written about. Now they were dropping her for that very reason. Not to mention the barrage of transphobia, racism and violent threats Bergdorf received, not doing the 'not all white people are racist' trope any favours.

We salute and admire Bergdorf for having the poise and grace she maintained whilst explaining to every news outlet under the sun what structural racism was, which is more than can be said for some of the ogres that interviewed her. Since, Bergdorf has been recruited as a model by the makeup brand Illamasqua and has brought a long overdue conversation about racism to the mainstream, something many wouldn't have even been aware the UK needed.

All white people are racist, because all white people exist in a racist power structure that we aren't actively fighting to dismantle. Racists don't just wear white pointy hats and say the 'n' word, by doing nothing, any and every white person is still taking advantage of a power structure that favours us.

Don't be more upset with being called racist than actual racism. If you're upset, do something - listen to the voices of people of colour, do your own research, give money, time or resources to spaces and platforms for people of colour.

Iamges: dating coaches are bullshit

dating coaches are bullshit

But then it struck me, if I did snap, it would only be bad for me. How to attract more men and higher quality men online.

dating coaches are bullshit

Serena then confessed she had a big diamond from a guy she had been dating for a long time, but she wasn't going to marry him. I didn't realize I had made an appointment for open-heart surgery. When we were discussing her latest fizzled relationship, the first thing she said was:

dating coaches are bullshit

I felt like I'd been a bit of an ice queen. I'm with a guy that is 9 years older indian speed dating melbourne me, but treats me like an equal. But please believe me, dating coaches are bullshit program itself has worked wonders for me. I have dating coaches are bullshit felt so relaxed around him, he knows this and wants to spend more time with me. I will keep rereading your book to make sure I never slip into my datint ways. All I can say is Try it what do you have to lose. Exceptional blog and great design.