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dating hazel atlas mason jars

Season with salt and pepper. The time I use to spend in my nursery is now being used for study and making hard copies. If anything, they never detract from its value! Connie, you misunderstand this site. I am back taking three teaspoons in my tea in the morning. Hi Deborah, Older bottles and jars often have bubbles in them. Sorry the post quit scrolling for me.

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Stocked up on TP, paper towels, trash bags, zip lock baggies and bulk purchase of flour for baking. Are they harder to find or common? They also look a little more primitive than jars manufactured later. Still organizing, moved into a smaller storage unit and was able to capitalize on a special they were offering of pay for one month, get a free Amazon gift card for the same price, so basically one month free. You have the half-gallon size. Also, I use 3 different emails that all filter into the same folder, and while yours did not get lost, it did get hidden amongst more than responses from this forum. He used some of it to put a down payment on a house.

How much is it worth? Hello Hilda, I am assuming your bottle is similar if not identical to a bottle shown on my webpage about Glass Containers Corporation of Fullerton, CA. Sorry, I do not know what the average collector value might be. Price guides published about collectible bottles are just GUIDES, and can only list a very, very tiny percentage of bottles known.

Anyone who tells you a certain bottle is worth a definite, specific amount of money is either honestly misinformed or a liar. The best bet is to try searching for similar bottles on ebay and check actual completed auction prices, or list it yourself and see what it brings.

I found a small glass jar at an old dump site in sand city ca…on the bottom it has the markings then right under that is has the big H with the smaller A under it then under that has 0 33 does anyone know if this is an old bottle and what year or what kind of jar. Possibly a date code for ? Or maybe some other type of information. Can I assume it is Hazel Atlas and when was it made? John, no info on exact date. You might have better luck consulting an in-depth reference book on Hazel-Atlas, or a site devoted specifically to Hazel-Atlas Glass Company, or to depression-era glassware.

Platonite ware was introduced in I recently found a quart size and a pint size Atlas E-Z Seal glass canning jars and several different designed glass lids that fit them and a glass Ball quart size canning jar. I would like to find the proper lids for the two jars. Do you know what the lids for these jars would have looked like? Of course, the older ones are in aqua or bluish-green, the more recent lids are in clear glass probably dating after the mid or late s. They are positioned on the top center of the lid just to keep the wire bail in place when the jar is sealed.

Perhaps someone can shed more light on this question. Post a new thread here:. Can anyone tell me if the coffee mugs were marked? Lisa, the majority of Hazel-Atlas tableware is unmarked.

Although as time wore on, it seems that some of their later ware such as that made in the s— mugs, soup bowls, cups, sugar bowls, etc are more likely to be marked on the base. Perhaps a collector who is more conversant with the Hazel-Atlas lines of mugs and other tableware can chime in? Do you have any idea what this is? Hello Jack, I am They seem to have been especially popular in the early to mid 20th century and are usually made of white or off-white milkglass.

I have a Hazel Atlas ribbed jar, with under the H A then a 3 below that. Any info would be appreciated, thank you. I have a pint size canning jar with a Hazel-Atlas mark I am trying to date; standard lid, clear, square base, it has a raised grid pattern on all 4 sides except an oval of plain glass on one side I am guessing for a label I ran across this site in my search.

Hello Wellnessclinician, These jars were produced usually in clear glass in pint and quart sizes in large quantities over a long time span in the early 20th century. If anyone knows, please contact me. Your jar was made by Hazel-Atlas sometime in the ss, but cannot narrow down to a specific year date.

Hazel-Atlas Glass Company, made in mold number No information on exact year of manufacture…….. Do you have any idea what this bottle was for? Hi Neva, your jar probably held some type of food product such as pickles or a tomato-based product.

They merged with Hunt Brother Packing Company in Here is a page with some info……… http: I have the Shirley Temple pitcher and bowl. Do you know where I can get the mug and what it should cost? The graphics on the repros are of poorer quality. But I would guess they were made sometime in the s or s. Not sure when discontinued. They look really awesome! Hope I have not over stepped on this info.

Weblinks-other interests Most are not glass-related Thanks alot for checking out the GlassBottleMarks site! If you have friends or family members who are interested in antiques, bottles, fruit jars, insulators, tableware or other types of vintage glass, please consider sharing this site with them on Facebook or other social media sites. Because of time and energy constraints, I can no longer answer all emails personally, but you can contact me directly at: Remove underscore within first part of address.

Please bookmark this site and I hope you will return often. OVIDE creamer in lemon yellow platonite, circa s. January 21, at 9: November 25, at November 25, at 2: September 13, at 4: June 14, at Janet Sawitke Cody says: December 8, at May 22, at 1: May 26, at 5: April 14, at February 22, at February 23, at February 18, at February 21, at 1: January 7, at 8: January 10, at January 3, at 9: January 6, at 1: December 31, at 5: December 27, at 7: December 29, at 8: October 28, at 4: November 8, at 8: November 5, at 5: August 20, at August 22, at October 17, at 9: Kim — This is a jar of Dr.

October 18, at 2: August 10, at 7: August 11, at 5: August 6, at 7: Thanks for your help! August 6, at 8: August 7, at 7: July 26, at 4: July 27, at 3: July 8, at 1: July 11, at 6: June 25, at 4: June 25, at 6: June 17, at 7: April 8, at 3: April 8, at 5: April 4, at April 5, at 9: October 9, at The Lightning jars come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes and can be a collecting specialty in and of themselves.

When first made these jars were often sold as commercial packing jars that homemakers later used for canning. Value of Lightning jars varies greatly. Price is usually determined by size, style and especially color. There were some reproduction amber Lightning jars from Taiwan produced in the s.

They are quart sized and have new and what I would say are sloppy looking wires. They have smooth lips, are dark amber in color and have Putnam on the base.

There could be legitimate Lightning jars with Putnam on base, although I've never actually asked anyone if they have one in their collections. Once you've seen a few repros it's pretty easy to spot one on a table. Collectors frequently refer to these numbers as "mold numbers. Originally when jars were blown by hand, the number represented a specific glass blower and his team.

At the end of the day the blower and his team would get paid for the amount of jars they produced as determined by the number of jars made with a given number on them.

Later, when glass making went to machine the numbers represented the mold or machine the jar was made from usually molds per machine or one to several machines per factory. That way the plant manager could check quality control, production, etc.

Today you can frequently find numbers on new jars that indicate date of manufacture, plant location, job number, etc. There is a rumor that jars with the number 13 were more valuable because superstitious people were afraid to can in them, broke them or threw them away.

However, I have never found any concrete evidence to back up this claim. Lately, these jars have sold for more on on-line auctions such as eBay. Square jars were considered a design improvement because a homemaker could stack more jars together in less space thus allowing a family to put up more food in their small cellars or cupboards.

Boston, Mass in the late s. Other square jars date from the 20s, 30s and later. The value of square shaped jars tends to be higher than round as it seems that fewer square jars were made. A number of different companies did make the square style jars as the design wasn't exclusive to any one manufacturer. Lewis Boyd filed a patent in for "an improved mode of preventing corrosion in metallic caps" i.

This innovation kept food from coming in contact with the zinc in the screw caps. Boyd was actually one of three men who gained control of the patent for screw caps and jars originally filed by John L.

The makers of Boyd fruit jars are different from the "Boyd" milk glass inserts. These jars date from the 's and 's and have no relation to Lewis Boyd.

These jars took a round rubber gasket with a tab. The only source that I know of today where these rings can be found is at http: The modern two-piece metal cap and ring with a new jar is the best system for home canning.

It can be dangerous to use the old lids and jars to can today. It is very difficult to determine the age of a fruit jar without seeing it. However, there are a few ways to make an educated guess at the date of an antique jar or bottle.

Probably the most important is the presence or absence of a pontil scar. Typically, American pontil scarred bottles predate or so. Another age determiner is the presence of mold seams. Many of the earliest bottles or jars were freeblown that is, blown without the aid of a mold therefore have no mold seam. Seams which stop short of the lip indicate that the bottle was blown into a mold then finished by hand by adding a top or tooling the lip into shape.

Machine-made jars dating after about have mold seams extending from the bottom up to and across the top of the jar. Another way to tell the general age of a jar is to examine it from top to bottom. Is the top smooth to the touch or is it rough and ground off? Look at the base of your jar. If the base of your jar has a round ring in it and the lip is smooth, your jar was probably machine made sometime after the turn of the century but probably before the s.

If the jar has a large, rough and jagged ring on its base, it was probably made between and when the Owens machine was in popular use. Machine-made jars after the s have a more modern look and frequently have small scars on the bottom indicating they were made on more modern, sophisticated machines.

Most jars with rough ground tops were made before The ground lip resulted when the glassmaker ground the top to eliminate the "blow-over. The blow-overs were removed and the top was then ground flat. If you jar is a "wax-sealer" then it was probably made between the s to the s.

If you have a clear jar that has turned purple then it was made before WWI when supplies of Manganese Dioxide, the chemical that causes old glass to turn purple in the sun, was cut off by German blockades. If your jar has gripping ridges on its side that allow a firmer grip on the jar when twisting on or off the lid, then the was made after when these ridges were invented.

The best way to determine the exact age of a fruit jar is to consult a research book such as "The Standard Fruit Jar Reference" by Dick Roller or a volume of "The Fruit Jar Works" by Alice Creswick, or ask an experienced collector to look at your jar. The manufacture of fruit jars really didn't take off until after the civil war. Before the war, canning jars many were actually large, heavy, bulky enamel lined cans were expensive and difficult to use.

Mason's patent was issued in but it wasn't until the Consolidated Fruit Jar Company began making jars after the war did the Mason jar really begin catching on. Later, another major jar manufacturer and Consolidated's bitter rival the Hero Fruit Jar company Hero being in reference to the civil war.

The jars carried a 'Hero's cross' as the company's trademark fought in court with Consolidated over patents. Wax sealer jars as well as old canning crocks could be appropriate Civil War period examples of canning jars. Some were made during the period. They are more readily available and cost less to purchase than other Civil War era jars. The old original "Crowleytown" masons are appropriate, however, they have a distinctly different look from that of the later "mason jars.

I have another Civil War era jar in my collection with a metal screw lid that has two prongs protruding out of the top. Again it looks different than later jars. The shoulders are more curved and the jar has a heavier more primitive look. The Crowleytowns have the same curved shoulders but are actually light in weight the glass being rather thin. They also look a little more primitive than jars manufactured later. Another jar pioneer worth mentioning is Adam R. Because mason jar and fruit jar making really didn't take off until after the war, many Civil War era jars are rare and collectible, some going for thousands of dollars.

The wax sealers mentioned above, however, go for appx. People have used crockery containers for pickling and storing food for centuries. An early example of a pottery jar used for home canning was what I call a "canning crock. Others, without grooves, sealed with parchment or cloth. Some of these are civil war era. Manufacturers used Mason's patent on crockery canning jars as well as the famous Weir patent of utilizing a cast iron clamp pivoting on a wire bale.

The jar sealed on the top with a rubber gasket between the top of the jar and a domed crockery or glass lid. The Weir jar was the forerunner of the modern cheese jar you still find at places like Swiss Colony or Hickory Farms. Some crockery canning jars, especially those made in Red Wing, Minnesota are in demand by both jar collectors and Red Wing pottery collectors. One good example is the Union Stoneware jar that uses a standard zinc lid and rubber ring. In , Mason sold five of his early patents, including the mason jar, to Lewis R.

Boyd is most famous for patenting a white "milk-glass" insert for zinc screw lids to theoretically lessen the chances that food would come in contact with metal. Chambers Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

When manufacturers produce glass, chemicals clarifying agents must be added to clarify the batch in order to turn it from its original color of aqua-blue or green to clear. Prior to the start of the First World War, manufacturers used Manganese Dioxide as their chemical agent of choice to clarify glass. When a jar or bottle turns purple from sunlight, manganese dioxide is the substance in the glass that reacts with sunlight to cause the color change.

Russia was the primary source of this chemical. When the First World War broke out, our source of manganese dioxide was cut off by German blockades.

This sudden loss left glass manufacturers in a quandary and forced them to use another chemical, selenium, to clarify glass. After the close of the war, manufacturers did not return to the use of manganese dioxide. Selenium does not cause glass to react to sunlight like manganese does, thus glass clarified with selenium does not turn purple.

Knowing this fact and the history above, collectors have another way to date their glass collectibles. If your jar is purple, it is a pretty good bet it was made before W.

Yes, jars in amber, cornflower blue, olive green, etc. The amber jars were made that way as an attempt to keep fruit from turning brown. The amber glass kept out the harmful effect of light rays on the contents of the jar. However, the jars were less popular with homemakers because the contents were more difficult to see. Some jars were made in a dark green color to make contents like olives, for instance, more attractive to buyers. However, most olive green jars were made from batches of jars often at the end of a day that had impurities in itself.

Consequently, these jars were fewer in number and due to their "imperfection" frequently discarded. In the case of the Kerr Self-Sealing masons found in cornflower blue, the company was trying to make green jars for a customer but the glass kept coming out in the wrong color. These off color jars are easy to spot by anyone who has seen a few jars here and there. The colors are usually quite dark and profound. The darker and more unusual, the higher a collector will pay. These jars have the Mason Patent Nov 30th on the front and a raised almost cross like emblem on the back.

The lid it has is not like the zinc ones, but appears to be aluminum. Actually, the pink jar is a new reproduction from China. Nice and not crumbs for us, either. It took 10 weeks vs. Received our order of whole, dried Elderberries. Came in a nice sealed mylar pouch. I finally broke down and bought a rear sight tool for my pistols. Been needing one for quite some time.

I also got a 10 pk. The reason I picked this one is two-fold. The store in the next town over has now cleared out all their AF food stuffs. If so, I ordered 2 bags of those last year. One bag had a cut in the mylar. I called the number on the bag, and they sent a replacement out in 3 days. I think this company is great. I got mine from Piping Rock, they had a sale and they are organic. They are in a mylar bag as well. I think the last ones were from Sunburst.

These were either cheaper or the others we unavailable I forget which. JP, Grove City, Ohio? I was just down there a week or so ago to see my electrophysiologist and get my device pacemaker checked. We have several of the power packs that are very useful. Ours does not have the 19V output; but, can charge anything that requires a high current USB charger. When I first gave one to the DW to carry in the car she keeps it constantly charged from the cigarette lighter auxiliary plug she was hesitant, since the battery flamps can klink together in the bag.

When I took the cable with the clamps, plugged it into the battery, and touched them together, she winced, until she saw no sparks. If you measure the voltage on these clamps with a simple meter, it will also read zero. The solid state regulation will not apply the voltage until you reach a minimum current drain and will remove the voltage at a maximum drain, so powering a small device like a radio or using it for a high current application, like 12 volt DC welding with this thing is pretty much impossible.

The jump starter — Looks like another item to add to the list. Gets 5 star rating… Thanks for the mention JP. I figured it would come in handy later on. I can actually see it. The combination of the raise in the SD, plus those not so small crumbs, is IMHO part of what has the Dems going crazy, since they are likely to lose even more states and even their ability to play blocking games in the senate.

What has become of the Democratic party is truly an American tragedy. Just to name a few. I am an Amercan. Patriot The Dems shld b tossed aside like the worthless junk they have become.

I am looking forward to the deduction too. Mostly this comment was about actually seeing the money, not just political promises. This is not a promise; but, is now law. It is part of the tax law passed by congress with dems again sitting on their hands and signed into law by the president. That party for as long as I can remember has been the party of taxes, rules, and deficit spending. This one guy has cost me more time and money over the years than any other single politician.

Bought a Coleman camp stove to replace the one the Ex took, 6 bottles of propane, a flushing camp toilet that holds 5 gallons and 36 rolls of TP, all to put in the basement shelter. We cook with gas and heat with gas but in grid down not sure how long the gas will still flow through the pipes. Have to have a back up to cook and also to take care of waste if we are stuck in the shelter for a few days. Picked up some inexpensive oil lamps and lamp oil from Walmart.

Have plenty of flashlights but oil lamps put off some heat too if needed. Visited with my GP and found out my A1C is way up. He said it helped him get his A1c from 9. Added to the silver stock at a bad time. It was at HAM radio has laid silent this week, just no time to get on the air. Couple of neighbors have asked about the antenna. No interference with there TV, just wondering what it is. I told them I have an old cheap CB and use it for that. Not going to uncloak my HF gear at this time.

There is a big difference since 38 special is not. When my Honey bought it they sold her a box of. Yep and the barrel and the markings on the box should always match.

The case dimension of the 38 special is actually. How do you convince all of those agencies to scrap their current firearms and purchase new ones with a smaller bullet? Nowhere in the name does it state the bullet caliber; but, the purchaser who had the old firearms would no doubt assume it was the same, even though38 was only part of the name being marketed and had no relationship to the caliber. Thanks for the comments on the.

I read another blog called The Outdoors Trader if it is permitted to say the name and there is a lot of buying, selling and trading that goes on there. I was able to pick up ammo for it 7. Elmer Keith was a rancher and hunter in Idaho and experimented with the 38 special as a hunting cartridge. As I understand it, the Magnum was named after the large celebratory bottle of Champagne. The Magnum was equivalent to 2 standard ml bottles and with the extra description and no previous marketing baggage was able to keep the proper caliber of.

The cartridge was introduced in You can fire the 38 special in a. IIRC, Keith was also involved in creation of the. If you have extra reading time you might want to check The Case Against Sugar out of your local library.

It was interesting even though I am more of a moderation in all things person when it comes to food. Moe, Thanks for the tip on the book.

I have a hard time since I work at home and usually work from 7am to about 11pm so I snack and then eat supper with my honey when she comes home. I picked up a big jar of peanuts at SAMS today and I believe they are healthier than a lot of stuff in my snack drawer. I look at sugar and fat from a historical and evolutionary perspective. If we roll back the clock several thousand years to the early modern human hunter gatherers and understand their lifestyle, it was one of either abundance or scarcity, since in general, many foods could not be stored for the long term.

There were foods invented like pemmican and jerky and grain could be brewed into an alcohol infused porridge; but, fresh meat and carbohydrates were relatively scarce, so one learned to gorge on the sugar and fat when it was available to get as many calories as possible, since lean times were also likely. Those who did not evolve this behavior that in part meant liking the taste of fat and sugar, likely did not survive the lean times.

Then technology grew and allowed us to eat as much as we want and anything we want with fat and sugar easily and inexpensively available. Since we are genetically programmed to like those foods, we can have a problem with them if we have no will power, and since people want excuses, we blame the food, and not our will power to moderate them.

I do have that will power and eat nearly anything in moderation. I see the numerous commercials on the TV for various diet foods and plans, and wonder why we need all of these, although I think they may be useful for some. I purchased a gram weight kitchen scale and started weighing everything, keeping track of my daily intake in 4 categories: Within about 6 months, I was down to pounds, and currently sit in the range. When I hit that I pictured what I would look like and how I would feel at or I know some short people who weigh well above the range and they are always feeling miserable and easily get winded.

I guess my point to this whole rant is that if we all would exercise our will power and learn moderation; life really does get better and simpler. OP, As a nurse and health educator, and having since gravitated to prepping and homesteading lifestyle, I realized long ago that the medical world goes about it all wrong. Of all the weight loss programs out there, WW is the least offensive. I personally gave up soda and started drinking more water, and lost a good bit of weight. For those of you struggling, I say keep on keeping on!

You will find that cravings decrease in time. The hubby is down over 75 pounds in the last 6 months by following a regimen similar to OP.

He has had the added benefit of an App on his phone for tracking the calories — MyFitnessPal. He still eats French fries a couple of times a week, but no longer at every meal. I agree that the cravings do go away and I have found that often water is better than anything else. My app was to list things on a voice recorder and then transcribe them into calories every evening.

An App would have made it much easier. It is refined sugars that are so toxic. Natural sugars like honey are fine in moderation. Saturated fat is also fine.

The food pyramid released in the s was a paid advertisement for the grain industry. I now avoid refined sugar and refined grains. So what do you consider as refined sugar? A lot of the pumps for natural gas actually run on natural gas that is tapped from the same pipes they pump.

I would call your gas supplier and ask them: Thanks for the good ideas on the gas situation. The gas lines are buried about 3 feet down but they cross a lot of infrastructure that is not up to standards. Just read an article on the number of bridges here in Georgia that have not been maintained over the years so while they may be able to push the gas through the lines the lines may not make it all the way to the house.

I will look in to a propane powered generator and I should be able to get a tank put in without having to hurt the bank account too badly. On another topic, the guy who owned this house before me had a well bored and put PVC pipe underground all over the backyard and put a lot of standpipes up to water the lawn.

The pump is dead and the well house is falling down. I have not been able to find any information on whether the well was permitted or how deep it is or even when it was bored. All things for another day with more time, more daylight and slightly warmer temperatures. Cliff, do not give up too quickly the first time to bring up some water from your old well.

If you pump it down, shock the well, let it sit a while and then pump it out several times, you may be happy with the result. In New Hampshire, a good friend had a very deep well that went down through several permeable and impermeable layers.

He felt he would have better quality water if he paid to drill deeper. One time there was a little seismic activity which caused many drilled wells to have a sulfur smell. The town hall immediately requested and got funds for a new drilled well.

My friend waited and used a taste and odour filter for a few months. Everything cleared up just fine with patience. If you pump it down, shock the well , let it sit a while and then pump it out several times, you may be happy with the result. When you talk about earthquakes helping things, I suspect it does not mean what it means around here.

Then you start flushing toilets and turning on faucets until you smell chlorine everywhere. Then you run water from some outlet like an outside hydrant or faucet until it runs clear of chlorine and then do the same to all of the other faucets.

This kills any and all bacteria within the entire system. Ohio Prepper, Shocking the well with chlorine is exactly what I meant and your procedure is correct. In reference to the seismic activity I mentioned, there was a small earthquake in New England and it affected our part of New Hampshire. For a number of months, deep wells in the area had a nasty sulphur odour from gasses entering the permeable layers the water was drawn from.

Town politicians begged for money to drill a new well for the town hall. By the time the contract was completed, most of the problem had disappeared. My friend simply waited it out and used a taste and odour filter until the water improved. On a side note, I have personally experienced more quakes in my first few years in my new location Republic of the Philippine Islands than my entire life in the US.

Cliff, look at Bitter Melon.. My blood sugars stabilize after about 6 weeks… I use intermittently.. Augason Farms is having a three-day sale this weekend. Caught a good sale on meats at the local grocery earlier this week when we got back. Finally pushed DH and myself and got our wills done the week before we left for Mexico. Great load off my mind! I like you too, Jesse.

A chacon a son suel. To each his own. Thanks for the heads up. The Thrive Cansolidator I purchased a while back were one of those also still sitting in my inbox and it took a mention by Almost There to look and place an order.

My main portfolio has only dropped about 1. If you are in it for the long term, then I think we are all on the right track. Can you take a second look at your email when you have a chance? I sent a query in your direction a few days ago. I found it and will respond tomorrow actually later today.

Also, I use 3 different emails that all filter into the same folder, and while yours did not get lost, it did get hidden amongst more than responses from this forum. Or if you are incapacitated and have to go into a nursing home, your wife can keep your assets instead of giving them up.

I attended my first kickboxing class this week. Let me tell you. We spent 10 minutes jumping rope. I never knew there were so many ways to jump rope. Then we did 10 minutes of different kinds of pushups. Then we did sit-ups.

Then we did drops to work our triceps. Then we did a series of punch and kick exercises. These were easy for me. Then we did crunches and side crunches. Then we worked out on the bags. Finally we did some stretching. After all this, I attended taekwondo class. Getting in shape is a prep. Compared to the somethings I am out of shape. No real purchases this week—we are saving up to pay income taxes. My mom took the classes to become a certified tax specialist.

She had always done our taxes in exchange for us doing projects around her home. I sure wish I had paid more attention last year when I tried to learn how to do our taxes myself.

My brother made the decision two weeks ago to move her to a bigger hospital and put her on dialysis against her stated wishes.

On the one hand, he says she is getting better everyday. On the other hand, he said she will never walk or talk again, and will need to live in an assisted facility for the rest of her life. My mom explicitly told all four of us that she did not want to be kept alive on machines, that she did not want dialysis and that she did not want to go to a home.

Unfortunately, she gave my older siblings power of attorney. One is a drug addict the other married an alcoholic and is completely toxic. My mom has a DNR. I find myself praying that God either takes her now or restores some of her functionality—that she at least has the capacity to communicate. She would never want to be trapped in a non-responsive body. All I can say is my thoughts and prayers are with you. When you make the trip, make sure you talk to the staff and let them know about the DNR.

However, unless you are the health surrogate you will not be able to complete the paperwork. The last 18 months have been like a college education on our health care system. Fortunately, my parents made it quite clear several years ago what they wanted. I intend to honor their wishes and since it is just me, the only complication is the system. You are so right! Even though I am the only surviving child my Dad does have siblings.

We had a lawyer who specializes in elder care do the paperwork. Wills, trusts, surrogate health provider all in writing with copies made for my parents and me. My mom made her wishes completely clear. But my older brother took matters into his own hands.

He has power of attorney. I has spoken to my older sister, who also has power of attorney, and asked her about pulling the plug.

She was emotionally unprepared to have that discussion. I affirm percent that it is not our decision as family members; our job is simply to carry out the wishes of our loved ones when they are unable to state their wishes themselves.

Regarding jumping rope, here is a link to a YouTube vid you might find interesting: I hope everything works out OK with your mother. Puppy scared me the other day. I threw a Frisbee and the ground was a little soft from the rain and he jumped up and his rear foot slipped and he did a and a in the air and fell on his back. Cleaned up the Faraday cage and charged all hand held radios,GPS and power source.

Cleaned fireplace for fire tonight…. Found an old sling and wrist splint while cleaning up some medical supplies. Found old humidifier for wife and me as we both had the flu….. Heritage tomato seeds started for the Roma,cherry,beef steaks, brandy wine and Abe. Moved one Roma to the grow room. Peppers always take longer. Sharpened some old knives founding a storage box. Believe we all need to prepare for the end of days as time is short. The actions of these people speak volumes of what is to come.

Helicopter escorts and road closures which are standard protocols to protect politicians and their family members was comprised. It was an easy mission. Thor 1; This is not the first time politicians have taken that trip to WV, First time for an accident to the best of my recollection though.

There were a couple of dozen congressmen on that train. Allegedly for a policy confab. My first thought was, why the hell are taxpayers having to pay for their mini vacations. There are places in D,C, that would be doable temporarily. In reference to David de Rothschild making a comment. That may or may not have been him. He is basically a spoiled snot. But, he is a smart man I will give him that. His dad Evelyn de Rothschild is as evil as they come and I can see him doing something. Everything that is happening in this country has been orchestrated for decades.

And… by the central bankers aka the Rothschild dynasty. Look it up…FRA of Same years as the IRS was instituted. They went hand in glove and signed by traitor Woody Wilson. I believe the ONLY thing saving out butts are guns. Unlike the fools in Britain, we refuse to give them up. Thor 1; I responded to your post on the train wreck, but it went to moderation.

Have to wait till the owner gets to it. As I understand it, in the year people were waiting for different more superstitious reasons in what would have been the Y1K event. Then there are the Millerites followers of William Miller who in first shared publicly his belief that the Second Advent of Jesus Christ would occur in roughly the year — You will also note that accidents happen all of the time; but, unless they are catastrophic or involve a large aircraft, or a congressional delegation we may not even hear about them.

For instance, just this morning. An Amtrak train traveling from New York to Miami crashed into a freight train early Sunday, killing at least two people, injuring at least others and spilling thousands of gallons of fuel, according to officials.

The quote is from this article: Amtrak Train Crash in South Carolina Kills at Least 2 and Injures Keep in mind that the train on its way to the Greenbrier was not a terrorist incident; but, just some other fool who tried to outrun a train at a crossing. I know a few retired RR engineers and the stories they tell are pretty amazing, watching a vehicle stall on the tracks with a diesel locomotive that weighs tons by itself and cannot stop on a dime.

Thor1, Intersting links; but, no surprises here. Also, keep in mind that COG is something we really need and not some nefarious plot. What it means is that like many of us, the government is preparing for a SHTF event, and this happens at all levels of government.

Locally our state and county EMA play out scenarios either as drills or tabletop discussion exercises about how to handle different threats after the fact and how ti mitigate them before they occur. I have heard nothing about a helicopter escort and a rather thorough Google search only mentions a news copter hovering over the area after the accident.

I forgot to bring some up to Georgia for Christmas. Well, elderberry tincture has sugar from the vodka. So I stopped taking it. I got the flu the following week. I am back taking three teaspoons in my tea in the morning. I absolutely love that tincture! It knocks it out cold! Prayers for your continued recovery!

Keeps for about six months to a year, works pretty well, and there is no alcohol. We often add raw honey. I hope you feel better soon! Do you want the recipe for tincture with vodka or with vinegar? Thor1, Keep an eye on Thordog after a spill like that. Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries are the most common in working and sporting dogs.

Once a dog gets a tear, he limps for a couple of days. The trainer, handler, owner, etc. Recovery from corrective surgery takes about 6 months of keeping the dog crated then months of physical therapy. Guess who gets to give the physical therepy?

I know this from first-hand experience. And shepherds have notoriously bad hips. Just check his hind legs behind the knees with your hand. If it feels warmer than the rest of the leg, he very might have an ACL injury or a very good sprain.

Sirius,thanks for the tips. Scarry watching your pup fall like that. He picked up the Frisbee, brought it back and wanted me to throw it again.

I said no in the house!!! But I will check for heat. He seems fine running like a cross between a horse and a deer… LOL. I know that scary feeling watching your dog bite it and not being able to do anything about it. The human gender neutral reaction is exactly the same as a male of the species getting kicked in the groin. It never ceases to amaze me that after every single one of those incidents, hurt or not, they always wanted to play some more.

My Daisy Dog, a Belgian Malinois, blew out one knee. Vet surgeons did a TPLO temporo-mandibular leveling osteotomy, IIRC — they shave off the top of the kneecap, turn it around, cement it to the thigh bone — what a nightmare — sent her home with no pain meds, she chewed out all the stitch staples, and I had to run her back to the hospital, 30 miles away, in a raging snowstorm two days after I found out that DH, at age 55, was being deployed to Baghdad.

Keep an eye on it, Thor. I will keep an eye on him though…. If he starts limping or favoring a leg in the next few days, check him again. Trust me, I saw the vet bills for Hex. MainBrain, I had a Maligator too. He was my partner, Hex. He blew out his ACL around My vet did a TPLO also. He never regained full use of his rear left leg, but he did make it back to work for 2 more years.

I got told the same thing about him blowing out the other ACL because he would be stressing it more to compensate for the repaired leg. He never did blow out the other one and lived to be The hardest part about his recovery was keeping him crated for 6 months after the surgery.

He could only be taken out for breaks, then it was back in the crate. For the rest of his life, he refused to get in a crate again. The physical therapy was pretty easy for me since I was on duty doing it. We basically started out walking 10 yards one way then 10 yards back, once a day.

We worked up to 1. PT took 3 months. I only wish I could have met her. That kind of devotion to your dog is what separates handlers from care takers. Not heated as it will effect the chemical released from the garlic.

Started a garlic ferment today. From Off grid with Doug and Stacy. Looking forward to the results! My whole house smells like garlic right now. Started a new med yesterday and stopped it today. May have to go to the ER tomorrow. It seems to have caused a reaction resulting in a very sore neck. Pay was light this week so not a lot of purchases being made but more organizing and clean up so all will be good. That was also my question. One thing I do for any new medication is to look it up and see the possible side effects I should be watching for.

When you do this, be careful to not turn into a hypochondriac getting scared at every little ache, pain, or twitch. At my age those are an all too common occurrence, LOL In my case I have only ever had a bad reaction twice in my life, and they were very long ago. I could not find my symptoms on the list of side effects but since that was the only thing that changed that day and it started within a few hours of taking it logic says that is the problem and until proven otherwise not to take it.

I may still have to visit the ER but some of the pain is lessening so will continue monitoring. I agree with your actions. Years ago I had problems with two medications, one of which made my finger swell up to the point my hands looked like they had webbed fingers, and the other made every joint in my body ache. I do that whenever I have questions and someone at the office gets back to me.

BTW, it looks like Chlorthalidone is a diuretic, and there are replacements that may be better. Instead of Eplerenone I started with Spironolactone; but, it had a side effect that while unnoticed in a woman, was a bit embarrassing to a guy, causing an issue called Gynecomastia and anyone who want to know the symptoms can look it up, LOL.

When I switched to the other diuretic, everything went back to normal, LOL. I am not a doctor and you should check with yours; but, I think there are alternatives worth investigating that might work without the side effects. Restocked and rotated existing food stocks. Had a good short-term grid-down drill this week. Anyway, I keep small LED flashlights in just about every drawer in the house, plus a battery powered lantern in the kitchen so we had light right away.

We also had two battery powered radios, one of them with a crank for aux power. It was a cold night but I fired up our LP gas fireplace and it kept the house comfortable. My wife and I spent the time reading and gasp! It was a minor, small scale exercise but it provided us with a small taste of what could be coming. It sounds like you pretty much have it all together with Shelter, light, heat, communications and a bit of night time security. It sometimes seems that the most basic and essential form of communications too often gets a lower priority than it should.

Got my dried elderberries too. Am going to start making tea tomorrow. Just about done with our taxes. New back tires and oil change for the truck today. Need the mental discipline too.

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All I can say is my thoughts and prayers are with you. Puppy scared me the other day. The bottle is 4.

dating hazel atlas mason jars

This will probably affect vendor attendance, which will in turn, effect customer attendance. Get a pot of water steaming hot not boiling.

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Any idea on these? And shipping costs has to be accounted for when scrutinizing ebay final dating hazel atlas mason jars prices. November 26, at 7: At the top of a third wall is access to a crawl space so I am working on ways to seal that off. May 11, at 3: