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Pierce is heading back to the famed Eldora Speedway, hoping to finally bring home the trophy from the Eldora Dirt Derby. Fans took exception to the revealing outfits worn by the models for the Daytona 's new sponsor. The Kardashians in Tokyo. The last two times out, at Dover and Kansas, I was having to learn from scratch. When the caution flew for the first time on lap 24, the crew made a two tire stop and a track bar adjustment. Bobby Pierce is the real deal.

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Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The main goal is to choreograph fan support with flags , banners , coloured smoke screens, flares, drums , and chanting in unison. In fact, we are going to launch this program with a social media contest. This only allowed two drivers to race. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Check that Wiktionary does not have an article on this word or phrase, as verified using the search page.

He was willing to help work on the truck, he was focused out on the track and he did great with the sponsors and fans alike. ET on Saturday, October 28th. What better way to reach them than with a team that has such a rich history in the sport? The fact that our first race together is at our hometown track, Chicagoland Speedway, only makes it better. For more information on the company, visit powerstop. New partner Spanesi Americas makes its debut with the team, as well.

If we can pick up where we left off there, I think we will be alright. Spanesi Americas has donated a Three Torch Welding Machine that schools have a chance to win at the event. At Spanesi Americas, we have been involved with the Collision Repair Education Foundation since our inception, and myself for over 20 years, supporting collision repair, equipment and process to high schools and colleges.

Spanesi Americas offers consulting, training and 3D plans through customized solutions and innovative processes. Spanesi products are innovative and highly technological and offer excellent performance in quality, productivity and profit.

In conjunction with Spanesi technologies, the technician is able to repair a damaged vehicle to within factory OEM specifications. In addition, the people who purchase and utilize their equipment are the same people that fill our grandstands and watch our races week in and week out.

For Landon Huffman, it was even more so when Mother Nature decided to throw a two-hour plus rain delay into the mix. Huffman, however, remained unfazed and delivered a solid performance in his series debut in the UNOH I am proud of my Mittler Brothers team and our performance at Bristol. That really impressed the guys on the crew. The truck was a little tight, so we decided to loosen it up. His extensive experience behind the wheel of his Late Model clearly paid off. When the green flag dropped, Huffman quickly moved up to 18th spot with a strong move, diving deep into turn one.

When the caution flew for the first time on lap 24, the crew made a two tire stop and a track bar adjustment. Unfortunately for Huffman, while under caution, his 63 Chevy was purposely rear ended by the 83 truck. The damage created handling problems for the 63 truck and Huffman and the crew had to battle it all night long. Drove up to 18th before the end of the first stage, and got off sequence with pit strategy.

Once the green fell we never could catch a caution to take advantage of our gamble and it hurt us. We went a few laps down on old tires and it put us finishing 20th. I had an absolute blast and learned so much over the course of the day.

It was a surreal moment and experience for both myself, and my family. As for what is next, I do not know. I will keep working and hopefully we can put together the opportunity to do it again!

All in all, it was a good trip to Bristol for the 63 team. I cannot wait to work with mike and everyone at MB Motorsports on Wednesday. I am confident in our Mittler Brothers Chevrolet Silverado and I am looking forward to getting my feet wet in truck for the first time! Fans can also visit the Team Chevy Racing display, located in the fan midway, for a question and answer session with Huffman on Wednesday afternoon at 2: MB Motorsports partner, Mayhew Tools, will be holding a trivia contest during the race.

Race fans can win a prize pack consisting of a pair of Mayhew hose clamp pliers, a Mayhew racing hat, and a Mayhew water bottle. Race fans will have three chances to win, as the team will post three questions on Twitter MBMotorsports during the race. It is a dream come true and a day I thought might not ever come. That would be awesome! The amazing thing is that Bobby was sick as a dog when he did it. They are an unbelievably dedicated group.

MB Motorsports will post three questions about each company and their products. The answers can be found on their respective websites. Qualifying will be broadcast at 5: Pierce is heading back to the famed Eldora Speedway, hoping to finally bring home the trophy from the Eldora Dirt Derby. Last year we sat on the pole, led the most laps and if not for a transmission issue, were in position to bring home the checkers- and Bobby was sick as a dog when he did it. The year before, Bobby sat on the pole and came home second.

I love racing at Eldora. The facility is fantastic and the history there is amazing. Eldora Speedway is second to none. Windom will drive the No. He is a six-time race winner in the Silver Crown Series, including two victories at Eldora, the famous dirt half-mile oval in Rossburg, Ohio. Race fans will have a chance to win Redback Boots gear. All they have to do is follow Redback Boots on twitter and follow their facebook page to qualify to win.

Follow the team online during the race for details. Due to the nature of the profession, law enforcement personnel are seen as easy targets and are consequently bullied by slander, illegitimate complaints, frivolous lawsuits, and physical attacks.

The echo of these negative highlights by the media and political figures have only further damaged community relations, which has greatly increased the inherent threat of the profession. After a miscue on pit road cost the team ten positions on the track, Kevin battled back to finish 22nd. He also put on a good show for our new partner, Kansas City Breweries Company, which joined us at the speedway. Currently available across the states of Kansas and Missouri, Kansas City Breweries Company is growing rapidly and looking for distributors and retailers throughout the Midwest to continue their expansion.

For more information on the Kansas City Breweries Company, including its current distribution, visit kansascitybreweriescompany. Reikken has an excellent productline. Their product line includes two lines of batteries Reikken and Energie, RC batteries, chargers and power supplies. Their products are noted for having: Their social media efforts have worked well for us and we look forward to this, our third season with the team.

Reikken offers unmatched quality, durability and performance. For more information on Reikken, please visit www. The severe weather and flooding that has affected the area has forced the rescheduling of MB Motorsports' s econd annual Marketing Expo once again. A new date will be announced soon. The team will make several sponsorship announcements, as well as unveil its driver line up for several upcoming races.

Everyone at Gateway Motorsports Park has been tremendously helpful in coordinating this event. Our goal is to show potential sponsors what all we can do for them, both at the track and off. Guests can also tour the hauler and see how we operate on race day. The event will include a catered lunch from St. The event is open to interested marketing partners only. Making it even better is having some off duty police officers with us as we support Blue Lives Matter this weekend.

These guys put their lives on the line to keep us safe, so this is our way of saying thank you. He also joined the Lafayette Track team to run the It attempted to realistically simulate car driving, with the car jumping up and down, turning back and forth, and spinning up to degrees, with an emphasis on acceleration, braking, and gear shifting, along with the need for counter-steering to avoid spin-outs.

It also featured a day-night cycle, accurately simulated courses approved by the Automobile Club de l'Ouest , and force feedback to simulate road vibration in the form of a vibrating steering wheel that reacts to the driver's acceleration and off-road bumps. The first racing game with simulation pretensions on a home system is believed to have been Chequered Flag , released by Psion on the 8-bit ZX Spectrum in REVS , followed in Sim racing is generally acknowledged to have really taken off in with the introduction of Papyrus Design Group 's Indianapolis The game is often generally regarded as the personal computer's first true auto racing simulation.

Unlike most other racing games at the time, Indianapolis attempted to simulate realistic physics and telemetry , such as its portrayal of the relationship between the four contact patches and the pavement, as well as the loss of grip when making a high-speed turn, forcing the player to adopt a proper racing line and believable throttle-to-brake interaction. It also featured a garage facility to allow players to enact modifications to their vehicle, including adjustments to the tires, shocks and wings.

The simulation sold over , copies. It was around this time that sim racing began distinguishing itself from arcade-style racing. It was considered the most realistic Formula 1 racing simulation up until that time. This moved the genre along significantly.

Multiplayer was made possible by allowing different drivers to take turns, and racers could also hook up their machines for racing via a null modem cable. This only allowed two drivers to race. Leagues emerged where drivers would submit records of their single player races to compare with other drivers. Now drivers could easily customize their cars. IndyCar Racing sold around , copies. It was the first sim where cars no longer looked like boxes.

It keyed in on sophisticated physics modeling. Online racing had seen its first true realization, and to many, this was the dawn of "real" sim racing.

GP2 became successful not just because of its detailed and thorough simulation of the Formula 1 season, but also because it was customizable; this was achievable by way of the online community.

Players could change everything about the game: Offline leagues reached their peak with GP2 in Graphics accelerator cards brought a new level of realism to the graphics and physics of sim racing games. These new graphics processing units provided texture mapping , antialiasing , particle effects i. F1 Racing Simulation by Ubisoft , was among the first to utilize the new technology in After years of development, Microprose released Grand Prix 3 , which used a more modern graphics engine and featured the same customizable structure of GP2.

GP3 was ultimately seen as a bit of a disappointment though, lacking proper network-multiplayer-support and using only an evolution of the GP2 graphic-engine. Still, its similarity allowed easy track conversions back and forth. It was hailed as outstanding in all areas, but especially the physics and online multiplayer capability.

Despite its age, GPL has remained a top class sim even in thanks to a strong community, who collectively have updated the graphics to utilize the current CPU and graphics capabilities and have created loads of add-on tracks of a high quality. Modding teams have managed to create new physics sets, and a and variants are now available with many improvements over the original. Wired magazine wrote an in-depth article about racing sims called Hard Drive in their February issue.

Sega AM2 's arcade game Ferrari F Challenge , later ported to the Dreamcast in , was considered the most accurate simulation of the Ferrari F possible up until that time; its focus on realism was considered unusual for an arcade game at the time. Unlike the Papyrus sims, the physics are easily modified, and a large community has developed dedicated to modifying the ISI sims. David Kaemmer, co-founder of the now-defunct Papyrus, [20] has released iRacing , a new multiplayer-oriented simulation run on a subscription model.

Rally fans have a hardcore racing simulator with Richard Burns Rally. A small, 3-man team is developing Live for Speed , which has just announced the third, and final phase of a 3-phase development cycle. Phase 2 brought in many updates, including the first real cars The BMW Sauber F1 car being included in those , however for Phase 3 the first real-world circuit has been announced - The Rockingham Motor Speedway.

Also coming soon is another real-world car - the new VW Scirocco ; for which several physics changes have had to be made to ensure a fully accurate simulation. Notable for its initial download-only distribution model, rFactor originally released with fictional cars and tracks. ISI's encouragement of the enthusiast mod community has led to an unprecedented number of add-ons, including horsepower-stock cars.

Subsequent releases of rFactor featured Formula One cars and recreations of real track layouts under fictitious names. It has received widespread acclaim and has been noted for its high levels of technical and driving realism with regards to sports car racing. Also in , Kunos Simulazioni released netKar Pro , a new version of netKar which attempts to bring together highly accurate physics and sound modeling as well as DirectX 9 graphics.

Development tools for modifying NKP have been announced. In , Kunos Simulazioni started developing Assetto Corsa , a sim built on the experience from netKar Pro and Ferrari Virtual Academy , but on an entirely new engine, with an emphasis on customization and extensive modification possibilities. It was released on Windows through the Steam's Early Access program in November , and full release came out in December CARS stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator , as funding for the game was raised by the community and the developers themselves.

In recent years as international interest has grown, so has the online community and underground racing circuit. These communities act as a focal point for users around the world to engage with one another co-ordinate racing schedules, exchange modded cars, tracks, discuss hardware configurations and facilitate other communications. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For professional simulators, see Driving simulator.

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dating site for racing fans

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dating site for racing fans

They are an unbelievably dedicated group.

dating site for racing fans

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