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dating someone with lyme disease

Ettinger, Thank you so much for your site. All of this should be handled fairly easily. He prescribed topical Permethrin cream in case I wanted to try it. Then a movement disorder chorea and athetosis, resembling a jerky dance develops. Multiple sclerosis Pittsburgh Pathology Cases.

Spread of ticks may hit record high

Also I need advise for biofilm protocol. Now that I've hit fifty years of age, make that percentage odds business equal to my chronolocial age. Some patients with itchy dermopathy can be expected to scratch lesions, but that does not mean that an underlying pathology does not exist. It sounds like you have a lot going on and would benefit from knocking down some of the bugs living in your body. I have received numerous messages like this one.

Then, in my late 20s I got plantar fasciitis and started having terrible muscle tension with many trigger points… this is when I started to lose some of my favorite activities. I was homebound for months. I measured life in seconds. Every day was an emergency. I am blogging everything at karlafightslyme. Sending everyone so much love. I just stumbled across your page today. Congratulations on your remission!

The symptoms you describe sound very similar to mine. I live every day in appreciation. Like Liked by 1 person. You have fought the good fight and now coming out on the right side of this significant life challenge. You never gave up! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Think you might have Lyme? How am I treating?

My best meds have been doxy, cefdinir and bactrim for bartonella, my only known co-infection. I did one follow up visit and I did not take his supplements. Want to learn more about late stage Lyme disease? Here are two of my favorite documentaries: I hope the data below is helpful to you in your search for information or health restoration. The life cycle of biofilm.

Biofilm architecture develops and matures. Single cells are released from the biofilm. A complex structure adhering to surfaces that are regularly in contact with water, consisting of colonies of bacteria and usually other microorganisms such as yeasts, fungi, and protozoa that secrete a mucilaginous protective coating in which they are encased.

Dental plaque, the slimy coating that fouls pipes and tanks, and algal mats on bodies of water are examples of biofilms. While biofilms are generally pathogenic in the body, causing such diseases as cystic fibrosis and otitis media, they can be used beneficially in treating sewage, industrial waste, and contaminated soil. A simulation of the bacteria Vibrio cholerae forming a biofilm, with each slightly curved, rod-shaped unit indicating individual bacteria. Excerpts from a Klaire Labs, product monograph, which is a basic primer on the topic of bacterial biofilm.

C hlamydia pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Helicobacter pylori , [Lyme disease — Borrelia burgdorferi ], and Candida albicans. Biofilm thus renders pathogenic microorganisms enormously difficult to eradicate , and can almost single-handedly contribute to localized or systemic inflammatory reactions, autoimmune reactions, and delayed wound healing.

Once established, however, biofilm infections persist. They are rarely resolved by host defense mechanisms, even in individuals with healthy innate and adaptive immune reactions. Active host responses, such as invading neutrophils the most abundant type of white blood cell in mammals and forms an essential part of the innate inborn; natural immune system , can even be detrimental since those cells can cause collateral damage to neighboring healthy host tissue.

Biofilm infections respond only transiently to antibiotic therapy. This is why Interfase Plus and lactoferrin are so useful. Here is a good video on Chlamydia and biofilm Video [biofilm section 7: Wilmore Webley on C.

You can get help with any of these steps by going to my Distance Client Program. This is not an exhaustive list of the nutraceuticals that can be used as biofilm disruptors. The key to a successful outcome is two-fold. If either of these key points is out, both money and time can be wasted. My current protocol consists of either the Prevpac or Pylera see Sep.

Having the correct biofilm and H. To the degree that the balance of the three is in is to the degree that the entire protocol will succeed. This is why is always best to have a qualified coach and to never self-treat. Additional Data — Dissolve biofilms with fibrinolytic enzymes nattokinase and lumbrokinase By Dr. Effect of xylitol on an in vitro model of oral biofilm PubMed. I have seen increased effectiveness since adding this to the protocol.

In the beginning, getting rid of H. As time progressed, I noticed that the H. There are now H. The linked article states that these mutations happen by chance. Because of this new shift, in loss of effectiveness, in some patients, I have had to incorporate more than one round of products or add more products to the protocol. Also, there are many people contacting me and letting me know that they have undergone triple and quadruple therapies to no avail.

This proves, in my mind, the biofilm itself and the bacteria that form it are learning to defend themselves more effectively. They are adapting and mutating, genetically and energetically, to survive. Good for them and bad for us. This self-treating is not killing the H. Every time a bacterial biofilm is unsuccessfully treated it becomes more resistant to the next protocol. Many of the people that have contacted me, spent good money on the product with the hopes of it working.

They do not offer that guarantee anymore. Lastly, I am not against the concept of self-treating per se. The issue is that the information, out on the web, on biofilm and H. I have always advocated and promoted that if you want to get better with or at something, you need a coach who is an expert in that field or subject.

There is a time and a place where self-help is the best option, but biofilm and H. This is just my opinion. The abnormal presence of freely available iron will increase the rate of bacterial multiplication and tip the balance in favor of the invading pathogen.

Avoid supplemental ZINC during the biofilm protocol, especially if you are taking antibiotics. Zinc is important in the break-down of life-saving antibiotics. It is widely recognized that modern medicine is on the precipice of a microbial-induced disaster. The rise of bacterial strains and enzymes that are resistant to and can inactivate commonly used and recently developed antibiotics is risking nearly 80 years of progress in successfully treating once life-threatening bacterial infections.

Data on Magnesium and Iron deficiency as a contributing factor to bacterial virulence and biofilm formation. Magnesium — Studying the bacteria P. MgtE activity in P. Specifically, MgtE responds to fluctuations in magnesium levels.

MgtE protein activates increase in MgtE gene transcription in the presence of LOW levels of magnesium increasing biofilm formation, cytotoxicity, and bacterial virulence. This study was only conducted in a laboratory setting but may translate to low human tissue levels of magnesium as well.

Gregory Anderson, one of the lead researchers for the above data above. Specifically, Mg limitation leads to an increase in mgtE gene transcription. MgtE only seems to be magnesium-responsive, though. It is known that iron limitation inhibits P. Almost every RBC magnesium test I perform is at the lowest end of normal or more common, below normal. Low levels of magnesium can lead to cardiovascular disease, weakened immunity, nerve and muscle conditions, migraine headaches, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and a myriad of other health maladies.

So, it makes sense that in the presence of low magnesium levels a biofilm-forming bacteria would become cocky and more aggressive. The magnesium bath below is the best way to rebuild tissue magnesium levels. On the one side, iron may increase the growth rate of pathogenic bacteria and on the other side, low levels of iron may contribute to bacterial virulence and biofilm formation as a protective mechanism.

Easier said than done, right! Take a broad-spectrum, patented strains, probiotic and abundant amounts of prebiotics polyphenols like clove, cinnamon, turmeric, raw cacao, and ginger; IAG [larch arabinogalactans]; flaxseed meal; onion, garlic and fibrous fruits and vegetables. This will need to be determined on a case by case basis. These products will help to crowd out the bad bacteria, and also help disrupt and replace biofilm colonies along the mucous membrane.

A recent meta-analysis involving 14 RCTs patients evaluated the role of probiotics in H. In patients with H. In this meta-analysis, only one RCT evaluated S.

Of four RCTs testing S. Although there was no significant difference in H. In a recent meta-analysis, the H.

Specific dietary restrictions or addition will most likely be implemented. After the desired result is achieved, there will need to be a rebuilding and regeneration protocol.

This is as important as eliminating the biofilm. We are committed to understanding chronic diseases and contributing to their cure through advancements in diagnostics and basic science research with emphasis on chronic inflammatory diseases, vector-borne diseases, and their intersection. Our clinical diagnostic laboratory offers general and targeted immunology services in conjunction with standard and cutting edge infectious disease detection and identification technologies.

Effect of ciprofloxacin and N-acetylcysteine on bacterial adherence and biofilm formation on ureteral stent surfaces PubMed. Thank you for your informative article. Turns out it was not made correctly and had spaces in it that allowed for bacteria to collect. I never could floss well because it kept getting stuck on pieces of the bridge, but I had no idea that was abnormal.

Last year, my gum started bleeding when I flossed and I started feeling like I had an infection in my body. The dentist saw no signs of infection until my gum was extremely inflamed. A round of Amoxicillin helped stopped the bleeding, but not the soreness and I still felt crappy. I asked the dentist for more Amoxicillin, which he reluctantly gave me, but since he insisted there was no sign of infection I was afraid to take it.

I went to my GP and told him I felt like I had an infection in my body, he said there was no sign of infection after doing bloodwork.

So I still did not take the extra Amoxicillin. I then started on the 2nd round of Amoxicillin, but still felt crappy and dentist sent me to endodontist because he thought I may need a root canal.

Endo discovered the problem with the bridge and spots on the 2 teeth and sent me back to dentist to fix it. He fixed it — said it was much larger than he expected once he got in there. But I still felt crappy. Plus my ear started feeling full and sometimes painful. The tonsil on that side hurt and had pains in my head on that side.

Thought I now had ear infection from it and went back to GP nurse practitioner who switched me to Clindamycin and said to tell the dentist.

Told the dentist who said to take it as directed. Problem was nurse had said 2 times per day and paperwork said 4 times a day. I started taking it 4 times a day and saw another doc. But I still had the pain in my jaw and ear and throat and went back to dentist.

Told him I thought the bacteria were still in there and I wanted the tooth that had had the biggest problem removed. I had 2 days of Clindamycin left and thought that would fix everything. As soon as I ran out, the ear pain got really bad. I went back to GP and told him I had that tooth removed and asked for more Clidamycin and understandably he was at the end of giving me antibiotics. He tested me for c. I still had pain in ear and throat and told dentist I was desperate want the other tooth out before I ran out of antibiotics.

So now, I have 2 less teeth. At the end of the round of Clindamycin I felt like my life was fading away. I kept going to GP nurse said I looked pale , my daughter M. I found info on the internet about biofilms and thought that is probably what is wrong with my ear and throat. Finished the Clindamycin and the pressure and pain moved to the other side the next day. At the top of the page, you saw my reference to self-treating is a link to my distance client program. If you are interested, you can contact me at If not, in all sincerity and with much respect, I wish you the best of luck on your health journey.

There are amazing people out there helping people just like you. Please continue your search. I came across this article researching enzymes and biofilm. My daughter is suffering from endometriosis and infertility and some women are stating that they have had success with nattokinase, wobenzym, etc..

Do you have any thoughts on the gut biome and its relevance to endometriosis? So far I have seen connections with respect to endometriosis and estrogen dominance, failure of endometrial tissue to die in the endometiomas as it should monthly, and possible indication of LPS. My daughter had a robotic lapro surgery and the endometriomas were biopsied.

In her records they have recorded three strains of bacteria that were prominent. We also seem to have some BCO snps that suggest that we may have trouble converting vitamin A. I have read one article proposing a possible role of vitamin A metabolism in the condition. Also, are you familiar with any role that vitamin K2 might play with respect to the gut?

I wish I had a few hours to respond completely to your comment. In short, eveything is connected and you can never separate a part from the whole. You may not need to go deeper than that. A clean, healthy organic, grass-fed, wild-caught… and diverse diet should supply all the nutrients one needs.

The emphasis is on a diverse diet. Here is my situation: These levels have increased after months, and I feel some returned energy, but other issues persist. My main symptoms are chronic diarrhea, migraines, pain, fatigue, allergy and ENT issues.

My current functional dr and my functional nutritionist are not up to date on biofilms. If you feel you can handle my case, would an in-person appointment be more effective? I am willing to travel, if needed. I came up with this datum because in 29 years of practice the only limiting factor I have encountered is the patient himself.

I know I can help. If you are willing to keep an open mind and be consistent with a daily routine you will see results. There may be some supplements, a daily shake that will include various products you will order on your own, exercise, possibly some labs to be determined later …. We can always get going and you can come down if we reach an impasse. Here is the link to my distance patient program. Is there posibilities to extract enzyme from earthworms?

I came across your article because Im trying to discover how to get rid of Bacterial Vaginosis, which is due to the loss of the good lactobacillus in the vagina and a creation of a Gardernella driven biofilm. I am wondering if you have heard of anyone using your protocols to heal and disrupt pathogenic biofilms in the gut as part of a protocol to eliminate a BV issue.

I just had a distance patient on Friday with the exact same issue. Yours is no different. With enough clues, just about any issue can be treated and resolved. If you are interested in a tailored protocol, I offer a distance patient program. You can call my office and I will let you know exactly what I would need to get started tests, labs….

My distance patient forms can be found here http: Ettinger, Thank you so much for your site. First, I want to echo a response that you made to one of the other commentators about the importance of getting comprehensive lab work vs attempting to guess and self-treat.

I just finished triple antibiotic therapy, and in the last days of it or so, was including Lactoferrin and a supplement called Bio-Fibrin, which is primarily Serrapeptase. One thing that was super interesting is that I was having yeast symptoms around the time I started the antibiotics and also took Diflucan, which barely helped the symptoms at all. But once I added Lactoferrin, almost immediately my yeast symptoms cleared up.

Now I am off the antibiotics, and trying to figure out what to continue with. My stomach bloating has gone down considerably but is still there to a small degree, and my yeast symptoms are low but still in the background. Also, can I take Thorne SF in conjunction with those?

Lactoferrin and Serrapeptase can be taken for a very long time with no problem. Hello, first of all, I apologise for my English. I only wanted to point something that could be of help. I learned that artemisinin with some good whole artemisia extract can make iron extremely reactive and do real ROS damage to infections and tumour cells.

Maybe we can use it here, in this context of biofiolms. I also found out that there was a really good thing to manage parallel Candida infection combining Honokiol from Magnolia with fluconazol there are some good clinical studies , even for the resistant strains. Your Engish is very good and the information came across nicely.

I will definitely look into Lufenuron and MCP in more detail. I found a combination of compounded bismuth subsalicylate capsules and dandelion greens helpful in eliminating biofilm.

I know it was eliminated because it came out when I used the bathroom. NAC was useful, but not as much as the bismuth. If magnesium assists biofilm formation then what other supplements help those with SIBO and IC who suffer from constipation? I take magnesium and calcium citrate to help with oxalates and also am treating SIBO with natural antibiotics but, wonder if I am making any difference.

I am strict with diet and eat no grains, consume no alcholol and pretty much do meat and veggies only — all organic. I am exhausted by all I have to do some days and with a super busy career I wonder some days if i will ever feel healthy again.

The pain with IC is surpassing everything else now sadly. I use a ND and private MD to help guide me live in Canada but, just not sure how to really move forward — so confusing some days with competing information. Magnesium does not directly contribute to biofilm formation.

Magnesium deficiency actually contributes to bacterial virulence and biofilm formation. The main reason to avoid supplemental minerals is that most people are using Interfase Plus, which is a mineral chelator. Taking minerals will just dilute the effectiveness of the product. There is mild evidence that minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium MAY contribute to biofilm.

I have treated many women with IC. There are a few different triggers and causes. Here is a link to my magnesium bath recipe. Lastly, I work with people all over the world. All I need is enough tests clues to help me solve the case. Thank you for your response. I am going to Palm Springs for a much-needed vacation. I can call your office to see if you have time next week.

I am terribly tired of this whole ordeal which started with the onset of Rosacea I have this under control now and then heart arrhythmia. My then GP said I needed anti-psychotics — yup! He refused to run any tests or help in any way. I became bedridden and worked hard for 2 years to be able to return to work. I pay for my private MD now. I always try the natural route as the rounds of antibiotics in I feel started the cascade downwards. Sorry for the outpouring… I really appreciate your input and I am relieved the Magnesium still safe as it has helped with many functions in my body and after a while stopped the muscle fasciculations.

I will connect with your office tomorrow. There is so much that can be done! Have a relaxing and fun time in PS. I spent a month there every Summer with my grandparents from years of age. The place is great and we still go there often. Here is a link that may interest you. What dosage of bismuth did you take and what brand? Also did you take the greens in capsule form?

I needed a prescription to get them. Then I submitted the prescription to a compounding pharmacy to have them specially made. Your doctor should be able to look at the published studies to arrive at the correct dose for you. This is not a commonly prescribed treatment for biofilm so there are no established dosage guidelines. As for greens, I just used organic dandelion greens. My hunch is that any food high in prebiotic fiber will work.

That is less than one microgram per ml, not milligram. So maybe even small drops of the Pepto-Bismol liquid for children may work. I have severe candida overgrowth following long term antibiotics and compromised immune system. I have been on and off fluconazole for thrush, intestinal, nail, skin candida infections for 18 months and am now unresponsive to azole medications thus the candida has become resistant and is most probably now in its hyphal form as well as I have been suffering with it for 3 yrs.

Also is there anywhere on this website you talk about your candida protocol? As would love to hear your knowledge on how you address severe candida overgrowth. I am now starting to take herbal antifungals due to the fact that the pharmaceutical antifungals are no longer working.

First off, in my opinion, Candida is not a disease. Candida overgrowth and resulting mutation are merely it responding to an environment that will promote its overgrowth. This can be due to many factors that are unique to the individual and require testing to rule-in or rule-out potential contributing issues. What I have done is figure out why their body allowed an otherwise benign single celled organism to become a virulent overgrowth. Giving you a generic protocol would be an exercise in having you spend more money on a dead-end treatment.

I make no promises. In case you are interested in a different approach, here is a link to my distance patient program. Thankyou for your reply. Also I noticed you have curcumin as a biofilm disruptor can you please explain how this disrupts the biofilm?

Hannah, EDTA is a complex where the calcium is not bioavailable to biofilm, just like ferritin or lactoferrin are not bioavailable sources of iron for bacteria. Clove is 1 and works the very best with raw cacao. My primary question pertains to iron supplementation. I became severely anemic in with a Ferritin level of about 18 it has run low for YEARS but this was the first time I just bottomed out with dizziness and began incapacitated.

I then held it for the better part of two months when I got the flu a virulent strain back in May that lasted nearly six weeks. I took a real nose dive and could not function. My question is twofold: Should I be concerned about needing to take iron nearly daily — so long as I monitor my ferritin level most especially as well as the other iron labs.

I am also concerned about secondary, and long-term effects, should I need lifelong iron supplementation. I suspect it will take another couple of years for my gut to heal. My sincere thanks for your work and contribution. The three most common reasons for low ferritin are a chronic infection increased need for iron , low HCl lack of absorption , or low protein intake needed to make protein bound iron.

It can be any combination of the three as well. I like lactoferrin over iron due to it being non-constipating and works the same. If your MCV is between no need to add methyl B12 or methyl folate. If above 91 add the two to your iron dose. If below 86 add more protein, HCl, B12, folate, iron or lactoferrin. Exercise is also important.

Ettinger, A question on supplementing stomach acid. The reasoning given is that the body senses the chyme as remaining to acidic after leaving the stomach and throttles back on stomach acid production. It also stated that biofilms are often causing the reduced bile flow. The writing appeared to be based on conjecture.

Do you see any validity in this? Anything is possible when it comes to the human body and its physiology. I would love to see the data you are referencing. Here is an explanation of why physiology changes. Since overdoing mercury chelation last year my guts have gone to hell. Struggling to treat them, on a protocol now but not sure I have everything correct, especially about the biofilm.

I had incredible results from a two week herbal parasite cleanse, I felt almost normal again. But as soon as ckeanse finished I relapsed terribly. Is this because biofilms are still in tact and reactivate once herbal assault has finished? Without testing or retesting comprehensive digestive stool parasitology test and comprehensive blood testing you can only be guessing at what is there, what is gone, and how the body reacting. It could be different things, including — not parasites or biofilm.

Fing a good coach, get yourself some proper diagnostics and then you will know exactly what needs to be treated. I hope this helps. Can you advise or coach me long distance? Can the tests be done here? If you could help that would be appreciated. I am self treating up til now as mainstream medicine have no idea on how to treat me. I have treated many people from the UK. As far as testing, I can tell you what is needed but you would have to find a way to get them.

Here is a link to my distance patient application. All the emphasis appears to be very heavy on antibiofilms. Are there not any biofilms that our bodies need? And if so, can you address how they can be protected, when antibiofilms are being taken? Also, would an antibiofilm be needed if a bacterium could be addressed with a biophage? Thank you for an informative site and your anticipated response.

Biophage is basically a parasite. The only beneficial biophages that I can think of on the spot is our intestinal flora. I need to know if everybody who has basically lived their whole lives with h pylori have adrenal glands full of iron, or is this a genetic problem that has destroyed the lives of most of my family?

Dark brown adrenal medulla, and dark yellow adrenal cortex. It gives the men super strength, but causes high adrenaline in all of us. Cortisol is also high, but most other hormones are extremely low or not there. There are no doctors in this area that are informed. This can possibly lead to various types of anemia, leaky gut, SIBO, constipation, fat and protein malabsorption. On top of that, there is the gut inflammation and dysbiosis potentially leading to autoimmune issues and lowered intestinal immunity and intestinal neurotransmitter production.

It is apparent to me that you need to do more research. H pylori uses the heme out of iron to multiply. It causes massive amounts of platelets to be made, which makes Thrombin, which turns Fibrinogin into fibrin.

When I started treating h pylori, naturally, my platelet count came down from to and my Anemia cleared up. My hgb which was 6. In , I had so much fibrin floating around in my blood, that when I started taking EPO to increase moisture, massive amounts of fibrin started being pulled from my blood by my kidneys. It took six weeks of intense pain to get the larger pieces fibrin mesh out.

But the tiny particles were still getting into my capillaries, causing what I finally figured out was Hemolytic anemia. A problem I had been living with since I moved back to Indiana in and started climbing hills again. With hemolytic anemia you make it worse by doing things that speed up your heart, and then comes instant life threatening fatigue.

You will also know this is happening by the fact that your spleen will grow so big that it feels like a water balloon up under your left rib cage. Again something else doctors ignore. When I cleared up the Hemolytic anemia, my spleen shrunk back to size. By the way, you treat hemolytic anemia with Lumbrokinase.

It is the only fibrinolytic enzyme that dissolves only fibrin. I guess that is enough for now, since you will ignore it anyway. Instead, just type in your question or words, or several words if you want to know if they are related, and first go to the government research that shows up. This is what I did when my ignorant doctor diagnosed me with H Pylori and iron defeciency anemia.

He was looking for internal bleeding, ignoring the fact that neither my white or red blood cell counts were falling, only hgb. So after a colonoscopy and an upper GI, he was ready to cut me open and do exploritory surgery. Something was stealing my iron. Had been for years. Turns out, not stealing my iron, just the heme out of it. I changed my mind and did approve the comment and posted my email response below.

Here is to free speech! I will not post your disrespectful response. I could always use more knowledge but as far as H. You did not ask any type of specific question, nor did you ask anything about hemoglobin or hemolytic anemia, in your first comment.

I gave you the best response I could based on your generalized comment, which seemed more like sharing your experiences rather than an actual question. Also, I took the time to read your comment and give a thoughtful response.

It would have been nice to receive a reciprocal response back. Hi Cheryl, You frustration with past doctors is understandable, but Dr. Ettinger was not one of them and it is obvious that you are transferring your anger against him.

You have not paid him and he has not diagnosed your condition. You need to reassess your emotions and write him an apology. And while Lumbrokinase is an excellent enzyme, it is not the only one that is used for the degradation of fibrin.

Lumbrokinase dissolves only fibrin. It is active only in the presence of fibrin. The other fibrinolytics dissolve all proteins in the blood. At least some of the other proteins are needed. So why dissolve them. Though it dissolves fibrinogen and fibrin very specifically, it hardly hydrolyzes other important blood proteins such as plasminogen or albumin. Two, hypercoagulation is a fairly common scenario in the average American, not to mention those with severe health challenges — which can cause a plethora of diverse symptoms.

The enzyme will go to eating up fibrin and fibrinogen, wherever it is. The biggest benefit I see in my practice is that by reducing hypercoagulation and inflammation the immune system is far more responsive and the body will be less acidic. This increases energy and decreases pain. I like a combination of lumbrokinase and serrapeptase for this. Non-enteric coated for stomach issues and enteric coated for small intestine and systemic concerns.

My questions and concerns are i am self treating because i dont have money to see a specialist on a HMO plan. We just dont have the money for all organic food lifestyle and for me to see anyone. In i decided to sell beachbody and lose weight but nothing happened.

I also over heat when i work out, become dizzy and i also do not sweat. Self-treating in your case is just going to use up more money and time. All of my services are based on time. This is great information. I have been battling chronic bacterial vaginosis for 12 years. I have tried many antibiotics, probiotics, hydrogen peroxide and countless other things. I believe the infection started when I got a leap procedure done on my cervix years ago.

The primary bacteria is Gardnerella. Do you have any other suggestions? Lisa, My recommendation at this point is to stop self-treating and find a functional medicine practitioner who is familiar with Gardnerella. You will need to get some labs done, have your diet and lifestyle analyzed and then a personalized protocol can be put together for you. Then your issues should get resolved. Lisa you can google Boric Acid suppositories which the pharmacy will have to make for you — there are government tests proving its efficiency.

It did the job for me after a zillion other things failed. Only for local treatment! How long on average would you expect to have to do a biofilm natural protocol for Blastocystis, Pseudamonas Aeroginosa, SIBO and Candida after 2 failed herbal attempts and an iron infusion? Iron infusion was a year ago.

Also I heard its ok to supplement magnesium but not calcium or iron? On average I recommend that a biofilm protocol is put into effect at least days prior to initiating an antimicrobial protocol. The biofilm portion will extend through the end of the antimicrobial portion. Iron is important to keep bacteria calm and studies have shown that iron deficient may be the catalyst by which bacteria go from benign to forming biofilm. Iron should be plentiful from food sources. Thank you for your reply.

Is that the same for parasites though? Why would my iron infusion make me feel 20 times worse? What are your thoughts on Blastocystis Hominis? Would you recommend antibiotics for it such as the triple therapy if I have that and a candida infection? Just hard knowing what to tackle first without making the other worse. I feel like Blasto adapts to everything I throw at it. Carbs and lactobacillus flare up all my symptoms. Just keen to know your thoughts! You really need to find a good coach who will help you.

Going at it alone is going to be trial and error at best. Go find a functional medicine doctor and you will be on the right track in no time. How long on an antimicrobial protocol after anti-biofilm stage would you suggest to a patient with those pathogens? There are way too many variables for me to give you a competent recommendation. Just a question about biofilms. With a breath test, the H. Biofilm or not the byproducts will be produced.

Stool testing will measure sluffed-off H. Biofilm will not keep the H. There is a constant reproduction and elimination phase taking place. For diagnosis purposes, I always recommend blood and stool or blood and breath. For post-treatment testing, I would wait 46 days and have a breath test. However, I first wanted to know if you have any experience treating candida glabrata. I have been diagnosed with a glabrata vaginal yeast infection and have gone through some failed treatments.

Ashley, I have treated a few patients with that. If you are interested in a protocol that included fluconazole, please e-mail me directly at info advancedhealing. Hi doctor ettinger I was wondering what you would suggest o yake to remove biofilm from the intestines for parasites and how long I would need to yake them for any help would be greatly appreciated.

In order to receive protocol information or help, you will need to become a distance patient — Distance Patient Application. I will help you and I can create a tailor-made protocol for your individual situation. Please fill out the distance patient application link above or if you have questions about the program, please call me at Here is a link to information on my Distance Patient Program.

I was talking with a dr and she said to put him in hospital on Monday. She try to eradicate the Klebsiella with Imipenem drip but said the disease is chronic and created biofilms and is v hard to eradicate.

Anybody has any idea what treatment disrupt the klebsiella biofilms? My dad is 86 yrs old. Here is a link with a lot of helpful information. I have had a horrible stomach condition which has exactly followed your description of biofilms and how they adapt.

I have been to 15 doctors over 15 years and gone through every test or diet, and tried every OTC remedy anyone could think of.

One test showed positive for pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is now worse than ever. None of the doctors I saw even seemed to know about biofilms, but all were content to eventually give up on me because nobody perceives gas as being all that serious. But this is making me old 20 years ahead of time! Mary, Here is a link to my distance patient program in case you are interested. I have helped may people around the World with stories just like yours. Thankyou very much for info. I am in the hospital with pseudomonas.

This is relapse after sepsis with the same bug after being incubated after neck surgery at HSS in NY. I had 2 different tests from Fry lab and found to have tremendous amount of biofilm. I have been very sick for very long and would like to get rid of this biofilm once and for all. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Cathy, Yes you do have a few things going on. This is more specific for your needs than Nattokinase or Lumbrokinase.

If this happens do the morning dose 2 hours after breakfast. When you get out we should schedule a distance patient consult. I wish you the best. I have bacterial prostititis e-coli which keeps recurring after courses of antibiotics bactrim.

My doctor may be recommending surgery if this keeps recurring. Do you have a protocol I could try before I go the surgery route? Gene, there are protocols that could be tried but I would need to know a lot more about you than just the fact that you have bacterial prostatitis. Here is a link to my distance patient program in case you are interested. Hi Dr Ettinger, what a great source of information.

I cannot believe there is so little available information on bio films especially considering what a threat they are. I am wondering if you have ever heard anything about bio films in cosmetic hylauronic acid fillers apparently they are the perfect breeding ground yes this is the stuff of sci fi movies!

I believe they will become more common as these fillers are used more and more. Most doctors will not even discuss the possibility of bio films and have no idea how to treat them. Would you go GPS or Biofilm protocol? Any supplements or ideas are appreciated. He has been through several antibiotics courses of cefdinir, augmentin, amoxicillin, and clarithromycin.

Ettinger for your commitment to health and humanity. As far as supplements go, I would have to have him become a distance patient first. Blindly making recommendations is not how I go about treating patients. Here is a link to my distance patient program — http: Does biofilm form in the bladder or urinary tract?

If the culture test shows sensitivity towards a some antibiotics, however, the bacteria is not killed after completing the courses, does it mean biofilm has formed?

Is this biofilm disruptor also suitable as a prophylactic? Good luck in getting the bladder issue handled. I live in Germany and have Hashimoto gave up any gluten and all grains about 10 months ago and have been on Paleo autoimmune protocol for the last month.

Trying to heal my autoimmunity, I did a lot of research on it. First, I adjusted my diet and then started checking my gut. I got tested for H pylori and found out I have it. But I came across your approach with Monolaurin and biofilm disruptors.

What would you do to eradicate H pylori in my circumstances? I would be so grateful for your advice on how to best treat it. My recommendation is the PrevPac 2 antibiotics and an acid reducer combined with a tailored, biofilm-busting protocol. I can help you with that, but you would need to be an official patient for that. I do Skype consultations or over the phone. Nutritional supplements alone are no longer effective against H. Here is a link to my distance patient program.

Ettinger, I have been struggling with constipation for 5 years. I have seen a general practitioner, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, physical therapy, naturopath, herbalist and functional medicine doctor.

The functional medicine doctor is my currently treating my condition but we are struggling to rid my gut of pseudomonas aeroginosa. Have been gluten, dairy and red meat free since August Taking several supplements including, Armour thyroid, magnesium buffered chelate, vitamin D, barberry, saccromyces bhoularrdi, factor 6, paleo fiber, bio-adaptogen, ai enzymes, paleo fiber, emergency-c, and Eco drink.

Is this protocol going to be effective for breaking down the pseudomonas aeroginosa? Also is there any signs to watch for so I know it is effective or do I need to retake the Genova stool sample test again?

Also, why would my positive rod bacteria be so low? And does gut flora effect thyroid function? My free t3 is low? There is a lot of stuff going on here. I would need a lot more data to do your situation justice. I feel confident that I could help, we just have to do it right. As far as low free T3 goes, it could be a conversion issue in the liver, and you may need more selenium or your cortisol may be elevated and that will stop the conversion of T4 to T3. It may also just mean you need to start taking exogenous T3.

Thank you for the inquiry. Most likely the reason behind the antibiotic failure is that your friend has a severe biofilm issue. Most people are not that bad. My biofilm-busting protocol combined with a PrevPac has been extremely effective with my patients.

Nutritionals or PrevPac alone would not be my recommendation, as I too have seen many failures. Here is a link to my distance patient program if you would like my help. Marcus, appreciate your continuous work and help you offer on your site. I am seeking for an advise too. I have been having H Pylori for over 6 months. My only symptom is bloating. My current practitioner has run a few tests to check for other pathogens, leaky gut, hormone imbalance and all were negative. Only H Pylori is positive.

I am now looking at trying Interfase Plus and Monolaurin Do you have any suggestion? I apologize for the delay. My recommendation is the PrevPac combined with a tailored, biofilm-busting protocol. Hello, i have been suffering from candida all my life anda im con a dieta. AM a los better now bit i need to broke biofilms un order to get totally recovered. What could i do? In order for me to make a competent recommendation I would need a lot more data about you and your condition.

If you become a distance patient, I will be better able to give you solid advise. It was so hard to get rid of it after several rounds of antibiotic and then for 2 years, I didnt feel any UTI symptoms, though I felt that urinating in the morning was heavy and it felt like I was peeing condensed pee even if it wasnt. Now, after just one intercourse, I ended up having UTI due to e. Could it be that the lactoferrin and biofilm disruptor is causing the e. So sorry for the delay.

This all sounds very complicated and I would have to have a lot more data to be able to help you sufficiently. I feel if I had all of my forms filled-out by you and all relevant labs, I would be able to build a clearer picture of what we are dealing with. I have founded a lot of studies that suggests to take macrolides, so i have taken azhytromicin for some weeks.

My asthma improved a lot,but any notable effect on my sinusitis.. Please,can you give me some advices products?? Thanks for your help…. Francesco, If it were me, I would try this: Give feedback after 30 days. All 3 times I was prescribed macrobid, which seemed to help some but I still have ongoing burning with the ureathra sp? I am now trying alternatives: What else can I use to try to get rid of this?!

I am 54, menopausal and had a hysterectomy 6 most ago. I am using bioidentical estrogen vaginally to improve hormone levels. Kate, your case sounds very complex. Without that, at best, I would just be guessing.

Iamges: dating someone with lyme disease

dating someone with lyme disease

Self-treating in your case is just going to use up more money and time. Multiple Sclerosis Pittsburgh Illustrated Case.

dating someone with lyme disease

Gene, there are protocols that could be tried but I would need to know a lot more about you than just the fact that you have bacterial prostatitis.

dating someone with lyme disease

Told the dentist who said to take it as directed. What do YOU think? With enough clues, diseas about any issue can be treated and resolved. The dusease most common reasons for low ferritin are a chronic infection increased need for ironlow HCl lack of absorptionor low protein intake needed to make protein bound iron. They are the top Lyme lab dating someone with lyme disease the country. A skin sample, sample of pus from a wound, or best free lesbian dating sites uk, urine, or biopsy material tissue sample is sent to a microbiology lab and cultured for S.