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dating vintage necklace clasps

Note the glue under the pearls on this Weiss earring pictured below, see how it's' yellowed? Marvelous lens, very impressive drawings, excellent photos; and the video was incredible. Auctions on eBay are fun to watch. Thank you for your well done and inspirational lens, I'll return for more education. Fittings refer to the parts that can be custom-made for a piece. Fittings and Findings for Brooches. I cannot add any knowledge I'm afraid as I have only recently started collecting.

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Thanks for the jump start. You can see examples of both below. April 22, at It is designed to slide inside and hook, or lock, around a decorative encasing on the other side of the jewelry piece. It just takes a bit of detective work. This drawing shows the styles when they were introduced into the market. Now I can go back and date it.

They feel like they are made of hardened glass or ceramic. However, they are covered with the most intricate beautiful minute coloured flower patterns on both sides, around the edges and even into the holes at both ends of each one. All patterns are different on each of these 'pendants' in blues, yellows, white, green and russett red. They look quite amazing and don't deserve to be tied together on a piece of string. They remind me of some Japanese prints.

Can anyone help me work out what they are please. Hi I just purchased a camphor piece and cannot figure out if it's authentic, can anyone help? I have a larger cross pendant with cabochon stones, possibly gold plate. It is only marked with a number I can't find anything about this cross and I do not see anything similar. I think the unidentified piece of jewelry is a holder for a watch or decorative fob, which would hand from the hook at the bottom. Thanks for this resource. I have a beautiful piece possibly pendant that has an unusual clasp on the back that I cannot identify.

I have searched and searched but no one shows it. Thanks for posting this. I ended up getting a pair of earrings and could not figure out when the post was made.

Your article is the first one I've seen on the web which actually helped me. A few months back I purchased some rather non-descript earrings from a thrift store. I and my daughter love unique pieces. I almost passed them over until I noticed the screw on backs. I had never seen this before and thought surely they must be old. They are thin metal flowers and the other a simple circle.

I think they are the screw-on for non-pierced ears. I cannot add any knowledge I'm afraid as I have only recently started collecting. My comment is a question that brought me to this page which I know will be very helpful in my new hobby. I'm not sure how to word this question about a particular pair of earings so thst it can be understood but, I'll try. I found a pair of screw back vintage earrings that can also bd worn as pierced earrings. There are no discernable markings on the earrings with the naked eye.

Has anyone seen this this before? They are not pierced earrings that have the screw on backs. I hope this was clear. Really interesting video - well done. And the section on Black Jewelry was the best and easiest to understand that I have read so far. I think this video is excellent. Thank you for making it. I am so glad I can help share it here. I have heard an old dentist talk about Gutta-percha. I think he told me he used it in root canals!

Wonderful lens, and very informative. Pinned to 2 of my boards: I would post the link, but the spam filter won't let me. The mystery piece is a convertible piece of jewelry called a brooch-pendant. It can hang on a chain or be pinned to the clothing. You can search on Ebay for similar pieces. What a surprise to find my video showing here! Thank you for highlighting it. If I had to do it over again, it would be of higher quality but, when I did the video, only smaller file sizes were allowed.

This is so informative. And I thought it was going to be about dating jewelry instead of men! The piece of jewelry above is a watch fob brooch. The hook on the back is to hang a watch chain from and the pin is usually pinned on the outside garment. I have a pair of earrings that have. I've tried to find this online and have had no luck. I have pictures of them. I know they were not made to be worn on the french wires they are on.

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Thanks for the jump start. I enjoyed reading this. My mother gave me some good advice - if you are having your jewellery valued, don't let it out of your sight - if they can't do it in front of you, and want to take it into a backroom, just leave: I love to yard sale and often wonder how old the jewels I find there are.

Thanks for the info! Great piece, i like the different sample for vintage jewelry that you included I ike antique jewelry and has several old pieces, and looking to add more to my coection. Marvelous lens, very impressive drawings, excellent photos; and the video was incredible. I love antique and vintage jewelry. I have a couple of crystal necklaces and earring sets that had belonged to an aunt. I love antique and vintage jewelry and was delighted to read this excellent, well-researched and well-written lens.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge about this very interesting topic, and congratulations on your purple star and LotD. I think the unidentified piece of jewelry is intended as a scarf clasp. That's my best guess anyway. Thanks for the info. I enjoyed the information and jewelry in the video. I have had an ongoing fascination with rhinestones since I was a child. Thank you for your well done and inspirational lens, I'll return for more education.

I have some old jewelry that was my Mother's but I really have never looked at it. Now I'll have to dig it out. Thanks for the Lens. Great lens, lots of helpful information on how to date your antique jewelry.

My wife collects antique and vintage jewelry, and she enjoyed reading your lens as well. You are brilliant, Karen!

Your information is compiled in a concise and interesting way, and the visuals make me want to start buying jewelry! Thank you for this generous gift of knowledge! Wow - I learned that I have several pairs of earrings from c! Thanks very much for this lens.

Such an interesting article with great images! I learned a bunch about jewelry that I never knew before! Great info and well written. I go to lots of estate and yard sales so this will help me when looking at the jewelry. I love your lens - this information is priceless. I have a few pieces of vintage jewellery, and of course I love looking at more on ebay and TV antiques shows. Loved the part about the findings and how they are attached giving the pieces age away. Very interesting lens, great big like on this.

The stuff we find at yard sales, etc. Congratulations on making Lens of the Day! RODDIN Catalogue, earrings Roman and bright finish, polished ornaments, engraved tops, onyx, gold wires and engraved real stone settings.

The ends of the original ear wires can be seen at the top of each earring. Exclusively Wholesale, Edition. Vintage jewelry findings including snap catches for neck clasps and bracelets. Safety back device for ear ornaments, No. Screw back and clip earring clip In the 's, as a result of complaints that the other style was too uncomfortable, Haskell changed to the use of the "screw back-clip" earrings.

Combination clip-back and pierced earring combination for extra security, sometimes called a "French clip". Cartier patented a mechanism for double brooches in about , and Coro patented theirs in about This one is in gold tone and it is 1" wide and 1" long, The pin stem slides into the barrel and a chain goes through the loop.

Fully extended it is 6" long. Each end fits onto the ends of a necklace and the barrels slide up and down the chain, allowing for different lengths. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only. Regretfully, it is no longer possible to respond to individual questions regarding jewelry history, identification or value, or to offer written or verbal appraisals or opinions.

The demand for this kind of information is absolutely too overwhelming for one dealer to fill. I love jewelry, but appraising and selling are two entirely different businesses, and I choose selling and research as my business.

A prong setting will generally have prongs unless it is a dogtooth setting then it is reminiscent of a saw edge. On close examination you can tell the prongs are holding the stone in. Generally if there are numerous stones you will see slight fluctuations in the way the stone is sitting in the setting, a clear sign the piece is prong set and not glued.

That said, many vintage pieces are glued often called paste but I've never seen one glued and "pretend" prong set. Vintage pearl pieces are often set with glue as are many of the less expensive rhinestone pieces. Vintage glue has yellowed with time and is often seen around or beneath the stone.

Take a close look. Is there any evidence of glue which dates back to the vintage era? Note the glue under the pearls on this Weiss earring pictured below, see how it's' yellowed? Pastes were not the quality we have today therefore seeing a yellow residue is an excellent clue for identifying vintage pieces.

Iamges: dating vintage necklace clasps

dating vintage necklace clasps

Thank you for sharing.

dating vintage necklace clasps

Safety back device for ear ornaments, No. April 27, at 9: We share our reference material free of charge and work hard to make it accurate, but as with any research, mistakes can be made.

dating vintage necklace clasps

One dating vintage necklace clasps, in particular, is a very large copper Indian vintage necklace that I need to find the value of. They are threaded on a piece of string. April 20, at We do not offer identification, valuation or appraisal services. The demand for this kind of information is absolutely too overwhelming for one dealer to fill. After summarizing this information in list form, one can note that large navettes and ovals, and givre stones were popular during the years through Simmons really made some quality product.