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Domestic Violence

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They have specific services for LGBT, gender non-conforming, queer and questioning youth. Provides comprehensive services for families impacted by domestic violence and abuse, including crisis intervention, short-term counseling and support groups, therapy, legal advocacy, housing, emergency food, financial assistance, and much more. Age-specific pamphlets on social emotional development for parents and caregivers of children from ages 1 to 5 years old and 5 to 10 years old.

Cultivating a City Program

Get information about Alzheimer's disease, care giving, and long term care and living arrangements. Teen Talk Toolkit A toolkit on emotional health topics for teachers and staff at middle and high schools. Mon, Wed, Fri 8: The battle between development and preserving open space, a perennial tension in cities across the world and not limited just to community gardens in New York, culminated in an agreement brokered by then—Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and the City to preserve more than sites across the five boroughs, either leaving them under the jurisdiction of City agencies or transferring them to the Parks Department. Get information about shots and medical exams required for school and day care. Healthy Start Brooklyn provides a wide variety of free programs, classes, and exercise groups for pregnant women, expectant fathers, and families. Make an appointment for a colonoscopy.

Tasting Drink Making Dessert Cheese. Programming Design Business Software. Business Communications Writing Certificate Career. Beauty Fashion Construction Medical Engineering. This month, I'll advance my career.

This month, I'll learn French. This month, I'll design jewelry. This month, I'll learn to cook. Learning for Your Life. Advance Your Career We're hard-working. Enrich Your Life Throw a date night in complete with a fabulous home-cooked meal. Inspire Your Kids Are they artistic? Announcing our New York Learner's Scholarship. High School seniors planning to attend college in New York, or anyone enrolled in part-time or full-time college classes in New York. Create a short video max 2 minutes or short essay max 1, words explaining your personal goals and how taking classes will help you get there.

During the financial crisis of the s, many parts of the city suffered, and vacant and abandoned lots—both public land and newly public land acquired by foreclosure— were endemic. Abandoned buildings, if they weren't already torn down, dotted the landscape, especially in Manhattan neighborhoods such as the Lower East Side, Hell's Kitchen, and East Harlem, and underutilized land sat fallow amidst widespread urban neglect.

A nonprofit environmental group dedicated to preserving urban gardens, the Green Guerillas, started in by lobbing "seed bombs" packed with fertilizer, seed, and water over fences around vacant lots where access was otherwise limited in an attempt to beautify some of these eyesores with greenery. This move not only beautified formerly vacant lots but soon became a grassroots program that fostered neighborhood participation. Liz Christy was a founder of Green Guerrillas.

Christy lived on Mott Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and together with other volunteers spent a year removing trash, adding topsoil, installing fencing, and otherwise beautifying a lot on the northeast corner of Bowery and Houston streets.

Gardeners built 60 vegetable beds, eventually adding trees to the site. As the garden began attracting attention and winning awards, the Green Guerillas started running workshops and experimenting with sturdy plants that could stand up to a hostile city environment. The group shared that which was grown on site and donated plants with other gardens across the city. In , the Garden was dedicated Liz Christy? Realizing the wisdom of outsourcing the maintenance of vacant city—owned lots to energetic community groups willing to tend to them and wanting to encourage grassroots neighborhood revitalization efforts, the City initiated the GreenThumb program in to provide assistance and coordination.

Originally sponsored by the City Department of General Services and funded by federal Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grants GreenThumb is still funded largely by community block grants from the federal Housing and Urban Development program , GreenThumb coordinated the leases for city—owned vacant land. Whether through vegetable plots or lush flower or herb gardens, residents transformed unattractive and sometimes unsafe spaces into green havens, providing open space in especially underserved areas.

As the GreenThumb program became more established and partnerships between the city and community groups strengthened, this arrangement shifted to a licensing agreement. Although the gardens were strictly temporary, and the city reserved the right to develop vacant lots, the community gardens became important institutions, and many of the sites remained as gardens despite the pressure to build housing or other infrastructure.

Home Care Services Request home attendant services for seniors and for Medicaid-eligible children and adults. Medical Emergency Report a medical emergency in progress. Public Health Library Get information about the Public Health Library's collection, online resources and hours of operation. Sodium Warning Complaint Make a complaint that a chain restaurant is not posting warnings about sodium content. Take Care New York Program Get information about the 10 steps you can take now to live a longer and healthier life.

Tanning Establishment Complaint Make a complaint about a business that provides the use of tanning machines. Water Fountain and Bottle Refill Stations Water fountains and bottle refill stations throughout the five boroughs.

Child Wellness Child Development Milestones Information on developmental milestones for parents and caregivers of children from 2 months to 5 years old. Children with Special Health Care Needs Get help with medical and orthodontic services for physically challenged or chronically ill children under age Developmentally Delayed Infant Services Get information about services for children from birth to age 3 with developmental delays.

Building Healthy Foundations for a Lifetime of Success Pamphlet on social and emotional development for parents and caregivers of babies. Eye Exams for Children Get information and referrals for eye exams. Health Risks from Circumcision Reports about ritual circumcision with direct oral suctioning. Healthy Weight for Children Booklet Get a booklet with information for parents about helping their children get to a healthy weight.

Immunization Record Request Get a record of shots or vaccines. Immunization Requirements for Children and Record Requests Get information about shots and medical exams required for school and day care. Medicaid Get information or make a complaint about Medicaid, free health insurance coverage for adults between the ages of 19 and Orthodontic Services for Children Get information about braces and orthodontic treatment for eligible children.

Parenting Health Bulletin Get a health bulletin about parenting. Promoting Your Child's Social and Emotional Development - A Guide for Parents Age-specific pamphlets on social emotional development for parents and caregivers of children from ages 1 to 5 years old and 5 to 10 years old.

Safe Sleep for Babies Information about how to safely place your baby to sleep. Teen Wellness Abortion for Teens Get abortion counseling and services for teens. Birth Control for Teens Get birth control for teens. Dating Violence Prevention Workshops Request a Healthy Relationship workshop, to prevent teen and young adult dating violence. Gynecologist Referral for Teens Get general gynecology services for teens.

Pregnancy Test for Teens Get pregnancy testing for teens. Pregnant or Parenting Teen and Youth Assistance Get help for pregnant or parenting adolescents, including day care and information about educational rights. Prenatal Care for Teens Get care to keep pregnant teens and their babies healthy. Teen Talk Toolkit A toolkit on emotional health topics for teachers and staff at middle and high schools.

Teens in NYC Mobile App or Booklet Download a free mobile app or a booklet listing clinics that offer reproductive health services to teens. Youth Counseling and Services Get information about services for troubled, runaway, or homeless youth and their families, including Youth Connect and walk-in centers.

Breastfeeding Assistance Get breastfeeding information and assistance. Breastfeeding Literature Material providing information about breastfeeding. Broken Condom and Unintended Pregnancy Prevent pregnancy after a condom has broken or after unprotected sex. Gynecologist Referral Get general gynecology services.

Healthy Start Brooklyn Healthy Start Brooklyn provides a wide variety of free programs, classes, and exercise groups for pregnant women, expectant fathers, and families. Mammogram Program Get information on free or low-cost mammograms and breast examinations. Nurse Home Visit for Pregnant Women Get information about a home visit from a nurse to help a woman who is pregnant for the first time. Pregnancy Test Get pregnancy testing.

Iamges: dating workshops nyc

dating workshops nyc

YGB YGB helps place teens, pre-teens and young adults with permanent families before they age out of care and provides preparation and licensing for community members to become foster and adoptive parents. The Center has been providing technical assistance to community-based organizations, service providers and government providers locally, regionally and nationally in a variety of disciplines since our inception in the s. Closed on City holidays.

dating workshops nyc

Hepatitis B Information about how to get tested, vaccinated, and treated for Hepatitis B.

dating workshops nyc

No income or immigration status requirements. The calls are free, and counselors are able to help you no matter what language you speak. Filing for Asylum as a Transgender Person. To report abuse, seek official help, dating workshops nyc find out more information regarding the law and domestic violence. Pregnancy Test for Teens Get pregnancy testing for teens.