Why Daughters Need Their Dads

Why Daughters Need Their Dads

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I agree children need 2 parents to live since it took 2 people to make them. They light up—or they cry. He was an alcoholic and hit me once and thats all it took for me to leave when she was three months. I have a 5 year old little girl who is the apple of my eye. Spend as much time at the courthouse as possible.


Get to know her teachers, coaches and mentors. If girls only knew they are watched, they would, for sure, be dressed everywhere - be it in bathroom, shower, kitchen, or bedroom My daughter is 9 now. That is easily misinterpreted as alienation of affection. He still had little to do with them but i felt would use access to them as a gateway to continue control and abuse. Today's headlines Most Read Revealed:

It breaks my heart. That He would be, as Psalm Also, pray that the heart of her father would be captivated by Christ and that he would repent. Blessings on you and that sweet six year old. What is absolutely horrible though, is how many dads there are in society who want to be dads, but the family law system and jaded women work together to alienate these dads from their daughters.

Young girls who have no positive male roll models in their life can be easily seduced by men she sees as father figures. Men take advantage of these young girls and see them as promiscuous when quite the opposite is true. To all you step dads and future stepdads: Regardless of her behavior, be a respectful example of how a father treats his daughter. If her dad is in the picture great. You must still let her know you are there for her. If her father is not in the picture your job is even tougher because she has already been let down by the most important man in her life.

Be prepared for a fight! Sadly I never took the dad out of the picture but he vanished four five years than came back and than after a visit on her birthday he left again and continued it sadly at the age of 15 my daughter started to be someone I never knew while me her mom dating a older guy thinking he would be a good example but instead had a vulgar mouth and was very abusive my daughter started being the same way with me.

It broke my heart because my daughter and son were both the reason I fought to staying alive. Today my daughter is 21 blames me for her life. My son he instead just started being out of control by doing drugs. I had a good father a father who was always in my life a father who I was a friend with.

I still can not understand where I went wrong and I fear the thought of my daughter hating me. This is totally true, I am 64 and I have a bad memory of a cold, absent and unaffectionate father. It so happens that in my personal life, I was always drawn towards that same type of character in a man. Needless to tell you that my personal life still now is a mess. If I had found that out earlier in life, I am sure my life would have been different. As the father of 3 beautiful teenage girls, you have no idea how much I and im sure other fathers as well, needed to hear this.

This brought a tear to my eye! I am blessed with 2 daughters who could not be more different yet who I love with all my heart. Is there any way to print this out? I sit on the child and family law committee, I am a NH state Representative and my committee needs to read this! Let me know if I can help you.

Recently being separated i read this and have now stopped in my tracks. Thank you again for the words needed. At the age of 93, my father passed away. As we draw near the first anniversary of his passing, my heart is still heavy from the loss. I suspect that will not change much.

My mother passed at 49, I was Since his passing, I am finding that I must now make good choices for myself and only since his passing have I realized that many decisions in my adult life, his approval, verbal or nonverbal, was of utmost importance to me. I have seen the truth in this article for myself in my own daughters I have 4. Their mother even comments on it all the; how the girls act sooo differently the minute I walk into the room.

Reading this makes me want to even try harder to build up our relatiopnship even more. Thank you so much for the insight! Thank you for this article and it is a truly wonderful sentiment. My daughters have taught me so much and our relationships cannot be stronger.

Through prolonged divorce, I am distanced from my girls. And the cost to gain what I have was significant. She turns 17 today. I have always tried to be the kind of man I hope for her to marry someday so that A she will transfer her formative relationship from her father to a young man of like kind, B all other men will fail that comparison, and C she will imitate the kind of wife her mother is to me. This young man is a Christian, even a fellow Baptist, as well as similarly experienced with ministry to South America.

Hope and her brothers have accompanied my wife and I to Venezuela for the past decade. He took her to the prom last year. Before he even asked her, he came to me and asked me if he could ask her. How could I say no? Meeker, A great article, but what about the father that has nothing to do with their daughters?

I met my girlfriend when she had a 14 year old and an 18 year old, who was out of the house by then, and their father had nothing to do with them for the previous 5 years of their life, after their mother had gotten divorced. I have been with this women now for 14 years, and having no kids of my own, I adore these two girls like they were my own, and their real father only talks to them when he needs something.

I have tried to be there for the girls with anything they need, and even though their mother and I are not married, I feel like I am more of a father than the ex who could care less about his own children. I know of several men who have stepped into this role and are truly more a father figure than some ex sperm donors.

I know you are such a blessing to them! As a psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience, I strongly disagree with this statement: A call to fathers and men to step up is healthy…..

Furthermore, current relationships, no matter how old a woman is, provide another opportunity for healing or worsening original wounds. Our daughters need hope, not psychological sentences. What a great article that is so true. I have a son 25, daughter 22, and daughter My ex husband left me for another woman 15 years ago.

He has never been an involved father. During our divorce he only fought for more time with our kids to try to keep his child support lower. During this fight his own family members supported me in helping the judge understand his only concern was protecting his wallet. I know how important a dads role is. I was the one drying the tears and trying to love them enough for both parents. The many times that two months or more had passed since they talked to him, his wife writing my 3 kids a letter about him choosing HER not them!

This article is so true because even through all this hurt my kids keep trying to make a relationship with their dad. In the fall when I was having a conversation with my 16yr old daughter who tells me everything about her loss of over 30lbs in the past year she shared with me the pain she is suffering.

She told me she was depressed, had anxiety and thought of ending her life! She was afraid to tell me because she overheard me in the summer say that I thought suicide was selfish.

She told me it had to do with her dad not being there. My daughter is beautiful inside and out, she has a 4. Even with all this going for her she is struggling!

I got her into couseling and she is doing much better. I love my kids so much I would do anything for them! I cried when I saw that interview knowing my children would struggle with those same issues! Also he has been going to church the past few years trying out different churches, even though I had to beg him to go with me and the kids on Christmas and Easter to the church the kids and I attended regularly.

My son seems to be ok. My son also keeps in touch with him more because of their common interest in hunting and fishing. I just want all my kids to be happy, healthy, confident and a peace whether or not their dad is in their life or not. Hopefully lots of fathers get the message in this article! It is so important! Success speaks for itself. Believe it or not. That goes for any religion. I can only tell the story from my own narrow minded perspective but I will never be apologetic for a hero of any story or for the villain.

You know, I read this and agree with the article. I tried this with my daughter but failed. I wish I could have been a better father to her but I just never learned how. Hopefully, in spite of all this, she grows up to have a very successful life.

This breaks my heart. At least in my world. But I also have a 7 year old daughter without a daddy. My heart hurts to see how she already sees differences in our world.

She knows she is supposed to have a daddy. But I am their only parent. The only one to stick through the hard stuff. I get the rewards but they NEED a daddy. I need to ask an opinion on something. My daughter just turned 5 and sometimes she still needs help in the bath, she has really long hair, and a lot of times my husband is in there helping her.

He just will not need my directive, he just goes by the theory that because I did the same thing with our older son when he was 5, that it automatically makes it okay for him to do it with her. My husband has this theory that my boundaries with our son, and his boundaries with our daughter relative to the age of the child should be identically streamlined, no exceptions; and our boundaries with our same sex children, while a little more liberal, should also be streamlined in the same way.

Am I the only who think this is a bit odd? This is something that every father needs to read. I grew up in an abusive home, with an abusive father. I wish someone would have shown him this.

I wish someone would have shown him how his actions, and words would impact me. I hope they inspire and encourage. Thank you so much for writing this, and showing light onto a sad and dark reality for so many young girls. I try my best to be the best dad I can be. I will pick up my twin daughters for the weekend in a few hours. What an awesome girl and our relationship is rock solid. As she grows, you yourself will be amazed at what you learn from her.

Be as involved as you can in her events. Get to know her teachers, coaches and mentors. Most of them can turn out to be friends… some of them your best friends. Whatever higher power you believe in… teach her what you know. Faith can be all she may have at a later time in her life. We went to church every Sunday… it keeps your family together and God gives you so much more than the little you give Him.

Invest in her future early. We started a college tuition plan when she was born. Last but not least… nobody is perfect but lead by example. Know she is watching you and use that as a guide in decisions you make. My Dad passed away many years ago, and as I look back now at the age of 55 years old, I acknowledge more than ever how critical my fathers guidance was to my life.

I had a great relationship with my Dad, he was my pal — but in hindsight from my perspective today I did not need a pal — I needed a Dad with whom I could have discussed my future, my insecurities, my confidence, my hopes and dream — what I needed was a fathers guidance. When we are young, we know it all — but when you get older you realize just how off course your knowing it all was.

Even today at my age I sometimes feel lost and I need a Dad to talk to — but the space is empty. A husband can never fill the space of a Dad when it comes to advice. This is a great article, but unfortunately it only works part of the time.

I did all the things I thought I was supposed to, much of it reflected in this article. But in the end, my beautiful daughter falsely accused me of unspeakable things because of the influence of her mother and her new husband. It has been over 4 years and I have been estranged from her in all that time. Sometimes you love someone to the fullest, but in the end, you can experience pain you did not think possible. Please also remember the good dads who loved and lost.

Life is not always so simple. Such a wonderful post it is! I think, Fathers are imperative to their girls. The way a lady feels about herself is particularly subject to how she was dealt with by her dad as she was growing up. The Bible soeaks of instruction and teaching from the parents. The dad is there to guide and protect. The mother is told to take care of the home and the children. Women are told to teach other women. A man cannot teach a daughter how to be a woman.

Yes, he can scold her about dating rough boys, but the mother and dad raise their children together. Please do not diminish the mother. Anyone with training in child care and child psychology can tell you that the most important parent to a child, is the like gender parent. So know that the mother is the like gender parent to the daughter. The mother teaches the daughter and helps her to develop into a strong, confident woman, not dad by himself.

Be careful what information you put out there. This article is to, in no way, diminish the role of mothers! However statistics could not be more clear cencerning the importance of fathers in the lives of their daughters and sons, for that matter. Deeply feeling in my spirit what this article is speaking about, I feel very grieved.

I am currently separated from wife and daughter. I have been grieved in my spirit to the point of asking the Lord to take my life, but then I think that I do not want my daughter to be unequivocally fatherless.

I never would have imagined that another person could have such a drastic affect on me, and vice versa. She has really taught me what real love that does not quit is. She has taught me what loving someone just for who they are is like, as well as experiencing someone loving me for just being me… her father.

My heart is twisted in anguish at my separation from her, especially knowing that it was due to my past sins that it happened. Sin exacts a heavy price even upon those who might not even be alive when the sin is committed.. God has forgiven me of all my sins and has greatly changed my heart to desperately long for Him and His righteousness… I pray that He will restore my day by day relationships with my wife and daughter, and help me to make up for times and moments lost.

I really do not understand those personally offended by this article. I can tell you from having a very abusive father that these words are true. I suffered with very low self esteem, eating disorders, depression for many years and all these years later still have my moments. I gained strength from my lack but my life would have been much easier if things had been different.

Totally agree with your genius tips. And the images are so colourful. I have a son and a daughter. Hope it will be working for my sweet daughter. No adjective I can use with confidence to describe the usefulness of this article. I need to work harder and smarter in preparing my daughter for the life she is facing and will face.

Could I be a father up to the requirement of this article? I wish I were! Any way I will be and do to the best of my self. I love this article. I only hope and wish my daughter feels these ways. She is actually my step daughter, I have been her Dad since she was 2. Her biological Dad has chosen to not be around. Recently she is favoring her future father-in-law despite all I have done and continue to do. What should I do? My daughters father has autism. Cannot show any respect to me their mother.

My father was the same with autism. It makes life hell for daughters. You are constantly seeking the approval that never comes. They criticise and find fault constantly. What to do with these fathers? I was certain my wife and I would have a little boy, but it was a girl.

I know that often times kids perceive God the same as their earthly father. Today I have 4 girls to raise. I love the front row seat of posturing them before the king and letting him change their heart. God is so good all the time. As moms and dads it is both our responsibilities to our children. I think though that a girl will one mom and dad and whether dad is there or not, the mom needs to strengthen her daughter and she can. The son needs affirmation from both parents as well.

We-mothers, daughters, and sisters-need your help to raise healthy young women. Over the years, in erratic bursts and in simple ordinary life, she will absorb your influence. This post from Dr. Meg Meeker provides helpful guidance. Some great stuff here. When I became the dad, the […]. Meg Meeker shares why girls need their Dads, and how we shape their lives for decades to come. We need every ounce of masculine courage and wit you own … […].

Your email address will not be published. Comments This Truth needs to be proclaimed to the whole world! Thank you for your comment, Susan. I remarried and have an 18 year old son, who she sees as the flavoured child we are still together as a family I would love to heal any old wounds, and develop a more loving and open relationship with her.

Thanks for your comment, Wallace. Dear Meg, Nothing rips through my heart more than to be reminded the girls I abandoned when they were young needed me so much.

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I am very frustrated. My son lives 90 miles from her and we are at our wits end as grandparents. She if she gets sole custody will never allow us to see our grandson again. We see him weekly now and it will not be fair to him nor us if we never get to see him again.

My story is a messed up one. My soon to be ex-wife left me for another man and is trying to take my faughter out of my life. She did this about a week before Thanksgiving. This started on a Friday. When I got there, she called me and asked where I was at and I told her that I was out looking for her. She said that she was at home! Anyways thoughout that whole weekend, she was trying to gwt rid of me and take my daughter. She told me that it was over between me and her and that she was with her new guy now.

She told me that she was going to get a restraining order against me. Now I have a restraining order against me and I only get to see my daughter 5 hours a week. She and her lawyer made this agreement and it was supposed to only be for a month. My lawyer told me to agree to this because of the protective order that she was trying to get. Now she keeps my daughter away from me as much as possible. I was visiting her at her school for lunch and she even tried to keep me from that!

She wants her new man to be the father now. Do these lies stick or will the Judge know?!?! I have my daughter and her mother both on audio recording. He not supposed to be there from 8ampm. I have texted her am not supposed to be. She went in my car several times and in hers also.

Now the ex is saying I went over there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am a father of a 4 year old, i am going through a divorce and custody battle.

I was not the best husband, i did not hit her, or abuse her in anyway, but i did have an affair. I was forced to move out by my wife and her family. She since has moved in her brother and mother who both use drugs around my child. After months of arguing with her about this i refused to let my son return to the house. Now i am going through a custody battle that i am afraid i can not win because i do not have the money her family does.

Someone please help, if you can not afford to donate please share. I can use any advice on what to do also. My husbands ex is trying to make it so that I cannot travel with him to pick up his son. His ex and us meet halfway in between our houses she moved 5 hours away. I have never been mean, called her names, etc. Will the courts be able to stop me from driving with him to pick up his son? Is that against the law? I understand how that situation can go. And now you have to register if you are caught urinating in your own back yard.

My prayer for you is that everything is worked out in the best interest of the children. Definitely keep your nose clean. Assume that your spouse is recording you in one form or another. I won full custody of both of my kids after 7 years of marriage. I suspected drug use or a mental illness. I started gathering evidence as soon as i thought she had a problem. Text messages, social media, voicemail was her downfall.

She also did things in the house like tagging with spray paint and general lack of cleaning up after herself. Take lots of pictures. My spouse also showed complete lack of interest with the kids. She was awarded supervised visitation twice a month but has not excercised one visit. It is her responsibility to call and arrange visitation. Use phone records as evidence too because your spouse will probably claim you do not allow her to talk.

In my case this happened. Phone records has proven that she has made no attempt to call. It has been a really intense year. BTW, it can be expensive. The mother refuses to let me see my child, whom l love dearly. They all live in a small 2 bedroom apartment. What are my chances of gaining custody , I want my son badly. I have a 6 bedroom home , occupied by me , my wife and 18 year old son Brooklyn, NY.

Just starting out please contact me not sure if you finished in court yet. Should I call dyfs? We are all screwed bud. The court system does not care. We care about our children, but the court system only cares about the best interest is to be with the mother. Look out what they turn out to be. God help this country man. I won full of both of my children. I have a 7 and 8 year old. My spouse was mentally unstable and we were able to prove it. I was awarded full custody.

I am currently dealing with an unstable ex girlfriend who is pregnant with my child. I have overwhelming evidence of her harassing me at work and chasing me in her car countless times.

I filed a complaint at the county attorneys office. They sent her a cease and desist communications letter. She pretended like she never got the letter and continued to harass me. Now she is being charged with two counts of stalking and harassment communications. She had been abusing me and anytime i tried to leave the house she would block my exit. If i tried to move her out of the way she would scream as if i was hurting her.

She told the court that she was afraid of me but i had moved out of her house months before this as well as blocked her number. She has been all over Facebook calling me a deadbeat dad. Is this enough to prove her mental state is not sound? Also I have text messages where she basically apologizes for threatening to shoot me in the head with her gun. There are some judges out there that care about the well being of a child.

It may have taken 3 yrs for me, and 14 grand, but I did win custody of my son.. We just have to fight for them. Only failure is when you give up. Stupidity is the job of the CPS worker, based on my minimum of 6 investigations they really seem to be sociopaths, so come up with something that their job may depend on.. I was recently subpoenaed by my ex, in a custody hearing, however I was not prepared with my lawyers, and he won, during this I was and am in the middle of my wedding, should I go on with my wedding,or cancel.

They had two young children, and she moved out of their home with their two children, and in with this other man. My son was nothing but a good husband and father, and did not deserve this. She does not work. She lived off of my son, and now she is living off of this other guy. My son has a good job and is a wonderful father an provider. She is a terrible role model for her two impressionable daughters, and does nothing to provide for them financially other than get public assistance.

I believe he should attempt to get full custody of the girls. We his parents will be here to help him with childcare while he works, so he has a very strong support team. My daughter is 4 years old. Her mother had two children through 2 different men and now this is her third child with the third man which is me.

Only to know that my soon to be ex is currently sleeping with a guy in another state and took my child and ran away. Because, she was going to take care of her two adult children. Her mom and dad are the same and they had multiple kids through multiple marriages, but the court system does not care. I asked the same question where are the morals and values, and she is a poor role model for my child.

I do not want my child to be turning out like her and her grand mother and I am fighting for her custody. Do you think I am going to get it, NO way, the court wil decide and give it to her as it is the best interest that the child stay with the mother. I am glad that you all are there to support your son.

I do not have parents nor anybody to support me in my grief. A woman who gave a divorce when my mother was in critical state and she wanted a divorce and did not even care that my mother passed away and she was all up and busy running to jump in bed with another guy in another state. Now, the court does not even care to bring my daughter back as she removed the child from the state.

This is how the court systems are. Well, at age 50 she is now wanting to me to pay child support for another 15 years when I was thinking that I was going to save money for my retirement. I never wanted to have a child, and she coerced me to have a child and then now she wants child support and maintenance. This is how some woman are in this country.

Do I really have any belief in this justice system, I don;t think so and I have lost it. Sounds very similar to my situation. Within a month my children were introduced to a new man and she has been trying to take advantage of me since. I just wanted to do things civil.

She has lied over and over again to put a better light on herself,but we know the truth. She and her family are horrible people. My son will be filling for divorce and full custody rights of his kids and We his family and friends will help him get through this. Also the mother had his kids in drug related situations for many many days and her parents knew about it and did nothing. Not til the mother in law found out and called dcf.

Anything done to help the kids and the father was never notified and his kids are in care of the mothers parents. And the father has all his rights violated by the courts and by the state of Florida. No one will tell him why his kids are not with him he had no criminal records no drug records. I have a question if dfs has taken your children and they want to give the grandparents rights to adopt what do I need to do to show myself so I can fight this battle.

Be very careful , do your research , because , family court is a very dangerous place for people trying to escape a marriage based in power and control. From my experience the family court system was filled with misconduct, malpractice, etc. The real problems were never really addressed. I am going through this right now.

I would love to speak to someone about their experience, maybe give me advice as to what direction I should take. Mine is very different n very painful n confused!!! My 20yr old Son was dating this girl who was pregnant by some other guy my son was there for her thur her pregnancy n even watch the child that wasnt his be born.

They lived together n began having problems n they would split up n shed go back n forth between her babys daddy n my son. N my son loved this girl very much n around June of she told my Son she wanted nothing to do with him n kicked him out of the place they both once lived in On July 2 My Son was shot n killed by police officers n i was left without my Son who had a older sister n younger brother n my X!!!

Hi, I am scouring the web to get ready, for going to court with my ex. From the moment I left him and took my soon it has been hell. While living with him he was and still is emotionally and mentally abusive to me and my son. Every thing that he did he projected on me saying I did them. Like when our son had been out of the hospital he was in the NICU for a month as he was premature. This is only one example. And when I finally scrounged up the cur rage to leave him I have to go thouh this legal hell and get misrepresented my an awfull loweer who ends up siding with my ex!

He ended up with cutady. He sends me abusive and treating text messages harasses me on face book. This has to end I will not allow my son to be treated this way. My heart goes out to both mothers and fathers going this I hope the link I provied helps you. The site has a pdf that you can open, and print to give to the judge and attorneys to help them understand and what not to do when an abusive parent is involved.

Like custody and making the other parent be around the abusive one. My ex got physical with me during a fight so I left, when I came back he had packed all of my stuff in garbage bags and shoe boxes. What was the fight about? He started screaming and berating our child telling him that act ruined our day.

He has since stopped working and is on disability for mental health. He let the mortgage on what was our family home go into foreclosure so he could move in with his buddy. Neither of them work, besides selling drugs. He brings our son to coke dealers houses and leaves him unattended in the basement so he can go outside to get high. He threatens me and bullies me. He spanks our child hard enough to leave welts that last a week.

If I were to do something I would be pegged as the nasty vindictive ex who took our child away from him. I feel this is a slam to men because it makes it seem as though just men do these things. If it makes you feel any better , family court destroyed my family without that blink of an eye. I do not see family court malpractice being gender biased. I am hopefully towards the end of a three year divorce.

I have move to a different city, to get a new start. In or temporary order we both agreed to not have our son around a significant other. However I have become so tired of this game he is playing that I have let my son meet my significant other. They get along great and he would never try to take the place of his dad. Is there anyway this could back fire on me????? Your kids deep down know the truth. Keep doing what your doing! Such behavior should be reported. The police will treat her the same way they would have treated you and she will go to jail.

Not the case in Minnesota. I called the police and I have been removed from the house and stayed overnight at the hotel. Jim,I think you like the drama. I have been divorced for over 6 to 7 years my daughter is 9. I am remarried as of last August. My first and most important question is I took her back to court am I allowed to serve her the papers because she was yelling at me that it was no good because I served her the papers.

I am not trying to take my child away from her. I said that during the school year my daughter stay with me and she could still get her Friday ,Saturday and Sunday twice a month and in the Summer time go back to half and half. Now to the bad points my child has had head lice 8 times in two and half years and my ex will not do it properly so I have taken her for 18 days do the cleaning and then do the cleaning with the lotion days later just to make sure plus hours of nitting my daughter has very thick hair.

My daughter has missed 27 days last year and it close to that this year. Her mom does not make her go to school and I hold very important. She has to watch her younger brother and sister she tells me and that is why she is up so late. Another thing I can never get hold of her by phone it is either dead or she just turns it off. The school does not even call her anymore just me. I am wondering what is going to happen in court this time I am not trying to take my daughter away from her mother it is just not healthy over in that house.

She had a child before I was with her and I had one daughter with her. She had two more kids with my best friend that she cheated on against me but he passed away from Cancer which really sucks we had gotten over that. Now she is with a guy that has his own two boys 13 and So all together there are 6 kids in a 3 bedroom house and there are no bed times so I think it is just as well that she stay with me during school I am not asking for the money back that is what she said to me I did not even think about that.

So any input on the first question is important and what do you think will happen in court this being the third time back. It sounds like she has borderline personality disorder. Make it a request that she get evaluated by a mental health specialist that really understands the personality disorder. They are sometimes misdiagnosed or missed by otherwise good mental health professionals.

Good luck and blessings to your child. They put everyone in the same basket and just make decisions based on their mood that day, instead of facts. I feel sorry for the children…and hope the system changes sooner rather than later, too many families have been destroyed because of incompetence.

We live in California and before I meet her she was on the streets homeless with a guy who hit her. She told me that she was living with her sister at one time after her husband left her and the kid.

While living there her sister gave her a curfew at 10 pm when she was 5 minutes late she told her the kid stays here and took back the house keys. So when she came by to see her daughter she never answer the door are the phone. When she applied for homeless and the welfare told her to bring her kid and her sister did not let her get her own daughter and told her to not mess up her case.

So when I got with her she took me to her moms house and while we where there she found child helper papers and papers for showing up to court and the 60 days where up cause her mom hid the papers and never told her nothing. But now it says she has to pay her sister child helper. I thought that was beytween husband and wife only. So why is she getting welfare for her daughter and putting my girlfriend her sister threw hell and the all go to church. Is this even fare. It is a never ending cesspool waiting to destroy your family.

I get her every other weekend and I pick her up through the week days to go to the YMCA or just spend time with her. My Daughter tells me that mommy locks herself in her room with her strange boyfriend. Daughter has to text her mom in the same house to get her out. Also my Daughter has been left alone many times and it goes back several years. The Ex and my Daughter just recently was evicted from the place they have been living 10 years. And now is with her 5th boy friend which all of them look skinny and trashy looking.

So what is my FN rights …. I pay the Ex very good for child support and she drives a Audi which she just recently purchased. Is there anything I can do?? The State had NP getting child support!! I was put in a closed court room and I had 9 other people there to support me and observe and when they went to the door and turned the door knob it was locked and hit a button no one would answer them to buzz them in, so needless to say I was put through the ringer and my 4 year old was taken away from me with no evidence of any wrong doing.

I have call dozens of lawyers and no one will torch my case because they all know if they go up agents a judge there career is over. Can anyone help me???

My story is a long and complicated one, but will shorten it the best way that I can. Back in October of , I discovered some info about my spouse that I was being cheated on, which is what led to the mess I am about to talk about.

During our time together up until marriage and then divorce, we took care of my son, from a previous relationship, from the first day he was born. The biological father came to the hospital to sign the birth certificate and only seen the child for the first 3 months after birth, then disappeared.

I had tried to contact him through phone calls, only to find the number disconnected. So I reached out through facebook messaging where it would only show he read my messages but would never reply.

This went on for a solid year and a half. I had left my job previous to discovering I was pregnant and stayed on prenatal care. Which I did not go back to work so I could care for my son due to limitations. Anywho, getting off topic, child support attempted to reach out multiple times without response, letters were being returned, had an order for DNA testing and guess what? Could not establish anything.

So I sold everything I had to make money to get by until I could find a job. During this time I was having issues with the spouse, like mentioned before. My mother informed me that my spouse was abusive to my son. No one had any proof of anything, not to mention I was working when it was supposedly witnessed.

Prior to filing for divorce, I contacted the father back in regards to seeing his son and also expressing the issue at hand. Wanting to remove my son from the line of fire and away from any potential harm to be safe. I also had to save up money to file for my divorce due to not having the finances.

I also explained this to the father. He understood and we had a verbal agreement on the matter. My son would visit for a few hours a day at first because he had not clue who his father was. So we started out slow and worked up to weekends. The father wanted more time with him, so I worked it up to a week at a time. Then after Christmas , I began a new job in January , working full time and 3pm-midnight with only 2 days off.

I tried my hardest to see my son when I was off work and sometimes my mother would have him with her at her house. My schedule stayed hectic for about 3 months, then it changed and I could see my son at reasonable hours with consecutive days off. My mother was getting my son every other weekend prior to my new schedule.

Then visitation gradually went up to where my mother would have my son for a whole week every other week beginning in may and we would switch off during those times on my days off. Everything was working out great, I was getting on my feet with my new job and residence, I had gotten my divorce shortly after. I remarried 4 months later, October My son absolutely loves my husband and even calls him dad for some reason. I had seen my son last at the end of September , but when my mother went to get my son, the father refused to let either one of us have my son back.

Did not have a court order and neither parent has custody granted. Now we are about to go through a court battle where his petition states I am unstable and I live with my ex spouse, who was supposedly abusing my son.

Everything stated was false information. I am just wondering, do they sort through the lies to determine everything? Or do they grant based off of falsified information. I have a stable job, income, car, drivers license, house, married, etc. He has no car, no license, no job, and not married. He receives a disability check and VA benefits. He also just got a house a few months back where he pays rent. I am currently going through a divorce and my husband, who still lives in the house, is going off every weekend and leaving his kids behind so he can be with his girlfriend and her kids.

When he is home during the week, he spends all of his time at the gym and then on the computer and texting her. I have begged him to stay home at least every other weekend and spend time with his kids.

I applaud you gentlemen here who want to be with your children. Good luck with your battles and I hope you win them. Im a man and im fighting…yes cause inhave 2 daughters thst dont need to see there mother jumping from one man to another.

She has also had dcf report with neglect,abuse and endangerment…. I have had my daughters fulltime for the past 2 years and in that 2 years she didnt call or get gifts for birthdays or christmas. She goes months without calling or seeing them.. My youngest fell out of a second story apartment window under her care when she was 2yrs old and did nothing.. My oldest is 5 and she has rage toward ger mother and doesnt want to see her or talk to her most days.

Tomorrow will be the first time they have seen there mother since thanksgiving and its not cause of me keeping them from her. She would have to actually call them first… im currently going through my divorce with her and i feel thr only reason she is even calling which she is still failing to call at the time we have agreed toisnall for show causeshe had not spoke to them or seen them since november its now april is cause she got surved witj divorce papers otherwise she would more than likely still have not called.

I am umable to afford a lawyer while she jas another new boyfriend whos paying for hers while she doesnt work…i am currently om a waiting list for daycare voucher from the state of florida sono can go get a meaningless job since i am unable to do what i went to school for…im a commercial diver in Jacksonville fl and in the gulf of mexico.

I walked away from my career and a hope for my children to be able to go tongood colleges and o had to walk away and become a fulltime dad.

I was recentlt living down 3hrs south of Jacksonville and moved back up to Jacksonville to find her and my parents live here so thesupport has been amazing. They only alloe me to stay in there home while i take care of my divorce for free since i have been cancelled by the state for ebt assistance and daycare..

After that, the pace at which your current cell manages to lose mass turns into too excellent and outpaces your grazing gains. I love my wife and kids very much. She left cause had feelings for another man. The bad person in her eyes even thought the first 6 weeks my daughter slept in a floor with 8 people in the house instead of the bed shes been I.

The last 8 hears. Now all of a sudden im not good enoght to do that. All I want is shared with my sweet 8 year old girl who I might add is taking all this very well and loves every second were together. Scared to death dad in ohio. You should probably leave that stuff to your wife and her ex. Exes tend to be very hostile towards new husbands. There definitely needs to be reform in the court system. Men really have no rights. My oldest son is going to be next year.

We alternated weeks for a month. Then we got into an argument about money. I had a decent job she moved in with her parents. So every Sunday when we met to exchange I took them and got everything he needed for the week and filled her car up with gas and away I went.

After the argument she accused me of being a bulky and being afraid of me. Denied contact with my son, said I needed supervised visits for 2 months. So during that time I drove down a couple of times to see him.

But when this happened the money stopped flowing. It became hard on her so she let me have weekend visitations. I have taken care of him since he was 20 months old. Got him caught up on his vaccinations. She of course got every other weekends and alternating holidays and such. Last year she got in trouble with drugs was in jail and rehab. Let her parents take him while she was incarcerated. There is a lot more to this woman and the many boyfriends and partying she has done.

What a friggin joke. My ex and I broke up 2 years ago. My daughter to another man was 6 months old. The relationship was violent and abusive. I fell pregnant and a son to him, he did nothing to care or raise him either. The relationship became a lot worse and I moved away when he was 5 months old. He still had little to do with them but i felt would use access to them as a gateway to continue control and abuse.

When I got him trespassed he filled for week about. I applied for a protection order after he assaulted me at one of the change overs. I allow him every 2nd weekend supervised and he has remained consistent for over a year, but he is now fighting for guardianship of my daughter which I refuse because of his abusive and aggressive nature. I was concerned with things my daughter had been telling me and have now stopped all access to her but he continues to see his son.

I want to keep him away from her but am caught between knowing if I am making the right decision or not. She does not know her real dad, he is the only father figure she knows but I feel he is not a good influence on her. He was very verbally and emotionally abusive towards me and I fare he is the same towards me. Have I made the right choice?! Is there anything I can do? I am a mother of a 2 year old that her dad has had her since march and we was never married but forced me to leave.

My ex has actually put his hands on my I have bruises and a broken finger and a dented car. He has starved my son in the past.

I have currently filed for custody. I am going to first step woman abuse. I am scared an having anxiety. Someone please give me advice.

My ex and I have been together for 12 years.

Iamges: dating your dads girlfriends daughter

dating your dads girlfriends daughter

That will certainly prevent you from having a healthy relationship with your children. He was an alcoholic and hit me once and thats all it took for me to leave when she was three months.

dating your dads girlfriends daughter

It takes a village: What is your advice for a six year old girl with an absent father who desperately wants a dad, but he will have nothing to do with her? It is time to stand up and make family laws fairer to stop child abuse being carried out and to promote shared parenting in the family courts so broken families can start to be repaired for the good of our communities.

dating your dads girlfriends daughter

But in regard to the non sense Dsting will dating your dads girlfriends daughter bringing to court any and all neccsary documentations in regards to his court order becasue he is unfit dangerous,vicous, agrumentative, and commiting acts of violence. Share or comment on this article e-mail My father n law just found out today that his ex wife decided to moe out of town and take their two children with her. We have a mostly close relationship but sometimes I feel that she blames me for leaving her, and her mother. My husband was a wonderful father, husband best hookup sites 2016 person but was killed in dating your dads girlfriends daughter car accident on April 3,