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Cloud Strife

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Cloud is knocked out by Genesis and is helped back into town by Tifa. Tseng - Special Episode: He had a crush on Tifa, but hated her friends, calling them immature. Nomura nicknamed it "the Giant Kitchen Knife" due to how he originally envisioned it. Because the Lifestream is the source of life to the Planet, depleting the energy this way atrophies the area surrounding Mako Reactors. Tifa picks up and asks Denzel why he has Cloud's cellphone. His ultimate weapon is the Ultima Weapon , which deals more damage based on how full his HP is.

Cloud Strife

The exact structure of the inside of the Planet is unknown, as it appears in places like Cave of the Gi that aside from the Lifestream, the Planet also holds within itself magma. Perfect Secretary in Stocki Katsuni Office Time Hardcor Like the rest of the party, he wears a pink ribbon around his left arm, though it stays hidden for most of the movie. The Planet breeds new life from this soul in a process similar to reincarnation. Latex and Nylon

Opposing the White Materia is the Black Materia , which can summon the ultimate destructive magic, Meteor , to critically wound or even destroy the Planet. Sephiroth plans to place himself at the center of the gathering and absorb the spiritual energy and become a god. Cloud Strife and his allies kill Sephiroth before Meteor falls, and Holy emerges to fight it off. The Meteor's gravity so close to the Planet causes Holy's energy to be too unfocused, and Aeris calls upon the Lifestream to push Meteor back, giving Holy enough time to gather its full power and destroy Meteor.

The ultimate fate of the White and Black Materia is unknown. The White Materia was last seen in the lake under the Forgotten City , while the Black Materia was last seen in Sephiroth's hands in the Northern Crater before it collapsed. The Negative Lifestream descending over Midgar. When the Lifestream burst from the Planet to save the world from Meteor, Sephiroth's spirit in it remained, and Jenova's remnants spread over the Planet, infecting many with the fatal disease Geostigma.

Advent Children , the Remnants of Sephiroth plan a second Jenova reunion using children afflicted with Geostigma. It is hinted that the Remnants are made up of "negative Lifestream" tainted with Jenova's cells, and they can summon Shadow Creepers from this dark Lifestream.

Kadaj acquires Jenova's head and Sephiroth is reborn, explaining that, when those infected with Geostigma die, their tainted Spirit Energy will return to the Planet, and Sephiroth will use his influence over Jenova to take control of the Lifestream.

Sephiroth summons the negative Lifestream over Midgar during his battle with Cloud, but once he is defeated, it fades. It is unknown what happened to the negative Lifestream afterwards, though Case of the Lifestream - White mentions that Aerith would heal the spirits that make it up, presumably causing it to diminish, if not outright disappear.

How such deposits are created is not stated, but it is mentioned as being stagnant, and implied in Hoshi wo Meguru Otome and Case of the Lifestream Black that certain emotions in a spirit prevent it from flowing properly.

This Lifestream forms a being known as Chaos. It plays during multiple scenes at Cosmo Canyon Observatory when Bugenhagen explains about the Planet and the Lifestream.

Its motif also plays at the very beginning and very end of the game, when Aeris's face appears surrounded in a green glow. The spirit energies in the aetherial realm of Hydaelyn are called "Lifestream". Many world cultures contain beliefs of a natural force that transcends all life. Japan's native religion, Shinto, purports that all things have souls. The Lifestream is also an iteration of the ancient Hellenic philosophical concept of the Absolute or the World-Soul, an infinite wellspring of spiritual energy.

All human beings possess a fragment of it which returns upon death. The description of the Lifestream's afterlife is also consistent with Neo-Platonic belief. This concept of the Absolute would, over a millennium later, become part of Jewish Kabbalist belief, which factors heavily into the game.

All living things contribute to the overall soul of the Planet after they depart and "return to the Lifestream". The Planet breeds new life from this soul in a process similar to reincarnation. Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? The flow of the Lifestream. That's what we call the river of life that circles our planet, giving life to the world and everything in it. Katsuni Office Time Hardcor Emily B Brazzers Office Sto Marie McCray in Stockings B Asian Pornstar Katsuni in S Get Horny Get Healthy Brazz Cytherea Sex With The Docto Anissa Kate Female Doctor i Paige Turnah Stockings Cowg Lexi Ward and Tamara Grace Dayna Vendetta Big Tits Blo Shyla Styles Nurse in White Marie McCray Fucked Hard in Naughty Bride Brynn Tyler H Lexi Belle Office Stockings Brooke Belle Teacher Stocki Slutty Art Teacher Roberta Spanish Teacher Franceska J Lisa Ann in Stockings Fucki Kelly Divine and Lea Lexis Leilani Leeane in Fishnet S Brunette in Lingere and Nyl Amy Ried in Stayup Stocking Tifa picks up and asks Denzel why he has Cloud's cellphone.

Denzel begins to cry and collapses from Geostigma. Cloud takes him home to live with him, Barret's daughter Marlene, and Tifa. Although their new life as a family is happy, Cloud becomes insular. He admits to Tifa his problems are because "you can't reclaim lost lives", referring to his perceived guilt in the deaths of Aerith and Zack.

Once he contracts Geostigma, he leaves, secretly moving out into the Sector 5 Church. In Case of the Lifestream , Cloud is mentioned as being the core of Sephiroth's being. By focusing on his hatred of Cloud, Sephiroth avoids dissolution in the Lifestream, and believes Cloud's memories of him allow him to survive and be revived.

Aerith thinks of Cloud during her attempts to battle Sephiroth's influence, resolving to contact him and help him fight Sephiroth's infection on the Lifestream at the source—the plague Geostigma. Drake's office and talks briefly with Denzel to arrange a meeting with Cloud. Drake discusses a book he's reading, which details the experiments conducted on Jenova by the Shinra Science Department.

When Cloud arrives, he informs Evan that if he wants to buy fuel there are three sources: Advent Children , Cloud has left to look for a cure for Denzel's Geostigma and is infected himself due to his Jenova cells. Cloud has fallen into a cycle of guilt and depression, and so avoids calls from his friends. Cloud receives a call from Tifa that the Turk Reno has a job for him, and he is attacked by a mysterious trio of young men, three manifestations of Sephiroth's consciousness.

Rufus offers Cloud to join them to fight the trio, led by Kadaj. Cloud rejects the offer after Reno brings up the idea of rebuilding Shinra. Cloud arrives at Aerith's church to find an unconscious Tifa on the flower bed, having been beaten by Loz —one of the remnants of Sephiroth—when she went looking for him.

Marlene, Barret's adopted daughter, has been kidnapped and Cloud's Materia stash stolen. Cloud passes out from a Geostigma attack and he and Tifa are discovered by the Turks Reno and Rude who bring them to 7th Heaven to recover.

The three remnants kidnap children with Geostigma, among them Denzel, intending to have the children lead them to Jenova's remains. Although unsure if he should fight, Cloud goes to the Forgotten Capital after encouragement from Tifa and the Turks.

On the way he is visited by an apparition of Aerith, and declares he is searching for forgiveness. Upon seeing Denzel and the other children under Kadaj's control, Cloud confronts the trio but is outmatched and rescued by Vincent Valentine who explains the true nature of Geostigma to him—a plague caused by Jenova's cells. Marlene runs into Cloud's arms worried about Denzel but refusing to go home when Cloud asks Vincent to take her.

Cloud resolves to take Marlene home and confront Kadaj. After Cloud drops Marlene off at the bar where she tells him not to give up, he finds the strength to take up arms again. He takes on Loz and Yazoo while chasing Kadaj through the Midgar Highway , and slices their weapons and Loz's bike in half. Loz and Yazoo are seemingly killed in the explosion set by Reno and Rude during the chase.

Confronting Kadaj the battle takes Cloud back to Aerith's church where the Lifestream-infused water sprouting from the destroyed flowerbed cures him of Geostigma. Cloud battles Kadaj once more but the remnant absorbs Jenova's remains he had obtained from Rufus earlier, and Sephiroth is reborn.

The ensuing battle at the ruins of the Shinra Building nearly kills Cloud, but Sephiroth makes the mistake of asking what is most important to Cloud and how he can take that away from him. Inspired by thoughts of his friends, living and dead, Cloud regains his strength and overwhelms Sephiroth. Defeated, Sephiroth dissipates, leaving a dying Kadaj in his place. Loz and Yazoo return and set off a kamikaze explosion that apparently kills all three of them, but Cloud is healed by Aerith's intervention, reawakening in the pool that now occupies the church.

After helping Denzel into the pool's Lifestream-infused water to cure him of Geostigma, Cloud spots apparitions of Aerith and Zack near the doorway.

Before they leave, Aerith's final words ensure Cloud will be all right. He silently replies that he will, because he knows he is not alone anymore. After everything is over, the newly polished Buster Sword is moved to Aerith's church from the hill Zack died on that has a grove of yellow flowers. Denzel asks if the place is a grave, to which Cloud responds it is not: In a DVD extra, Cloud is making deliveries while taking calls from his friends.

One call is from Vincent Valentine who has recently purchased a cellphone, asking Cloud to tell Yuffie she has no right to call him. Cloud makes a run to Barret's place and receives three packages: The last call is to Tifa, asking her to close the bar the next day. He assists the World Regenesis Organization and Vincent Valentine against the threat of Omega and Deepground and leads the ground assault on Midgar , facing Rosso the Crimson , and he and the others aid Vincent in defeating Omega.

In Final Fantasy VII Cloud is the main playable party member, who serves as the party leader throughout the majority of the game. He wields large broadswords in battle , with the most powerful Limit Breaks. Cloud has the most balanced stats and is the most powerful character, making him effective both at dealing damage with attacks and at casting Magic. His ultimate weapon is the Ultima Weapon , which deals more damage based on how full his HP is.

As the party leader, Cloud participates in all minigames , and is present in field gameplay and on the world map. Due to his position as leader, he cannot be removed from the party. There is also a hidden gameplay attribute that determine which party member will date him in Gold Saucer.

Originally conceptualized by Sakaguchi as one of only three playable characters the others being Barret Wallace and Aerith Gainsborough Nomura was called upon to supervise Cloud's various lines and personality traits while Kitase and Nojima were in charge of developing Cloud's background and his relationship with Sephiroth.

Nojima thought of the relationship between the player and the protagonist when writing for Final Fantasy VII. In an interview in Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Ultimania Nojima makes a comparison to Dragon Quest where the main character doesn't have a set personality and the player is free to "become" the hero.

In a case of an RPG protagonist whose name and past have already been decided, Nojima tries to come up with ways to get the player to empathize with the character. The characters living in a game's universe know their world well, but it's a new place to the player, and so Cloud's foggy memories were created as a way to introduce the player to the world. In early drafts Cloud was meant to be more directly controlled by Sephiroth.

As Sephiroth fell to his death in the Nibelheim Mako Reactor , his strong will to live would have manifested itself in Cloud as he needed a body that could move freely to bring him the Black Materia. It would be told that Cloud's memories are a phantom created by Sephiroth himself out of his emotions when he was "killed" in the Nibelheim Reactor.

Cloud would later have discovered that due to the SOLDIER process, Sephiroth was directly trying to take control of him, and that Cloud's own complexes combined with Sephiroth's willpower, created his alternate persona that obscured who Cloud really was. This version was altered after the introduction of Jenova and the fleshing out of Zack's story.

The game's directors only had a vague image of Cloud's identity, mainly that it was intended as mysterious, but the actual unfolding of events was left in Nojima's hands. Event planner Motomu Toriyama had made the "Cloud showing off" pose, which was made to be be used in the scene where Cloud first appears.

This little animation impressed Nojima, and lead to him determining Cloud's false persona based on that pose. After figuring out Cloud's identity issues the rest of the scenario came together. Nojima made not only the scenario but the event scenes as well, and the parts where the mysteries are made clear. The team ended up doing the test play with no idea how it was going to end, and that's how they first found out the true course of events.

Zack was a character Nojima brought in while building up the mystery, so the others had no clue he would be such a pivotal character. Cloud was the first person created for the game by Tetsuya Nomura. This depiction was to serve as a contrast to the long, flowing silver hair of Sephiroth, and also because Nomura thought it would be better not to use too many polygons. Nomura nicknamed it "the Giant Kitchen Knife" due to how he originally envisioned it.

The sword was meant to be held on his back via magnets and have a small chain. Pre-release material reveals what is possibly an early character model for Cloud. In the demo version Cloud's menu portrait is the young Cloud portrait seen during the Kalm flashback to the Nibelheim Incident in the final game, and his character model is different and shorter than his finalized model.

This "Demo Cloud" makes appearances in other pre-release shots published in magazines before the game was out. Cloud's battle model also had an earlier build , wielding a different version of the Buster Sword that had only one slot as opposed to two seen in the final game. Cloud's design is an accumulation of eight designs the staff made, ranging from deformed to realistic. Advent Children , Tetsuya Nomura explained that while Cloud was depicted as a more upbeat character at the end of Final Fantasy VII , he chose to have Cloud be a character fans would find more familiar, and the script was written to explain why Cloud had returned to such a frame of mind.

His face was modeled to keep "a stiff upper lip", with his emotions and thoughts being expressed through his eyes. Numerous scenes featuring close-ups of Cloud's face were redone with adjusted facial expressions and lighting to convey the intended emotions.

On explaining Cloud's situation in the film, Nomura said that "Cloud tried to lead his life positively after the end of FF7 but he cracked The sin which Cloud thinks he owns is not anyone's fault in particular.

It is something Cloud has to overcome by himself. Nomura admits that in the film, "Cloud seems to be a weak guy. Generally, heroes are strong, cool and don't have any weaknesses Although Cloud is a jerk sometimes, he is really human-like. It's through redemption from his friends and having children to protect that he becomes stronger.

Cloud's new weaponry was created based on jokes by fans who commented that, since Cloud's weapon in the original game was enormous, in a sequel he should go with sheer numbers. Although it does not have an official name, the staff named them the "Fusion Swords" during the film's development. The concept was to have Cloud hold a total of six swords he would carry on his back, but it was changed to six interlocking swords forming a single weapon.

Although the film's staff originally thought doing sequences with the Fusion Swords was impossible, they decided to make it as they found it made an interesting twist to the battles.

Cloud appeared in the E3 reveal trailer, but his design was later changed to be closer to the original design, and is said to look more natural. Director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura and development leader Naoki Hamaguchi have mentioned that while Cloud may look "this way," he was a dorky character in the original game.

Cloud is expected to display more of his youthful side rather than the always-serious one commonly seen outside of the original game. In the Japanese versions of Ehrgeiz: It is played in the ending when Cloud awakens in Aerith's church.

The second movement deals with the themes of love, loss and uncertainty as Cloud is undecided in his feelings towards Aerith and Tifa. The movement begins with "Words Drowned by Fireworks", a scene in which Cloud goes on a date that ends abruptly. The music moves forward representing the themes of Tifa, Cloud and Aerith—the three themes that are always present, each one featured up front as a main theme at certain phase of the movement.

Cloud Strife has appeared in the following games throughout the Final Fantasy series:. Cloud makes a brief cameo in two strips in the fan-made webcomic 8-Bit Theater as a potential Light Warrior.

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In Case of the Lifestream , Cloud is mentioned as being the core of Sephiroth's being.

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Coming into direct contact with pure Lifestream is hazardous for living beings, however, as one's mind can collapse in a phenomenon known as Mako poisoning. Kendra Lust in Stockings Br It could stop Meteor, but Sephiroth is holding it back.

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Hoshi wo Meguru Otome. Katsuni Office Time Hardcor That's what we call the river of life that circles our planet, dating yuffie life to the world and everything in it. Cloud dating yuffie her and when she took polyamory dating free misstep, he tried to catch her but they both fell. Tseng - Cissnei - Reno - Rude.