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does home depot hook up appliances

So here are some questions: When Home Depot had my washer and dryer delivered, my home was damaged by the carelessness of the delivery team. What made me hate is the customer service when I tried to reach them. So I told him I would just cancel the order he said that was fine.

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Went to the store and advised the problems we are having and I made the decision to have appliances picked up and return my money. Delivery was calling me; I talked to store and they said my delivery was cancelled; 2 nights later at 8 PM, the delivery person knocked at my door. At around that time, I never received a call from HD or anyone else to advise when my replacement dishwasher would arrive. The Customer Service Rep told me there would be a restocking fee. He looked at the schedule and said Feb 24 another 2 weeks. On Feb 9, I again called my installer to come on Feb 11, to install the replacement dishwasher. Instead they hold on to your money for days and will not tell me when I will get back my money.

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Iamges: does home depot hook up appliances

does home depot hook up appliances

The information on our website is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal advice. I highly recommend you go elsewhere when looking for appliances. I ask for the for the Escalation Department, as at this point I have no faith that the issue will be passed on, or that anyone will call me back.

does home depot hook up appliances

To make a long story short, I did a lot of back and forth between Home Depot, the appliance department, installation department and even Ovation delivery the company HD uses. Call another mover I don't care, just get it picked up as I want my money back.

does home depot hook up appliances

So they had me sign a form that they would order another microwave. I was told someone would call and schedule the delivery. Contact Home Depot Appliances. Again, I did not receive a phone call from Armstrong the night before. All we want is answers and no one knows what to tell me.