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Please take the time. Did you know that the ACLU has filed a suit to have all military cross-shaped headstones removed and another suit to end prayer from the military completely. Over the years, the American Civil Liberties Union ACLU and other related groups have opposed the display of religious monuments and symbols on state-owned or state-maintained property. Hence the opposition to the Mojave cross which was displayed on federally-owned parkland , the Ten Commandments monument in Alabama which was sneaked into a state judicial building overnight by a judge as an expression of his religious beliefs , and the proposed WTC memorial which would represent all victims of the WTC tragedy, Christian or not, with a specifically Christian symbol.

However, displays associated with or derived from religious sources do not always represent unconstitutional endorsements of religion. Supreme Court building is adorned with depictions of Moses , for example, because those depictions represent Moses in a historical context as a great lawgiver rather than a purely religious one.

Court decisions about which displays fall within permissible non-religious contexts and which do not have been complicated and often confusing or seemingly contradictory — in the case of County of Allegheny v.

Gravestones in public cemeteries are not deemed to constitute a government endorsement of religion because they individually represent the private religious beliefs of the persons buried there, and those symbols are chosen by family members of the deceased and not the government whereas a monument to a particular group represents all members of that group collectively with a symbol chosen by others.

Accordingly, the ACLU has stated that it is not seeking to have cross-shaped headstones or headstones bearing any other religious symbols removed from the federal cemeteries wherein honored U. The ACLU is not pursuing, nor has it ever pursued, the removal of religious symbols from personal gravestones. Personal gravestones are the choice of the family members, not the choice of the government.

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Iamges: first contact dating email examples

first contact dating email examples

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first contact dating email examples

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first contact dating email examples

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