Do i ask for clarification

do i ask for clarification
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English at University: 10 - Learn phrases about asking for clarification plus phrases using 'easy'

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DESCRIPTION: In a conversation you may use, Would you mind telling me about something? Here's how it works: ChrisStratton And if you don't put any barriers to commenting then the site gets do i ask for clarification with spam, nobody wants to use it, and then almost nobody gets answers to their questions. As a new user well new by reputation points standardsI sometimes run into limitations posed by the small amount of rep that I have, the most common being the ability to comment..

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How to Ask for Clarification in English without Saying "What?!"

LarsTech Some flags do not indicate abuse. I don't ignore these comments because they can leave users confused. Giving and Receiving Feedback Reflection. While it's frustrating not being able to comment and thus help out, that doesn't mean using the "answer" field for a comment is therefore ok. With these exercises and phrases, your students will be able to make polite clarification requests that not only help them sound more like native speakers but will also prevent them from coming across as rude or abrupt. SpaceTrucker Do all serial edits have to be minor? KenWhite I think he has a point though.

Clarifying and Clarification.

do i ask for clarification
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Maybe the not constructive , too..

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I wouldn't delete an answer, that doesn't seem fair..

  • Feb 4, - When you're with your friends, at the supermarket, or ordering a pizza, there are several informal ways that you can ask for clarification.
  • It is often necessary to ask for further clarification of language, especially Look at some of the expressions you can use to request clarification or explanation.
  • Be sure your ESL students master the art of asking for clarification with these Not only do these questions sound more polite, your students are far more likely.

The stock answer assumes that someone else will deal with it, but for some uniquely worthwhile questions that's not a safe assumption at all. If the comments are wrong, and they continue to argue the point, I'll make a provably strong case for my answer and invite them to disprove it using code, references, etc. Here are some strategies to help you do that:. Our Communication Skills eBooks. If you want to participate in this site, you should do so without needing "tricks". Beyond that, better means of searching comments would allow do i ask for clarification to pick out common noise comments or spammed URLs.

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