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April 25, at 9: My question is, why are men and women just looking for sex on these sites? After a few weeks I replied to them and explained why I felt I was blocked so often, and to give them credit they allowed me back on.

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I have had very different responses from the sites, despite using the same photos and pretty much the same words. December 17, at 6: And I dated several. You can almost predict that they will go back 20 years younger and always end upsaying their age limit is years younger than they are. I have had my mailbox filled with the twenty somethings, too.

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Connect your existing OkCupid account Connect Forgot your password? Instead, what I find is young mothers looking for a party, I guess they married and had kids too young and want to experience their early twenties again.

This phenomenon stretches to women as old as 45…pictures of them with their girlfriends, goldfish bowl margaritas in hand, hanging at the club groping each other while men snap their pictures. The teacher I dated…wonderful woman! We hit it off and had sparks! Until I saw how she secretly resented her little boy and neglected him.

It was subtle neglect…little things like ignoring him until he got irritating and then screaming at him I believe in proactive discipline rather than temper losing. In other words, YES parenting ability is a factor in how i proceed with a potential mate.

I feel sad for the state of the feminine gender as represented by the year old age dynamics. Ladies, women may think your rack and butt are cute and sexy, and they may get a thrill from watching you get trashed and smooch with your girlfriend for attention…but ultimately the: I have more to say on this, but I need to cut it off here until later.

Kinley, Thank you very much. Jessica, good for you! I have had the internet for around three years now and always wanted to try internet dating, being disabled CP: With this I thought my only chance to find happiness would be to try internet dating, as I thought I could disclose my CP when they had gotten to know me as a person.

While on a unrelated site I saw an advertisement for plentyoffish. Being the only site to ever work for me, I returned to POF. There were others who said they were OK with it but was busy at the time and I should get in touch later, which not wanting to miss out on an opportunity and the fact the would have a row of the last logged in who had looked at your profile, just above those who had recently looked at your profile, which I found confusing, I would message them.

I did this for weeks, hours at a time, loneliness is a great motivator until one day I was unable to do so, unable to log in? After a few weeks I replied to them and explained why I felt I was blocked so often, and to give them credit they allowed me back on. However they stated if I continued being blocked I would be banned for life!?!?

I wanted to go but felt it was only fair and the right time to disclose my handicap. She quickly replied and cancelled the date; I then messaged her to explain that the disability was a part of me but not me, this was replied with a block.

I came across a local single mother and we began chatting, I found her pleasant and she seemed to be open to me and my CP we chatted for days and cammed through MSN. We agreed to meet later in the week, so on a Friday afternoon we met at our local shopping centre and before you could blink we were in her home followed by her bed! Feeling a little beaten I deleted the account. A day had gone by and I was feeling better, and wanted to rejoin the site and try again, however my application was denied!

I have tried other sites since and not had one meet in the real world. I have joined OKcupid in the last 6 months, well presented site. However I just feel it does not have a vast number of member, in the same way plentyoffish. My responded rate has been less than. The entitled attitude so many girls have put a lot of guys like me out in the cold. If nothing happens thru there, then after 15 years of trying to date I quit.

All of my friends and even ex-girlfriends are married, its obviously not meant for me. I had taken down my dating profiles after the first date with these guys went amazingly well. How long do most people keep their profiles up after meeting and dating someone great?

Any sound advice would be appreciated. According to a british study of personal ads in the Proceedings of the Royal Academy , quoted in my animal behavior textbook, women are NOT interested in men over the age of Don, thanks for your post.

One of the reasons I hate about some the dating sites is that women that are close to my age misrepresent their profiles. However; this works both ways!

I am not the best looking guy in the world but I am a slim built person so I post slim! All of the younger women that have emailed me, share all this wonderful info aka..

I like an older man…. But when it comes time to meet up they disappear. For some reason there seems to be a lack of middle aged women to date. Ya I know wha wha wha!

I have to say that Plenty of Fish has been interesting for me. I find that women that are extremely attractive, with just 1 photo, usually are fake. Formerly being on a soap opera in NY and a model, and having substance, I get about 50 messages a day.

And even if the woman is not attractive to me, I still respond and listen. Overall I like this site better than the pay sites, like Millionaire match which was filled with fakes, strippers, prostitutes, and gold diggers. Sometimes when you cancel membership, you get a beautiful woman, all of a sudden conveniently wanting to meet you.

They are uncover employees trying to get you to resign on the site. I am a black male who has utilized a lot of dating Web sites, paid ones and free sites including POF.

I have just created a profile on OK Cupid, but I have not actually used it yet. Anyway I wanted to share my experiences as an older black male on these free pay sites.

If you guys think you have it difficult, walk a mile in my shoes as it is even more difficult for guys like me. I love all women of all races, but for the past 15 years or so, I have dated interracially. My recent ex-girlfriend I actually met on POF. She was 14 years younger and a white female. It took quite a bit of convincing for her to even give me the time of day. But after our first face-to-face meeting she was hooked and we dated happily for over two years.

I not one of those black men that absolutely will not date a black woman, but I have to be honest and admit that I evaluate black women more critically in many areas than other women for my personal reasons. Once I messaged a white female in POF after skimming her profile. She then sent me a highly inflammatory reply just before blocking me so I could not reply and apologize to her. Ladies, I am very cognizant and sensitive to your preferenece against mixed dating.

But I am just curious. When you see the following: Again, its your right and your preference and I respect it without any animosity or anger toward you.

Just deleting the message without reading it would seem to be a proper course of action upon receiving a message from any sender you are not interested in. There is usually a picture attached with the message that you see first right? Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this. Am I wasting my time on these dating Web sites? The interracial dating Websites are completely useless by the way.

Figured I would post this. My cousin met his wife on e-Harmony. He was like myself, single, never married, never lived with anyone. She was divorced with no children. He had tried e-Harmony for about a year if I recall — had gone out on dates with a few women — none of whom interested him — or vice-versa.

He turned his account off for a while. He restarted his account, right before his paid subscription was about to expire not expecting anything — and that is when he met his wife. But they have been married now for I think about 5 or 6 years.

I am a paid subscriber on POF. By being a paid member, your profile is highlighted in the search results. Your photo appears in local listings at the top randomly. I messaged quite a few women I thought were average in appearance who might be interesting and initially several wrote back. Been a member now for 7 months. Had one woman give me her cell phone number and wanted to text. She replied a few times very vaguely.

She had quite a few other men she was talking to. So i did an experiment. I created a bogus account and uploaded a photo of a woman who I found on google who I thought was unattractive and I wrote out a lame profile intro. I was shocked to see how many hits, views and messages that account got.

So if your a man — well — we are better off meeting women in our circles and just waiting it out — cause even the really ugly women on POF are getting tons of men. Though there are plenty of divorced single women with kids on their that consider themselves Christian. I have to agree with Roger above — the whole process just becomes psychologically damaging after a while. I am respectful in my messages, I do not lead with lascivious comments or sexual propositions.

Then, there are the very few who DO message you back, correspond with you for a week or two and get along GREAT…and suddenly stop talking to you for no evident reason- possibly because she decided to quit the site or date someone else, but a heads up would be nice. Women tend to be either really obnoxious and narcissistic, believing themselves to be queens of the world and deserving of nothing short of an actual Prince, enormously fat and hitting on guys who they outweigh by a good lbs, or they are attractive girls who are either high on themselves or are inundated by so many messages of such disgusting quality that they simply HAVE to be exceedingly picky which I understand but find frusterating nevertheless.

Men tend to be either disgusting pigs who make lurid, lascivious, or unctuous comments in short messages that barely qualify as more than primordial grunting…or they are actually very nice, respectful guys with future prospects, cars, houses, etc, who simply want to find someone with whom to share life with, become frustrated and have their self esteem dashed on the rocks by the leagues of women who completely ignore them.

These guys sooner or later give up on OK or in the least become very embittered and BECOME one of the guys they once hated, sick to death of being treated like disposable waste by women he would have treated like queens. You will just never know it because he was one of those guys who sent a perfectly lovely letter and you ignored anyway. I think if a persons main goal is find somebody, get married as soon as possible and start having kids then you should probably stay in a specific age range but if a person is looking to have a wide variety of experiences, enjoy life and gain some good memories then age should not be a factor.

I doubt some 20 something is going to want to marry a 50 something but it may surprise you that both parties can learn new things from the other, enjoy new experiences and have a good time. Sometimes it is the actual age difference that brings new things to a relationship since both have different life experiences. Limiting somebody by age is putting limits on your life. I have dated women younger than me, same age as me and older than me. I have learned new things from them and I hope they have learned new things from me which is what makes life exciting for me, expanding myself.

Last year I went out with a women 20 years younger than me. One of her passions is volleyball and she got me involved in playing. I found I love the sport and wished that I had started playing years ago.

Without her I would never have started playing and that would be an experience I would have missed. I taught her how to ski and that is now something she loves to do. Another woman I dated turned me onto books I would never have picked up and I did the same for her.

It is the people we meet in life that adds spice and ultimately makes us a more interesting person. Some of you ladies are jealous or in denial! As if your the ones having troubles finding a date! I am a good looking guy who has no problem with women I spend time with in my community, just thought it would be fun to look outside the box. When I get a girl online who finally wants to date she tells me that she gets tons of hits all the time and has to sort through them.

Then you have the nerve to get all butt hurt over a 40 or maybe even 50 y. I will never marry her I realize she needs to start a life with someone on her level one day. But we had quite a few things in common believe it or not, and she never felt with any other man the way she did with me physically. Now she knows what to look for and I am sure she will find it in a guy who wants to start a life with her.

And as for me she boosted my ego and gave me memories and a smile that will never go away even as I write this message! I see nothing negative that came from it.

I really like POF functionality but I get very few replies with way to much work which is not the sites fault. I will try okcupid to find a girl on my level and of course closer to my age!

To Victor L above, I agree a lot with your first few sentences and it reminds me of something I learned recently at a workshop for effective communication with colleagues at work. Personal one-on-one communication can be broken down into different components:. In my opinion, online dating is a dead-end for most people. No matter what the site, they all have the same shortcoming: I recently deleted my profile and have resolved to get out of the house more. While this is nothing new, I find it laughable at the age range some of these old geezers put in their profiles.

You can almost predict that they will go back 20 years younger and always end upsaying their age limit is years younger than they are. My nature is to stay current in all aspects music, technology, world events, etc. I encourage men who like to set limits on their age range unless they are looking to have kids to be more open minded about age. Age is probably the least of your worries. I have a 40 year old daughter who laughs when I tell her about these old guys and their wishful thinking.

People need to lighten up about age and look at the person in total when making a dating decision. Match is full of married men and players and Eharmony is just a stupid money making scam. Ok, off my little soapbox. I find the women on there to be extremely pretentious and very unwilling to give you the benefit of the doubt.

I can understand having standards, but they take it to the Nth degree. Been on both and met nice women. If you are emotionally unstable to start with you should be at a shrink not a date site. Still seeing one and bailed on the sites but I love seeing these review sites. People bitching about something they are not forced to do. Maybe you should go to Plenty of Freaks instead!!!

As an average to above-average imho looking mids single dad, neither site was all that impressive in regards to the matches the site would offer due to my own match criteria, no doubt or responses from those I initiated communication with. The biggest obstacle I ran into I think? Perhaps there needs to be a site for single parents or those willing to explore dating single parents? Between the 2 sites though, OKcupid was more fun to be on and actually yielded results for me.

If you do, Lady Luck just happened to be on your side. My fiance, ironically enough, has no kids and is 7 years younger than I am and comes from a family with clashing cultural views to mine…not exactly the profile of someone I would have expected to hit it off with. I do have a tip for online daters: I was surprised when my fiance told me that I was the only one that had not lied or misled regarding anything in my profile.

Take some time to get to know her. Online you have pics, your profile, and a message. Thus you really have to market yourself. After experiencing a lot of the same issues other people have had about no responses, no emails initiated etc I understand how it can get discouraging. Two things happened for me though: Now my response rate and emails initiated by women have drastically jumped!

Which ones to you like the best: Boring car commercials or those randomly funny Bud Light commercials? I read SO many profiles that are just boring as can be!

How could I trust putting my personal information on there when they are so sloppy with security and privacy? Hope the relationship is everything you were hoping for and surely deserve! I am happily in love and who would have thought that could have come from an online fling: I have been on okcupid off and on for years. I think the problem with Okcupid is there is so much to fill out and information to put up that it attracts an especially picky user base.

Most profiles I click on for women, the woman is a vegatarian and pontificating about something. Keep in mind this is exactly what all my long term gfs were like but there are equally all the more guys like that on the site so it basically is the basement for the most jaded society has to offer. I include myself in that, not as a knock but it is a total waste of time. I think we all have our stories. Perhaps he was trying to learn how to make love to a woman. My question is, why are men and women just looking for sex on these sites?

They can go to a bar for that. A guy even told me he sees his ex-girlfriend periodically for sex. These people are sad cases. Not to mention what they are spreading! I think these people refuse or are incapable of taking the time to really know someone and establishing a real relationship. Instant gratification, how shallow, and most of these guys probably finish the task in 5 minutes. I should mention that I love sex!

We need to look for men and women with substance and integrity. Maybe we should start our own club or website! It would be fun just to share stories! I remember meeting an older man and he looked absolutely nothing like his picture!

He also said he was a CEO of a company. OMG, no way, I could not believe it when I met him, a real dishonest fool. There was another one who said he only dated young girls, with his pot belly, bad table manners and inflated ego.

OMG, a young woman would go running the opposite direction! Another one said he moved next door to his ex-wife and new husband, just to bug her. Do you think he had issues? OMG are you kidding me? Or they have the audacity to list that they are looking for a long-term relationship, a short-term relationship AND casual sex. Run for the hills when you see that. I also pay for my own coffee or dinner on the first meeting. Sadly, there are too many lonely men and women in this world.

The bottom line is that we all want to be valued and loved. In the meantime, we must weed through lots of frogs and for the men, frogettes! Best of luck to everyone. I had much the same situation as Roger, above. Well thought out messages incorporating information in their profiles were typically ignored. My caveat comes like this, however. So my OKC profile had no income listed. First thing I stopped was crafting messages. Why spend 15 minutes when 1 will get the same response?

After awhile, I listed whatever the max income was there. I should have remessaged some of the ones that ignored me prior, but typically I ignore them, then forget I messaged them.

The pay sites are absolute scams. They simply steal pictures and post fake profiles in order to boost their numbers. I cant say that I have had any luck with any dating service. I am a 65 year old woman and I have had men contacting me from 30 years of age with fantasies of being with older women to men around my age looking for a nursemaid. I am in very active and hold down a full time job.

And girls if we are complaining about how men treat women we only have to look at ourselves. The rudness is expressed because they get away with it.

I am all for womens lib. But the respect has to be there. Sorry I will get off my soap box. I met a gamut of women in Denver from POF, all ranges of the socio-economic tier. I guess it all depends on who you are, and what your timing is like in regards to approaching strangers. Oh and as far as older women, I married a woman 9 years my senior and we had 22 good years… well, 15 anyway. To have your pic show up, you need to sign up over at http: Upload your picture there and it will automatically show up.

I was raised pretty strictly and was always mature for my age. I tended to find women of my own age irritatingly silly and vapid, so I pretty much just went for older women.

Nor do they become less selfish. They do however get jaded and angry at men. My grandmother, a sweet women of whom I am very fond, told my mother recently that she believes all the worlds problems are caused by men. She is not stupid, or particularly angry about anything. If women can get to that age and still be so simplistic in their view of life, and so misandritic — you get the point. Ironically, when I was a boy, I can remember my mother saying the same things. I used to feel bitter about this, but then I found stoicism.

Now I know better than to assign either good or ill to those opinions I mentioned earlier. If not, I will remain cheerful — these things are not in my control and while finding a companion might be preferred, it does not define me and is utterly unnecessary. Anyway i tried both sites and have actually met a couple really good guys on both and i have to say my preference is probably plenty of fish im actually really good friends with a guy i met on it and have been on a few dates with him but i have come across a lot of desparate DOGS and losers but it really depends on the person and what type of information you put on about yourself and the specifications you set for the one your seeking!

Keep in mind im young and beautiful between but the good men i have met didnt see a picture of me until we really started talking so to attract the good people its all about what you say and what your specifications are! Perhaps the developers could do a sort of, feedback like ebay, where one could view matches and see a score or remark from people they had met, like personality, how close the photo resembles the profile pic, just a thought.

I believe one has to be very disciplined to succeed with online dating. Meaning, you meet a potential date, to whom you find attractive, with some good qualities you like and the correspondence seem great, good communication and all. The question is, how many persons are disciplined enough to stick to that very first connection they had going and try to get to know the person better and see where it goes? And is the other party willing to do the same?

Because they too will be getting tons of messages from other potential dates! Again, I totally agree with Elissa RE: Once you meet someone and it clicks, you should remove yourself from the site temporarily. Online dating affects the mind and behavior in some ways.

The most serious of these psychological disadvantages of online dating is that the mind becomes addicted to hanging up on flirting. As the dates are shifted quickly and new choices are made by a few clicks, one gets used to transitory interactions and no serious relationships result.

Computer mediated communication in case of making relationships is no match for personal interaction face to face. Honestly, being on pof reminds me that I need another hobby!

No typed words can truly describe anyone and admittedly, most profiles you come across seems to be a very good description of: Honest, loyal, drama free etc individuals lol. Who will never admit that their lives are plagued with drama or that they are liars, cheaters etc.

Thank you for your reply Nancy. I imagine our challenge would be geography. I live in the Naselle Wa. Hi Don, I was thinking of joining match. That is my fear too, but I guess it takes effort to be successful in any project or endeavor. Good luck and I know you will eventually be happy! Hey Everyone, I am 26 and a long time user of dating sites and consider myself an expert on them all. Let me get it out of the way and say obviouls internet is superior because I can sort through s of women in a matter of an hour based upon their looks, and then narrow it down from there, whereas if I was to go out, I would have a small percentage of women that were appealing to me in a given venue on average.

I go out Fri and Sat every weekend and spend a hour or so on the dating sites weekly, so I Can compare. I work out and just finished grad school, so you know a litte about me. Anyway, they are free for starters, and the filters for age etc are fine for me. I dont even care about age bracket. Especially with Tagged and PoF I was able to date women Through all the sites including a couple minor ones I was able to fulfill every fantasy, buxom, nice ass, asian, buxom milf, buxom asian, you name it I made it happen.

Now I am pretty much retired and met a girl in real life and settled down for the moment. All in all, these sites are great and if men dont like them, your messaging skills are weak, you are not attractive, and your conversation is weak.

I have met women from each site in the first month of using them. To some degree it is a numbers game. Your first message should be lines maximum, and that way you can spend about 1. Showing that you are in shape and have goals is BIG. IF you have a gut, I cannot compare my experience to you.

Not having a gut is fairly easy, you run or do plyometric for 30 min daily. IF you dont want to do that, you will not get your pick of the litter, and better start messaging the bottom of the barrel chicks, in fact how dare you even think you can have an attractive woman.

I have now met in person 6 ladies. All 6 misrepresented themselves substantially in their profiles, turning out to be far heavier and older looking in person. I understand that most are only going to post their more flattering pictures. I really feel posting accurate, and complete pictures would result in much better efficiency for all of us in finding our right matches.

So I have never visited either site however someone who has an account with plenty of fish has been giving out my cell number as their contact number. Very irritating… pof is not easy to get a hold of to get this taken care of.

I have been on several dating sites for the past 2 years on and off; currently have been on POF. For the most part it says someone is interested in me but then I wonder have they not sent me a message?

None of us are perfect so why do we think others should be? Whether you want to admit it or not we all have a certain image in the back of our minds that we are searching for and unfortunately we come up short and find not too many interested.

I thought by joining a dating site that I would by now have been closer to finding that someone special; but that is far from the truth. I have yet to try okcupid and actually this is the first I have heard of it!

They match would be wiser to allow communication with one member paying. I truly believe it would make sense business-wise because others have become disenchanted as well.

I look at that as misrepresentation. E-harmony has become just as bad. It was a total waste of time and so is deleting them all from my mailbox! Nothing good to say about E-harmony. They used to have a good reputation.

Of course I would see them online later on — probably surfing for something better. I was just putting in their username without being logged in! Not surfing for something better. One man seemed very interested and we definitely liked one another, but I got disgusted when he told me he was going to call me and apparently was too busy surfing for a more perfect woman — even though I am definitely not hard on the eyes — LOL. We met, he started to fall for me and I for him and he ran for the hills!

Total misrepresentation on his part. I am a 26 year old man who has been on okcupid. I find it exceedingly difficult to get women to respond to my respectful, well written messages which always incorporate information from their profiles.

Needless to say, I have never physically met a woman from this site. I suspect that many women are using okcupid for the fun quizzes, and because getting so many messages from men provides a little ego boost.

I have also thought about what Kinley and Elissa mention, that online dating provides people especially women with limitless options and thus women are not motivated to make any kind of decision since somebody better could always potentially be out there. I think that this creates a situation where women have become so incredibly picky where men have to be ridiculously awesome to have any kind of a chance.

And the men who would ordinarily be good enough, if not ridiculously awesome, are no longer good enough since they become too emotionally damaged after years of rejection.

And yeah, I am talking about myself. I just refuse to believe that I deserve such an abysmally low response rate from women on okcupid. I have been on both sites and I have experienced the same thing—people who are my age or in my age bracket do not respond to my posts but others who I do not message, message me and continiously send me messages and they are out of my age range and compatibility range so I have not had much success.

In the end I believe one of them was married and it was his wife that I believe texted me the last message I got because she found out about his little game of course his profile said single and another guy stopped answering when I was asking him specific questions. Not a lot of luck at all. Are people actually tempted to pay for that feature? You now have to pay to see if a person you sent an email to has read the email yet, otherwise you never know if they read it at all unless they answer you.

So it is now false advertising on their part. On a different note, I wish that there was some way that you could hit the delete button when you go on a date after talking with a guy and find out that his hands are very quick. I did experience gals making a date and then ignoring me until the appointed date had passed. The Fish was good to me and I have 2 close women friends as a result and one e-friend whom I have never met.

However, after moving to Costa Rica a year ago I experienced a lot more weirdness, like, outdated pictures, restless shoppers and general deceit. I thought it was just women that did that… hehehe….

I deleted my profile in frustration and just found they are dropping most non-English speaking countries; at least Costa Rica and maybe Panama.

Maybe OkCupid is down here. I am thinking about getting a green season home in Panama and would like to check out the young chicks LOL. I have found that we in the cyber space of dating are like the kids under 18…. After answering over four hundred questions, in addition to completing an online profile, I was getting matches from mostly Christian women that already have children.

Also, I am tired of being discriminated against by Christians dates brainwashed by their pastors in church against anyone with a belief contrary to their own. Therefore, I asked OKCupid to weed out women that have children and anyone that reported ANY religious preference not just Christian in their profile as I wanted to avoid that sort of element, completely Why? Frustrated, I finally deleted my profile from their website.

Put it out there, when looking for dates BOTH sexes do the same thing….. Great match The reason a lot of dating sites get tangled is men looking for younger women, ignoring those their own age, and in their wild fantasies imaging that a gorgeous young thing would be interested in an old DOG even with money , as she is looking for a cool young dude her own age with passion and prospects. I do get your point, Kinley, about contacting someone who clearly has ruled you out.

I will see a very pretty woman in my search results, I take time to read her profile and then I notice that I am too old. It would be nice if there was a search option that screened out all profiles that specify a younger age.

The difference between me at 25 and me at 53 is that I am much more emotionally mature, I own a home and have enough money to do anything I want including actually going to Paris in the Spring and Hawaii a couple times each year.

We never expected it to become marriage, it was just a very HOT and fun time in our lives. Hey, on Plenty of fish you set all of your preferences and if someone even tries to email you they, not you, get a message that they do not fit your profile for whatever reason.

If they do not fit within your preferences, they cannot even send you an email. The profiles exclusions include items such as: If they do fit within your preferences but are otherwise abusive you can block them from ever sending you a message again.

Also, if you send a message to someone who does not fall within your preferences, they are they allowed to send messages to you without regard to your preferences but you are the one who makes that choice but sending them a message. Kinley are you single? My only caveat would be to say I would like somebody to observe and respect the age preferences I set in my profile. This message does not pass your message filters.

As as an old DOG myself I would just like to ask what the ,over the hill, ladies are referred to… huh? August 10, by Kinley Comments. Dating sites Tagged With: January 14, at 7: November 17, at December 18, at November 5, at 1: October 19, at November 13, at Online dating is just another approach to meeting people….

August 12, at 6: October 10, at 8: I wish you the best of luck. August 10, at 8: June 12, at June 6, at 1: May 27, at 2: May 24, at 7: May 23, at The chances of us meeting accidentally are slim VERY SLIM With an online dating site, I can leave a message — sure its all originally based on a photo and a word description, but that is what the first meeting and dates are for — to get to KNOW someone. May 20, at May 19, at 7: May 17, at 5: November 18, at 1: May 17, at 3: May 13, at May 6, at 5: May 2, at 1: May 1, at 7: April 28, at April 27, at 2: April 21, at April 14, at April 13, at 8: If this guy came to his senses, I would have a fantastic story to tell about POF.

Right now I just have a story of a broken heart and I am out of glue. April 10, at 5: And, more times than not, so do old gals!!! November 4, at 7: April 6, at 4: April 6, at 7: April 6, at 3: March 16, at 6: March 15, at March 15, at 8: March 10, at 5: March 2, at 3: March 1, at February 18, at February 12, at 5: February 12, at 4: February 7, at 6: What an interesting article.

I have some thoughts to add. Wishing you all the best of luck in your search! February 7, at January 2, at 9: December 28, at 6: December 17, at 6: November 14, at 7: November 5, at 2: October 29, at 8: So yeah… POF is a waste of time if you are an attractive, well to do guy under 30….

But she never went to college and bartends… Simple logic tells you shes expensive to keep around and brings little to the table in a relationship…aka gold digger As long as you use common sense and dont mind shooting people down regularly…you should be good… 1 rule these sites need to adopt?

October 26, at October 23, at 2: October 16, at October 15, at October 15, at 5: September 25, at 2: Any tips for searching better on OKC? September 22, at 1: September 20, at 5: September 13, at 8: September 8, at September 6, at September 2, at 3: September 2, at August 29, at August 27, at 2: August 25, at 4: August 23, at August 22, at 3: August 21, at 4: August 8, at 4: August 8, at 9: August 7, at 8: August 4, at 6: August 1, at 4: July 15, at 4: June 26, at 6: The overall image of OK and Plentyoffish goes something like this: June 1, at 2: May 30, at 3: May 27, at 9: May 27, at 5: Personal one-on-one communication can be broken down into different components: May 26, at 5: Happiness is not in your age but in your attitude.

May 25, at 9: May 25, at 7: May 24, at 5: April 27, at April 26, at 8: April 25, at 9: April 17, at 3: Plenty of Fish site was hacked! April 15, at April 12, at 7: April 11, at 4: April 9, at April 8, at I tested PoF, using both a low income and a high income profile, with similar results. April 3, at April 1, at 7:

Iamges: free dating okcupid plentyoffish

free dating okcupid plentyoffish

I do believe it would be better to be offered the chance to hard-limit certain options, such as distance, regardless of how infrequently a match will show. I am respectful in my messages, I do not lead with lascivious comments or sexual propositions.

free dating okcupid plentyoffish

If he was, I wanted to know about it. On POF I get nothing in response.

free dating okcupid plentyoffish

I always state my age 42, I am on the heavier side and always state so— adting get messages from both older and younger men. If free dating okcupid plentyoffish do fre within your preferences but are otherwise abusive you can block them from ever sending you free dating sites india punjab message again. She is one of those women who was cute til her mid-twenties and gained a ton. But after our first face-to-face meeting she was hooked and we dated happily for over two years. October 26, at