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The Heirs - Korean Drama

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I started watching it many years ago, but never finished. They just loved cinderella stories because cinderella story couldnt timeless. Plus, Lee Min Ho's staring was quite swoon worthy. LeeMinho and the rest of the characters were in America at that time so the language was supposed to be English.. He did everything for Cha Eun Sang but she still didn't pick him.

When a drama becomes so well known and succesful there will be more hate comments than average kdramas. But don't worry so much and feel free since these kinds of offenses at great humans is ordinary and common and it's what history proves not only my words ,when someone recieve lots of love in this world other humans who are on the other side can't endure it ,so they want to interrupt or just show themselves, so that they can recieve some attention too. Just dont caught up being in second lead syndrome. I love the depth of this story and the reality behind it The male lead is absolute shit, no credibility what-so-ever, and no chemistry with his partner. A second season would be a dream coming true!

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I just can't find words to describe how beautiful this drama is Everyone sould definitely watch it As for the hate comments I get why there are so many of them.. When a drama becomes so well known and succesful there will be more hate comments than average kdramas. Utami Feb 07 Even you and heirss don't like it This is not the only drama that has the older casts to become a high school drama, at least PSH was only 23 years old and LMH was only 26 when they played the roles So it is undeniable that because of The Heirs One, being they cast adults as high school kids.

Isn't he like, 30? To cast someone of his age as a teen is pushing it. Another reason I didn't like it was the horrible acting. It was by far the worst acting I've seen in a long time in a kdrama. I ask this because I didn't see a heroine in the show, all I saw was a big cry baby that cried in every episode. Once or twice I would understand, but c'mon That's a bit much. Those two were the only actors worth mentioning. I was quite disappointed in Lee Min Ho, tbh.

Since watching boys over flowers and city hunter, I was expecting to see him shine, but his acting in this one was a real letdown for me. This drama has a awesome cast. The chemistry was there. But as for me, i stopped watching this when i found myself to be rather fond of park shin hye being with woo bin.

Nevertheless, every other else is good!! Just dont caught up being in second lead syndrome. You wouldnt like woo bin hurt. Utami Feb 04 8: Yes I already watched Secret Garden Ha Ji Won is a good actress too. It's joyful to watch, especially her partner was Hyun Bin Still many to catch up Both drama has good soundtrack..

Utami Jan 26 7: I was mocking my niece as she was crazy about KPops and everything about it I can's stop watching Kdramas and K movies. Never missed a day without it And I've watched The Heirs already more than 7 times I hope there will be The Heirs Don't be jealous of the script Cringey Jan 25 3: Pffft i can't even finished watching it.

Natalia Jan 08 2: Alex Jan 07 I couldn't even bring myself to finish it. The good-looking casts made up for the cliche storyline and bad acting. Neha Jan 04 4: Lee min ho I jst love u I luv ur acting..

U r jst superb I there could be a person just like Kim tan loved cha eun sung J Dec 27 5: Sandy Dec 26 3: I seen this drama this year This drama is not a piece of trash And there is so many dramas of Wealthy guy loving Poor girl. This drama shows more important of What a wealthy guy should have. That quote is more important in this drama. I wouldn't say this drama is boring or time pass. This is something of what a Love means If still people who saying its bad let's talk about it.

My Facebook ID is 'Sandeep. I want to why this is bad. Dec 07 2: Sam Dec 05 Unknown Nov 15 Listen Up Nov 10 5: Do not listen to anyone who says this drama isn't good. This is one of the top drama and sure deserves it. I enjoyed it so much and watch it all the time. It's really exciting and amazing!! V Nov 07 8: The storyline,characters, situations of this drama and others are alike. Olugesin opeyemi Nov 01 1: Kim woo bin has really tried and I always forward the film to where Kim woo bin n Lee min hoo fights.

Katy Oct 24 1: There are rumours that say Heirs will have a movie at the end of ! NANO Oct 20 2: Emma Oct 16 1: I don't like the heirs. Rita Kim Oct 15 4: Kindly read comment by Katy and you will know what this drama is all about. There is so much to learn from this drama.

If you say this drama has no meaning, then all the k-dramas are also meaningless. Why do you even watch k-dramas? Watch this drama and maybe you will learn something good in life! Mhizbabsthounique Oct 06 3: L Sep 30 Katy Sep 29 8: It's the best drama I have ever watched! Besides the storyline of the main couple which was plain but cute we should notice the stories of all the other supporting characters!

They all had a lesson to teach us and that's what I love about heirs. I mean this drama was full of life lessons! Even Kang Ye Sol: It was just amazing! All the scenes all the dialogues Humour in a good amount and enough drama to get you to feel how characters feel.

From the first episode I felt like I knew everyone so well! There weren't heroes and villains. There were just people all misunderstood who needed to be loved. I wish there was a season 2 so that we knew if Kim Tan's birthday wish came true and if the heirs ended up all happy.

I would definitely watch it. Auntie Vee Sep 23 4: Anyway all korean dramas are lovable to watch. Yes "heirs" was all about childhood sweetheart,that it has a plain story line and i bet most teens loved it. While my love from the star is a different story with a perfect casts,plots,pacing and writing. Kim soo hyun is such a versatile actor, he can portray so many challenging role,not just an action drama or a high school brat.

He acted with full of emotion and His acting is beyond compare.! Just my two cents though. As for me I like the most is the teen romantic love story where we can relate to each other of how we felt when we were still young.

I like and super love the drama and you can never compare it to the other drama's because it has its own story telling. But most of all don't like kim soo hyun acting.

Everything was so predictable,or should i say 'spoon feeding', you don't need to use your imagination coz every episode is predictable. But good thing is it has a good rating b'coz of its cast not the story. And both lead actors have a huge fan based,big help though. I prefer My love from the star of kim soo hyun and jeon ji hyun.

A way better and i recommend everyone to watch it, you can laugh, get mad and cry, all-in one story. Ashleigh Sep 09 3: I had watched it thrice since I can't help but missing the characters and the story itself. So Iam hoping to be able to watched anotyher fantastic and well-written drama with this two loving actors as leads. It really breaks my heart because it means "end". Why Aug 15 1: You'll waste half of your life.

Camille W Aug 09 4: I seriously remember gushing abt this show to my sister in the early eps. I was addicted and totally entertained. Plus, Lee Min Ho's staring was quite swoon worthy. However, I can't tell hw many times the episodes used the same cliffhanger where the three leads were standing somewhere looking all teen-angsty. I thought this shw was going to be awesome. Park Sin-Hye's character cud have been really great as a heroine but she just got so candy-like.

The father was a plot device and i only finished the show bc i had determined not to leave any more dramas unfinished. It was a chore to watch. But others may love it for its star-spangled cast.

They could have been better used. I kinda wished that i nvr wasted 20 hours watching this shw. One thing i can guarantee is that your either going to hate it or love it.

This show is one of the more polarizing ones. Several followed it for the flower boys but even when a show has actors i love, i refuse to give it a pass just bc of that. I shouldn't be so blinded by the stars that i don't question the plot, pace and writing.

Diamond Aug 08 7: The story plot is cliche i know but there's just a few unexplainable factors that keep me hooked on the show.. Well one of the reasons must be for Krystal since she's just so good in it but yeah,i myself tho i stick till the end but it's the truth that it can be boring in many angles. Anne Aug 01 We have the same thought: Melissa Jul 30 First episodes were truly confusing because there are many characters to be acquainted with.

We have to understand who are who and how their relationship with one another - so it was kinda hard to digest at first. But this series really have some character growth in it. Characters I hated at the beginning, I ended up loving them. Speaking about chemistry, I think the main cast's chemistry in Pinocchio is still better than her chemistry here, but her chemistry with Lee Min Ho is okay too.

Immaculata Jul 29 4: Keep it up,the Lord is your strength I would love to learn how to speak Korea. Ren Jul 27 2: Praco ms Jul 21 Davia Jul 19 7: That the leads won best actor awards for their performances in this makes the KD industry look bad. Sorry to be so blunt but their performances were not the best of No were near it in fact. I have nothing against either actor but neither were at their best in this.

The best scenes were done by the two mothers who were thankfully a ray of delight. The progression of events throughout was poorly thought out, frustrating and therefore boring. There were many interesting characters and side lines that did not get played out properly. Which I felt was just inane as to why they had the characters on the show anyway.

Just to show them off? The director handled the scenes well but some of the choices made were really weak. The dialogue between the students generally was so awful also. Are these kids with rich parents really that stupid? Do they really have nothing else to talk about than about how rich they are. How unoriginal and sad. And hard to believe. Usually people who are really rich don't care too much about it.

Look at the four richest kids in Boys over Flowers. They didn't sit around talking about how rich their parents were. Mi Jul 14 2: Jack Jul 14 1: I do agree with you, I consider this one of the best overrated drama.

The actors were all great but it's so disappointing how the story is written: I stop at ep Sue Jul 04 8: I love this drama. Please watch it for yourselves and don't be discouraged by the negative comments. I loved the fact that the writer showed the stories of so many different characters. The actors were excellent and are a major part of why I like this drama so much.

I have lost count of how many times I YouTube certain scenes just for a laugh. Ri Jun 27 1: I personally adored it. It was addicting as hell. Plus there's a lot of pretty faces, scenery, and clothes.

Two attractive men fighting over 1 pretty girl? Kim Woo-Bin stole the show though It's pretty simple but enjoyable. A fun watch when you just want a pick-me-up and a good old simple love story. Daniel Jun 27 1: If you looking for good story drama then look elsewhere. Seriously bored me to hell to much dragging and useless scene just to woo the younger generation girl kyaaa factor you can skip episode and wont get lost in plot not that it really had a good plot.

This can be done in 11 episode and broadcasted by cable channel like OCN or tvn lol. Really disappointed by the same writer who wrote the same amazing drama Secret Garden and Gentlemen Dignity. By the way, on the same broadcast period there is really quite a few amazing drama with the same time slot as the Heir namely Secret Love.

Recommend to watch that it had great plot and amazing cast minus off idol looking cast. You won't regret it. Nana Ina Jun 19 1: This drama is away to basic. Rich man meet ordinary girl.. The reason why this drama got high rating only because their main character..

He looks so charming and good looking,, too bad he was taken.. I hope he can show more excellent acting in the future.

Shannade Jun 01 This drama is overrated, predictable, boring, and cliched. While I was watching this drama this is what I Said along the way, "saw that coming, that was so predictable, that was so cliched, and when is something exciting going to happen". The bottom line is the main reason why this drama is so popular is because of the actors that were in it.

The actors in this drama are the most popular actors in South Korea and some of them are overrated because I don't get the big hype over Lee Min Ho because he's nothing special IMO. Niha May 31 Kowawa May 28 3: Jaci Yeo jaciyeo May 26 I couldn't imagine that twenty something and up being high school kids. Very predictable plot and storyline. The actors on the other than are amazing and please use their talents in better drama. Lila May 19 9: The storyline is soooo mainstream, like, you can predict what'll happen next only with your basic imagination.

Wealthy man with poor woman fall in love, parents disagree, another rich man comes and has one-sided love to the poor woman and so on and so on. Again, thanks to all casts who helps this drama.

Lalan May 17 The story is too old! Uthla May 05 I love the scenes in America cause they are very funny. I love that guy. I like that girlish boy, myung soo too. Its a fan service drama, is what it is. I loved the character of Krystal, so nice to hear a bilingual actor.

Minho's english just made me cringe-sorry to say. Now i feel like rooting for Young do. Well for those who really like the chaebol kind of story, this is a very good series to watch, the very typical chaebol story with all the romance and just enough comedy the funny lines were very witty i must say to go with it.

Kiri Apr 25 8: I watched the first couple of episode as i was one of the many who had anticipated the release, but boy oh boy was i disappointed. The plot and writing is honestly a rip-off of american teen dramas particularly gossip girl obi there are differences but i find this drama to be kind of cheap in the originality department.

Its so reminiscent of boys over flowers, esp with lee minho there. I loved the character played by Krystal, its so nice to hear a bilingual actor speak, i cant help but cringe at minho's english: Storywise, i think Pinocchio was better, because chaebol storylines like the heirs are just so common, but hey, i think most kdrama fans are here for the chaebol stories: Estephania Apr 22 TBH review my opinion Apr 17 8: The heirs is okay even though i really love lee min ho.

Another is when kim tan and cha eun sang make multiple eye contact that takes about 15 seconds and obviously that is just not realistic. What else is unrealistic is when cha eun sang walked inside the circle of crowded people while on the phone and standing between kim tan and choi yuong and everyone stares at her and everything Also, i think the ending was pretty upsetting because i dont think they put much effort into it. It was plain and not much of a happy ending or ultimate.

But the rest is good. Some actors play the characters really good and soundtrack was nice. I like the story plot but like i said, should improve more. I know u must hate me but this is my opinion and im just expressing it out.

LeeAnn Apr 12 9: I love Lee Min-ho, really. This Korean drama is one of my favorite. Minho showed his emotions well. He has a great chemistry with Park Shin-hye. Nina Apr 06 8: Muna Mar 29 3: There were certain things that did make me cringe a bit, though. Like the blonde American friend at the beginning But apart from some awkward parts in the US, I think it was good afterwards.

It was a mind blowing drama series And mainly Lee min-ho.. Im lee min hoo fans, but sory oppa, I do not like the storyline and intrigue in this drama are flat. D The casts are really good. Kate Mar 17 3: Good plot and good casting. I loved it sooooo much. Don't listen to anyone that says it was bad and boring. It's seriously sooooo good. Watch it right now!!! We definitely need a season 2!!!!!!!!! With the same cast though.. Kay Mar 10 1: If you didn't watch t you are stupid. Go watch it now.

Why are you still here? KAL Mar 05 It was superb those unforgettable days and even our societies were not rich we also had full of fun with our minimum availabilities. That was really in 's and by watching this teledrama I really enjoyed. Kim Tan was so cute when he gets angry and cry: Lily Mar 01 8: Don't listen to anyone who says it isn't. The cast is good and so is the plot. I loved everything about it.

I have no regrets except that there is no second season for this masterpiece. Don't listen to the haters. This drama is soo perfect it hurts. Everything is soo perfect. Watch this drama now!! Ria Mar 01 6: I just started watching this last week and I'm so into it now! Literally, I was crying hard with sound when she just broke down crying because she have to leave kim Tan..

The scene where she bid him goodbye saying she'll wait for him at home: I love lee Min Ho a very versatile actor.. He can do light to heavy drama, comedy, action and just be sooo charming that you'll just melt your heart watching him!

He does his best in whatever role his into. And Park Shin Ye's acting is also remarkable! I fell inlove with her character in the Heirs! Super love this Korean novela my new favorite next to Faith! Sophie Mar 01 6: I think it more often than not lacked content. But I did like Hyo shin. Syler Feb 23 I want to know it so bad. Please help samsung phone users.

They can base the plot again on that. Of all the drama that lee min ho and park shin hye have done the Heirs is the best and unforgettable one. If you will make a season 2 the viewers will love it and you will not lost your profit im teeling you,i'm also a hungry reader of books and i have a taste with dramas and movies,that's why you must have a season 2 of Heirs,like what America is doing to Vampire Diaries and Super Natural,why don't you make like that as long the viewers will like it,first time in history of korean drama.

Best drama I have ever watched!! It needs a season 2!! AmmuMangai Feb 17 Asha Feb 14 What a bad comment. Krystal J Feb 07 I recently read that they even had to stop production breifly because of his face swelling apparently after eating spicy noodles on gangdam blues.

Kimberly Jan 28 4: Other than the good looking actors and actress, it's a overrated drama. Baho Jan 26 4: If someday there is Heirs season 2, I have suggestion and addition idea for this story , Hope can get ur e-mail, bcoz wanna share my creation on u. Hope more advantage and not only Kim tan fight eun sung must fight too. GrayBrick22 Jan 24 I don't really get butthurt with comments like those usually, but there are actually some that are just plain rude: T I mean, they can state how boring this drama is in a nicer way.

Anyway, this drama is hats-off one of the best I've watched: Yellowbone87 Jan 24 Nobody is stopping you fans from liking this drama so I don't understand why some of you guys use this site to argue and fight over someone else's opinions. I personally like The Heirs and if someone else doesn't like it that's fine and it doesn't affect me at all what that person liked and disliked about this drama. Some of you guys really need to get out of your feelings and just respect other people's opinions even if you don't agree with them.

Jordz Jan 23 I had to literally force myself to watch is drama because it was really boring. This drama is one of the most overhype dramas ever and it totally failed to live up to the hype and I really do not understand and get the hype of it, and some of you "The Heirs" fans overhype this drama way too much.

A lot of people seem to love this Lee Min Ho guy a lot and I don't get and understand why because he's nothing special and he's overrated, they are way more talented and better Korean actors than him. I think the only reason why this drama is so popular is because of the actors that were in it, because the actors are very popular in South Korea.

Overall this drama is average and it's nothing special, they are way better dramas than The Heirs. Jordz Jan 22 7: I literally had to force myself to watch it because it was so boring, cliched, predictable, and there was no substance in this drama. When I was watching this drama this is what I was saying along the way, "that was so predictable and I saw that coming, when is something exciting going to happen and that was so cliched!

Also a lot of people seem to like this Lee Min Ho guy and I don't get what's the big hype over him, Lee Min Ho is one of the most overrated actors in South Korea and there's nothing really special about him, they are way better Korean actors than him.

I think the only reason why this drama is so popular is because of the actors that were in it because the actors in it is very popular. Overall this drama is below average and there's nothing really special about it. Mia Jan 21 2: How can she let a bully be an ahole to her and that weak classmate. This show doesn't appeal to me.

I really wait for it! None of the two seems into Park Shin Hye so it is difficult to watch this lol I see no chemistry. Mary Jan 16 2: You should have an open mind to watch the Heirs and try to understand the characters and the difficulties in their life they need to overcome. It's not cliche at all and it is nothing like any other drama I have watched. All the characters in this drama are tragic and my heart ached for them during all the episodes.

They are all just so broken and misunderstood The bad thing is I finished this in just one week and I need more now!!

I wish for a 2nd season!! Mersi Jan 11 Nunya Jan 09 2: I tried giving this show a chance, but it's just ridiculous. Maria Jan 08 3: At first I found it quite generic and cheesy, especially when it was set in America. But when they turned back to Korea and the school life started up, I really started loving it. Kang Min-Hyuk was such a cutie as well! Joanne Jan 05 6: Is there any other koream drama who does not involving the plot of a rich-cold-spoiled-boy who relies on his parent's wealth, falls in love with innocent-childish-poor-weak girl?

Like usual, this girl is sooo innocent and childish if i could say stupid and weak , so every rich boys will deeply mad inlove with her, because she needs to be protected. Minimum 2 boys will love her and she would felt guilty to fall in love with ohe of them. What a cinderella story. He is a great actor. HeirsFan Jan 02 9: I want them back in my life! All the characters were amazingly interesting and the relationships and the plot and the ending I even liked the ending! Although I like the ending I can't believe that was it A second season would be a dream coming true!

Jessica Jan 02 9: I have watched both and I have to say I hated boys over flowers but loved The heirs Seriously loved heirs! I can't live without it. First of all the similarities between these two dramas are the same with any other Kdrama. I mean the rich boy-poor girl plot. Jan Di was soooo stupid and she was going back and forth between the two male leads.

She couldn't stand up for herself, she was weak and sorry to say that but the actress wasn't even a bit talented. Gu Jun Pyo and Tan! They are not the same!!!! Lee Min Ho plays both but they are totally different characters! Tan was kind and cute and didn't like showing off his money More than that he just wanted a normal life. Gu Jun Pyo was selfish, mean to everyone and egocentric.

But let's don't forget the secret of success for Heirs! Were there such an interesting character in Boys Over Flowers? Kim woo Bin's acting was just In each one of his scenes I cried I was feeling and still feel so sorry for him because anything went well for him. I'm so looking forward for The Heirs Season 2 with the same cast!

I'm in love with it! Please make it happen!! On the other hand I don't want to watch Boys Over Flowers never again! I did this mistake once.

I really like and love everyone in this drama. I will waiting for season I just didn't like how in this one they ended it with a "I had a dream" imig dream catchers were a thing in that drama but it makes me feel iffy. Also how his brother sadly didn't get the girl what a tragic. Quynh Dec 26 9: I am longing for season 2 , please soon cuz i can't live without heirs. One needs to feel the heart beat of the characters. Watch thrillers, horrors or science frictions if like to be at the edge of one's seat.

Thank you to all the casts for such a good show The story line is better than BOF. Muh Iqbal Falah M Dec 22 3: So tell me history And I agree with those comments below that these is boring.

I've watched many korean drama since but this time I'm very dissappointed with these drama Heirs because there's many part of episodes are BORING. I've watched many drama since but i'm very dissappointed with these drama HEIRS because it is boring. So what if the screenwriter of this drama is screenwriter also this drama Secret Garden and Gentleman's Dignity. Fay Dec 21 8: I really don't understand why there are so many bad comments. The story of an alien and a selfish actress.

It wasn't even realistic. This drama didn't give you a life lesson. The only interesting character to watch in this drama was the bad guy Instead in "Heirs" All the characters were incredibly interesting since they all had their own problems to take care of.

His father just wanted him as an alternative heir in case something happened to his brother Won. Won hated him because he thought he wanted to take away his inheritance. He was been presured by his mother to get involved with the business from the age of He couldn't freely be with the girl he loved. He lost his best friend. He had to grow up very quickly. No one ever told him that love comes before work. His father married another woman who didn't love him. He never know fatherly love.

He couldn't be with the girl he loved. He had a bad ending since he married a woman he hated and he had to run the family business alone. He lift all the weight of his father's mistakes. She lost her dad. She couldn't afford to follow her dreams.

Her sister fooled her. Her mother was mute. She holded on just one little hope that she would become successful one day but then she lost that too. She had to work all day to feed herself and her family. She had to watch while her mother was treated like trush. She couldn't be with the guy she loved. Probably the second character after Kim Won with the saddest ending.

Nothing went right with him. His mom left him when he was young. No one taught him how to love. He only learned hate and anger so that's what he showed to everyone. His father brought other women in the house. His father hitted him. He lost his best friend because he didn't tell him the truth about his family from the start.

He did everything for Cha Eun Sang but she still didn't pick him. His father wanted to marry another woman and YD had to deal with a sister he didn't even like. When he started getting along with his new sister the wedding got cancelled. His dad probably got in prison. He may or may not got bankrupt. And the list goes on What I want to say is that the "Heirs" didn't have to do only with love and the pain you go through it.

It had to do with family, friendship, abandonment, disapointment, truth and lies, shame, guilt, regrets, forgiveness, many many more and LASTLY love. No one stayed just at how deeply in love Tan and Eun Sang were.

We all felt bad for all the characters since they all went through sad times. They were all just misunderstood. For the first time in Kdramas history no one was the good guy or the bad guy.

I mean there were roles like that but still it was so obvious that they were wearing a mask and that even behind the bad guy YD, Kim Won there was a pure and loving soul.

For me Heirs is a drama I will never forget because it seriously made me realise many things and I got some important lessons from it. Heirs wasn't a boring drama. You just had to search in the souls of the characters and find what they wanted to hide. Personally I believe there is no other drama such us Heirs and that fact really disappoints me.

Yes it has the cliche Kdrama story but i really doesn't have only that. After Heirs all the dramas I have watched seem unreasonable, boring and just wrong. The leads are like lovie dovie all the time and nothing else. The only thing disapointing about Heirs is the lack of more episodes. When it ended I was waiting to see a "To be continued" on my screen but There are so many questions unanswered. I personally wanted to see how they would all grow up and what people would they become.

A season 2 is necessary!!!! I guess the only thing I can do is to cross my fingers, hope and wait. Barjan Dec 13 3: The script is a cliche and the ratings are inexplicable.

Seriously, is it that high because of all the beautiful boys and girls? Please, don't watch The Heirs. It is so bad. Go find something more meaningful to watch. There are a lot better K dramas out there. This really relates to the world of what the rich people are facing like the shares and stuffs like that and they were force to do things they are not willing to do and just with money, the chairman can just send cha eun sang away.

The episodes that was most touched and emotional was ep She takes up a lot of courage knowing that the other girls in the school are rich but she is poor but Kim Tan still likes her and everyone was against her as she is not rich but Kim Tan was always beside her and i really feel happy to see to them getting the 'Best Couple Award'. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye really did a great job in acting in this korean drama, and it was worth it for both of them to achieve the best actress and actor award.

Even though behind the scenes, Park Shin Hye seems a little nervous and shy but she still had the courage to hold hands with Lee Min Ho and even did the kiss scene.

Dian Septha Dec 10 Michelle Nguyen Dec 10 It was just obvious to me that writer Kim Eun Sook has not ever written anything that can be described "realistic" in her life as a screenwriter A Gentleman's Dignity, Secret Garden. Most of her dramas or should I say all?? In spite of that fact, I still enjoyed her previous works, they are unbelievable literally , but entertaining. It has nothing except for a beautiful cast and flowery but meaningless dialogues.

Well, sometimes, it actually works, but not in the case of The Heirs. Come on, they are all high school students, it just… does not feel right. Another thing that bothers me is the way ppl communicate in this drama. Again, the matter of credibility. A meaningless, hard-to-understand, unentertaining drama to me. LeeMinho and the rest of the characters were in America at that time so the language was supposed to be English.. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion but I read some comments I thought u read that in the preview so y did u bother to watch; LeeMinho still same acting?

I have so far watched 5 series of leeMinho acting, and he fitted perfectly every role he had to enact, he has never acted similarly in a drama I say he is one of the best Korean actors in this era He had one of the strongest characters..

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Perhaps if there are more comments piling up

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A lot of drama were playing by big stars like uncontroblably fond, scarlet heart ryeo, hwarang, lobts, saimdang etc but they all haven't success yet. But this series really have some character growth in it.

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I love the heir, city hunter but boys before flower is still your best movie for free download subtitle indonesia dating agency cyrano. Anfang Listinus Toppages topicon newmedia datenbank hashish haschisch marihuana Cultivation graphie graphy Arnaud Chouvy alogoxsmall photoblogs photoblogslisted Diane Arbus jir smlogo produce Moroccos smuggling rackets contraband HighTimesJune mountains township colt reaches terraces completely harvested Habitation Cannab terrace Sechage Drying chage dating site for nerds australia rooftop Comune indoor fumer smoked ResinPowder poudre resin powder obtenu chauffage pressage townhsip obtained heating compressing Tobacco CannabisPlant CannabisHead CannabisCultivation Dimage itinerary indexauteur limitations adaptation Republication consent RifCannabisKetama hostingprod webhosting Costes stylesrc FAFAC subversiv hippies hippy risquais? Jan Di was soooo stupid and she was going back and forth free download subtitle indonesia dating agency cyrano the two male leads. Hardhekay Dec 06 3: Cringey Jan 25 3: