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[Photos] Starting A Pig Farm in the Philippines

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It seems like one month is a short time for a business. I am inteested in building a small appartment to have as a business. So, I considered it as a gamble where my only loss is not seeing any gain. My friend wen it comes to money all are currupt not only filipina but all nation same. Search for ads in your city.

Du står her:

If you plan on having a Piggy-Farm in the Philippines as a source of extra income, you gotta have people you can trust to care-take the land for you. Finding trustworthy people is difficult. Speaking of the neighbors, visit the property and check out which direction the wind carries. This particular reader just annoys me. My farm is outside Abuyog, just south of Tacloban, so transport costs might need to be added. Gay dating, find your gay escort and call him! Its like putting ur life at risk than just the money… good luck.

The stones allow new drainage water to go in and then it filters into the ground around it. While the idea of a Momma-piggy cranking out 15 piglets which are then sold for lechon after 3 months seems like a really profitable idea.. Expect to lose some piglets that die the first week. Expect piglets to be sold under the radar if you are not around. Expect your grain bill to increase to feed all those new piggy-tummies.

Like expecting bonuses and a free piglet from every litter.. You have to be firm about their wages per month. In July, , I took a leap of faith and transplanted myself to the amazing Philippines. I am a single man taking an honest look at all that the islands here have to offer, one day at a time. I hope you find my LBTSea site informative, entertaining and hopefully a bit of each. Browse around and be sure to sign up for updates via email. I do wish you the very best of success with your Piggery but I think in the long run you will realize it is too much work for too little return.

In any event, I might suggest you delve into the aspects of pig raising here. I think readers might find it interesting how in fact you raise pigs for profit. What is the ultimate market.

Lechon or other uses of the meat. How big should they grow before they are slaughtered or sold. What do you feed them. Sort of a primer on raising pigs from an expat perspective like yourself new in the business could be of interest.

I enjoy reading your site and wished you wrote more. You are still so young and innocent with your time spent here. I will be interested in seeing how you mature with increased time in the Country.

How you interests will change and you move on to doing other things. If you really want to make some money you and your girlfriend should look into lending. Small stuff mind you. If you run it properly You will generate annual returns of high double digits. Too risk for lending money…unless, you or your pinay partner will be all over their faces for collection. Good Luck on the mula business in the Philippines. I have to agree. The only people making money this way with high interest loans are those who take collateral up front, to sell if the loan is not paid.

Even then they must hear the hardship stories after someone puts up their motorbike for collateral and now cannot pay the loan.. A person needs a very, very thick skin to do this sort of business and also a location to store all this collateral safely. People will know you have valuables and that makes you a target. To me, not a good business to get into. Where is your farm located? What feeds do you use? It was formerly located in Bogo, Cebu.

Venturing in business is always a risk no matter what kind or field it is.. Its like putting ur life at risk than just the money… good luck. Hendry We plan to start piggery near Puerto P…Palawan. Can u send me some tips or some info that u have research?

Thank you so much!!! I plan on doing some follow-up with the Piggy-Farm as things develop. The way I see it, the business model of a restaurant is sound.. There are some built-in pot-holes of doom in having a Piggy-farm and lots of ex-pats have been derailed by them. As for the money lending, my girlfriend and I looked that over. I do know a guy who makes money on the side buying gold.

The great thing about the Philippines is that there are lots of great ideas to start a business. There are food franchises in the mall mostly owned by Koreans. Very simple and straight-forward. I like the piggery business you have and the tips you are sharing. I was thinking of putting up a piggery business just before I read your page. I know there are risks of raising pigs. I tried large cattle raising which I think poses more challenges than piggery.

I sold all my cows when one bull pinned one of my caretakers to a barbed wire. I have not totally given up however. I just needed more time to manage, to re-assess the situation, learn from the past and take-off with a new impetus. Maybe, just maybe, a careful FS, perseverance and passion is all it takes to succeed in any endeavor. May my story serve a glint of hope to those aspiring to do business in the Philippines: Once, a widow voluntarily offered to me her land for sale because she says that disposing it would erase the sad memories she had of her deceased husband more easily.

It was hardly a quarter of a hectare in size and located on a hilly barangay smallest political subdivision in an island in northern Philippines. I knew I could not benefit immediately from it because I could not cultivate it while I work Monday to Friday with the local government.

In my reckoning, its size is not even worth spending my time for a Saturday visit. So, I considered it as a gamble where my only loss is not seeing any gain.

More people got swayed into selling their lots to me. I only bought those that were adjacent to the first, though. I stopped buying when I accumulated ten 10 hectares. I fenced it and raised cows. I hired three 3 men to take care of the now mini ranch. It went farely well in the early years of operation until the report reached me that one cow died. For an animal to die for one reason or another is tenable.

I fired them all three 3. I had no doubt of their being trustworthy. They pray to God every day. They are warm-hearted and kind. Despite all that sham and chaos in the society though, I still feel more comfortable living in this corner of the Philippines because there are still more people here who have high regard for the law of God and man. They only needed to be reminded time and again. The buyers at the marketplace, there in Bohol, get them for Lechon.

One thing about having a business in the Philippines, as soon as there are more jobs, suddenly everyone in the family wants to get paid whether they do a good job or not.

Having a small staff at the Farm is the best way to go. I too would have to go against money lending, very hard to collect.

As far as the family want to get paid: I suggest to limit the work force as they will be eating up your potential profits. I would guess persons max is needed to be paid on a monthly basis. You would be surprised of how much more work that the caretakers do themselves if they will be sharing the expenses with you.

We pay 2 people to manage the Farm right now. Our previous corrupt caretakers kept claiming piggies were dying left and right.. I tell you, Filipinos in general are hard-working, decent people for the most part.. Henry, It is tough doing business in the PI. I gave my GF when I lived there money for plots of land to harvest and bought a stud boar.

The problem is I got no indication, any money i contributed gave her any independence or helped us. It benefited her family, but that is it. Because of this I never gave more. I have a friend who tried to solve the problems of his GFs family by buying farms. All he ended up was broke. I knew an expat living there who was buying farms too. I wonder if he ever was successful or if they just sucked all his money away.

As much as I hate to talk about my home folks, but you can only find 10 percent pilipinos that is either truly your friend or loves the way you are lol. Other, especially pilipina, will be your loving match as long as you have the money or promise them to USA. Good luck to find the one of the ten percent pilipina. One suggestion, is not to show off money; they get really corrupted. Work together and piggery business is really a profitable business if you have a trusteed care taker.

Henry, I have doing a lot of research about raising pigs. Really interesting and informative information: Yes, can you suggest a good brand of feed, and some prices. My farm is outside Abuyog, just south of Tacloban, so transport costs might need to be added.

Does anyone know a feed retailer in Abuyog? I posted the wrong one! Hi,,i want to start my small pigery,,pra po makatulong ito sa kunting kita ko,,,pwede po ba makuha ang inyong tel number at paano po kayo makunta.. Have a nice day to you Sir!!! I have something to ask you regarding with your secret na walang amoy,ano yong nilagay niyo sa floor, sand or what?

I remember my aunt having this business before and I know how good it was. Good luck on your piggery business, Henry! I hope that it will make you happy even more. Just sold 10 piggies yesterday and got an order for another batch next week so.. Of course there is huge money for the piggery business.

If you can combine your pig farm with a poultry business then you have it made. I know a person who supplies chickens and chicken eggs to stores, groceries, franchise operations, wet markets, etc etc. But if you keep on top of your business by minding it and checking it constantly, it would be very profitable. There is a large demand for pigs and chickens today. I wish it goes that way all the time. I believe once the volume of piggies increases to certain level you can make an outright decision about Piggery farm profitability.

The loyalty of workers is a major factor. Try to ensure a way to monitor their activities. Wishing you all success. Even today, after sending money to have new pens built last week, despite buying the materials they said would be enough.. An extra 3 or 5 bags I can understand. But suddenly they are 10 bags short to complete a simple pig-pen.

I covered more in detail here; http: The feed is bought in pound sacks and then distributed throughout the pens. So terribly sad to hear that these people continue stealing your money.

I will start a small one and not planning to buy any land; will be renting for the business. I wish me luck…and you too, hopefully your care taker realized how lucky they are to have a job even as a piggery care taker that puts food on their table and put their kids in school. The only way to ensure a profit from a piggery is to fence it in and live on the property, supervising it daily, keeping an accurate count of the livestock.

Thank you for having this website. I am thinking of starting a piggery business in the PI. I have a small land a hectares near a river. When you say you are thinking about profit sharing with the caretaker rather than salary, how much do you think is fair?

I will not be there to supervise I am out of the country. Hello Henry, nice blog. I have been considering starting an agricultural business in the Phils.

I have mulled over ideas on how to generate profits while creating better than average jobs for local families. I am from the U. That is why I feel compelled to employ people with higher wages than the Pinoy minimum. Why do you choose to create a job that only pays php ? Have you considered having multiple farms in multiple provinces to increase revenue? Is a monthly salary of php 20, a recipe for bankruptcy?

Their plan for profit requires paying as little as possible. As a rich foreigner I know I could do better, or at least try. The whole point of my message is to convince you and others to rethink how invest your 1st world wealth.

I wish you the best and thank you for contributing to an entertaining and informative blog. You seem to have serious trust issues. While Henry here keeps seeing the good, all you keep bringing up are the bad things.

I have finally decided to transition to agri business no. Lots of quick courses. I wish you all the luck and good health. Unless the pig is going to be driving the farm vehicle into town, we never bothered with licensing. If you were running a huge warehouse in or near town then the local BIR would take notice. I really enjoyed reading this article. Piggery and Poultry business is what i have in mind.

I am from Trinidad Bohol and I guess I have the perfect place to set things up, its beside our fishpond. Can I ask how much money did you spent on building the pigs stalls? Or any figure and estimation will do…. Or are you doing it in your home-country? I rally enjoy your thoughts and writes ups. I congratulate you by making the hardest decision you ever made to live here in the Philippines.

Thanks for posting here about the Pig Farming. I know a lot of my office mates having the business you had and they really enjoy it. PH is definitely my new home. But, living on Palawan would be nice too. I was browsing for any article if piggery business would be feasible and I happened to read yours.

I just want to know how much will I need to be able to start a piggery business. I am really thinking of making my own business while working though. I think this piggery would give me much return than rest of the businesses out there and most of them need higher start up capital.

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gay dating bhilai

The whole point of my message is to convince you and others to rethink how invest your 1st world wealth.

gay dating bhilai

The feed is bought in pound sacks and then distributed throughout the pens. Browse among all categories.

gay dating bhilai

Despite all that sham and chaos in the society gay dating bhilai, I still feel more comfortable living in this corner of the Philippines because there are still more people here who have gay dating bhilai regard for the law of God and man. I dont like my job as of now and im thinking of doing a business a after i finish my contract. Thanks a lot and God bless. As of August,I sold out all my interest in the pig farm to my partner. I admire your desire to live daging in the Philippines. I wonder if gay dating bhilai ever was successful or if they just sucked all his money war thunder matchmaking rank. How you interests will change and you move on to doing other things.