6 month cycle

6 month cycle
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My First Steroid Cycle

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DESCRIPTION: How did your body react and when did you have normal test cyc,e Its not a massive dose so its up to you mate! By gimp in forum Anabolic Steroids. Originally Posted by Jay Man..

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in the middle of a 6 month cycle - what do you think?

I've been on since August 04 and plan to stay on until end of Feb. Originally Posted by dtone you have to stop believing everything you read and experiment for yourself. When you take EQ, it is mostly muscle. Register a new account. It seems like you have my two phases mixed up let me outline the options that i'm considering. However I have since decided to do the post cycle therapy pct for these two months then advance to the cutting cycle which looks like this Week mgs of Sustanon per week Week mgs of EQ per week Week mgs of Tren Ace every day Week Clen cycled every 2 weeks with ECA stack on opposite 2 weeks This was the original sorry if my first post was confusing I would never take Dbol with ECA they are both for exact opposite results.

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6 month cycle
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Clomiphene - A selective estrogen receptor modulator used popularly in post cycle therapy due to its ability to promote natural testosterone production. I don't know if it's mental but I have always felt better results from triple stacking..

  • But wish you luck..
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  • Eight Month Cycle?

Some days is extremely high and others its not-existant. Should I cycle Test-e and stana.

  • Hi All, I just want to get some opinions on a 6 month test only cycle. I want to either do test prop mg eod or mg of test e or informativonossobairro.com test 6 months post cycle. PLEASE HELP.
  • Apr 7, - 7 weeks ago I decided to come off a 6 month cycle of test e and tren e. I am getting married soon and want to have children in the future. Today I went to the urologist and he said he didnt see any sperm in my sample. He didnt prescibe me anything and told me to come back next month with another sample.
  • it would however help protect your gains while allowing the initial recovery of your natty test and after 8 weeks of this you can start a normal pct. then normal clomid and nolvadex pct for 3 weeks after the last dbol tab. then 3 weeks of 20mg nolvadex after normal pct to avoid.

Zero sperm after 6 month cycle. Page 6 month cycle of 2 1 2 Last Cyycle to page: At your age you are really risking your health doing this cycles, you should take a while off after you finish this cycle to 6 month cycle, good luck. My libibo is up and down. Essentials Only Full Version. Yeah that makes total sense and wow that is crazy cheap

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