Girls that send nudes on kik usernames

girls that send nudes on kik usernames
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#1 korixpvp: This is comedy gold, especially the Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift segments. Couldn't stop laughing :). James Corden you rock my friend.

#2 xrom1: I've never watched Friends, I'm immune to the theme :)

#3 tellurian: I have never seen this happen live. I'm missing out.

#4 Rofl123456: Dame un corazn

#5 mcjazz: good hack

#6 seintee: XXI

#7 oknish: I clicked as fast as I could!

#8 x777x: Ninjago weapons

#9 Ljcdblfybz1: THE MATRIX HAS YOU

#10 artes1112: Pro Obama people stink, really they smell, there houses smell and they dont have any respect for valuables. Most of them are so poor they refer to theft for the moment and then it becomes a norm. All these people have faith in something that is not realistic. Obama is a ground breaking failure. Yes this country was already in the hole but our black buddy accelerated that further and much faster than anyone else would. Its like taking someones purse, they spend the money and whatever valuables are in it until it's depleted, then go out and do wrong again not having much care for the person they stole from. What does Obama care about? Not space and most certainly not full blooded Americans that live here, he cares about the fact that in 2 years he will be out of this shit job and he will have all the money to do whatever he wants with his family. Fuck whatever happens after, it doesn't matter to him. Oah yeah and his stupid ass wife got rid of sugar and replaced it with a substitute chemical, amongst other things she did for the good of the people . Its dictatorship being executed strategically to fit todays modern society. And on a last note Obama supporters don't tend to clean up after themselves. EWWW! Find a supporter and look at their feet, bet u they havent trimmed their toe nails in at least 6 months if you can stand the smell, LAZY!

#11 rastaman001: You got me in trouble.

#12 Quocanh1: Aradigibiz kisim 3:20

#13 Poozee: me encanta esta musica bro Dj TonyBsAs Lanus saludos desde Boston (Y)

#14 grafias: Hahaha I feel like whenever they r whispering to each other they r saying like let's fuck tonight

#15 H0rr0r: 3:29 she kind looks a little like prostitute with the low cleavage top and those fishnets just saying

#16 liseg: I feel sad for the brother he still has a basic bedroom

#17 Trader111: 1. This video made in 2011 2. The video is so awesome 3. Damn this video is too good till everyone watching it in 2017

#18 sher237: When liza enters target the employers belike OH GOD PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON US

#19 vandy84: One is good

#20 caiman2000: They started singing September and I fucking almost DROPPED MY PHONE in water because I paused that song to watch the video

#21 Laits07: On the topic of our president, it is essential to know that, despite his obvious flaws, he is leagues better than our last. Our last President did fuck all about basically every crisis and only helped those in catastrophes to save face, his and his family's faces to be exact. As blunt as our current one is, the alternative is still worse. which is sad.

#22 Lesen0k: Free vbuck

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#24 Sagot666: Singing in the rain

#25 hell22: This is super plane

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girls that send nudes on kik usernames
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