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guy dating female cop

We know that we shall never be able to capture the fortress itself, yet we travel hopefully, for we are sure that some day we shall at least stand within the suburbs of our Sacred Cityand the suburbs are very pleasant! Paper pushing for some in practice. Sounds like your in love with your authority to me. Me too, I thought it was good.

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There's always someone out there for everyone I think a woman with authority and toughness has sex appeal. I think it has alot to do with how secure I feel about me. It is not merely serving others, though Emerson once said that "The only way to be happy is to make others so. Those would be the three biggies.

Shittier than normal cops that is. I'm talking about getting hassled for going 10 over, parking violations, having a unregistered car in my own driveway etc. That has nothing to do with dating one though and everything to do with them having to be "tougher" on the job to be taken more seriously or as seriously as there male counterparts.

But it also has a shit ton to do with you thinking it's being "hassled" when clearly you are regularly breaking laws you find inconvenient like that means they don't also apply to you. Yeah you aren't out selling pounds of cocaine and murdering ppl but speeding, parking like a dick, and not registering your car are all simple things you wouldn't have to worry about if you were behaving like a responsible adult and not making them have to deal with you in the first place dude.

When I am respectful to a cop I expect the same in return. They lose my respect as soon as they become unreasonable and treat me like I'm a problem for doing the same shit we all do. I don't expect to always get off with a warning but I should never be hassled or disrespected. Some male cops are capable of being matter of fact about the situation and deal with things in a reasonable manner.

I've never had that with a female cop. Its always either a crappy tone, lecture, or the most extreme "punishment" they can serve. Really it shouldn't matter how often any person breaks the law. They should be treated the same by the police as anyone else. Its up to the courts to decide what the consequences are. And for the record it is not illegal to have a unregistered car in my driveway.

Its a project and has not been on the road since before I bought it. The concept of spending time to work on a car for fun escapes some people.

You almost had a point at the beginning there but kept going and fucked it all up again. Of course how often a person breaks the law should affect how they are dealt with that's like saying kids shouldn't be punished for misbehaving because it's not very nice. And yeah I get that having a car in your drive way as a fix up project isn't an unheard of hobby in fact it's fun as hell more often than not to anyone into cars.

No, but keeping tabs on that kinda shit is what keeps nice neighborhoods from being eyesores along with shit like tickets for fucked up lawns or blight or any kinda shit like that.

The real problem here is you have a really shitty attitude towards laws you don't think are a big deal like it's beneath you and that is probably why you get fucked with so much. Saying "I break so and so laws because we all do" is insanely immature logic and then being annoyed a cop isn't all buddy buddy about you not giving a fuck you broke the law is even crazier. Look at it from their angle they might just be about to get off shift or have had a long shitty day or w.

Just follow some basic ass laws and none of this would be a problem for you to begin with. Cops are not part of judicial system. All suspects should be treated equally unless they're being difficult to deal with.

Its how the system is supposed to work. I've never been shitty until after I've been treated poorly. Giving cops a pass on this because they have a hard job is like accepting shitty service in a restaurant because you're there around closing. As far as the car goes there are no laws or ordinances in my area about parked cars on private property. Its not an eyesore. It looks better than most the cars on this street. Oh so you're one of those "don't break the law and you won't have any problems" assholes.

We live in a structured society that requires respect from both parties. I mean how aggressive are you in situations..?

All things I'd think about.. In all honesty I think the whole woman with a gun deal might scare most guys In Michigan we are allowed to carry concealed weapons. So, most of us have them all the time. It is no big deal Alot of places require off duty officers to carry, so there may not even be a choice. If this guy doesnt want you to carry a gun, then he needs to move on so some lucky fella can get ya! It wouldn't be a problem to date a cop, but at times, not on the job is just that.

On top of the fact that I like going to the range to squeeze off a few rounds its very relaxing. Dating a cop is probably intimidating for some guys Maybe they've got a few parking tickets they don't want you to find out about If the date goes badly, they might start to think that you'll enforce law and arrest them on charges of "Failing to provide a good time.

I don't think a woman with a gun is sexy or anything like that. The fact that you know how to use it and with your chosen vocation and area I wouldnt blame you one bit for carrying one. If I had a permit to carry one in NY I probably would too.

Helping society and fighting crime is cool. Sounds good to me. But I think an off duty police officer should always carry a firearm, except when they are drinking. The life they save may be yours. I'm pro gun control, but that just means I think cops should be the only ones with hand guns.

Kudos to you for choosing a profession that looks after the safety of others. She couldn't have hidden it anywhere otherwise I'd have found it most nights! Well, unless she holstered it someplace I hadn't been invited to explore, that is!

Just braggingpay that no mind. I have known a few other female cops and their level of paranoia, while justified, was very much off-putting to me. Mind you these women were more like guys so that "macho schmuck" thing was probably too much in abundance with those particular women. As for being "intimidated" by a female police officer simply because she carried a guy guys that aren't fools have no reason to be concerned about that.

I would if I thought she was of good character and we were compatible, just as I would consider dating any other woman.

In the past I had poor luck with women who had a law enforcement background, but I would not judge them all based on my past experiences. If she's okay that: I had sex numerous times with girls under the legal age; 2.

I smoke smuggled illegal cigarettes; 4. I am somewhat involved in some very minor I don't like cops so probably not. They always seem to be stuck up assholes. I doubt female cops are any different. No I would not. I respect a lot of things that the police do stopping speeding, theft, murder etc but the legal system is not perfect and many laws seem to be based on cultural things rather than scientific evidence. So to sum it up no because I don't respect authority as it is fundamentally flawed.

I think little Wayne said best https: I date people based on personality. So as long as she wasn't someone who was condescending, and an acrimonious women I would.

I'll make ya say I've had so many harass me for no reason growing up. It's just COP culture. The job is basically a magnet for douchebags that want to speed, play with guns, and break the law without going to jail. I would date a forensic scientist that worked for the department but not a COP, officer, detective, or officer in leadership I have passed FBI background checks without issue, I just don't want someone stalking me on that level.

Some people think the law is the law it is absolute you must enforce it, that is what is right through and through

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guy dating female cop

Is there a photo of him at the police station? However, my agency has only about 50 officers and the rumor mill has been so out of hand..

guy dating female cop

I have a number of reasons and they are all because of things that happened to me in life that I should probably not talk about.

guy dating female cop

He has been called in, had his job threatened I doubt female cops are any different. I'd be constantly worried that she'd be put in the way of danger a lot and would be concerned if she was late one day. She guy dating female cop a good looking thing, taught Tactical Defense datin those of you who don't know, she taught the guys how to kick people's arses She couldn't have hidden it anywhere otherwise I'd have found it most nights! They guy dating female cop my respect as soon as they become unreasonable and treat me like I'm a problem for doing lesbian dating apps for android same shit datimg all do. It's an honorable profession.