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The Weight on Wheels system introduced with the GV is a far more robust system than found on earlier Gulfstreams — the nutcracker system — but it shares a few of the vulnerabilities. Seeing his effect on people and how much he helps is amazing. You walk into a grooming salon for the first time with your small-breed dog in tow, both of you uncertain of how this process goes. We live in Chillicothe, Ohio. Two calls to three old acquaintances led to a pair of methamphetamine deals last July. I am now 10 months seizure free. I love you, your body and your music.

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When the landing gear are in the up and locked position, they are not depicted on the display. The pilot who presses a brake pedal harder controls that brake, ensured by two metering valves, one for the left and the other for the right brakes. They shared the drugs with other women at the house, Padilla says, although she at first abstained. A hydraulically actuated pushrod then rotates the uplock hook upward to provide positive nose gear latching. Thank you so much, have a great day Reply. The agents woke Jennifer up and told her she had a warrant.

Hydraulic power from the Auxiliary AUX system and operation of a ground service valve, located adjacent to the nose wheel well, allow movement of the gear doors by pressurizing the landing gear system on the ground. The shock struts consist of a movable steel piston within a cylinder containing hydraulic fluid pressurized with gaseous nitrogen.

O-ring seals maintain strut pressure and allow the movement of the piston. The struts absorb the shock of landing, and provide damping during taxi, takeoff and landing rollout.

During normal operations, approximately three to five inches of piston chrome is exposed at the bottom of each main landing gear strut, depending on aircraft gross weight and outside air temperature. A placard attached to upper portion of the landing gear strut indicates the correct extension for ambient conditions. The keys slide into annular slots when the sidebrace actuator reaches full extension. A lock ram positioned by down hydraulic pressure and a spring maintain the keys in the slots preventing any further actuator movement.

Spring pressure is necessary to maintain the keys in the locked position without hydraulic pressure. The movement of the keys into the slots also provides the input for the downlock microswitch that provides the cockpit indication that the gear is down and locked. When the gear is selected up, hydraulic pressure is ported to the other side of the lock ram, displacing the keys from the slots and overriding spring pressure, allowing the actuator to move in the retract direction. The sidebrace actuators have provisions for inserting ground lock pins to maintain the main landing gear in the extended position during ground operations.

The sidebrace pushes the main landing gear into the down position and pulls it to the up position. The downlock is inside the sidebrace actuator cylinder. In the down position, keys move to allow the downlock electrical signal and prevent strut compression.

The keys are held in place by springs and can only be moved with hydraulic pressure. Theoretically, the main landing gear will not retract without hydraulic pressure. One end of the actuator is attached to the aft structural wall of the nose wheel well. The other end is attached to the hinged nose gear trunnion that pivots aft into the extended position.

The forward and aft sections of the truss brace unfold as the nose gear extends. When the nose gear is fully extended, a hydraulic downlock actuator and linkage pulls the truss brace slightly over center at the hinge point.

The springs are necessary to maintain the nose gear in the downlocked position without hydraulic pressure.

Once locked into the over center position, hydraulic pressure on the retract side of the downlock actuator is required to push the truss brace past the over center position and overcome spring pressure. The truss brace hinge has a provision for inserting a down lock pin to secure the nose gear in the extended position.

As the truss brace unfolds to the over center position the contact on the nose gear microswitch is depressed sending a downlocked signal to the landing gear control panel. It takes hydraulic pressure to force the nose gear into the down position and the truss brace overcenter. Sitting on the ground without hydraulic pressure, only the "suitcase" spring ensures the truss brace continues to be overcenter.

It could easily move if jostled during towing, hence the need to insert the downlock pins whenever the airplane is towed. Landing gear position and warning lights on the panel are powered by the Emergency DC bus and may be dimmed and tested with switches on the cockpit side consoles. When you move the landing gear handle, you are sending an electrical signal to the landing gear hydraulic control valve to send hydraulic pressure to the landing gear door control valves.

The selector valve controls the normal landing gear extension and retraction. The dump valve controls the emergency extension. The dump valve portion of the control valve is actuated into the emergency dump position by pneumatic pressure and is reset to the normal position by solenoid actuation.

This is just like the mechanical valve you had in the GIV, but instead of a cable from the gear handle to the valve you have electrons which move a solenoid. In earlier Gulfstreams the valve was underneath the cockpit and the hydraulic lines traveled aft. In the GV and later, the valve is in the wheel well. When electrically activated by the cockpit landing gear handle, the landing gear hydraulic control valve sends hydraulic pressure to the landing gear door control valves to begin the extension or retraction sequence.

This valve directs gear up or gear down pressure to open or close the nose landing gear doors. When the landing gear handle is placed in the up position, hydraulic pressure is routed to the nose gear door control valve, the uplock actuator, and the retract timer. The door control valve routes hydraulic pressure to the door actuator, moving the doors towards the open position.

As the doors approach the nearly open position, a mechanical linkage actuates the retract timer valve which initiates the landing gear retraction.

When the uplock hook is approaching the fully closed position, a mechanical linkage actuates the door control valve, causing hydraulic pressure to close the nose gear doors.

When the landing gear handle is placed in the down position, hydraulic pressure is routed to the nose landing gear actuator, door control valve, downlock actuator and uplock timer. The landing gear is initially prevented from moving by a spring on the uplock hook. The door control valve opens the nose gear doors. As the doors approach the nearly open position, a mechanical linkage actuates the uplock which initiates the landing gear extension.

When the actuator approaches the fully extended position, a mechanical linkage actuates the door control valve to close the nose gear doors. The valve controls hydraulic pressure to the door actuator. The door control valves have three positions: The neutral position ensures the door remains in position, while the main landing gear swings. When the landing gear handle is placed in the up position, hydraulic pressure is routed to the uplock actuators, retract timer valves and door control valves.

Hydraulic pressure is routed through the door control valve to open the main gear doors. Once the doors are open, main landing gear control sequencing initiates retraction. As the landing gear reaches full retracted position, the uplock roller contacts the uplock hook and the uplock actuator locks the landing gear in the up position and activates the door sequencing linkage.

The door sequencing linkage repositions the door control valve, allowing the doors to close. When the landing gear handle is placed in the down position, hydraulic pressure is ported to the side brace actuators, door control valves and the uplock timer valves. Hydraulic pressure is ported through the door control valve to the open port of the door actuator, allowing the doors to open. Once the doors are open, main landing gear control sequencing initiates extension.

When the landing gear is extended, the door sequencing linkage repositions the door control valve, allowing the doors to close. As the main landing gear door reaches the open position, the timers valves allow extend or retract hydraulic pressure to move the main landing gear to the commanded position. The timer routes hydraulic pressure to actuate the uplock actuators to the unlock position. This allows the main landing gear to extend and downlock.

The timer routes hydraulic pressure to the retract side of the side brace actuator. This releases the internal downlock and retracts the main landing gear. Throughout the various manuals you will see references to timers, valves, sequencers, and any combination of those three. They all refer to mechanical valves which direct hydraulic pressure someplace based on mechanical inputs from someplace else.

The uplock timer, for example, holds hydraulic pressure in check until a mechanical arm from the gear door actuates the valve to let it know the door is open and it is okay to send pressure to the uplocks which allow the gear to extend. There are no electrons involved. Operation of the main gear uplocks is described as typical of all landing gear installations. When the main landing gear is fully retracted into the wheel well, the gear is locked into position by a hook and latch that engage an uplock roller mounted on the front of the dual wheel axle housing.

The uplock hook and latch mechanism is mounted on the interior forward side of the wheel well. The uplock hook is mechanically positioned by the uplock roller on the landing gear and the uplock latch is positioned by dual springs.

The uplock hook also has dual springs that will maintain the hook in the locked position in event of hydraulic failure. The integrated latch assembly mechanically blocks movement of the uplock hook until the latch is moved aside by the gear uplock roller as the gear reaches the retracted position. When the latch is moved by the gear uplock roller from the position blocking movement of the uplock hook, the uplock roller enters the concave portion of the uplock hook as the hook pivots into a cradling position.

Spring tension on the latch drops the latch into position behind the uplock roller, securing the uplock roller in the uplock hook. The action of the spring held latch counteracts any tendency for the uplock roller to rebound out of the uplock hook and retains the uplock roller in the grasp of the uplock hook after system hydraulic pressure is released. The uplock mechanisms are only under hydraulic pressure during extension once the landing gear doors are down, or during retraction once the landing gear have reached the up position.

The uplock can be moved by hand when the airplane is on the ground. If an uplock is in the up position on the ground, it will remain so during the retraction sequence and will prevent the landing gear from reach its full up position. In all my years in Gulfstreams I've never seen this and have never heard of it happening to anyone but the manual does caution us to look for this during the exterior preflight and gives us the procedure to open the uplock.

Install the door control valve pin and activate the ground service valve. They come on when the respective landing gear is in the down and locked position. A red annunciator light in the landing gear control handle comes on whenever there is a disagreement between the handle position and the position of the landing gear.

During landing gear retraction, the light in the handle remains on until each landing gear is fully up and locked with landing gear doors closed. During landing gear extension, the light remains on until all three landing gear are down and locked. The uplock switches are located on the nose landing gear fairing door frame and main landing gear fairing door frame. There is a single switch in each gear to indicate the gear is up and a single switch in each gear to indicate the gear is down. A green light in the landing gear handle indicates all three are down and locked.

With the gear handle in the down position, a red light indicates not all three gear are down and locked. Each gear door has a switch indicating it is closed. With the gear handle in the up position, a red light means not all three gear doors are up and locked. When the landing gear are down and locked, the wheels and shock struts of each landing gear are shown in green.

When the landing gear are in transit, the struts are shown in magenta. When the landing gear are in the up and locked position, they are not depicted on the display. If any or all of the landing gear are in disagreement with the position of the landing gear control handle, the malfunctioning landing gear s is shown in amber. There was a time in the GV when the synoptic was considered more reliable than the lights in the landing gear selector panel.

Those days are over, and in at least the G, the lights take priority. In some other aircraft there were different microswitches for the gear handle, the three green lights, the synoptics, and even for the gear warning horn. For us, each indicator relies on the very same microswitches. We use the lights in the gear selector panel for the overall status, and the synoptics for further definition. With the gear handle up and a red light, for example, the red light tells us a door is not closed.

The synoptic tells us which door. There are two undeniable truths when it comes to any GV series airplane, including the G The Weight on Wheels system introduced with the GV is a far more robust system than found on earlier Gulfstreams — the nutcracker system — but it shares a few of the vulnerabilities. Fortunately the system now checks itself for faults and will alert you when the system itself might be providing false information. Sensing is provided by three switches installed on the aircraft landing gear: The switches are hermetically sealed and are equipped with gold contacts for reliability.

The main landing gear switches are positioned on the side of the shock struts and are closed when the shock strut torque arm rotates when the aircraft weight compresses the switch arms. The main landing gear WOW ride on irregularly shaped cams and are in the "contact mode," that is, you will not see a gap between the roller and the cam, until the weight is completely off the wheels.

In the ground mode, the cam is larger, compressing the switch. In the air mode the cam is smaller, allowing the switch to extend.

Why is this important? If the switch is compressed by debris or a maintenance spacer, the WOW tell the ground spoilers the airplane is on the ground when it isn't.

The only time you, the pilot, ever see the main gear WOW is in the ground mode. Here's a look at the thing with the airplane on jacks and the strut compressing: Main Gear WOW video.

The nose landing gear WOW is simply a microswitch that is either compressed air mode or not ground mode. During preflight there should be a gap. In the G the switch is mounted to one side and the wire holding the steering link safety pin can get lodged into the gap, telling the airplane the nose is in the air when it isn't.

That could prevent nosewheel steering. The combined WOW signals are derived from a series connection through one pole of the left landing gear switch and two poles of the right landing gear switch.

What is the combined WOW? These relays do control a few things, but these are mostly little things, like letting your cockpit clocks know when to start counting flight time. Control is exercised by a relay associated with each switch. The Left Main WOW also has dedicated signal outputs to the left bus power control unit to provide for power up and ground self test. The Nose Wheel WOW has dedicated signal outputs to the nose wheel steering system and the aux hydraulic pump.

This additional switch signal is termed Combined WOW. The Combined WOW signal is provided by a single wire connection that furnishes a 28v essential DC current whenever both main landing gear WOW switches indicate that the aircraft is on the ground.

Only a positive indication of the on-the-ground state is necessary, since the using system relays are normally loaded to the in-the-air position - an electrical signal is required to position the relays to the on-the-ground state.

I think they are wrong. Only one main gear WOW to ground mode is needed for on-side brakes and thrust reversers. Both main gear WOW must be in ground mode to provide ground spoilers and "on the ground" signals to the rest of the airplane through the combined WOW system. These techniques are not stipulated by any source but I believe can be life savers. Think about them, please:. If left system pressure is not available, but hydraulic lines and fluid quantity are intact, the Power Transfer Unit PTU can provide pressure to operate the landing gear.

If no hydraulic pressure is available, but system lines remain intact, the landing gear may be lowered by pressurizing the lines with nitrogen gas stored in a emergency bottle located in the nose wheel well. The emergency extension system may only be used once and cannot retract the landing gear.

The uplock hook is spring-loaded in the locked position, preventing landing gear movement. The door control valves route pressure to the door actuators for door opening. When the doors are nearly open, a mechanical linkage actuates the uplock timers routing pressure to the uplock actuators for unlocking the landing gear.

The nose landing gear and side brace actuators move to the extended position. Initial movement of the uplock actuators also positions the door control valves in neutral, preventing the door actuators from moving. When the nose landing gear and side brace actuators are almost fully extended, mechanical linkage positions the door control valves to route pressure to the door actuators for door closing. As the downlock linkage is locked in the extended position, the downlock microswitch is actuated, sending a nose landing gear down and locked indication.

When the main landing gear reaches the fully extended position, the side brace actuator is internally locked and the main landing gear is locked down actuating the downlock microswitch, sending a main landing gear down and locked indication. An uplock timer is simply a hydraulic valve that waits for input from a mechanical linkage. The door control valves route pressure to the door actuators, opening the doors.

When the doors are nearly open, a mechanical linkage actuates the retract timers, routing pressure to unlock the landing gear and pressurize the retract ports of the side brace actuator and the nose landing gear actuator.

The nose landing gear downlock actuator forces the downlock linkage out of the overcenter condition, allowing the nose landing gear to move. The pressure to the side brace actuator is used to release the internal downlock, allowing the actuator to move. The nose landing gear and side brace actuators move the landing gear to the retracted position.

The first upward movement of the landing gear repositions a linkage placing the door control valves in a neutral position. This prevents the flow of hydraulic fluid to either the door open or the door closed ports of the door actuators, preventing door operation. When the landing gear is almost fully retracted, the uplock hooks are activated by the uplock rollers and the uplock actuators are moved to the closed position. With the hooks fully closed, the door control valves are positioned to route pressure to the door closed port of the door actuators.

This causes the landing gear doors to move to the closed position. A circuit is activated during retraction applying braking pressure. Here's what a retraction looks from the persective of the hydraulics system:. G Hydraulics Synoptics Takeoff. Here's what the sequence looks like with a bad right main gear door valve we wrote it up because the extension time on the right gear was long enough to cause a momentary CAS warning:.

The system substitutes nitrogen gas pressure for hydraulic pressure to move the actuators of the landing gear components. Emergency gear extension takes approximately six seconds to extend and lock the landing gear - when the emergency extension system is cold-soaked, extension may take up to twenty-five 25 seconds. Emergency extension gas pressure will not close the landing gear doors - after the gear are down and locked, the gear doors remain open.

Once activated, emergency system pressure remains in the three actuators of each landing gear uplock release, door open and gear extend until the pressure is vented overboard when the emergency extension T-handle is stowed.

The bottle has a pressure relief valve set at 3, psi to prevent damage to aircraft components should gas pressure near the structural limits of the bottle. An adjacent service panel contains a direct reading pressure gage for the bottle and a nitrogen filler valve. The T-handle is connected by a flexible cable to the outlet valve for the pressurized nitrogen bottle.

If the emergency T-handle is subsequently returned to the fully stowed position, a nitrogen bottle vent port opens, and nitrogen pressure in the actuator lines is discharged through an overboard vent. The action prevents a hydraulic lock in the gear and door extension lines. Nitrogen then pressurizes the unlock port of the three gear uplock actuators, the open port of the three door actuators and the extend port of the three landing gear actuators.

The DUMP legend within the pushbutton will illuminate blue confirming that normal system hydraulic pressure has been bypassed. If emergency extension of the landing gear with the pressurized nitrogen bottle has been satisfactorily completed, the landing gear would normally be left extended until a landing could be made. If however, the landing gear must be retracted and hydraulic fluid and left system pressure is available, resetting the dump valve will allow retraction of the landing gear.

The emergency T-handle must first be stowed vent the pressurized nitrogen in the actuator lines. There are two sets of lines to each landing gear: During extension, the extend lines are pressurized and the retract lines are used for fluid return. During retraction, the retract lines are pressurized and the extend lines are used for return.

When the gear is retracted in the up position, the retract lines are pressurized. While the uplocks themselves are depressurized when the retract sequence is complete, the doors remain pressurized. When the nitrogen bottle is activated, it pushes the selector valve and fills the extend lines with pressurized nitrogen, opening the doors and extending the gear.

It also pushes the dump valve to one side, opening the retract lines to allow hydraulic fluid return and illuminating the "Dump" legend on the overhead panel switch.

It is telling you that hydraulic retract pressure has been dumped and gear retraction is not possible as long as it is illuminated. You would only depress the switch at this point if you needed to retract the gear. I've heard the reason for the knot limitation on the emergency extension system is to prevent the nose gear from going past its lock. I haven't been able to verify this.

The system is controlled by electrical signals only, with no mechanical interface existing between the steering controls and nose wheel. The ECM sums inputs from the tiller potentiometer and rudder pedal RVDT and compares it to the actual position of the nose wheel represented by the feedback signal from a nose wheel position feedback RVDT. The EHV modulates hydraulic flow to turn the nose wheel in either direction. Left system hydraulic pressure is routed to the EHSV through a shutoff valve and two solenoid valves.

The EHSV directs left system hydraulic pressure to the required intake ports on the hydraulic motor of the steering unit to turn the nose wheel. The hydraulic motor drives a reduction gearbox that engages a large ring gear that encircles the top of the nosewheel steering unit. The direction of rotation of the gearbox, controlled by the EHSV, displaces the ring gear to the left or right, steering the nose wheel.

The light in the rudder pedal switch does not come on in the normal on position, but a blue OFF legend within the switch will alert the crew if the system is selected off.

Below the OFF legend are two internal maintenance indicators for use in performing system checks and aligning the rigging between the RVDT and potentiometer in the tiller assembly and on the steering gearbox. Back in the GIII there was no rudder pedal steering and Gulfstream put in this rudder pedal disconnect switch to placate the old heads who thought rudder pedal steering was an element of witchcraft. A misunderstanding of this switch has resulted in one mishap, the Palwaukee GIV incident.

The nosewheel remains centered for one second after it becomes compressed, it isn't going to be a problem. The ECU compares the moderated command signal from the cockpit tiller handle RVDT to the actual nosewheel position as reported by the gearbox. When the nosewheel corresponds to the commanded position, the ECU signals the EHSV to neutralize steering pressures to the hydraulic motor.

When not in active steering mode, the tiller control handle is returned to the neutral, or straight ahead position by a centering spring and cam when the handle is released. If the system is selected off, the nose wheel is free to turn in a passive mode, responding to the tracking forces of differential braking or engine power settings. The trapped hydraulic fluid in the system will also act as a shimmy damper when the system is not powered. A RVDT is located on a connector rod beneath the cockpit floor on the copilot side.

The landing gear lever handle must be in the down position to complete the electrical circuits for steering. Hydraulic pressure for steering is provided through the left hydraulic system lines. The delay avoids abrupt steering commands caused by large rudder pedal inputs during crosswind landings.

The steer-by-wire system uses inputs from a tiller handle mounted on the pilot side console or signals from rudder pedal position. The tiller handle is mechanically connected to system control elements mounted underneath the handle within the side console.

The RVDT provides an electrical signal of the direction and amount of displacement of the tiller handle from the centered position. I have been detoxing for 2 weeks now and listening to your music helps me a lot. Being only 2 hrs from Cleveland I hope to make one of your shows soon.

I have recently been told that im going to be the worst mother and im going to kill my own child. Well i thought about ending everything inclueding my own life and my brother told me to listen to some of Machine Gun Kellys songs and i did and it made me rethink everything.. My brother introduced me to your music zach Johnson. He got to meet you in person. Your music helped me face my fears last year when I had to get brain surgery for my seizures. Your music also has helped me cope with me having a seizure disorder I have always been upset because I couldn't drive because my seizure disorder or live on my own.

Your music gave me hope. I am now 10 months seizure free. Thank you for your music it has really changed my life. I would love to meet you one day my email is briabeautiful20 gmail.

I just want to say you seriously keep me pushing. I grew up in a broken home where I was abused, beaten, and treated like I was worthless. It caused me to try and kill myself, and get addicted to pills really bad. Some days I think about my past and it just slips me into a depression, but then I listen to you're music and it's like I have hope to keep going.

I would love to meet you, and thank you in person one day. You're music is the reason I keep going when I have nothing to keep going for. South City Commisions is the name of the group. I have never seen someone help someone so much just by the power behind their words. My man was on drugs and he related to you and quit doing drugs because your music gave him the power.

He then sent his story to you, you called him and gave him tickets multiple times. Even had him on your tour bus and let him tell you his story. He is who he is because of you. You didn't even think twice about letting him in and being part of his life. His name is James, yall always ended up being at the same hotels when you had shows.

I did not know him through all this. But coming into his life hearing the story's about what you have done for him makes me want to personally thank you for what you did for him. I wish I could find other ways to tell you how much you have done. But you make people better. And you wouldn't even think twice about it!

Maybe one day ill get to meet you or even attend one of your shows. Yo mgk idk if you read this mail but your amazing, In matter of fact you brought me to the person I am now, I wanna become a rapper, I'm from central new York and ik your from Cleveland and probably will never cross paths with you, But I'm 16 and wanted to know any info into becoming a great rapper like you,I came from really nothing and your words make me feel normal and realize my dream of becoming a rapper may happen but please any tips on freestyling or anything it would be great thank you biggest fan.

Yo MGK idk if you read these I sent two messages to you and your probably always on tour and making new raps and stuff you very inspiring to the whole world you have showed the world you can be something even tho you may be at the bottom if you try hard enough you make it to the top. Man im Collin im 16 and a huge fan cant begin how to explain how huge your words mean you started this world as a kid with a dream now your big asf saving peoples lifes.

I wish you could get a hold of me I wanna become a rapper I wanna help people change there lifes just like you. If you have time and could get advice to me at collinps3 gmail. Hey Richard, I know that you won't actually read this and someone you pay will read it but I'm going to say what I want to say.

You've been a huge inspiration to me through your music and the feelings behind each lyric. Your music has helped me through tough times and I want to say thank you for everything you have done even though you haven't done anything for me. I'm currently in the process of thinking of lyrics so I'm able to express my feelings through music as you have many times. If you actually do read this any advice would be greatly appreciated. Have a good day. Hey a couple of use have put together a four day weekend to have some of the est family meet up and spend time together.

As one of the individuals who put the event together I thought it would be cool if machine gun kelly could show up out there and see use. If interested here is my email tonyfield68 icloud. Your lyrics are just so powerful it's undescribable. I so wish I could meet you one day! Mgk, What's up man. My name is Richard, But I go by Spence. I'm from Cleveland Tn, Just wanted to congratulate you on all your success. But look I need some help I'm not one of those crazy fans that would sale your used napkin on ebay.

If I saw you on the street. I'd just be like what's up man how are ya. Look my life's been pretty rough simaler to yours.

So to help with all the anger I discovered a new way to deal with it. We can both thank Eminem, and 2Pac for that. But hey call me up and we'll rhyme together. Please anyone who is reading this my life dream is to meet MGK he is my idol he has inspired me to want to become a rapper and i am trying If anyone and do anything please email me i check daily Shanepeavy30 gmail.

The first song I heard by you was Wild boy. I'm telling you what, I hated that song with a passion. My ex showed me mind of a stoner.

I instantly had a connection, not only because I could relate, but also because my name is Dreamer real name. I can't help but to giggle sometimes at these females begging you to contact them.

I feel for you sometimes. It's like they completely forget you're human. I love how in touch you are with us your fans. It means a lot more to us than you think.

Your music is outstanding. But there's something different about you than any other artist.. I'm speaking for myself, I feel it. And I am grateful you take time out of your life and share it with us.

I'm not going to be a groupie and beg you to contact me because I'm not one. But if you do read this, know that you have love in Virginia. I love you Kells! I was told too let everyone see my talent in writing music so here it goes Hook: I was born a screw up never could hold my anger so danger blew up see my best friend die shot down I threw up told my boys so we got the crew up x3 since then I knew I was born a screw up x2 Yup okay I was born a screw up my boys calling like you up?

Yeah Im up sup? Lets get these bricks and move up from Columbus to Cleveland 2 different locations but same dreams an different area code but same college team an I root for my boys OH IO is what im screaming but back to the real subject do you know what's it's like not to belong and grow up in the projects color aint blind we all the same we all the subject white black mexican were all the police project but we dont care like watch it dirt off my shoulders to knock off my chip say the wrong thing and youll catch a whole clip so alot of yall bite your tongues and super glue your lips while I still talk shit yall say lil wayne is yalls favorite rapper well tupac and mgk is mine that being said I load the 9 fuck a bitch that's fine then go back to that struggling life I think u r the best rapper alive I recently found the love of my life dead and ur music has helped me a lot of ur songs lyrics are exactly how I'm feeling a lot of urs songs every word explains how I feel..

So I'm crying writing this You're music helps me so much I am a 15 year old girl.. I have been through so much and I love you to the moon and back youre amazing. Some days I wanna say fuckk it but I don't because put a smile on my face and make me believe I can get thru it Listening to your music has helped me so much. Most people don't realise how ad some people have it but you do. You have helped me get over so much. I have nearly lost my emotions, but when I hear your songs, they come flooding back and I just want to thank you!

My son Is A music lover, he has it, he is meant To do bigger things, he needs motivated n Call from u or something would be tht plzzz help me? HI my name is Jack Duran and MGK thank you I am a sad kid and I am getting better I tried to kill myself and I just listen to your music and it makes me fell better and thank you I write rap because of you thank you please contact m eplease if there was no MGK ther would probly be no jack thank you Jack Duran.

I don't know what to do anymore I've been abused for years and it's so hard eventually I told the police and stuff they took pictures and they sent me with my mom. It was way easier for me. But I got really bad I fought with family a lot my aunt and gma turned There back on me. I got really depressed and thought nobody cared anymore so I started hanging with some really bad kids started smoking weed and cigarretes.

I started stealing cigars and started drinking and then I found out my grandpa was going to jail and I got twice as bad. I got so out of control my mom sent me my bro and sis back and I was really mad because he beat us and she didn't tell me she just dropped me off. The courts dropped the case. I just wanted to say thank you your music saved my life I started rapping when I was 7 with my brother unfortunately when I was 10 my brother passes away and I swear never to rap again and then I started smoking pot and shit but when I head you're music it mad me realize that life is hard for every one and I started to rap again and it probably saved my life because I was keeping all my emotions in side and was getting sadder as the days moved on but when I picked up my pen and started writing I felt so much better thanks you for what you do and you are a amazing rapper.

I love your music. And its like every word you say, my dad has been through my family listens to your music everyday. My dream since about four -five years ago was to rap swing life away with you and every time the song comes on I turn the volume all the way up blare the music and rap..

But your music isn't random words like drakes music but your songs are what people today feel. I get caught in the words that you speak.. Sup dude, I know you probably won't read this but it's the closest thing I can find to contacting you, I'm from Australia, still stuck in this place. I needed to vent to somone, you know your one of a few rappers that rap about real shit, one of the few rappers that I can chuck your music on repeat and listen to all day, BUT your the only rapper that has touched my soul, your music takes me away, takes me away from all this bullshit, takes me away from all the dramas I have in my life.

Iamges: hook up abq

hook up abq

Im also a combat vet i got deployed and deltr with my fair of shit. The EHSV directs left system hydraulic pressure to the required intake ports on the hydraulic motor of the steering unit to turn the nose wheel.

hook up abq

Remove tire from service if weatherchecking, cracking, cuts and snags extend down to the casing ply in the sidewall and bead areas. You should try to pull less than you think you need and see what happens. This does not apply to military tires with Maximum Wear Limits marked on the sidewall.

hook up abq

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