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The price of a "Forever" stamp increases to 50 cents on January 21, And, yeah, I commute on it in the rain so I am nuts. Then pull CVT fluid level gauge, wipe off, rotate degrees, then reinsert.

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That was sweet looking. Received no parts back. This entry was posted in Technical. Tune up Plugs and wires 6 cylinder. The "Premium" Service Guide is extreme overkill and not required for your warranty. Before buying a lemon from Infiniti, check this out.

These cameras are all pretty similar. Also, the build quality is not great. In both cases I was able to repair the WiFi.. I both cases where the wifi quite working, there was no obvious symptom.. It worked fine via 10baseT.

When the first one died, on a whim I decided to crack open the case and see if it was anything obvious, but I had little optimism. In this case, though, I discovered room for optimism.

The rear of the camera can be removed by unscrewing four hex nuts, then carefully pulling the whole assembly out. Inside are a motherboard and a daughterboard mounted to it with a couple of stand-offs. Shown here already removed from the stand-offs. These pictures are actually from my second repair of my Maygion camera , but the two Foscams are almost identical. Figuring it was still a long-shot, I started googling for identifying markings on the assembly.

Interestingly, the identifying product information on the Maygion camera is almost the exact same sticker! They most likely stick one to the outside of the camera because it also shows the mac address.

As of this writing, they also seem to be available here and here. The first time I made this repair, it was to one of the Foscams. It worked like a charm! Sure enough, when the new one arrived, it was essentially identical to the original — even the jumper plug was the same. I plugged in the 4-wire jumper and antenna, powered it up, and presto! This was an easy and convenient fix, but when the wifi died on my Maygion, I started to think this could add up if wifi goes out on a camera every six months or so.

Ultimately, I should probably look at a camera with slightly better build quality. It could be that the power supplied to the daughter board by the motherboard and, indirectly, the AC adapter, is poorly regulated and may be contributing to early failure, but who knows!? So as I mulled over spending another 35 bucks, I thought about something that had intrigued me the first time around… time for some AustinLightGuy hacking!

Digging a little deeper into the specs, I also found this: When it arrive a few days later, I immediately removed the one screw holding the case closed, and opened it up. The result is actually comical! Here are two photos showing the camera daughter board next to the wifi USB stick board.

As you can see, these boards are practically identical! Even then component layout is very, very similar. Anyway, this is clearly hackable. First, I figured out which wires were which on the camera jumper by testing voltages with my multimeter. I came up with this pinout: Now I just removed the USB connector from the wifi stick, cut the connector of the jumper and soldered the wire right to the stick.

Actually, I first fooled with trying to transplant the micro connector from the original daughterboard, but this surface-mount stuff is really tiny and fragile and I eventually gave up in favor of the brute force approach: Cool, now just to connect the antenna…DOH! The connector on the original module is male and the one on the stick is female!

Next, I did an experimental power-up and, sure enough, it immediately connected to my wifi — Sweet Success! By the way, when these things boot up correctly, there is a little LED on board which lights up…goes off for just a moment about 10 or 20 seconds in to boot, then turns back on. Frankly a is more than fast enough for my normal driving and my wife loved it, so that is what we ended up with.

And, yeah, I commute on it in the rain so I am nuts. This is certainly an upgrade from the previous generation. Just bad Feng Shui in my book. The i makes similar at revs less. Here in the northeast, we go as fast as the car in front of us goes. My daily commute is a thrill packed average or 20 miles per hour, just a little faster then the bike i ride on the weekend for fun.

The latest fire breathing BMW twin turbo and chrysler monster engined sedan ride with me on a clogged highway. Because I love cars and love to drive screaming little fun machines does not mean I want to finance the Saudi royal family. I want small, space efficient, fun cars with small peaky engines, suspension and steering that reads my mind, and spectacular gas milage.

Not just in quality but aestethics too I was really put off by the preveious gen interior. It looks more blobbish. It is certainly not as much of a factor for the readers of TTAC, but BMW ownership tends to associate you with the bleached blonde status symbol worried crowd. Then again, Bill Lumbergh drives a Porsche.

For Jerseydevil, I would say there exist cars that are both small and fast, nimble and somewhat fuel efficient. G35 is not one of those. Mid-six-seconds to 62mph and nearly 50mpg US on the highway.

Perfect car, in my book. It would go like this. I wonder whats on the radio? Atr least some manufacturers are making small fun cars that are not strippers. About time, tho it remains to be seem how americans like them. Here in the NE, they are not as popular as u might think, except the center city areas where i am. Not sure what the point is yet. Lemme get this strait… You are mad that people do not want to drive what you want to drive? I just want a few more cars to be sold here that i like.

Say it isnt so! A similarly equipped i leather, sports package, tech package, etc. I think this review is dead on. The G35 is quite the shot at the top dog 3-Series, but it will never beat it. But that said…does it really have to? Have you driven a model so equipped? I know the technology was less than impressive on the last 92 Prelude I drove…. Our new reviewer has signed in. He says the active steering system improves steering feel and does nothing to degrade the car's ride quality.

Sorry about that chief. The C has been dropped from the name of the BMW coupe for And there is a i sedan as well. I look forward to driving the G I like the feel of the old car with the stick, but like others despise the orange instruments that look like they were lifted from a mids Nissan pickup. One way Infiniti could get a little more respect would be to offer a manual option for the AWD version, which you have always been able to get with a 3-series.

Sales statistics be damned. Did BMW retroactively un-announce the i sedan and erase the memory from everyone who ever knew about it but me? I have no doubt that the i costs more than the G Until a new M3 is released, many will no doubt look to the i as the best example of the ultimate compact sedan machine, to which it is perfectly appropriate to compare intenders to the throne like the G Oh, I know why, because it would be logical.

As for the i being a coupe only, my mistake. I priced out a i and went looking for the sedan. I did not see the option for the sedan, only the coupe. They buried it in the list and I skimmed right over it. You had a i and a Ci, not i Coupe. The folks at my local Infiniti dealership are pretty firm that they want to hold the line on pricing for the most part. This puts heated leather and metallic paint on the BMW, and a sunroof on the Infiniti.

I see I am again tripped up by my foray into pricing. Since I did not see the sedan my first time through, I priced out the coupe which is higher. I am on a roll today. Actually, Michael, Infiniti took the price point very seriously into consideration. Here is your spectrum, with a real-life 7K gap: The BMW is the overpriced Infiniti wannabe, beat by the Infiniti in most areas expect probably pure flickability, albeit with more farkles and more panache.

I own a G35 6MT Sedan. The car is not completely sorted but what makes up for it is the drive-train. The motor-transmission-differential is great. The chassis is almost there. I test drove a 3-sieres, and owned an S prior to the G The way I would describe the feel-difference is: You drive on the Wheels in the G35 and in the Wheels with the 3- series.

Price not withstanding, the 3- series was to quiet and the manual transmission feel was horrible. I needed more engine feel having come from an S I was not that concerned with the interior if I was I would buy an Audi.

If you want to become a better driver, buy the 3-series. If you want to drive like a hooligan, constantly bouncing off the stability control nanny, giggling when you need to overtake other cars, feel like a bull in the Pottery Barn when performing City-driving, buy the G The BMW compared above was a i manual.

A or M3 is a whole different story, manual transmission feel not withstanding why do the Germans pride themselves on a shifter-gate feel of marshmallows? Infiniti announced pricing on the new, second-generation Infiniti G35 sedan, on sale now.

The G sedan offers new exterior and interior designs, a more powerful standard 3. The price remains exactly the same as the Infiniti G35 Sedan base model.

For people who like German cars and notice the teutonic engineering throughout, they will stick on that side of the fence. However, everytime going back to a BMW it def. I think the new BMW E92 coupe from the B-pillar back looks funky so I would have to go with the sedan or if they bring the i touring, that would even be better: An 11 grand premium?

In order to get a G35 with a 6-speed, you need to get a sport model. They released the pricing the day after I left that comment, and I promptly input it into the database.

The base price remains the same, but the content changed a bit. Depending on which features you want, the can be more or less costly than the What seems undeniable is that the , given the extent of the improvements, is a huge value.

But the BMW has always been much more expensive. Deduct out the sport model cost differential then. On the vast majority of other cars available today the manual-equipped model is a value proposition, not a premium.

This is all well and good if Infiniti wants to be positioned as a luxury rather than a performance brand. I kind of think they want the latter as well though. Infiniti assumes usually correctly that anyone who wants a 6-speed has primarily sporting intentions, so they throw in a sport suspension, better seats, a limited slip differential, larger brakes and a few other trim bits. They add to the sport quotient considerably.

It would create a huge mess if car prices moved with exchange rates. So when the Canadian dollar was weak a few years ago, cars were cheaper in Canada than the U. Now that they Canadian dollar is strong, cars are more expensive there. Compared to your paycheck, though, the prices should be about the same or even a bit lower now than they were then.

Seems very reasonable to me. I drove both the new G35 and the i just last weekend. The BMW handled a thousand times better than the Infiniti, it was really no contest. The BMW is even better in a straight line, it sgoes mph in 5. Sure it costs more, but you get what you pay for, plus the depreciation on the BMW kills that of the Infiniti. I have to say that I was surprised at first, but the BMW is the benchmark for a reason, and not just because of the nameplate Bob.

The 3-series sedan is more or less the same as the G35 sedan. The 3-series coupe is much higher, but not in the same class. As for the handling, did you try the G35 Sport? Or was it the G35x?

Did it have active steering package? As for the nameplate-it makes a huge difference. People go to BMW with an expectation, and they overlook some faults to have a propeller symbol on thier hood. I have owned a BMW ci for almost five years. Great around-town car; but fatiguing on road trips. Sport suspensions and low profile tires will do that. For that reason, I am considering a G35 sedan.

I do not understand why so many of the posts compare the G35 sedan and the i. Compare sedans to sedans. In fact, the reason I am thinking of a defection to Infiniti is rear legroom. Maybe the real comparison should be made between the G35 sedan and the 5 Series. Comparisons between the i and Infiniti products should wait until the revised G35 coupe arrives later this year. Not all of us have the disposable income to purchase a new i or a new G35, for that matter.

Also, the G35 has a bigger backseat; important when hauling coworkers and clients around. The Acura is comparable, but FWD yuck. I just got done having rented a Infiniti G35 Journey with 11, miles on the odo. Some goons decided to lighten my car by removing the glass and placing it in thousands of pieces on the ground so into the shop it went and out of the rental lot a G35 went.

I was floored on how improved this G35 was. In the past, I rented a G35 with only 1, miles or so on it and a G35 under 10, miles. That was the design of the horrid hard plastic, orange dials, rattling everything design. The was one I was considering as the interior design was cleaned up and a bit of the hard, cheap plastic was banished.

The orange dials were still a deal killer they just look wrong in this kind of car. The is just amazing. Almost all of the surfaces that a hand can touch have been redone with soft touch plastics and even the typical areas of hard plastics like around the transmission lever are textured to feel more solid and soft.

There were no rattles at all…unlike the

Iamges: hook up g35

hook up g35

Oil and fluids changed every miles. Oil change, spark plugs, valve adj, timing belt and other belts replaced, replace water pump. It should be inspected at regular intervals which my dealer does and I assume that if it tests unsatisfactorily they will recommend that I have it changed.

hook up g35

Even then component layout is very, very similar.

hook up g35

They told me I need to change hook up g35 at 30,miles. My Sable began missing on one norwalk ohio dating more cylinders after the "check engine" warning light came on. While the original was brash and a bit lopsided with some hook up g35, this is more elegant and has a stronger shape. The way I would describe the feel-difference is: I wonder whats on the radio? Then pull CVT fluid level gauge, wipe off, rotate degrees, then reinsert.