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Teckel USA Honker Frog

hook up honker

We can catch many more walleye by extending the bite beyond when the fish are cruising and eating during low light conditions. Ok frog, they need to tweak it a little bit more and it would be a good frog, my complaints are the nose of the bait is facing downward causing it to dive down when pulled hard and another is it holds water and the hook up ratio is poor even with the hooks slightly bent upwards and like someone else said don't get caught up in the hype, I did From: The concept is amazing! Still doesnt beat a brown jig with a green pumpkin trailer: Great concept and explosive action but the hook up ratio is horrible.

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However, in my eyes you must have this bait in your box for that one situation. The morning bite on the water we fish for example can often taper in intensity. This was the real deal, a game changer, a must have. Try it you will like it. He turned into a new-born infant, and then his features gradually disintegrated In my opinion the sprinker did not live up to the hype. If you think this is gonna sound like a plopper do not waste your time.

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Well Maintained Heavy Duty Equipment. Always Loaded To Your Vehicle. Full Equipment Operation Support. We will notify you of any changes when inquiring or ordering your keg. Deposit You're going to love this- standard equipment is completely free! Deposit money is fully refunded when equipment is returned. Cash or credit only- needs to be same credit card upon return. Please bring back everything within a week. Keep For Days! The frog sits low in the water, walks well and is extremely weedless.

However I'm forced to believe the hook up ratio possibly because of the blades is horrible. I'll try bending the hooks out, and give an update soon This lure is highly effective.

However; the body often needs to be adjusted as it doesn't sit right within the weedless hooks and you will likely miss a lot of fish. Overall, a great lure with a couple drawbacks, one of the most effective weedless frogs available.

Colors also aren't very good. The bluegill color is best, but not currently available for some reason. This frog is sick! The sound the and flash the blades make are completely unique to anything I've seen. My local lake is known for its frog fishing and I've had a lot of blow ups on this thing.

Whether the fish want bait fish, blue gill, or frogs this covers the board. Really excited to see what it does for me this year! I really have to take back the things I said about this frog.

It has stopped sinking. The other day I caught 6 fish on the black with yellow head. Try it you will like it. Great consistency between each bait. To my surprise it does not take in water as easy as the first glance would suggest.

Most importantly, it gets choked without hesitation. I just wish Teckel makes a popper frog. This frog is so good that I can't find a reason to pick up the Whacker Frog. These frogs work great on the water. Never had to squeeze water out of any of them.

Don't be fooled by the awesome colors and presentation! These sink in about 3 seconds!

Iamges: hook up honker

hook up honker

The action on the boot tail is great and unique, but you can get hits on any frog.

hook up honker

I see more action from the homemade ones on youtube. I could watch a dog get run over and it wouldn't be as sad as the performance of this lure.

hook up honker

The hook up ratio is hook up honker little on the low side, but pair this up with the lake fork frog trailer hook and this thing is a machine, of course you lose a little of the weedless benefits but you'll gain it back in fish hook up honker. The result is that he burss through his clothes and wakes up in the guise of a forty year old man. But they are worth These sink in about 3 seconds! The transitions from scene to scene are often abrupt.