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hook up multiple bell satellite receivers

Quantity Quantity 1 selected. At many locations around the world, the flow deviates from that direction causing the compass to point not at the True North but at the Magnetic North. Yes, a D receiver will work with this antenna. Only every other transponder is picking up? Would be nice to see how I can do this with useing Dishpointer. Is it compatable with R DVR?


I get skew number from dishpointer. July 27th, at 9: If not, is the info for Echostar W correctable? I got new DirecTV equipment less than 2months old While our website is being created, our partner can get you the gear you need today. It does not contain enough information.

Where is the cable box outside? All of my receivers say too. Was this comment helpful? I have had service for four days and a code is on, I hope this is not a preview of things to come.

The will be out to fix it tomorrow I hope. This answer closely relates to:. One the back of you receiver remove the Satellite cable. Make sure its properly connected.

If that did not solved the problem , locate your SWIM power receiver. Make sure there is a green light lit up. If its not lit up connect the Swim to an electrical outlet. If its already lit up disconnect the device from the outlet for sec. Plug it in again. Now try if it solved the issue. If those did not worked, then its the main unit that has the problem.

Contact customer support at Were is the power receiver ar. Where is the power receiver at it pay to much for all my TV. Not to be working.

I have had problems with direct TV since I got it. Buffers every few minutes. So when it does that I have to switch it to my ID and put in my password. They said change the frequency so I did. Worked for 2 days. Now I get this So the F in the problem?

Does everyone need the swm module? Anonymous "I jiggled the cable going to the swim and the light toggled between on I jiggled the cable going to the swim and the light toggled between on and off. Tightening the cable only made it turn off Anonymous "Working may i please have a phone number to call I did and still nothing is working may I please have a phone number to call, I am getting mad because I pay good money for service.

I swapped out receivers and they both worked. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? It sounds like you are in the wrong location, the path you should follow are as follows. I would start off with a restore network defaults. Then a router reset then disc ethernet cable at the Reciver must be this connection or else this step is useless Then connect now. What does directv error code mean?

Anonymous "It means your port forwarding is not set up for the stb services port It means your port forwarding is not set up for the STB services port. Fairpoint and Verizon are both using those for high speed connections.

The dish i have access to measures vertical by cm horiz. Is this enough to receive all the free sat channels? Just select 72W from the list and get the settings for the dish. As for the viewsat, you mean transponders etc? Probably not for Astra 2D but best is to ask locals if it comes to fringe reception.

Any one can help me pls. I am staying at Karratha-Western australia. Hi, I love your site, great info. Is your site capable of sorting by channnels or just by Satellites? I am looking for particular TV stations in Canada and do not know which bird they are on? Is there any way to find that info on your site? Hi, One more question. K, EU and many other countries. How do I align my satellite dish?

Which satellites can I receive? How accurate is the alignment tool? January 1st, at January 8th, at 7: April 11th, at 2: April 11th, at 7: April 15th, at 9: April 15th, at 7: April 18th, at 3: April 18th, at April 20th, at April 22nd, at 6: April 22nd, at 8: April 24th, at April 27th, at April 30th, at 9: May 2nd, at Point the dish along the line and then adjust elevation and finetune azimuth.

May 3rd, at May 5th, at 7: May 6th, at May 7th, at May 19th, at 3: May 22nd, at 3: May 23rd, at 3: May 28th, at 1: From here, just edit cut crop enlarge whatever and save as your choice of file name and type normally JPG easy when you know how!! May 31st, at 3: June 17th, at 5: June 27th, at 3: June 29th, at 1: June 30th, at July 5th, at 2: July 5th, at 9: The motor selection is for the initial setup of the motor towards true south.

July 10th, at 2: July 10th, at Use the magnetic Azimuth when pointing with a compass. July 13th, at 5: July 15th, at 7: July 16th, at 6: July 17th, at 5: July 17th, at 6: July 17th, at 4: Ignoring spotbeams, unless you really, really wanted to make more work… Cheers Darren PS: July 17th, at 7: Your best bet is to go the local english pub in Malta and see what their system is like.

July 17th, at 8: July 19th, at 8: July 22nd, at July 24th, at 3: July 24th, at 5: July 25th, at July 26th, at July 27th, at 5: July 27th, at 7: July 27th, at 9: Thanks for the contribution, much appreciated.

July 27th, at July 28th, at July 30th, at Hope that makes sense. August 1st, at August 2nd, at 4: August 3rd, at 8: August 3rd, at 9: Well, if you got the right satellite then it could be also a faulty LNB. August 11th, at 2: August 12th, at 6: August 12th, at 8: August 13th, at August 18th, at 2: August 18th, at 3: August 19th, at 2: August 24th, at 3: Thanks in advanced for your help.

August 24th, at 7: August 30th, at August 30th, at 1: Here is an example for New York: August 31st, at 1: September 1st, at 9: Is there a reason Satellite is missing from the list? September 3rd, at September 7th, at 8: September 7th, at 9: September 8th, at 4: September 17th, at 7: September 18th, at 4: September 18th, at 5: September 18th, at September 19th, at 9: There is a very good chance this may be the same with the King Quest.

King just does not have any in house confirmed test data to prove compatibility. Is this dish compatible with receiver C? No, it is not compatible. H model receiver by Mick — May 10, Can't I just use this with my home account when I go on the road.

An H model receiver is compatible with the King Quest antenna. You will need to notify DirecTV that you will be using your home receiver on the road. Yes, an HR model receiver is compatible with the King Quest. Will this work with a HR receiver? No, King does not list an HR44 model series receiver as being compatible. If the problem with some of the pre-wired systems is that they are connected to a powered amp for a rooftop over the air antenna. Powered wiring like this generally causes a conflict when hooking up a portable satellite antenna.

Since I never use the roof top over air antenna can i disconnect it and solve this problem? Most factory installations use RG6 coax which is a compatible cable for the satellite antenna.

As already mentioned, many configurations have the cable connected to a powered amplifier for an OTA rooftop antenna. If the amplifier is bypassed yes the pre-wired receptacle can be used. Can this be tripod mounted? Yes, the manufacturer recently created a tripod for the Quest and Tailgater antennas. We have it listed as SKU Will it work with a C or a HR box? We have a D will this woerk with this satelite? What receiver is used with this?

A list of compatible satellite receivers with the King Quest VQ can be viewed on King's support page here. Can you use a satellite dish prewired RV connection? My RV has a separate port on the outside for cable and satellite dish. Can I use this port or do I need to run it directly through the RV via the door or slide? Yes, you can use the pre-wired receptacle. The problem with some of the pre-wired systems is that they are connected to a powered amp for a rooftop over the air antenna.

Will this work with R receiver? The R15 is not on the tested list from King. I know its automatic, but want to know, if the channels are too spilt up and I should look a Traveler.

Does this support two receivers? We have two receivers to support two TV's. The description says it supports two TV's but does it really mean two receivers? Yes, the King Quest can support two receivers. If it's compatible I will go ahead and activate it with Directv. A list of compatible receivers can be viewed here. I am looking for a window mount by penny — January 19, Directv king tailgater window mount.

At this moment we do not have this bracket on our website, contact Sales Yes, an HR23 series receiver is compatible with the King Quest antenna. Does this have high definition capabilities? Will this work with a D receiver? Yes, a D11 series receiver is compatible with this satellite antenna. No, an HR34 series receiver is not compatible with the King Quest.

What is the size, how tall? Dimensions of this antenna are Since this unit supports two receivers at the same time, can multipal channels be watched at the same time, Example receiver A is tuned to channel 3 and while receiver B is tuned to channel Yes, two receivers can be hooked up to this antenna and different channels can be watched.

As long as the channels are being broadcasted from the same satellite. Does this unit need a power injector? Does the King Quest VQ need a power injector. Yes, a power injector is needed and is included with this satellite antenna.

Yes, an HR receiver is compatible with this antenna. HR Receiver by Larry — November 29, No, the King does not list the HR44 model series as being compatible.

And here is a link to the complete list of compatible receivers: No, an H25 model receiver is not compatible with this antenna. Can you still use this with an HD Receiver like HR22 and get standard definition programming by mary — November 10, Yes, a compatible HD satellite receiver can still be used as it is backwards compatible for SD programming. Where can I buy a UC Controller? We do not stock the UC controller, but can special order the accessory.

Contact our Technical Service Group No, an HR34 series receiver is not compatible with the King Quest satellite antenna. Does satellite receive all HD channels? In other words, do the HD channels come into the unit as "regular" channels. Also, is there a stand or table of some sort to eliminate this unit from being on the ground? How tall is the unit? No, this is not compatible with HD channels. At this time there is not a stand for the item. I have a DVR and 3 standard receivers in my 5th wheel and use a Zinnwell 6x8 multi-switch to connect to a LNB satellite antenna on a tripod.

It would be make my life simpler at set up time if this would work. Unfortunately the configuration you are wanting to reuse is not possible. Will this product work with direct tv model R? Will this product work on direct tv model R?

Yes, an R is compatible. What dose the installation require if I want to replace the Manuel wineguard dish and mount it in the same location,is it a DYI install..??

Yes this unit can be self installed. Will this work with an R? We have R and would like to buy this King Quest. But we must know if it is compatible with a R receiver? Yes it will work. Will it work hr directv receiver? Yes, this antenna is compatible with an HR receiver.

Will the King Quest work with receiver model H? Will this work with an H receiver? Yes, an H receiver is compatible with this antenna.

Does it work with h reciver? Yes, an H receiver is compatible with this satellite antenna. How does it work in a campground with trees?

Direct line of sight to the southern sky is needed. How well the antenna will work is going to be depend firstly on relative position to the geo-synchronous. The lower the azimuth needed objects with low height can easily be an obstruction. What is the difference besides price between the King Tailgater and the King Quest satellite antennas?

Iamges: hook up multiple bell satellite receivers

hook up multiple bell satellite receivers

Plug it in again.

hook up multiple bell satellite receivers

If I use the tool selecting a single dish and lets say

hook up multiple bell satellite receivers

What is the height of the unit? Previous telephones required the user to operate a separate switch to connect either the voice or the bell. Does one put the brackets? Is it powered from the receiver? The R15 is not on the tested list from King. Telephones rapidly became indispensable to businesses, government, and households, and are today some of the most widely used small appliances. Hook up multiple bell satellite receivers one looks at the SatcoDX website, there are data for W: