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PhaseOne mm LS f4. Spread across two floors, our five spacious studios range from to m2. Apple Green 64 download. Available in or W, these bare-bulb daylight heads combine low power consumption with a strong and reliable output.


Our constantly growing gallery of fashion oriented props includes chairs, stools and vintage boxes; wooden floors and decorated backdrops. Grip — Sandbags — Shotbag 10 Kg. The Profoto lantern is a heart-shaped white modifier clad in a dark overcoat. The Lab scouted locations, made the local connections and supplied the equipment. Showing 20 out of 45 items. Digital — HyperJuice External Laptop battery.

Мы здесь пленники, это очевидно. Я позволил своему сыну родиться в мире, где он навсегда останется пленником. Какой же я после этого отец.

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hook up x12 to pc

Mac and PC compatible. With continuous output control and the ability to combine several units freely, this package allows you to bring the light wherever you need it. Showing 8 out of 16 items.

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Matt Duddleston Creative partner: The focusable parabolic reflectors and the accompanying 4kw HMI, 1kw flash and 2kw tungsten heads are known for their versatility, rock solid build quality and uncompromising control of light. The W Profoto B1 is battery powered, portable and quick to set up.

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With backup units and high standards of maintenance we keep everything in impeccable condition, so you can keep on shooting, no matter what. From theater-style set design for fashion shoots to interiors and furniture, complex or minimalist, dating website portugal do it all. Power — Ax3 Split Panel — 2stk 63Ax3. Stand — Junior Boom Silver cm. Sale — Gaffers Tape 25mm — Pink. Hook up x12 to pc Dedolights heads fit a wide range of accessories.