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I don't fit the textbook description of "antisocial personality disorder". I know that he is not finished with me yet but I keep reading and learning more ways to protect myself and have come to understand how he actually got me to marry him. Even till now I still think was he really a sociopath, or am I still imagining it. I looked up this guys record under all three names on the WSP website and your right. Okakagbe via email address Obalaspelltemple gmail. I know a real sociopath would not flinch at the death of their kids. Naturally I played hard to get, then he said he still loved me and that he was sorry.

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I'm a pathological liar, I have an incapacity for love, I abuse animals, I'm irresponsible, I blame others for every problem in my life, I scour the churches looking for my next victim, I tend to prey on woman that are need of help and then I take them for everything and move on. His value of me was money. Another guy I thought I loved I broke up with when I couldn't think of what to get him, two days before his birthday, leaving a message on his voicemail. Margaret who was help by this same okun spell to get pregnant , i copied the email and i sent okun an email and it was replied and i requested for the pregnancy spells after some questions and answer , the items to be used was gotten and the pregnancy spell was cast , the first month passed nothing happened and i was thinking maybe it was just like the others and it was a fair trial until the second month i noticed i missed my period for 11days when i check i found out i was pregnant and i can proudly say to all that am a proud mother of a baby boy now , for all those that think such things are scam just like i use to think is that give oKuN a fair trial and i say you will never regret it, just like how Mrs. I quickly moved in with him. I left her 4: Not just this she was wearing the pendant he had gifted me..

But I cant understand why he would stay with someone accusing him of these things or atleast not push me to get help. He tells me its because he loves me unconditionally. Most Sociopath show extreme behaviours…and the feeling of confusion is normal. I only dated this guy for 10 months and I was a changed person. He was like an addiction…this is what they do, they play with your mind.

Even till now I still think was he really a sociopath, or am I still imagining it. The charm is not real…leave him. I met this guy last year in March, he randomly came up to me and got my number.

He was very attractive and we started chatting on whatsapp and agreed to meet up. Usually I always have my guard high and above…but with him my heart skipped a beat — I felt like he was everything I wanted in a man. This went on for 4 weeks and I felt this was the first time I have known someone for such a short time but felt so deeply for them…until we slept together no sex just foreplay and the next day he turned horrible, very cold, one liner messages, playing the busy and just not bothered.

He kept saying he cant meet me for lunch, was unwell would even send me pictures of medication to prove he was sick , or busy after work because he had family issues — he was full of excused. So i thought its a typical guy thing — got what he wanted n now doing a runner. I was heart broken and really upset so I stopped contacting him. The minute he realised I was walking away, he came back with a blast, being all kind, caring, considerate and apologising…said he had lotsof family issues and poor health but now better.

So this was all in one week the mood swings. Soon we were back on track again, his charm was back and I started spending more time with him and even going back to his after work. But I started seeing girlie things in his apartment like earrings, hair straighteners — when asked he would say its my sisters. His behaviour started to change again, he went cold.

So I started to walk away again. By now it was July and he told me he was going on holiday with his friends. While he was away he was in contact regularly, including sending his morning messages. I asked if I could come see him, he said when he gets home.

I went to see him, he had got a present from his trip and was back to his full on charm. Now in August, I meet him and he starts saying his ex wants to get back with him. I said okay, he should do what is right and by then I knew his ex was his GF! So he had been lying and cheating…also it was her he went on a holiday with. So a pathological liar..!!! Silly me agreed to meet him.

He misses me and wants me back. He had this opinion that everyone was wrong and always doing him wrong but he never saw what he did bad.

He would say he could destroy someone if they hurt him and no one knows what someone is capable off. I was actually scared of him…but then he would turn charming and caring again. Making me tea, shoulder massages, picking n dropping me home. I got very upset, sent him a message saying not to contact me and blocked him from everywhere. We had spent a whole weekend together got physical etc and within less than 12 hours this happened…at 3am!

I messaged him at 7am when I saw the pic. Within half hour of my message the pic changed…and he called me ragging…saying I was being stupid, and it was his friends who did that…I should understand him, he would be silly to do that, why would he want to lose me after all that, I need to give him a yes or no answer now if I want to stay with him…he was shouting badly and saying hes not going to apologise to me this time as its not his fault.

I said I cant talk as im upset and at work. I later asked to see him this was test because by now I had worked him out and he said it was too cold and he was at the gym but he can call me and see me the following day.

I replied ok…and just blocked him from all contacts. I do know he will be back when he gets bored…he has a very addictive personality and hates to lose. Sorry for my long message — but what do you think?

Sociopath or a typical guy? I have never dated anyone like this before…he lied about everything…even to once saying his cat had died and he needed emotional support. OMG this is my life. I married mine and also met him when he was married to his ex, I just feel like throwing up right now. After I wrote him about a divorce he tried to sell the house without me knowing, I find out by a moving and storage flyer in the mail, I quickly called the realtor and it was pulled off the market.

Next he had some new friends come in with their phones video taping me pretty much doing nothing except waking from the basement to my daughters bedroom, they also tapped the police when they came because I called them.

Next he took my dogs. After that when he was served two days later he took the car while I was gone for at BK getting food and Kinneys.

The he tried to freeze me out by locking the door to the computer room where the heat control was. Then he tried sucking the well dry by running the jaquzzi tub for 3 nights straight. I kept papers on all this. OMG this is unreal to me. Two years ago he filed for divorce he was taping me constantly. He wanted to try couples counciling but I realized he was using it as a tactical move not to help us.

I should have seen all this because he did similar things to his ex wife. He is a complete slob but makes it all pretty and sweet in the beginning of relationships then comes the other side of him. This is just a very brief description of everything go he has done to me, my daughters and the animals.

Take pictures or videos where you can. Its the mental stimulation thing…when im alone I cant stop thinking about him and how we used to meet up, his sweet comments etc.

I constantly check my phone in the hope he will call — do you think it be wise to unblock him? My gut says its a bad move…the guy is a cheat and lie. With him its always same lie…he needs to get his car fixed, has to do food shopping, going gym and seeing his mates.

All signs point to it. Hi Nina, I am sorry that you are feeling scared. What makes you think that you are married to a sociopath? I did this and he really threw a fit every single time. He once even raged as I told him that I would like to visit a buddhist monastery for some extended period of time to find some inner peace for myself. Then he often shouted: I was on here a year ago so confused after mine just up and left me again for no reason after 7 years of marriage I was searching for answers and I was told I was placed in this state of confusion as a tactic but I wanted to know will he ever come back and every site I read it said they always come back I was relieved but y?

In June I attempted to serve him with divorce papers n yes just like I was warned he came back. He was the good version, sober not hitting me and working for once I wanted so bad to make it work. He had been cheating on me the prior 6 months with a girl ik and I just had to show her I was the one he loved. After 2 months I was pregnant he said he was happy he continued to be nice but still tried to make me jealous I didnt move him back in but everything was always about how great he was how perfect his body was how good his job was him him him and he made me quit my bartending Job bc only whores bartend so I did.

I ended up miscarrying the baby at 14 weeks. I went to the hospital alone on Friday they told me the baby was dead and that if I did not naturally deliver by Monday I would have a DNC I was devastated I cried all night he knew where I was, drove right past the hospital to get to my house n never stopped in.

He was at my home ,well our home, he no longer lived at playing playstation with his friend as I sobbed he said oh well we can have another.

I told the nurse I may had flushed the baby n I wanted to go home but I wrapped him up in a towel to show my husband the reality of the life I had lost after carrying him for so long but he was not phased. I buried the baby and named him for closure. My husband was not around for that either. He was totally unaffected. I called her she said he never said he was married or that he lost a baby how sick. When he caught me in his phone he lied saying she was a family friend n we were going to double date with her bf.

All lies but he says he never lies now bc he is changed. I 4gave him and that was October. For thanksgiving I cooked him a separate dinner for his house, he paid the house payment 2x since I quit my job. I dropped him off 10 mins later I get a text blaming me 4 his actions stating he wants a divorce.

A week later he asked me to dinner I went then again he picked a fight with me. I checked his voicemail and the girl he cheated on me last year with was on cm. I was confused again but this is the cycle. Romance, get back in, lies cheating abuse, leave with no explanation n cause confusion but only after he had the girl lined up. Ik it too but so hard to comprehend how a person can literally not care in a blink of an eye and how he can say he is a Christian, attends church 2x a week to make himself look like a great person then tell ur pregnant wife ur leaving n get an abortion.

He has all new friends bc he screwed the ones from 2 yes ago over he is a chameleon and morphs into new identities. He is charming n women love him he has a perfect body to suck ppl in he can sing play guitar he is talented he seeks attention and power. Im pretty sure the man I have been seeing for the past 5 years. We met at a local gym where I hired him for personal training. Our relationship was purely platonic for at least two years. I was married with two young chirldren he was single but dating.

My husband and I had been married for 13 uears when my affair began. This man had met and married a woman within 9 months of meeting her I take full responsibility for my actions but I was absolutely seduced. I would break it off so many times from the awful guilt I felt but within days he would pull me back in.

My husband discovered what was going on after a year. It was a horrible time during which I had no communication with the other man. He waited for my husband to leave for work and then then drove up. He got me a prepaid cell phone so that we could keep in touch. My husband and I eventually separated and I continued my relationship with the other man.

Eventually, he got a divorce. Ive always felt like he was hiding something. I was always questioning his wearabouts which annoyed him. She was fully dressed but He was in his underwear. I flipped of course and he tried to say that they were just friends. Total bullshit and I knew it.

So I contacted this woman with no ill will. It simply to find out what the real story was so that I could move on. She was lovely and and I found out that they had been seeing ea bother for a month.

She knew nothing about me except that he had told her we had a brief affair but he had broken it off and I was having trouble getting over it. We talked for a long time comparing notes so to speak. I told her she was free to date him if she chose but she said she was ending it. I wish that I had been as strong as her. When he realized he had been caught he raged.

I was actually afraid even though he has never layed a hand on me. After a while he convinced me to meet with him where he admitted he fucked up and he would do whatever he had to do to make it up to me.

So for the next year he literally told me where he was every hour of the day. Then he got sick. His kidneys had failed. How do I leav someone who has no family. No one to help him. Continued out secret relationship for two more years. During this time I would fall apart several times due to the stress of still being a lier to my friends, family and children.

Wanting to be free but not being able to leave. So, after a very risky surgery he has functionof one kidney and has been starting to feel like himself a little again and I feel the mistrust coming back.

Most recently I was staying at his place and the brush I keep there was missing. Then maybe an hour later wereinhis room and he was looking for a shirt to wear. He literally tried to put it on saying it was his. He actually tried putting it on!

His explanation was that the laundromat must have accidentally put it with his clothes. He moved 5 months ago to an apartment that has its own washer and dryer so he admits it must have been there for a longtime.

I have never given you a reason to distrust me. So suddenly I am the bad guy. You give me plenty of reason. I think I am in a similar situation. I met someone online and we began talking as if we had known each other for years. He would send me pictures and videos of his siblings and parents and compare how similar our families were. He wanted to be texting every day all day and would call me or face time me several times throughout the day.

After only a few weeks of knowing each other, he asked me to be his girlfriend. His charm and charisma made me excited that he wanted to be exclusive. It was weirdly flattering because everything up to that point had been pretty good minus the few red flags.

A few weeks into us being official though, everything changed. He started to be extremely shady about his activities after work.. Does this sound like a sociopath? He always seemed kind of sketchy, but we always had this weird connection.

Finally, after we had graduated both of us were finally in a place where we could be together. The first year of our relationship seemed to be like magic, but to be honest, I lived out of town for the majority of it — so who knows what was going on behind my back. Before I go into details, I will tell you this — he told me he was a diagnosed Schizophrenic.

He said that in High-School he started having delusions and hearing voices, and his mother was so worried about him that she dragged him into a psychiatrists office, and a few months later he got his diagnosis and had been heavily medicated for a long time. He hated his medication, however, and had stopped taking it, but he seemed to be functioning just fine. Anyway, when we moved in together I kept catching him in small, insignificant lies. It made me uncomfortable, but I never really said anything about it.

He also never worked to get a job and allowed me to pay for his existence. I created his resume, I put it in, I scheduled his interviews, etc. I paid for his rent all but two months that we lived together. He had known Lisa for a long, long time and I knew he had always liked her. He begged me to stay, that he needed me, that he was so sorry.

A few months later I found out they were still talking and that he had blocked me and my closest friends from seeing his statuses and stories on social media, so I tried to leave again.

Me, being the idiot in this situation, believed him. He moved back to our hometown to be with his parents and told me he had gotten into therapy and was on medication. I forgave him for that too, because I was under his spell. He was angry when I tried to discuss his mental health.

Threw chairs across the apartment and punched holes in nearly every door. I found out he was sleeping with a co-worker for months and lied about having to go out of town on the weekends to see her. I found out and confronted him. The same story although seemingly nothing had changed about him. In fear of him hurting himself and his well being, I went to his mother and father to tell them that he was struggling with his schizophrenia and depression again.

There was no psychiatrist. There was no medication. Every time I caught him in his little game of lying and cheating he just used his fake mental illness to get me to feel bad for him. Also, I found out from his close friends who had finally had enough of him, that he had been cheating on me the entire time. He had slept with seven other women the two years we were living together. He played such a good game.

I was so convinced we were happy and in love. He just took and took and slept with whoever he wanted. I debate whether or not he is actually an sp, but I know his new girlfriend.

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To turn off the ads, you need to have an account. Then you can go into your settings and there wi Be a part of it. Maybe there is actually no such thing as a sociopath and giving people like this a label is just another mere excuse for them I know a real sociopath.

It annoys me how people think sociopaths are dark evil masters of the universe While some im sure are The sociopath I knew was a blonde cheerleader!!! She could conn anyone into believing she was a devout very nice Christian, but if u were in her way of being the "best" in what ever retarded way she determined was the "best" shed steamroller you and make you feel like you were being mean to her You could says she's powerful but u know what she does?

She plays dumb infront of men and says the nastiest, cruelest most unbelievably pathetic things when no ones looking You don't want to believe it's happening. So when she started targeting me all I did was empahisze all her incogruencies to anyone who spoke well of her in an understated way.

After a few months no one wanted anything to do with her. She tried to destroy my self esteem with her full on albeit secret assaults when no one else was looking. It was funny to take her act away from her. She was ostracized but kept on being cruel to me like no one else even mattered.

She has a rich husband now and lives in a mansion in chicago He's a really confused guy I hear The sociopath I knew was an Anna Nicole smith esque actress She was also very smart and in school took high level math classes.

But come one you're in calculus 3! No one understands her like I do. I'd love it when shed try to flatter me I'd just laugh and give her a wild smile Ive likely met other sociopaths.

Sociopaths are people they have personalities A different sociopath wouldn't bother me so much She can charm anyone. But not me bc I'm special somehow She had steely hard dark eyes and didnt blink alot She never smiled with her eyes.

She held herself too high it seemed When she started being cruel it only affirmed my thoughts about her I didn't know what sociopaths were at the time though If sociopathy is a continuum she's pretty high on the scale.

She fits all of the criteria except violence. But she works out 2 times a day so she is proabaly secretly violent. She's into self preservation. I fear sometimes I suffer from slight sociopathy. Sometimes I enjoy hurting egotistical people in ways they won't understand. I can almost always tell how a person is feeling and try to help them if I deem them worthy I do t have friends, I don't like being around people because I feel people, even this Anna character are sloppy.

I am not a sociopath and I am very calculating I don't like to admit it But on a sociopath forum the word calculating is like "and" As far as relationships she acts like a child.

It's disturbing to me She giggles and has public very girly sounding tickle fights. The funny thing is that she uses people to be the best So shed dangle her new catches infront of me Which was unwise since I liked the fact that she wanted to make me jealous. I was in her way but I was amusing I guess.

I detest her games. I'm sensitive, and intuitive. I guess she was trying to access the sensitive part of me No, that's only for people who are worthy I agree that to lable them as sociopaths makes us feel better; like a victim of a crime, which in a way is how it feels.

I do not read too much into astrology but the Aries-man is already born to have the same charasterics of a sociopath. It was the worst mental nightmare,. And when it ended. The hatefulness, the ridiculing and belittling; his words felt like bullets. The thing about my sociopath is that he was not as educated as i am so that was the only control i had.

Again, yes we label them as sociopaths, but if the characteristics are all there, what else can you call it? I just need to run when i see the warning signs next time. I just broke up with a sociopath. He actually admitted to me that he was one, which was a surprise.

We were supposed to get married next month, and luckily one of his girlfriends on the side wrote me and told me about his infidelities. Then I found out about the extent of deceit, and was shocked. The thing is now he is trying everything he can to get me back.

He has started AA and says he can calm the monster in him if he is sober. He says that he can change, get help, be a better person. He says he feels an extreme amount of guilt about the pain he has caused me. Everyone in his life has told me that he is a sociopath and he fits the profile perfectly. So is he really feeling guilt about hurting me? I'm trying to not be manipulated any more than I already have been.

He says he loves me so much, and will do anything to get me back. What should I do? For whatever reasons, I was quite sociopathic for a long time.

It took incredible self awareness and a huge amount of work to come as far as I have. THEN I end up dating one. Took totally off guard, but so self affirming to feel the heartbreak. Here's how I got rid of mine You see two of me, because it is.

The suffering and misery shaped me from birth into something very dark and numb, 'feeling' only the ugly sensations in my own heart. I battled myself for power over It, and have emerged victorious as another.

You do not seek this peace and will surely suffer past your own death nurturing only the beast that was born with you. I feel pity for those who may fall into your crosshairs. I praise God for giving me the strength to face you, the mirror image of the demons living in me. I see you now, my morbid curiosity driving me to overpower your complex illusions and enter your mind. It is dark and terrifying, yet I am more frightened by the familiar safe feeling that tried to seduce me back into It's arms.

Comforting, yet unsettlingly repulsive. Good bye, once again, my old friend. You are no longer needed, I am happy with who I have become and you have no power left over 'us' Watch out, he's good! Remember this the next time he tells you you're crazy - It is perfectly normal to have feelings and needs.

It is crazy to feel nothing and need no one! Couldn't believe my luck We communicate through solicitors, as there is a house involved, and money is this person's life. He cares about no one or nothing. His aim in life is to see me suffering - because I dared to end it!!!! Everything was about him. In the beginning I ignored it all and turned a blind eye.

He was at a low point in his life. His wife she is lovely by the way had thrown him out 18 months earlier for cheating on her despite them having two young sons. I had been separated from my ex husband for the same length of time. I had 2 sons also and I was there for him - I loved his 2 sons and we all got on for a while. I quickly moved in with him. At the time, I had so much self confidence, I thought I could handle anything.

He then wanted us to buy a big house for the 6 of us. Then the nastiness started - the belittling - the temper flare ups - the lack of emotion. The picking on my boys. His elder son was a talented footballer, but again I have lost count of the number of times he has humiliated him by taking him away from clubs, usually by storming into dressing room and shouting abuse. His poor sons are used to it. He used to belittle the younger one because he wasn't interested in sport. I was his only friend.

He never understood my point of view. I often questioned why I was with him. We were both in our 40's. Im a succesful career woman. I too believe he may be a closet homosexual, because he tries too hard to be macho?? Or maybe I don't understand how someone can be so emotionless.

The damage this man has inflicted on me cannot be measured. I still look back and see him through rose coloured specs - focus on the good times, and try to erase the bad. I'm fighting back - but almost a year has gone by - and he is still the person I think about, because he is still threatening bullying controlling via solicitor letters changing his mind on a regular basis. He loves to tell me how he has a new life, and how happy he is.

I know he is seeing an attractive vivacious mother of young twins. I really pity her, because I know he will never change Can someone please please help me? I am in my 40's, married and having an affair with a man 8 years younger than me that is also marred and I am sure is a sociopath. This affair has been going on for 5 years. We spend 4 hours a day together - at lunch and then he comes over to my home while he is working the night shift my husband travels all week out of town He is a police officer that I met while he was working in my neighborhood.

He showered me with love, kindness and attention for the first 6 months to win me over. We even took a few vacations together. Anyway, when I first met him he told me he was in a relationship with a girl that had a lot of money. He met her through a mutual friend that told him she would buy him anything if he would be with her. She is also married. He told me he told his wife he was working a detail but he would go to this girls other house every night for dinner.

He said she would get him to finance a truck, camper, motorcycles, etc but she would pay the notes in exchange for the relationship. He said he could not even get excited for sex but did it and told her he loved her. Anyway during our relationship he tells me i cant go out with certain girlfriends and that they are whores and he quizzes my every move- grabs my cell phone and goes through every call, email, picture, etc.

He asks me where I am when he calls and wants to know the exact intersection. Anyway I have been feeling like he is lying and MIA alot and one night we were out and he picked a fight with me for no reason making me cry and dropping me off early - only to probably meet another girl. I'm saying this because I saw a phone number on his phone - did a search online and saw it was the same girl he said he hated and broke up with 5 years ago.

I want to confront him, the girlfriend and his wife - but will he hurt me? He has threatened to kill me slowly if I ever do anything like that. He has hurt me, physically pinching, stepping on my toes, twisting my boobies, etc. It has been so reassuring to read all of your posts. Forgive the cliche but I am not alone! I've only recently worked out that the so-called love of my life actually fits the socio bill. Since this realisation everything finally makes sense.

He has recently left me for the umpteenth time I've lost count. As an educated, well-grounded and confident woman, my lack of integrity and self worth as far as he is concerbed has absolutely amazed me and those who love me. He has played on my inner fears - fears I have spent years overcoming having suffered sexual abuse as as a child. While I hate the label, there is definitely a side to my character that is attractive to this kind of character and it all does resort back to my past.

In order to live and love without resentment and bitterness,I've taught myself to forgive and it is this forgiving, nurturing nature that gets abused time and time again. I never thought I'd meet a him. Someone who found my annoyances funny, someone who I laughed with from the minute we woke up together till the minute we went to sleep- usually after a mind blowing sexual encounter!

I did meet him and I thought I was 'done' - I'd found 'home', I'd met my equal. The reality still to my dismay is so very different. What I'd met was a projection of the other half I felt completed me and who I felt so lost without. Words cannot express my sorrow at the love and life I've lost - however, I know know that it never really existed anyway.

I was just a pawn, a something to do. And while he'll move on to women gone and women to come, I'll be eternally scared by the memory of what I thought we was. Thank you to everyone for sharing I thought I was losing my mind when I was involved with a sociopath We only "dated" for two months but he said all the things I wanted to hear.

Crazy about me, falling in love with me and talking about a future. He introduced me to his parents and kids. For me that hurt alot after the break up. How does someone introduce to family if they are not serious? But I guess thats part of the game And you find yourself running around in circles - exhausted and making no progress towards a healthy relationship.

The mood swings and the, what I call, damage control is such a waste of time. We had gone out one night and met friends out for drinks. He flirted with every girl and blamed it on me that I was too jealous.

Three days later he broke up with me and recently found out on that night.. She dated him after I told her how badly he hurt me! The lies never stopped and he would get very upset if I didnt text or call back within 3 seconds! He was paranoid and accused me of things I never did. Yes the red flags were there and I choose to ignore them Its doesnt matter how beautiful, smart, caring, kind or generous you are Dont ignore your needs that you deserve because you are a kind loving person.

As many of the previous posts indicate. The sociopath makes you feel like it is the first time you have ever truly been in love. I fell so hard and was so happy when times were good. He had no friends, his own mom and sister wanted nothing to do with him, he had 4 failed marriages lasting from 4 weeks to one year.

That should have been enough warning. But he was so beautiful, so sweet and charming, we laughed like children together, he was intelligent and we had everything in common. Then the jealousy started, the verbal abuse then he destroyed my clothes, punched and kicked holes in my house, even threw the dining room chair through the window. Anytime I tried to leave he would threaten me that he was going to kill himself. He would grab a knife and slice his arms up. He also took a knife and cut up every stuffed animal he ever bought me in front of me.

Then when I was packing to leave he took all my zanax and wound up on life support for 2 weeks. He seemed to care but once when I was in surgery he came back home and masturbated to internet porn the whole time I was in surgery He was jobless, homeless, carless when I met him.

He wont keep a job. He hides behind churches. All his exes have been in prison. I have caught him on adult friend finder. He made it a point to ruin every Holiday of the year in the 3 years we were together. At one point he stole my mothers cremains and texted me that he sprinkled her in the woods. He loved to mentally torture me. And I still love him! My Dr suggested I write a book on my experience which I have begun. A nightmare that has left me heartbroken and looking forward to deaths embrace.

Watch for red flags and dont ignore them because the guy is beautiful and great in bed. I want my soul back. You're story brought tears to my eyes as I recently experienced the same.

Fortunatley for me, it only last 6 months. It has only been 2 weeks since he has been out of my life and the pain is still great. His acutal words were "consider yourself used up like all the other bithces". He would only say he loved me while walking out the door.

I looked into his eyes once to tell him I loved him He sent me 's of threatening and abusive emails. Threatens to ruin me financially and stalk me forever. I'm not sure how scared I should be. I check on my car regularly and look over my shoulder whenever I leave my home. He too was jobless, homeless, his family didn't want anything to do with him. He readily admitted he had lived in 58 places in 10 years.

No shine, no window to the soul as he has none. It sounds like the same person. Mine did ruin me financially. Hit on my friends. He has also lived in about 60 places in 10 years.

Is his name Derek Lowell? This guy has called HRS on me. Called my Dr and lied and told him I was selling my zanax on a street corner. Called Crimestoppers and told them I robbed my friends house I didn't but I think he may have The texts came in by the dozens lastnight. I'm old, fat, ugly, made fun of my wide nose, I'm Cherokee and so is he and we all have broad noses, said my hair looked like a halloween wig, my hair thinned a lil from cancer and vitamin depletion, I'm facing another surgery and he wrote he hoped I died during it and roasted with my legless mom she had her leg amputated before she died in hell, along with my friend who commited suicide.

We will all roast in the whore section. In the past he has bought me gifts and texted me pics of them before and then after he shredded stomped and smashed them. I need friends and I have a Facebook account. Please look me up if you want to share experiences.

Right now I am searching for a counselor so I wont go back to him ever again. He has broken me. What a fantastic read this has been! I am definately, without question suffering all these same symptoms, and struggling hard on getting over this freak. I have a restraining order in place against him and yet still we are communicating. I don't want him to go to jail, but I need to protect myself in case he ever actually tries to hurt me with the things he has threatened.

He has moved on to a new, young, impressionable woman who now I am afraid for her wellbeing. Not to mention, stupidly jealous! I should be so thankful he's quit me finally! What's wrong with me? I keep askimg myself how I can be SO stupid! Well, a bit disturbing too, to learn how common this condition appears to be, wholy jumpins I am amazed I have not experienced this before been in a few relationships if you know what I mean Anyway, thanks for these postings because they are very helpful!

I take solace in knowing I amnot alone. Best wishes to everyone in moving on and learning from this!!! One thing I'd like to add to my last post June6 , is that I have a tendency to feel like I have my own baggage, I am not perfect either, in fact, I am pretty "out there" some might say. The thing is, I wonder if this guy is "right" for me?? I mean, yes, ok, so he IS a psychopath, but I'm kinda wierd myself.

I too, get bored easily and this guy certainly keeps me from being bored. Plus, the sex is the best ever, so isn't that worth keeping? I usually fall out of love, or loose interest in sex, but not with this guy! Although he did just the other day tell me I probably love him more than he loves me he's moved on just last week.

What a pompous ass to say that after all his begging and pleading to stay together!! I see why people say it is SO hard to quit! And, One last thing: I think I know your EX! I read almost all the comments but yet I can not find a solution to my problem I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now. The first year was amazing, we used to have a lot of fun together, lough a lot, it all started as nothing serious, because I also knew that he was on drugs all the time during that period.

He started to be jealous,controlling, possessive, and would get angry for anything. He became aggressive, abusive mentally and sometimes physically. I started to notice that he was able of doing really bad things, or getting revenge on someone, without feeling any remorse or regret.

He would start to shout at me and then after 5 minutes he would start to cry and beg me to forgive him. This happens all the time, till now. I really got scared, and so we came back together. He knows that I don't love him anymore, I tell him every day, and yet when I say "we have to break up" he becomes aggressive. Reading the sings of a sociopath I understood that he is one.

Can anyone give me some help? Is there any strategy I can use to make it a little easier?? I liked this guy for awhile, but once I got the predatory stare, I started reading online about it because it was pretty creepy: I read that they have sudden invasions of your personal space and do the predatory stare prior to whatever they are going to do, although he did walk or should I say storm away.

He also tries to make everyone pity him and then turns on them. He's has a lot of traits that I have read about sociopaths, so I definitely got the buyer beware and am heeding it although it pains me because you know what: Anon - July 20, I know the predatory stare of which you spoke. My co-worker friend is a sociopath and I am the target. Before I knew anything about sociopathy I thought the predatory stare meant that he liked me.

On day I asked him why he stares at me so intensely and he told me that was the way in which he bonds and shows affection. Sometimes I would sense eyes on me and when I lift up my I would catch his eyes fixated on me. Sometimes he would quickly shift his stare when I catch him.

There were times when I would be upset with him and in expressing my hurt the spath would put on a half smile and the predatory stare to soften me up with charm.

I have had many challenges with him and yes he fits all the traits of a sociopath. I began researching his personality type based on things about his personal life he shared with me. I thought he trusted me and was sharing his secrets with me.

I know differently now - that was never the case. The red flag about him for me was how he boasts about his sexual prowess with women. He has an over-sized male sex organ and all the females he's had sex with got some sort of damaged or at least badly cramped for a few days.

Women would bleed, wet themselves, one even lost her ability to conceive. The spath would have aggressive and controlling sex with a woman and when the female starts crying about the pain and begging him to stop he would become more sexually aggressive because her agony and pain turns him on even more.

I mean such females are normally his personal friends. He has managed to charm a few into having sex a second time with him but for the most part many of the females keep away. I asked him how he felt about the hurt these females sustained. He said he just laugh when he thinks about their horror. This spath is a single 26 yrs old never married and he has had sex with over 40 females in the category of: Not sure if he has ever engaged in any actual gay sex but has engaged in some other activities considered homosexual.

He tells me some of the most intimate things about his life as if I am married to him. But I know that I am a target and he wants something.

Recently this spath showed how pathological a liar he is. I have seen such a display before when it almost got outed on something he should not have done. I managed to talk some sense into him or so it seemed.

This time the lying was projected towards me in the sense that he was denying something I found out. One evening before leaving work he held his phone to me ear to listen to an audio clip. The clip was sexual intercourse. He told me that he and other male friends would record their sexual intercourse session and share it with each other.

This would be the second one he brought to me for his entertainment. Of course he allowed me to listen to a little part where he was in dominance then he walked off thinking I would run after him to listen some more. The following morning at work I asked to let me listen to the clip. He told me that he deleted it. He would never do that. I took the SD card from his phone and put it in mine. He will let me do whatever I wish with his phone and it no problem.

On the SD card I found the sex clip that he recorded and I listened to it. I told the spath that I'd found it but in his mind it is hidden on his phone so there was no way I could have found it. Anyway I let him listen to the clip. Would believe that this evil person listened to the clip which is his own voice and claimed that it was not him but one of his friends and insisted it was his friend. In the clip he and the female were talking during the act so there was no mistaken his voice.

Anyway when he intensify the sex shortly after she began crying and begging him to stop, to take it out, which he never did I am almost there.

Back to the lying. So he looked me straight and square in the eyes and said it was his friend in the recording and not him. Because I knew he is a spath I held my position about what I heard. Whenever a sociopath is corned with evidence to expose his act or lying he will then start to show aggression. His lie will become vicious. He can turn the lie on you and make you appear to be the culprit. He can be vicious to the point where he makes you begin to doubt your mind about the hard facts presented.

He will lie on his mother if it comes down to it. Again, I held my ground because I had educated myself on the spath's tactics. So of course he began to defend his lie be saying that I am judgmental. I am always judgmental and I should stop it. I counteracted his judgmental accusation of me and walked away.

He always take on a dejected persona whenever I simply walked away or cut off his lying counter-argument abruptly. I did not speak to him for the rest of the day.

Iamges: how to know if im dating a sociopath

how to know if im dating a sociopath

I just don't care because it makes me feel good that I might be benefiting a person who needs it. If you can watch Hostel and all of the Saw movies in a row without wincing, you might be a sociopath.

how to know if im dating a sociopath

COM you can contact and he will help you. I do have a complete lack of empathy. Sorry ,I would like finish,by saying I lived with her I seen it all.

how to know if im dating a sociopath

I would like to raise two questions: I will not allow someone again if i have any input to do this to another again. He also had sexsomnia in the middle of the night he'd wake me up and kiss me passionately and then go back to sleep. He's doesn't usually date women with brains. I hit articles on asian male dating problems from google, but I like the way you present them. She's into self preservation. I actually stayed because he was so hurt.