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Caught your boyfriend on dating sites?

i saw my friends boyfriend on a dating site

However you are all living together and that changes the timber of the discussion. But goodness, don't worry about him having nowhere to go! What can I do so it won't hurt her and so she will be able to enjoy sex with me? Isn't this a dating site and aren't you on it?

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Were they both long term? How do I force people to like me? If you make any submission to the Site or if you submit any business information, idea, concept or invention to SBMD by email, you automatically grant-or warrant that the owner of such content or intellectual property has expressly granted-SBMD a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, world-wide nonexclusive license to use, reproduce, create derivative works from, modify, publish, edit, translate, distribute, perform, and display the communication or content in any media or medium, or any form, format, or forum now known or hereafter developed. Originally, I used to live with just the girl, Sarah, but her boyfriend Steve moved in about 8 months after. Wish you all the best.

Now it says male seeking female for hang out and he has put new pictures up. What should I do to make him understand how upset this is making me? I don't want to come across as a horrible person or anything because I am not, but this is just really starting to bother me.

Any suggestions would be helpful. He's just making sure that when you finally leave, he has someone else lined up, so he doesn't have to go looking for a rebound relationship. Does it say "Single and Looking"? If so, it's possible it might have been an oversight; some people use a lot of different dating sites to widen their search potential, and he might have just forgotten about this one. Conversely, he could not have, in which case there's some problematic behavior.

Above and beyond all else, before you do anything else, talk to him. Don't hint, don't assume, but explicitly talk with him. Ask him why he has a profile still active on a dating site. Don't use an accusatory tone of voice. Listen to his answers before you respond. Take a few moments to think about his response before you answer back; get your feelings in order, and tell him honestly how this makes you feel.

Then ask him if he's willing to delete the profile. If he is, take him at his word. If he isn't, tell him that this communicates to you that he wants to keep his options open. This way if he wants, he can still participate in the forums if that's something he normally does. If he's unwilling, or attempts to tell you that "it's nothing, please don't worry" or any other such drivel, do not give him an ultimatum. Simply tell him that this hurts you, it makes it difficult for you to trust him, and you aren't sure you can stay with someone who wouldn't be willing to make what's honestly a pretty simple and meaningless sacrifice as closing down a profile on a dating website.

Some people however to have an active social life on sites, so to lose that could be deemed as unreasonable. Whatever happens, will happen regardless, I'd advise you to trust in him, and not look for his profiles, feeling trust goes a long way to giving it and builds a healthier relationship. At the end of the day, if he's going to meet someone else, he'll do it, but if he cares for you, he wont, no matter what sites he's one.

Only you can decide how the play it out, its about how you can come to terms with it, and how deeply it affects you, communication is a great thing though, so try and discuss it with him, and dont get hung up over it. I hope that makse some sense. With him knowing that this makes me uncomfortable - he has since then updated his profile and added new pictures and stuff.

I want to trust him and I know he is not cheating on me because we spend every single night together. There is not a night that we are not together unless he is out of town or I am out of town.

And his profile does still say single as does his my space page. I really appreciate all of your advice - and I look forward to others advice. I think you have a right to be suspicious about this behavior. If you've already talked to him about this and he isn't changing his behavior, its pretty obvious that he doesn't care about you as much as you do about him or at least he isn't taking this relationship as seriously. You either have an exculsive arrangement or you don't. You either have trust or you don't.

You either honor your expectations or you don't. I'm surprised you even have to ask. Then again, I know confusig these situations can be The writing is on the wall.

But that's just me. A dating website is a dating website, even if one says they aren't there for dates. I don't personally understand why someone would maintain a profile while they're in a committed relationship. There's nothing that says it can't be rewritten if things go south and the relationship ends. All I know is I'd be uncomfortable personally if I were in a committed relationship with a woman and she wanted to maintain an active profile on this or any other website; "for the forums only" or not, it's still a dating website, and I just don't think people who are in a relationship belong here.

Didnt look on the computer or anything. She will only resent you. I've learned this the hard way. Yeah, but he messed it up anyway when he forgot what he told her. Honestly, it seems like something THEY need to deal with. If I were you, I'd tell her and she can figure out what she wants to do about it. Maybe she knows about this account, maybe she doesn't. Whatever the case may be, it's between her and her boyfriend. But either way, I'm sure if you tell her she'll think of you as an awesome friend.

Good luck for all of ya! I saw my friends boyfriend on a dating site? Yeah maybe I'll do that, I feel so bad. She's such a sweet girl. No I dont, I've only met him once. But maybe it's just where he forgot. I'll see, thank you. What Guys Said 9. Oh I know, she deserves so much better if that's the case. I think you should tell her so she knows what's going on behind her back. What Girls Said How long have they been together? Take a screensjot and tell her.

I took a screenshot, I just don't want this to ruin them or make her hate me. I mean, he doesn't have any friends in this city at all, the only people he knows are myself and her, and her friends, who are all in their mid 20's. So how in the world how he would have three year olds as "friends" according to his myspace from neighboring cities is absurd. I know I should keep out of it, but I am extremely upset over what I saw.

She is my roommate, but she's become a really good friend of mine. Steve obviously doesn't care about her, and nor does he care about her feelings. What would you do? What do you think of him? If she were to kick him out, he would have nowhere to go.

He would have to move back to Vegas with his mom because he doesn't have anything, not even a car, just his transformer toys he buys so that he can run youtube reviews on them. My roommate thinks nothing of this because he didn't get to have these toys as a child! Are you sure you want to delete this answer? This to me is a no brain-er. Instead of telling her with no evidence that is a clear sign that she might start thinking you are trying to start something.

Even thought I know your not - After she most likely will be very upset, mad, angry, and down about all this going behind her back. Even if its forgiving him. Just like you care. My opinion on this guy. Typical guy that has no manners and no drive to better ones self.

He is a pig and your room-mate deserves the world and beyond, ever women and man deserves a great person, only if they believe there a great person to. So maybe your room-mate has low self- esteem lately because of her boyfriend not paying attention that she is more then deserving to get through every-thing she has done for him.

Lastly- really express if she needs to talk or needs anything that you might be helpful towards. Try to, only if your comfortable with it. Honestly I would defientely would want you tell me if I was your room-mate because she has helped this guy out ALOT and if I did this for a guy and I found out this info. I would be one upset and very angry girlfriend.

Do her a favor and do what i advised. Her trust, and your integrity will grow. Having friends going through similar situation. I would definitely tell her, expecially if she is bothered by the way he treats her. Take her aside and tell her that you are upset by this and you don't want to hurt her but you feel she should know. My advice would be to print everything out, his dating page and myspace friends, etc. This way if he finds out you are telling her he can't just delete everything and deny it.

Iamges: i saw my friends boyfriend on a dating site

i saw my friends boyfriend on a dating site

Its a dating site, but seems more geared to affairs. What you both need?

i saw my friends boyfriend on a dating site

I am 24 yrs old and bf ex bf the same age.

i saw my friends boyfriend on a dating site

But yea I would tell her like today!!! Just like you care. Guys, why would you do that? The humilation that was felt you can not believe. The money that he does make, goes to buying transformer toys- keep in mind he's 29 btw.