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Is he dating me for convenience

is he dating me out of convenience

So, to placate you and even deal with the boredom he may feel in your company, he'll suggest you get together to watch a movie or listen to music at your place or his. Hi Chey, I enjoyed this blog post and will surely follow to read your advice. Even though, you normally have sex, he's Ok that you haven't and content to share a hug and a passionate kiss. That's fine if that's what you want. Anonymous Hi there, sorry if I am open to you: Order your customized Report: A sick society needs its proselytizers like this woman, in order to feel at peace with itself.

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They can ride this out for as long as that solution works. Because, to argue the "con" side, isn't a marriage of convenience like dragging the carcass of a necrotic relationship on your back for years? Are you confused about a guy? Much to the dismay of the spouse who dreams of a bright-line freedom on the other side of marriage, the divorce proves to be less of a clean break than an unraveling, with persistent, dense entanglement. Do you understand what I am saying?

Hi there, sorry if I am open to you: One only understands what one has lost when it's too late. You don't deserves you. Well, go your way, work out to be fit, dress up, make yourself up, enjoy life and find someone else. I have helped a person who lived in the ghetto as well, and now this person is trying to rip me off financially, has two children from someone else. Divorce, just finish it. Who's not worth it shall go away. Keep your head up and don't close your eyes.

There may not be a quick fix to all these issues. Blaming you for things is just a way for him to stop thinking 'it may be him'. It is always easier blame someone else. This also may explain why he is unemployed. I have to completely agree with Susan on this one. What is it that you love so much about someone who treats you so horrible? Are you afraid of being alone?

Do you think he is the only person that you will ever be with? I think centering on YOU is better in this predicament as I believe you are in a very unhealthy environment. If you write down what you really like about this guy and what you don't like about him, which list is longer?

I can guess just by your comments, that the 'con list' is much longer. Don't settle for any of this treatment. You are clearly a level headed individual that can make a plunge forward into the right direction. Removing him from your residence would be a great move. Does he have means of surviving without you? At this point, even if he has to be homeless, it may be helpful for him to 'get back to reality'. I was in a similar situation not too long ago. Not only does it help you understand addiction, it will also help you take better care of yourself as you also become a 'drug addict' in a sense that you feel that you can help.

Here is a link to the Al-Anon website which may be helpful. Please help yourself first before you can help someone else. Understand that all these issues are not your problem but his. You can give him information about receiving help for his mental illness, addiction and maybe even depression but you cannot make him a productive citizen. That is in his hands. Does this information help? Believe me, Al-Anon is not only for person's dealing with addictions, it is to regain ourselves to be stronger and step away from the people that are causing their own pains which engulf our over lives.

He had tried to kill himself and soon became homeless because of his mental illness and now lives with me and my family, this is what i find the hardest. How can i throw someone ive cared about and loved for so long onto the street again? I sometimes think maybe if i recorded what he is like maybe then he would see what he does to me?

I did come so close to throwing him out though, but in the end he ended up crying and telling me how much he loves me and cant live without me. I dont want to break up with him after everything we have been through, but i need a way of really making him see, otherwise i guess there really is no other option but to split up! I know im young and this is a lot of drama but in a way ive always been used to it cos of family problems from when i was 8 i had to grow up pretty quickly!

Education and work have always been the only stable things in my life! All user-generated information on this site is the opinion of its author only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions. Some marriages of convenience are nothing short of soul-killing. People use the phrase as a slur is because it implies that the spouse is giving up on life and reasonable standards of happiness, all because they don't want to move furniture or find an apartment.

The incriminating suspicion is that they're sacrificing what a friend of mine calls their "adult humanity" for flimsy consolations, or to save face. A friend of mine from grade school grew up gloomily with parents who simmered in resentment and hostility.

Anger seemed like a layer of dust in their house. The home was convenient, but it was also quietly, invisibly toxic.

The parents didn't argue, so they would have qualified as low-conflict by research criteria. Instead of arguing, they let their bitterness eat away at them from the inside. My friend and her sister used to dream that their parents would divorce, secretly beseeching them to.

Whether mildly or monumentally sad, a marriage of convenience means this: You're not going to have all the main aspects of your life fulfilled in one relationship and place. Your marriage isn't going to be passionate, perhaps, or you're not going to enjoy intellectual camaraderie with your spouse. The romantic dream of marriage isn't going to be your dream, after all. You'll have to find another dream. Or, you'll have to find another person. Or, maybe you'll find a third way: A marriage of convenience may indeed be worth saving, if-- and it's a monumental if -the spouses are willing to give each other some accommodations and freedoms so that they can meet other vital needs elsewhere, and still enjoy a companionate marriage.

Maybe that would mean marriage sabbaticals, to pursue different interests. Maybe it would mean that spouses aggressively develop other friendships, hobbies and networks, apart from the spouse. It might even entail having a non-monogamous marriage that permitted mistresses or lovers, within rules. Historically, it was precisely these tacit, collusive accommodations that made the marriage of convenience not only tenable but pleasant enough.

Women found intimacies in close friendships; men sought mistresses; husbands and wives had parallel, not overlapping, lives in several respects. If you're willing to change your idea of marriage, rather than your dream or your spouse, you might be able to stay semi-happily married, for the time being. I dont think a marriage of convenience is always bad, just as I dont believe marrying out of love is always good. Both of these situations need the same things.

A understanding between the couples, common interests,and a real friendship. Many times either of these marriages will stay together past the point of it being psychologically healthy for both or one partner.

I agree with the consensus that 'marriage of convenience' is depressing; but I also agree that sometimes divorce can be messy and damaging. As a child of divorce at age 16 , I often wonder how it would have been if my parents had stayed together and just been basically 'roommates'.

I think something to consider is how and why couples get together in the first place. Was it fleeting romance that cooled over the years? Did it just 'make sense' because of several common goals and perspectives?

Or was it a friendship-turned-relationship? Nowadays, with online dating so prevalent, many singles are turning to these sites to meet a match. These sites tout a scientific way for members to be matched up. Typically, a long long questionnaire is filled out, along with detailed self-description, and the site's algorithm 'matches' people. I think this is kind of an irresponsible idea; that folks can be matched because they share certain characteristics, or seem 'compatible' based on profiles.

I created a unique site called TruConnection. Instead of completing detailed profiles, members simply express themselves through writing. So they can write about anything they want, or write on a topic listed each day. The idea is that other members get a window into who other members are by what they write and share Of course, the goal is to do the 'dating' part offline. I am worried that dating has become a tool of efficiency, and I think this is only going to lead to more divorces and articles like this one.

I think you have it right, that online dating does not give people a better chance of success. It give people a better chance to mislead or leave out the 'bad' part of their personality, just like we do in real life during the honey moon stage. Matching people up based on data leaves out so much of the three dimensional person. I kept getting matched up with my ex and thinking, been there done that, sorry computer but you have it wrong!

The computer doesn't know who will be a good match, but it can guess. But our brains work so much better than computers! The computer didn't invent us, we invented it, and we also shouldn't let it tell us who to marry. If both partners are indifferent to each other, have no sexual jealousies but share a friendship and a comfy house and a platonic marriage, and treat each other well, then there is no reason why they can't remain together if they so choose.

They can even accomodate the other "seeing" other people, in particular, if there exists no sexual relationship within the marriage. They can ride this out for as long as that solution works. The key here is that the arrangement is wholly mutual. However, one must always be prepared for divorce in these arrangements. For if one, or the other, or BOTH find they need more a good motivator to divorce would be if one love enters the picture and they want to be with that other person , the union can or will be dissolved.

It is entirely possible to not grow in love after many years together. I did not love my husband when I married him. I love him even less now. Do you understand what I am saying? I married him because I had no friends or family and I was lonely. He was in my life as a quasi boyfriend.

I would not have married him except that his country was undergoing a revolution he was a foreign student and he did not want to return to his home country. He was not the man I would have selected as a lifemate: He was supposed to go back to his home country eventually But he never did, Good cooking and easy access to sex kept him in the relationship.

I ought to have kicked him out the first time he hit me but as I said, I had no family or friends. Anyway, my father had abused me when I was growing up so I was used to that. After six years together we had children. It was not so bad because we concentrated on the children and their needs. He was never affectionate to me. More than anything, I missed being hugged.

Next month we will have been together 32 years. I have been physically, emotionally and financially abused. He does not like to socialize so a I am very lonely.

I am disabled with RA now and cannot live alone so I am trapped. Still, I wish that he would find someone else although I can't imagine who would be happy with him. This is totally bullshit It's better to go out and take the risk and find true love where one's life can be fulfilled to the highest level.

I hope no one listens to this bullshit, male or female And get a real life. Um, Val, the article is suggesting staying together for more than just material things, more specifically, for the children. Like one woman who was quoted said, kids don't care if their parents are in love. I am actually in a position right now that fits this description perfectly. My husband and I have fallen out of love, we would really like to divorce, but we have a school-aged child and she needs so much from both my husband and I.

I am currently working on a 10 year plan, building my career. When my daughter goes away for college, I am planning on leaving as well. I know it's far from ideal, but right now it seems like the most logical plan. My husband left me for a much younger woman who he met during a military deployment. I had a 4 year old, from a prior marriage, and we had a 9 month old together when he left.

He pursued a dream of the perfect family all of his own. He also realizes how my children and I lost quite a bit in his personal war to gain more for himself. So now, he wishes he could continue his marriage of convenience with his new family and yet become a part of our family again.

He could divide his time between the two families if everyone was understanding and willing. I understand how people get themselves into situations, then realize they've made a mistake and find solutions that, although unconventional, remedy the situation for the sake of all parties involved.

I am currently in a marriage of convenience and I am completely fine with it, as is my husband. We both have affection and attachment to each other, but not a "I can't live without you" kind of romantic love.

We find that our lives are both enriched and easier by being together, and we see no reason to change anything. I have close friends and am a full time student pursuing my PhD, and he has a career that takes him all over the country and overseas for extended amounts of time, so we are fulfilled in our lives.

Sometimes I feel that our society focuses too much on love and relationships bringing us happiness and not enough on finding happiness in what we do with our lives. Love is only a single, small part of our existence and I am not sure why it should have so much influence on our overall satisfaction with life.

I hope that he doesn't get sick. How would you like to be a full time caretiver for your friend for several years? A "MoC" seems OK until all your time is taken up caring for merely a friend. It's then that you may wish you had found a deep love.

I echo the sentiments of this Anonymous writer above. There is so much more to be, do and experience if and when you decide you want a partner but not necessarily a romantic one Life and Love consist of more than lust and chemistry. When I read this article, the first thing that I thought was "well that's a bleak prognosis" and I immediately rejected the idea of working out a convoluted 'deal' with my husband.

My husband married me out of convenience and I married him for love. Over time, however, my husband has come to love me. He still neglects our relationship from time to time, and I still feel the sting occasionally.

But I think there is another alternative to settling for mediocre or less than mediocre. I think the idea of developing oneself is a great one, and necessary for any healthy marriage or individual. I also believe that changing the way your look at the relationship helps a great deal.

We shouldn't expect to receive everything we need from our spouse, that is a seriously heavy burden for a spouse to bear. If you can be content within yourself, decide to act lovingly towards your spouse and towards yourself, than your spouse may start to respond in like kind. I don't think that toxic things like affairs will push the relationship into the 'happy place'.

If anything, taking a lover into the marriage will drive the chasm further. Changing perspective, changing action act happy and you will be theory , and taking care of yourself and what you are responsible for in the marriage.

If you want love, be love. A marriage of convenience can turn out to be VERY inconvenient. If I can prevent one person from entering such a marriage, that will make me happy.

I was in my late forties, never married, no kids. I was friends with an old boyfriend. We hung out together on weekends, no sex.

He was twenty years older than me. I had boyfriends my age here and there but no long term comittments materialized. My older ex-boyfriend and I depended on each other in a way.

We'd lend each other money if we got in a pinch. He provided me with companionship and I cooked and cleaned for him on the weekends. It sounds weird when I write that but it just sort of happened.

Anyway, the recession came along in ' Suddenly work dried up. I stuggled but I did make rent each month. A man I'd been dating sort of dumped me. I decided to move to a new city and make a new start. This meant working for someone else, making a fraction of what I made being self-employed. The thought of that was both scary and humiliating. Out of the blue my older friend proposed marriage.

In my heart I knew that he proposed because he didn't want to lose a caretaker, not because he was in love with me. Let me back up. I had told him sometime in the past that when I inherited money from my parents, I would give him a tenth of it.

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is he dating me out of convenience

Don't agree to watching a video at your place. Email a Friend Email a Friend. You'll have to find another dream.

is he dating me out of convenience

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is he dating me out of convenience

Know what people in love do for each other? In sickness and in health. Instead, he's quick to grab your hand and march you over to the bedroom to have sex with you. We complete each other. He was not the man I would have selected as a lifemate: