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In Thomas was tithed for acres and nine slaves. And the cost will be your self esteem and value system. In May Charleston fell and the troops were placed aboard prison ships in Charleston Harbor. Robert died in and his will noted these children: Charles had died a few years before. Thank you for all your hard work on the Chappells.

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Family tradition states, according to Philip Chappell, that Benjamin died as a young man from a snake bite. The will of John Chappell was filed in Hancock County in Nothing Doubting but I shall receive the same again at the Great Resurrection and that all my just Debts be paid out of my Estate. Also two of my Feather Beds with Good Furniture. If any one of them should arrive to that age.

I give to my Beloved Grandson Hiram Sledge. I lend to my Beloved Daughter in Law Dolly Chappel, my Plantation whereon she now lives during her widowhood or until the youngest child she now has arrives to Lawful age to raise the Children on.

Clark Inventory of estate signed 29th January Elizabeth was born in Thomas Chappell was born in in Sussex. James served in the Revolution and is listed as a patriot of South Carolina, but also by the D. In James, the younger, bought acres from William Hall. He also received acres on Occhineachy Neck from his father when he died in In , James sold acres to William Tomlinson, in Sussex.

The deed further states that James Chappell, at the time the deed was made, was a minor. Prince Fredericks Parish was located in the area known as the Georgetown District in the northeastern portion of the state. James had three sons, Charles, Henry and Thomas. James died in His sons Charles and Henry were reported to have died in the Revolution. Clearly they were very young men. His first child was probably born about He married Delia Hazel. Benjamin Chappell married Elizabeth.

Evidently he left the area as there does not appear to be any further record of him in the Carolinas or Georgia. Robert Chappell was born September 21, in Sussex. He died in in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. In Robert was deeded land in Sussex by his brother Benjamin Chappell. This was probably the land Robert had inherited upon the death of his mother in It was near the plantation of Robert Jones and the land deeded to him by his brother Benjamin which adjoined it and was also probably sold to Jones.

Robert is noted in the deed index for Halifax County which covers the period to A family tradition, as reported by Philip Chappell, states that Robert and his brother John went to Mecklenburg County, Virginia where Robert died in , at about age thirty.

Evidently she and her family did not stay for long. Robert had only one son, Samuel, who was born in Samuel stated in a deposition that he resided in Wake County at the out break of the Revolution. In September of he was reorganized into the 1st N. Continental Line in Lt. According to the story related by his son Edward, Samuel served at Trenton, and Brandywine.

He was wounded at Brandywine and taken to Philadephia where his wound was dressd and where he remained until well enough to return to his duties. He later was a participant at Princeton, Monmouth and Stony Point. In May Charleston fell and the troops were placed aboard prison ships in Charleston Harbor. Eventually most were paroled after promising to go home and not fight any more. Samuel carried mail for the troops and he escaped from the British while doing this.

This was a decisive battle. In Samuel testified on behalf of the heirs of two soldiers wh had died a Valley Forge so that their families could receive the land bounties due them. Samuel returned to Wake County and married Mary Pollard. They lived on the Neuse River near the mouth of Beaver Dam. According to his descendents, Robert was a merchant and Indian trader in what became Petersburg.

He first married Mary about in Charles City. His second wife was Sarah Cox and she died in in Amelia County. Robert wrote his will and it was filed in February To daughter Mary a negro girl named Jenny, to son John five pounds, cash, and a negro girl named Patt….

Robert left his wife Sarah three negroes, three horses, a side saddle, furniture, and 39 pounds cash. Robert then wrote …As I have no more negroes that I give all my children one, it is my pleasure that of the first increase that lives of all those before mentioned negroes, I give one to my daughter Ann, and another to my youngest son James.

Some time between and Sarah Chappell remarried to William Crawley. They had a son William and about moved to the area which became Amelia County. The wills of Robert Jr. John resided in Amelia County where he had five sons. Tradition states that four of these sons went to Halifax County, Virginia after the Revolutionary War, or about In Robert, James and John were noted in Halifax.

Robert went to Amelia County with his family where he witnessed the will of his mother in In Robert made a gift deed to his daughter Mary Mayes of his seven slaves. That same year he sold acres to William Crawley, his half brother. Evidently, having put his house in order, an aged Robert lived his remaining years in the home of his daughter Mary Mayes. He was the father of ten children, including: Robert Chappell married Martha.

Robert and Martha settled in Lunenburg County by Robert died in and his will noted these children: He was one of the Justices of the County Court of Lunenburg in , , In he was elected to be a member of the General Assembly of Virginia. James lived in Amelia County where he fathered twelve children. Tradition states James died from a fever contracted while working in a mill race. James Chappell was the father of sons Abner, John, Robert, and Bob who were noted in the tax list.

Subscribe to comments with RSS. I found your site quite by accident and found this reading to be very interesting as I was married to a John Chappell and have a son named John Clinton Chappell after his father. He was named after his father, John. Dad John was from Arkansas, I think. Just was interesting as he had seven sons with some of the same names mentioned in your site here. Phillip Chappell was my great great great great Uncle. I have a copy of this book annotated by my grandmother, Harriet Litchfield Livingston.

I was wondering if you have any information going back earlier than Robert Chappell in Nottinghamshire. Mary Chappell in listed in my family geneology, who was my great great great great grandmother, whom my aunt mary lousie Chappell, was name after. James and Robert Chappell is also mention as worded in our family geneology. Fairfield county, south Carolina is home to our huge Chappell family.. We are African Americas.

I was born and raised in Anderson, IN. His father was Cano Chappell. My dad was born in and passed away in He never spoke of his father and others. One that I so much desire to learn about. Major Hicks Chappell, aged 80 years, a native of Brunswick County.

Published May 19, I have seen , , as well as the notation that his headstone reads It seems clear that Major Hicks Chappell died in Died, on the 4th instant, in this place, Mrs.

Elizabeth Chappell, relict of the late Major Hicks Chappell, in the 81st year of her age. She had been a member of the Baptist Church for upwards of thirty years, and was exemplary in all the relations of life.

This places her birth in I have been researching the identity of Capt. William Barker for the last five years. I have seen several references asserting a familial relationship between John Chappell and William Barker. One of these suggestions is that the Mary Barker who is married to John Chappell is the sister of William Barker, mariner. I have not yet found evidence of this relationship.

I enjoyed reading all of the history. I am looking for my great,great,great grandfather William H. Chappel born in New York in He married Miranda Read in Va. I can not find his parents or and of his immediate family. He named his children George N. If any one could help I would appreciate it very much. Mary, I just came across this site and saw your post from If this is still a valid contact for you we might have info to share with each other.

My name is James Chappel. I am not able to add anything. You can see why I think there is a connection. Thank you very much for the Chappell family history. I just learned last year that I am a decendent of Hicks Chappell. I spent a lot of time at the plantation home in Hopkins, SC.

My Dad, Stephen Deveaux Palmer, grew up in that house. I even have a potty chair, china cabinet, and 8 foot tall cabinet that came out of the Hicks Chappell home. It was a true when the house burned down after a lightning strike. I am hoping that we might be related, I would love to hear memories that you might be willing to share with me about the Plantation, and our ancestors.

He Was born in and is my ggggrandfather. The two drurys are often confused. His parents are not known. The Ancil and Charlotte you mentioned as relatives in Wake Co. Possibly Daniel and John, also. A genealogical history of the Chappell, Dickie, and other kindred families of Virginia: A genealogical history of the Chappell, Dickie, and other kindred families: I cannot seem to find anything on his family background and genearology.

William and Margaret apparently immigrated from Virginia to Georgia where their daughter Sarah Chappell was born in Many thanks for your hard work. Loved reading your family history.

VA, then Chester Co. He was born on 16 Dec He died on 30 Nov in Hopkins Co. He married Sarah Franklin. She was born on 31 Aug She died on 26 Jul in Hopkins Co.

If you happen to have found any information in your research with these family names, I would appreciate any leads concerning the origins of Jeremiah, Stephen, and John. I am grateful you posted this information. It makes a lot of sense that my fathers name was Stephen Franklin.

I have looked for public records and come up short most of the time. Any links you think would be helpful would sincerely be appreciated. I have a good file of Franklins, who had a history of marrying Chappels.

There are good marriage records kykinfolk. Hopkins, Christian, and Caldwell Co. Think that both families came from the Carolinas, through Alabama.

Since my father chose not to be in my life, research is all I have to tell me about that side of the family and of my own roots, sadly. In they lived in Cople, Westmoreland, Virginia.

A son named James born Oct. I am looking for the parents of John Chappell who fought in the revolutionary war and died in Fairfax, Co. Yayman I did not see him mentioned on this site.

Try my main sources: Wow, with one mention of Martha Chappell marrying a Love, I found a whole new leg of my family. Love, Green, Fellows, Gaines…. Does anyone have anything on Samuel? I am descended from John Chappell abt — and Nannie. Any info on him? I loved reading about the Chappell family. My family is from Amelia County, Va. My Family name is Barnes. In William Barnes married Mary Vaden. In their children, Capt.

I have never heard of any connection between these families. I have found a reference to a marriage of James Chappell and Nancy Vaden in Are you aware of any connection? George Gibson and Lt. Col William Brent, who died in fairfax county, Va. He was married to Mary Yayman. He died in Fairfax county in 9 April I am looking for information on the Heath-Chappell connections. Can you provide the name of the author or a link to where the reference can be found or where it may be purchased?

When you do publish, please keep me in mind. Your research has been very helpful on the Gee-Heath-Chappell lines. A question between now and then. I live in Michigan.

It was a music label that also sold pianos. The company originated from France but its heasquarters was then moved to England where it was bought by the Warner Bros.

I was wondering if any one had any info on this particular branch of Chappells. I am totally confused. Do you have any information on this family line? I would greatly appreciate any help and guidance.

Thank you for your help! The only firm date is his death in … all other dates are estimations based on things like average ages for marriage, ages of children, etc.

No one knows for certain on Thomas or Elizabeth. If your daughter is in Charles City, have her visit the local historical society in Prince George and Surrey Counties, as they are the real experts.

Her name was Elizabeth Chappell Nickols. Love reading the history of the Chappell. He was born in My grandfather was born in in Boydton, VA. Too many cross locations. Hello, I was skimming through the Chappell history and your connection is the only one I know. My great great grandfather is Henry Chappell born in He was from Massachusetts and lived in West Virginia. He was the father of my great grandmother. I would love to hear more about your wife.

What is her maiden name? I have really enjoyed reading your website. I am descended from the Maryland branch of Chappells and have been sorting out our line from the Virginia line since , off and on. I like your straightforward approach to the complex subject matter. Best wishes for your continued success. In your research, have you discovered an Abram Chappell? Abram Chappell had four sons: Any information would be helpful.

That is our missing link. Thank you for the compliment. I did not go into that period of time to any extent. You mention Chappell and Dickie together in Virginia. My Isham Russell, Sr. Great information and enjoyable reading!! To many sites like this use the old numbered lines and you lose interest in the first few lines. Was wondering if you could help.

Let us know if we can be of any help with your research on the Heath family. We would be happy to share the information we have put together with the Greene County, NC branch of the Heath family.

You can reach me at pevg sc. Keep up the great work!! The proof for Elizabeth Gee is circumstantial and based on traditions for witnessing deeds, will, etc. There is no document that does this. Hopefully I will return to it this year. Kathryn, your research is fascinating and amazing. Kudos on your hard work and dedication.

I came across your website while researching my 4th great-grandmother, Charlotte Chappell who married Alexander Clark in When I read the information preceding their mention, I was hoping that I had found her parents, but it seems that that is still unknown. Am I correct in that assumption or did I misinterpret your information?

If that is something that could be clarified, it would be much appreciated. Also, just a side note…I found elsewhere information on Chappells who were mentioned in lists of Quaker meeting records in North Carolina. By any chance would you know whether or not those Chappells might be in any way connected? Thanks for the compliment and I hope that you can take what I did and build on it. Do you have any idea where she came from or when they married?

Any ideas where to look now would be appreciated. I am from the same line! Elisha Waugh Chappelle is my ggggrandfather! I have had a hard time confirming info past Ambrose also.

I have a tree on geni. Thank you for all your hard work on the Chappells. She married William Willis Wood. Do you have any information on her family? I, too, would be interested in South Carolina Chappells.

Mary Chappell Russell spelt that way was born to Rev. Isham may have lived in Craven County where other Russells are found. Loved reading the story of what would seem to be my family.

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Never once did we have an argument, put each other down or try to change each other. What if u r in the friends with benefits zone and u break it off but he keeps calling and texting even though he said he will respect your decision?

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He is being honest but it is emotional manipulation to keep you around. Tho this comment was some time ago but I have to say that I was in exactly the same situation or worse, he has more than one girls It was not until I got myself out then I realized how ridiculous it was.

Wow, this is excellent advice I think all humans should read and take to heart. Been seeing this guys for over 3 months now.

At first we only plan to hang out at my house, movies, drinks, food and keeping each others company every Friday night and cuddling in bed the following day.

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Faye said, on September 7, at 3: June 9, at I live in Michigan.

jlove dating

Their son was Edmunds Mason who was the father of John Y.

jlove dating

I also want this to be an opportunity to see if he likes me and will do anything about it. Jlove dating only just recently last weekfound out why he blocked me. May 10, at 3: Kudos on your jllve work and dedication. I know what the 3 things jlove dating.