Bicep domination first time sphincterbell

bicep domination first time sphincterbell
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Maid Bdsm First Time Sphincterbell.

bicep domination first time sphincterbell
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me gusto mucho. mientras lo hacas, me di cuenta lo liviano q queda, no se si estas de acuerdo conmigo, pero en la zona donde va la base de plstico, se podra colocar algo pesado en su interior, algo as como arena, piedras cualquiera. no soy experta en manualidades jejeje, que opinas?

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lots of people don't know ryan agoncillo is my dad's first cousin lol

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Very intriguing yet the story just completely lost me

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Dr Corsi, this is what I think, The great awakening is not going to be easy, the reason why is very simple, Most people, good bad alike, have been conditioned throughout their entire lives to believe what is being reported shown on a TV screen. Also, their attention span for any story is actually very short. If anything takes months even years to develop, you can imagine most of these people will drop it, forget about it, forget about continuing to follow such none-sense . You have to admit that the Freeing of the Republic now this Q-Anon movement fits w/in these parameters. It is super slow moving it is not covered by the MSM. It doesn't show any progress, as most politician criminals are still walking around (You violate a traffic stop you get a ticket, right away. These people have comitted multiple counts of felonies treason they are still walking around). No public investigations, or public indictments, no public prosecutions, of course, no public sentencing. What people do believe is something fast acting, visible, verifiable (fake or not-fake). From it happening, it being reported, it being taken care of quickly, w it also being shown on the MSM for everyone to watch. For example, 911, most people believed that to being real (except of course those who were awake then, or have awaken since then). Patience is not enough. Hopium is not enough. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year of this garbage is really hard to swallow for most people, even for those who are awake. It is just draining, Why the fu'k do we have to wait so long to see any results, What the hell is going on, ? Where is the sense of urgency, ? And the exact same is happening w the Ascension movement, w Cobra other Event followers. Cobra doesn't allow (for the most part negative comments on his site, including people just voicing their frustrations (of why is it taking so damn long, especially after all of their implied predictions to the contrary). It's almost like the censoring of Free Speech , which you I know should be a NO-NO all across all boards, if we want to eventually become free human beings . The problem there is not only the censoring of opinions but it is their lack of showing any real measurable progress. It all sounds like a made-up story only crazy people w a tin-foil-hat could ever believe. From etheric to plasma toplet Bs give me a fu'king break. Who in their right minds would believe such a thing w/o any proof except of course, Cobra's word. I have been awake for many years, but I started following both Drake Cobra since 2011. These 2 groups have been pretty pathetic as far as showing any real measurable progress. No wonder they can barely pull a decent following. Forget about reaching critical mass. Do you understand what I am saying here, ? People need something real to believe, something real to follow. If it sounds questionable, if it cannot be verified proven true, then it lacks realism (it doesn't exist). Since 2012 I have yet not been able to convert a single person, except getting them to start listening to Alex Jones. But as far as Drake, Cobra, now Q the likes, forget about it. Most people cannot believe or follow the same old week after week of nothing to show for , They look at me tell me, you see, I told 'ya, it's all bull-shit, nothing happened ,

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