Can a married man love two women

can a married man love two women
My name is Terri, 27 years: I can be funny little girl, tender woman, reliable friend, muse and inspiration i do not know yet how to be wife, but i want this, i want to be best wife in the world for beloved man. We were born to be happy and loved, and we have been given chance to love and share happiness and positive emotions. I am looking for real love and real meeting! I am very caring, kind, understanding and tender woman who have much love inside. I am very loyal and committed woman so I will give all my love just to one man. I have right values and need to create strong and happy family..

Loving Two People At The Same Time - The R Spot Episode 18

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DESCRIPTION: There's just one thing I could say Should we bring sexy back? The most obvious issues are coping with jealousycontrol, comparison, and self-esteem..

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A friend recently told me that when a man in a relationship finds himself in love with another woman, he is falling into a trap of emotional infidelity. I too am married and was in another relationship. Men want to please you and feel needed, but only to a certain point. My life partner is someone who is my rock. People now allow their spouses to have more freedom in their personal relationships with others, and attitude is more flexible also concerning sex. How to be Strong Emotionally and Mentally.

Can a married man love two women?.

can a married man love two women
My name is Pat, 24.: I think love should come from both sides and I am ready to move this way. I am not looking for a harem of admirers! I'm looking for love!)

Loving Submitted by Jack on October 11, - 6: If he really loves the other woman, in time, he will probably want to leave his wife..

  • This comes from experience. If its truly love then its from the heart..
  • 10 Reasons Why Married Men Fall in Love With Other Women
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  • 10 Reasons Why Married Men Fall in Love With Other Women

Don't get me wrong [he may think he loves them both ],because he is attractive to both of them and desires both women,but hello if he really loves one he wouldn't be able to love the other women because he be hurting the one he loves. I too, am currently in love with two men..

  • Mar 4, - Of course a married man can be in love with two women. He could even be in love with someone who's passed away, or someone he hasn't  Can a married man love his wife and another woman?
  • Apr 22, - It's instant electricity in a way that should be reserved for the person you love. You love two people and don't know what to do. You're There has been one — maybe two times in my life when I've been in love with two women. 17 Things I've Learned In 25 Years As A Sex Therapist (Men, Take Note).
  • Dec 14, - To him, a man can only love and share his life with one woman. Many wonder why married people cheat rather than simply ending the.

Love exists in everything we do to a certain degree. You could write a book. If madried however feels she can manage, the only way to do it without cheating is by letting her man know about her second love. He found can a married man love two women after many years the first csn all the physical relationship with his wife stopped naturally in defense of extra marital affairs said he just can't. The difference being that my situation WAS out in the open. The one that stands out is my first and second loves. Add your answer to this question!