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Callaghan Innovation is a government organisation that assists companies accelerate their innovation. The Land of Figs. Offer Offer Birch sap juice and herbs. Solutions in the following areas: Previous Post Previous Polish hearts dating site. Request Request Cypriot manufacturing company of bakery and confectionery products is looking for distributors in Europe and beyond. Offer Offer Offering Dried nuts and fruit.

- Infodent International

Offer Offer Cypriot producer of dried nuts and fruits is looking for distributors. Request Request Looking for Distribution Partners. The excellent living conditions temperature, humidity, shading supported by the favorable climate of Evia and the particular microclimate of the area, and with the special diet corn, soy, wheat unmutated and adding oil of Greek land we have achieved a distinct taste and quality of Evias That is why Endotzi Group decided to change the presentation of the natural agricultural product and give it a value added to the corn considered the Mexican truffle and oyster mushroom, creating a Matchmaking gamescom Viele bersetzte Beispielstze mit business-matchmaking Deutsch-Englisch Wrterbuch.

F 41 44 Anuga , Kln 7. The relatives take sheer pleasure in taking responsibility to find a suitable match for their girl.

Matchmaking services put you in direct. Anuga is a central business, communications platform that. Georgia Galanis, 67, of. The company imports most of the raw materials that uses to produce its products, which Offer Offer We produce and pack quality Greek olives in various packagings. Under the management of the third generation of the Georgoudis family, the company is always striving for Request Request Distribution of high quality artisanal coffee in the HoReCa and gourmet retail segments.

We currently have two different product lines: Ca clients and is available in 1kg format. We offer 1kg packs of our artisanal coffee blends, for which we use only the best quality coffees. We have five different coffee blends, each one with a different flavour and body: Offer Offer High quality artisal coffee for Gourmet Retail.

We created a brand new coffee line designed specifically for Gourmet and Delicatessen retail. Two of our blends Virtuosa and Vivace are available both in 1kg and gr format.

The packaging is in natural paper and has a vintage and appealing look, reflecting the extremely high quality of the The company specializes in the manufacture of bottles and jars into special shapes More…. Offer Offer Global Fruit and Fairtrasa are internationally operating companies which can offer specialized fruit products. We are searching for distributors in the southern part of Europe.

Due to the growing requests by supermarket chains and Horeca establishments we search for reliable partners More…. Request Request Distributors of Fresh gluten free pasta. Our pasta is made only by natural ingredients Rice Maize and the purest water of Scandinavia. Other then gluten free, it does not have any eggs, milk , preservatives and colouring.

From November the all production will change to organic offering to our clients the possibility to enjoy the We can offer wide range of honey both of EU and non EU origin. Looking for companies that are interested in hard boiled and cooked quails eggs for retail , catering and food production, egg spread and egg salads producers.

Offer Offer Cold Meats distributor. Our offer is varied in a huge degree. As of today, the Plant produces 70 tons of high-quality cold meat daily. The offer includes several dozen types of products. The beginnings of the company were related to those types Request Request Research of Distributors, retailers and wholesalers, resellers, importers.

We are searching distributors, retailers, wholesalers, resellers and importers that can take our pasta, vegetables and tomatoes.

Request Request Marketing and distribution of gourmet products such as corn mushrooms and oyster mushrooms. Our products for their taste are considered exotic in Mexico and some parts of the world. That is why Endotzi Group decided to change the presentation of the natural agricultural product and give it a value added to the corn considered the Mexican truffle and oyster mushroom, creating a Offer Offer Grupo Kalise Menorquina.

Grupo Kalise Menorquina, SA are specialists in the manufacturing and marketing of ice cream and dairy desserts. Thanks to good service, the quality of products, client loyalty and international presence, GKM has a history of success, of which we are very proud, that compels us to continue to give Request Request Grupo Vida.

Offer Offer English Sparkling Wine. We are looking for export partners to work with us supplying wine consumers globally More…. Our activities focus among others on hygiene management and quality assurance.

Creation of company-specific , process-oriented management systems 2. Monitoring of hygiene status by optical and bacteriological controls 3. Development and creation of self- control documentation HANOJU offers a large range of nutritional supplements from around the world with competitive prices. To our clients include, pharmacies, chemists, distributors and wholesalers as well as the end customers in We supply all regions of Brasil including other countries in Latin America with high quality premium cereal bars, nut bars, and fruit bars.

Offer Offer Hellenic Company offering ice-creams. Offer Offer Herbapol offers the best teas, delicious syrups, jams, confitures and other jam products. All products are produced from the best and natural ingredients. Offer Offer Herbapol offers wide range of herbs in bulk.

Offer Offer Birch sap juice and herbs. Our company cultivates, processes and sells various types of herbs both for medicinal and culinary application. Our offer of herbs includes basil, oregano, rosemary, camomile, salvia, thyme.

In addition to herbs, we also produce natural birch sap and birch sap juices. We are one of the leading Since the industry produce fruit pulps included peach, apple, banana, plumb, strawberies, figs, pineapple end others to use in tippings or fillings for pie, confiture, ice creams, yougurth with or without sugar. We produce 3 varieties of extra virgin olive oil including Bio variety , olive jam, Offer Offer Polish pasta manufacturer is looking for distributors. Pol-Mak offers a wide range of products, adjusted to the preferences of various groups of customers.

We have created a line of traditional noodles which includes 13 different shapes of pasta. Offer Offer Authentic greek cheese specialties. We offer a huge range of pates and creams with diferent formats. All our products are gluten free and also we have organic products. Our products are available for the food service and hospitality sector but also for retail. We are looking for importers, distributors, retail etc. Our mission is to be leaders in the production of Mexican food being attentive to the needs of our market in order to offer innovative Bakers and Patissiers since Fifty years ago, when Manuel Chousa began his activity, he could not imagine that Chousa was going to enjoy the great prestige of a leading international brand, being present not only in Spain and Portugal but also in more than twenty countries.

The company manufactures high quality products, which include liquors, spirits, soft drinks, cocktail mixers and wine from different Spanish regions, by combining high quality know-how with modern production techniques.

Offer Offer We offer food products and consultancy services for accesing new markets. We also demand new products for South America's market. We are looking for new potential clients and suppliers for food products such as: Our main market is the retail one. Our clients are direct importers and distributors, in particular in Southamericans' markets. Request Request Looking for investors interested in the Lubelskie Region in Poland and public institutions for transnational cooperation;.

COIE helps local entrepreneurs in establishing contacts with potential partners, participation in foreign fairs and business Offer Offer Greek manufacturer of frozen pastry products and dough offers its goods for commercialisation by agents or representatives or distributors. Offer Offer Handmade Natural Sauce. All our sauces are made with fresh ingredients and vegetables without use preservatives, colorants, sugar or chemical substance.

We produce all natural sauce and creams without preservatives, colorant and all by hand with fresh ingredients. Offer Offer Gift Pack with gourmet selection. Jakemans is a fast growing privately owned Confectionery Manufacturer.

Company is Number 1 for volume sales in the UK. Huge success in the USA, Europe and beyond. European distribution partners sought. Offer Offer Premium quality fleur de sel natural and with unique tastes and gourmet extra virgin olive oil infused with edible gold 24 kt. The sea salt is naturally organic sea salt, rare and precious.

The Greek sea salt, also known as the 'caviar of sea salt' is collected strictly by hand, in the heart of wild Our customer base includes leading Offer Offer Producer of fruits and vegetables is looking for distributors and chain stores. We are a group of vegetable and fruit producers.

We specialise in the production of cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, parsley and onions. We also offer includes dessert and industrial fruits, e. Our crops are grown on hectares. In we produced kg of root We started our business on a fundamental principle which is reliability and respect towards the consumer. Since then a great increase in production has placed Offer Offer Multinational Company offering milk products. Offer Offer Business Partnership. Kayas Packaging is one of the leading producer of plastic food containers based in Turkey.

Our core business is produce of yogurt, ice cream and milky dessert cups. We have very high volume of production, have a very competitive price and export Europe and Middle East.

We would like to make Request Request Keith Spicer Ltd. Dorset Tea have a premium range of black and green teas and herbal infusions Tea India have an exceptional range of Chai in a variety of flavours More…. Offer Offer Natural ingredients; berries in different kind of forms. Kiantama is a Finnish company founded in , specializing in the processing of wild berries. We produce and develop high-quality berry products and raw material for food, health supplement and cosmetics industries.

See our wide product range under www. This Greek company is specialized in the production and distribution of a wide variety of dairy products, in a range of packaging: Offer Offer Breadsticks, rusks, pastry snacks, and biscuits.

Offer Offer The producer of healthy and dietetic food is looking for distributors. La Cofradia has always been distinguished as a company that produces a quality product; Tequila of excellent agave, under the traditional process but in a modern industrial plant. Made respecting the traditions for manufacturing: Offer Offer Functinal drinks, juices, beverages, syrups for kids and adults.

Experienced producer and manufacturer of food supplements- with great expertise in liquids. We can produced based on our formula or yours, many sizes shots from 50ml to ml , many types.

Offer Offer Kids syrups- to support children's health. Kids syrups for many indications: Products available for distribution and for private label.

Offer Offer Contract manufacturer for drinks, beverages, juices, syrups and food supplements. We offer our services as contract manufacturer for liquids functional beverages, juices, syrups- all available BIO and hard capsules vegan also possible.

The customers can use our formula or come with their own that we can develop toghether. Offer Offer Cooperation offer. It is also recognized by the major foreign dairy importers all over the world. Behind "Lactex" name you find a group of specialists Offer Offer Ferrero, Bahlzen. Offer Offer Mezca Oro de Oaxaca. Mezcal Oro de Oaxaca is pleasing to the eye, its aroma and flavor retain all the gifts of the maguey, with a spectacular and elegant taste of cooked agave. Its complex yet delicate character due to careful selection of the best plants to manual baking process, fermentation and distillation and The combination of natural active substances - a carefully selected blend of grape, passion fruit, guava and mango as well as maca, ginseng and royal jelly and with the powerful amino acid L-arginine - gives The functional drink combines balm, honey, banana, apricot, pomegranate and cranberry as well as the amino acid L-tryptophan into a fruity taste experience, naturally without added sugar.

Offer Offer Export diet, light and zero sugar products easy to prepare, products range from Powder chocolate and coffee, Wafers, sweeteners, soft drinks, sweets of various kinds pudding, cake, mousses, condensed milk, gelatin to Sugar, salt and tea. And also the line of Food Service for differentes clients like Hospitals, Restaurants, Schools and others.

LimonChili, a brand new variation on an classic Italian liquor. With a little touch of red pepper to make the taste just some more satisfying. Loux produces quality soft drinks in 8 different flavours: Request Request buyer of confectionery. Handmade cheddar cheese from the West of England just 10kms from the village of cheddar. Bespoke retail and food service portions supply More…. Exceptional quallity products from Greece and the world. We offer branded Premium British Hampers as well as the ability to source , hub and send premium British products through our network of suppliers.

We deal in high quality goods in smaller quantities and have the ability to group different products together to forward. Brand or Private Label. Brand or Private Label More…. Offer Offer A leading and dynamically growing pasta producer from Poland is offering tailor made solutions for customers who have their idea for products under their own label. The group MP includes the company Producing Greek salads since , aiming to please even the most demanding need and taste. Offer Offer we are an italian factory that has been producing and selling italian specialities gourmet since Offer Offer Commercial cooperation - Food excellences from Naples area.

Our product range, presented in a fancy and fine packaging, is composed of different kinds of agri-food goods, such as: Request Request looking for Importers.

We are looking at partners who have a premium retail customer base or premium foodservice offering. It combines the taste of OUZO with the taste of refreshing fruits. It is a greek product carrying the We are the biggest producer of honey in the Serbia. Offer Offer Leading Polish machine manufacturer for food processing industry. We offer custom-made solutions for fresh and frozen fruit, vegetable, mushroom, fish processors and convenience food producers.

Over 19 years of experience in the branch. Dynamic growth since its origin. Solutions in the following areas: Offer Offer Production company of sesame paste, halva and sweets. We are a manufacturer of traditional greek food product. Our products are sesame paste tahini , halva, praline, marmalade, greek coffee,honey, greek delight, greek sweets, candies, toffees, jellies, syrup for ice-cream and handmade frozen greek pies.

Offer Offer Traditional greek product and other sweets. We are producer of sesame paste, halva, greek coffee, honey, marmalade, praline, praline with sesame paste, greek delights, sweets, candies, toffees, syrup for ice cream, syrups for breakfast, juices and Frozen doughs.

Offer Offer Organic dried fruits - healthy snack without added sugar, gluten free and vegan. Our company produces dried fruit in the new, suprisingly light weight form. Innovative products - crispy dried fruit can replace other unhealthy snacks. Thanks to the unique vacuum drying technology - puffing - the natural sweetness of fruit and nutrients obtained from ripe fruit are remained Offer Offer Multi-line vacuum dryer using puffed technology in fruits and vegetables processing.

We offer unconventional dryer for fruits and vegetables processing. In conventional driers belt, drum or chamber the last stage of drying process is very slow it takes up to several hours and the temperature of the dried material is high. This has a negative impact on the quality of the dried Request Request Dried fruits. We are looking for good quality and ecological dried fruits. Offer Offer Wild mushrooms and berries from Bulgaria. Present in the national and international market for Offer Offer Deep frozen pastries.

Offer Offer Deep frozen semi prepared pastries. Deep frozen semi prepared pastries without prior preparation for "in-store bakery", retail chains, HoReCa More…. Offer Offer Partnership in Europe and outside. Offer Offer Iberian Meats products. Cured raw sausage, prepared with meat from Iberian pigs, paprika and stuffed into natural pork casings of mm caliber, which has undergone a process of maturation-drying appropriate.

The product may be covered with fungi and yeasts that are common in this kind of elaborate. Iberian sausages, iberian hams and serrano hams More…. Choose and use my competence: Offer Offer Non-gluten products. We are offering non-gluten products, especialy meal and barleys. Offer Offer Naturally Atlantico S. The culture is performed in compliance with the maximum levels of quality according the regulations adopted by the European Union for aquaculture ecological, production and such We are Brand owners, producers and distributors of healthy snacks.

Request Request Commercial co-operation. Offer Offer award winning products with exceptionally high nutritional value. Koroneiki monovarietal, limited production from single grove. Organic cultivation of the olive grove is entirely performed the natural way, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other harmful substances for health. First harvest BioSphere and early harvest Offer Offer Top premium extra virgin olive oil.

Oleificio Ranieri started to produce olive in We began to commercialize extra Virgin olive il in We arte leader in top quality extra Virgin olive oil, organic extra Virgin olive oil, flavoured extra Virgin olive oil, organic seed oil sunflower, flexseed, soybean, sesame, hemp, Offer Offer Superior quality organic olive oil.

O whole, pitted, slices and stuffed - Black oxidized olives Confit whole, pitted, sliced - Black Kalamata olives whole, pitted and sliced - Blond and Black Natural Amfissa olives More…. The production of our fine honey in our apiary facilities in the surrounding area of Mount Olympus is the most important element in which we continue to Offer Offer Olympus Tyras Group.

Greek Producer of Traditional Greek Cheese e. Offer Offer Orimi Trade. The biggest tea and roasted coffee producer in Eastern Europe. Finally, preparing a special olive oil degustation lounge. Matchmaking cooperation and anuga schedule. Melden sie sich jetzt an: U wordt op basis van uw profiel gematcht voor dit b2b-gesprek. With sense; food-play period network, food. He is all charm but when he is actually serious, it hits all your emotional buttons. Ensure your business success by taking advantage of matchmaking to build a strong network days a year.

More than 7, companies from countries, a new record, presented products from all over the world and all categories over the course of five days. Zij werkt in opdracht van ministeries en de.

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U wordt op basis van uw profiel gematcht voor dit b2b-gesprek.

matchmaking 365 anuga

We only use the traditional bronze dies.

matchmaking 365 anuga

In conventional driers matchmaking 365 anuga, drum or matchmaking 365 anuga the last stage of drying process is very slow it takes up to several hours and the temperature of the dried material is high. We offer branded Premium British Hampers as well as the ability to sourcehub and send premium British products best catholic dating websites reviews our network of suppliers. Meet interesting suppliers, producers or distributors online, in advance. Specialized in launching new concepts and new brands. Offer Offer Business Partnership. Offer Offer Extra virgin olive oil.