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Comment 5 people found this helpful. Write numbers on an inflated beach ball in the same way as explained above one digit in a different color. Since the kids were supposed to make the mats themselves, they were very simple That dress would look great on my bedroom floor! Then I took them to school and using the copier, copied them onto transparencies.

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Let's go prove it. Was you father an alien? Each sticker is pre-programmed with a number. The brass is soft It's brass! Well, here I am.

If you're a girl, color the head blue. If you like to pet caterpillars, color your caterpillar green. If you don't like to pet caterpillars, color your caterpillar orange. If you like the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, draw 10 feet on your caterpillar.

If you don't like the book, draw 5 feet on your caterpillar. When you hang all these pictures up side by side and use the legend, you can tell how each student answered each question.

If you look at the pictures and see lots of caterpillars with red heads, you know that there are a lot of boys in the class or girls who think they're boys: If you see lots of caterpillars that have blue heads and an orange body, you'll know that you have a lot of girls in the class who don't like to pet caterpillars, etc.

A visual representation of information gathered. Jill Kinder Friends created these printable graphs to use. Graphs For All Occasions. SPED 1st - 3rd. I threw these pages together at the beginning of the year based on what we did in the past years using Saxon. The last line of the second pg gives a place for them to write something interesting they'd like to read aloud. All of this is kept in 1" binders. We go over all the info plus how many days in school, days of the week, months, etc.

So my latest creative endeavor was to add it to our Morning Meeting time. I cover both Literacy and Math concepts during this time. For ordinals I put up 6 different Ellison cut-outs in a pocketchart along with ordinal cards. Each card is a 3x5 index card cut in half and programmed with an ordinal 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

Right now we have a cow, moon, cat, star, rectangle, square. We've worked on and are working on Hey Diddle, Diddle; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, and the shapes I mixed the cards and put them in the pocketchart "stacked" so that only one card shows at a time. They have to identify which cut-out is in the specified ordinals spot. Then we count down first, second, etc. Daily work on this seems to help.

If you need to work on the ordinal words as well, have each student hang the appropriate labeled sign around their neck or hold an oversized flashcard.

I remember playing this game in elementary school. However, you can update it and turn it towards reinforcing ordinals. Have the appropriate number of students stand in front of the class. You have a thimble or other object clasped in your hand. Go down the line of students and pretend to slide the thimble into their clasped hands. Actually place the thimble into the clasped hands of one of the students. Have all students to keep their hands clasped, so the class won't know where the thimble is actually at.

Then say, "Thimble, thimble, who has the thimble? Whoever guesses correctly gets to take the place of the student who had the thimble. Of course, you can use whatever object that you'd like and change the name of the game accordingly. You might even want to match the object to the theme that you're working on.

This game involves 10 students standing and 9 students in the "audience. I made it up for the 1st grade teacher that I do inclusion with. Line up 10 students in front of the class. Practice ordinals with the class by touching each student on top of the head or shoulder.

The third person will read the next line on the card and the game will continue until all cards have been played. Also, I forgot that the first graders couldn't read the ordinal words yet, and I'd already created that version of the game, so there's two versions By not keeping them separate, she kept losing her place when counting out her counters. To help her with this, I quickly drew two large circles on a sheet of paper and told her to put the counters for the top number in the top circle, and the counters for the bottom number in the bottom circle.

Little did I know, that that particular action would save me and my students lots and lots of times on down the road. The next day, when I started working with the same student again, and once again grabbed another sheet of paper to draw more circles for her, I came up with the idea of drawing them off on a piece of construction paper and having it laminated so it could be used from day to day.

Well, if you're going to make one, you might as well make several in case other students might find the need for them. So I made several of these and even added a plus sign between the circles. Now, many years down the road, I'm still using these laminated work mats to aid my students in working their addition problems.

This works so well, that you can even turn them different ways for horizontal and vertical addition problems and it doesn't make a bit of difference. Later on, I started getting fancy with it and began buying all kinds of little erasers and such to use as counters, and then I started making matching math mats. So I have 2 apples trees with apple counters, 2 sunflowers with sunflower counters, 2 fish bowls with fish counters, 2 lawns with rabbit counters, two baskets with carrot counters, etc.

The list goes on and on. I even started making work mats to match the themes we were doing; 2 hearts with heart counters, 2 pots of gold with shamrock counters, etc. You never get enough! We used them for learning how to add using Saxon Math. Since the kids were supposed to make the mats themselves, they were very simple They'd continue making facts that equal Student rolls both, then says the number on the die with the numbers and then starts with the next number counting the dots on the other die.

I use two in my Math Center for addition. I put a round sticker in the bottom of each egg carton "cup". Each sticker is pre-programmed with a number. One carton has smaller numbers for addition facts, and the other has two digit numbers for adding with regrouping.

You put two buttons in each carton and close them. Shake and then open. The student writes down the number under each button and then adds them. I'm getting ready to make a response sheet with about 10 grids on the page for the student to set up and work 10 problems. There's a similar sheet in Saxon 2nd gr math Then when the student's completed each grid they'll know they're through.

Right now they just write their problems on paper. They have trouble deciding when they're "through". Count Hoot's Number Games.

One, two ,three, four, five. This hand is done. Now I'll count the other one. Six, seven, eight, and nine. I 'm doing fine. The last little finger is number ten. Now I'll count them all again. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Printable to assess if student recognizes number words. Count Coins and Dollars printable. Telling Time Lessons http: We begin by introducing nonstandard units of measurement first.

Measuring how big around a watermelon is using a piece of string, measuring how long a pencil is using links or Unifix cubes. Then we move into standard units of measurement. I'd cut these pieces to the nearest inch. Each student was to measure the pieces of straw in their bag and record their answers on a response sheet.

Then I used a key to check their answers. The next day, they were given different bags and completed the activity again. How long is a pencil? Use a coat hanger for students to create a balance. Have them tie an object to each end. Place the point of the "hook" on a finger to balance. This activity can be used with older students as well if you have them write about their results and explain why they think they got the results that they did.

They could also experiment with sliding the yarn along the bottom of the hanger to different places and see if it changed the results, then write about their findings. Give the children a sheet that tells them which canisters to weight. For instance the sheet will have for 1: They know to put canister B into one side of the balance scale and canister D into the other.

Then they circle the correct letter. Of course, this is after I've already taught one or more lessons on this and we've also practiced a lot as a group until I think they're ready to try it on their own. Once you've done it, then you can leave the balance and the canisters out for them to explore on their own.

The only rule is.. Below is a link for this game online. I can adapt this game and play it with my second grade class by using the overhead and dividing the class into two teams. The first team with 3 outs loses. Use the pattern below to measure things around the classroom. Create a Record Sheet for students to record their answers.

The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss is a great tie-in for this activity. This display of sorts came with that in mind How many feet to my seat? The length is specified in inches or centimeters. Measurement is Chapter 7 http: Then they can draw and color it on a response sheet. Use a whole graham cracker sheet for fourths and 3 of the 4 for thirds. Or, give them a fraction card, have them create it with the cubes then color in and write the fraction on a response sheet with a line of squares OR have them draw it.

Similar to this, but not so many. They roll and create their own fraction or match it to the correct fraction card with a drawing similar to the graphic above. You can create a cube by covering a small square box with paper and labeling it. Have them find their partner. This kind of had me stumped.

I knew that the floor tiles in our building would offer great real world symmetrical experiences, but I couldn't really call that art. We're going to make our own symmetrical art by creating butterflies. We'll fold a piece of colored construction paper in half, then open it and add paint to one side to form half a butterfly. Then we'll squish the paper together, open, and we'll have the basis for a symmetrical butterfly.

Once it's dry, we can add details. This is another lesson I did similar to the one above to teach symmetry. It was a hit! I started out by introducing symmetry through examples on the body, then through shapes, and letters. Then the student began giving examples of things that were symmetrical. Then I introduced the butterfly project. We started with a sheet of black construction paper folded in half, the student chose 3 different colors of paint and dripped it onto one side of the construction paper.

Press the paper together, squish, smooth, and slowly peel apart. Once the paint was dry, I refolded the paper and placed a half butterfly template that I drawn on the fold and cut it out. Then I used a long arm stapler to staple the butterfly to another sheet of construction paper, only stapling down the middle for a 3D effect. This would also make a great class quilt, but since I was only working with one student, that wouldn't make a very big quilt!

After they were laminated, I put them in a bag with two cards. One card was labeled "Symmetrical" and the other is labeled "Not Symmetrical". These went into the Math Center. The students sort the cut-outs into the correct category. This can be done on a table or in the pocketchart. You can make a portable line by sinking a dowel or stick into a coffee can filled with plaster or concrete. Make two and then string a line between them.

I like this idea because you can move the line to wherever you need it and then put it away when you don't. My husband doesn't know it yet, but this is one of his summer projects! I did 2nd grade inclusion last year and taught Math. Because I only had an hour block at the end of the day I didn't have time to include all the parts of the Math Meeting calendar from Saxon Math which we use. I tried to pack in as much as I could by picking what I thought would be most beneficial.

Some of the things we did were I did this on the overhead put up 3 nickels, 2 dimes, 5 pennies how much? To differentiate the lesson, call on students to answer specific questions. For those students who need easier questions, have them answer questions such as "What is the month? AND there's that element of surprise as they'll never know when they'll be called to answer. If you go to the Morning Meeting page, you can see examples of what I did when I was in my resource classroom.

Every year practically I'm doing something different, so my teaching style is all over the place! I gladly purchase anything I can that will keep me from having to make them, but if money or availability is a problem, then I have made some myself.

I made shape manipulatives. I used a graphics software program Print Artist and printed the hollow shapes onto paper. Then I took them to school and using the copier, copied them onto transparencies.

Then I colored them with permanent markers and cut them out. You could skip the step using the copier and print them straight onto transparencies already in color. But you have to watch this, depending on what you're doing. I don't like the transparencies from the printer because they don't hold up well to being cleaned.

So if you're going to use a Vis-a-Vis on them and then try to clean them, use the copier. I've even used some from other teachers where the Vis-a-Vis wouldn't even come off! Strategies for Instruction Math K-2 printables. Grade 2 Math Games. McGowan's Marvelous Math Pages. Daily Math Activities for the Primary Classroom. Are you a fruit, because Honeydew you know how fine you look right now?

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Is your last name Gillette? It is possible to construct relatively simple two-dimensional functions that have the symmetry of a regular -gon i. Examples, illustrated above, include.

Monthly 85 , , The Book of Numbers. An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods, 2nd ed. Oxford University Press, pp. Introduction to Geometry, 2nd ed. Monthly 98 , , Yale University Press, Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook: Formulas for Stress and Strain, 3rd ed. A Source Book in Mathematics.

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math hook up lines

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math hook up lines

We've worked on and are working on Hey Diddle, Diddle; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, and the shapes I mixed the cards and put them in the pocketchart "stacked" so that only one card shows at a time.

math hook up lines

Why does mine start with U? If I received a nickel for everytime I saw someone as beautiful as you, I'd have five cents. If I were a math hook up lines surgeon, I'd give you my heart. Want to help prove him wrong? I'm sitting on my wallet.