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A Anonymous Jun 15, I eventually got over it, but to be honest when I think about what a needless loss it was I could still cry. Gotta pay the bills, yo. You were honest and authentic which is the most anyone can ever want to be.

My OCPD Husband Can't Tolerate My 'flaws'

What a confusing trippy guy. I used to chat with him on the phone n this is true that I never went out on a date with him so no sexual tent ion developed. In India, you know the course is pretty expensive for middle class people like us. The transformation in her was so astounding that her sister and all three of my teenaged grandchildren also did it. At 45 I fled to recover something of the financially strong and happy life I used to have before this pointless waste of nine years occurred. Please reply with the following information: He moved from Florida to Virginia to live with me when I asked him to make a fresh start after his divorce was finalized.

But I did make calls to my family to tell them how much I appreciated them, and I called a couple of friends to tell them some of the things I realized, and I thanked them for supporting me. Yes, they have very aggressive marketing tactics. Nobody is forced to do anything, though.

If, like I mentioned earlier, you feel capable of making your own choices, you can walk out of the room without signing up for anything else. Nobody is going to tie you down. I knew going into the Forum that they were going to be very salesy about me bringing friends to register and about getting me to register for the Advanced Course. I made the choice to go home and let it marinate for a few days, because I promised myself I would.

Taking that space felt good to me, and ultimately I did sign up for the Advanced Course. And if you know me, you know that shit is like crack to me. The whole thing kinda reminded me of the Life Extension scene from Vanilla Sky. Or a great movie. Or a pop song you always loved. Savor the knowledge that everything is simply improved.

Landmark is a rollercoaster. You will probably hate parts of it. You will probably experience moments of ecstasy. You might feel your mind get completely quiet for longer periods of time than it ever has before. It might make you think very differently about reality. It might help you drop some of your BS and live life more powerfully. It might do nothing for you at all. You might just fall asleep in your chair or disagree with every word you hear.

I met some great people. My mind was blown by some of the concepts. I feel like I can actually get onto the court of life and be a real player instead of being in the stands. Would I recommend it to everyone? If you feel inspired to attend, I say try it. Anything else you wanna know? How are you doing now? Thanks for introducing me to Gravatars too…rebuilding my internet tv station as we speak using word press so I can certainly see this would be useful.

Trust you are enjoying the Olympics, much possibilities! What future are you living into or is that the old advanced course?! THEN…on a road trip from san fransisco to humboldt county, without even ever knowing about cafe gratitude, i discovered one in healdsburg and read about the owners and how they were all hype on landmark.

The universe is funny like that, huh? In my experience, it was put in front of my face at the perfect time, when I was finally open to it. Would you call this a motivational seminar? Is it like a Tony Robbins style event? Thanks for the info! They refer to it as transformational education. No walking on hot coals at Landmark. The Tony Robbins event is definitely not dumbed down, its a life transformation rock concert on steroids. Hi Jenny, I just did landmark last month and signed up for the advanced course as well.

I agree with what you said here, the ups and downs, and that it should be a personal decision to sign up. Love that you posted answers to all the questions you had about Landmark too, since it can feel like a mystery going into it! Yeah, I felt like it was necessary because this is the kind of blog I would have wanted to read before signing up.

I wanted to kinda bust through the BS and just lay out the real deal. Jenny- You did such a fantastic job explaining what The Landmark Forum experience is like. It changed my whole way of thinking. Quite a family bonding experience. However, no matter how hard I tried, I could never get the message of what it did for my family across to others. I completed the Forum in May of because of what happened between my daughter and me when she completed it.

The transformation in her was so astounding that her sister and all three of my teenaged grandchildren also did it. The quality of our relationships now in our family is truly remarkable. I have found that continuing to stay in the conversation through seminars and assisting at events continues to deepen and make clearer and clearer how I get in my own way.

Then I make choices about taking responsibility for my life. Those choices and resulting actions are where the power is for me! Deborah, thanks for sharing that about you and your daughter and your family. Super awesome to hear. I witnessed a lot of family reconnecting stuff in my Forum and it was really cool and beautiful. I did the Forum after much resisting also in September Exactly one year later I was driving to Florida living out my dream for the new life I had created for myself.

I never would of had the courage to take that leap without Landmark. Those 3 days was the start of transforming my life and I will forever be thankful for giving in and signing up for the Forum. Thank you for a wonderful synopsis of what being at the Forum is like.

Im sharing your blog with the hope that it sparks enough curiosity in someone to just try it. So so much to gain if they just try it. Thank you for sharing the blog, Renee! I hope it helps people. I already feel like everything I want for myself is so much more attainable, and already happening. Hi, Thanks for the great article. I just completed the whole series.

Anyway, I wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your article. The forum changed my life for the better and I love assisting to see others transform. I am very happy for you. I have met some great people at Landmark and always look forward to being there.

You will love the Advance Course. It was my favorite. Thank you for a powerful Forum. This is so rad. Landmark Forum Leaders are the best. Stoked to meet Joss The Boss and any and all of you out there transforming life on the planet.

Love your sense of humor and honesty. I completed the Forum in and absolutely love the life I now have. In fact they did everything you heard before attending, only now you have their a positive view of it. Sure people get some good learnings, but there are other, gentler, kinder, self-empowering not ongoing-Landmark-marketing-attachment ways to do all of that.

No matter which way you want to look at it, I have my own view of it now based on my personal experience in the Forum. We all approach these kinds of things from a different perspective based on our our own life experiences and circumstances.

They bullied people, told them their lives were awful and tried to break them. They were into it for the money and pressured you into getting others to join.

The people who enjoy it and think positively of it are the brainwashed ones who probably had such a crappy life to start with they will accept anything that lets them join in and be a part of something. Truly awful cult that should definitely be shut down.

Like Jenny indicates, there is a lot of tough love going on. However, I do have choice in how I handle these and no matter how irritated I can get there is one thing for sure that Landmark has given me my life back.

I closed a chapter of my life that had me living as a abuse victim for over 20 years, in doing so it may have contributed to the end of a relationship of people very close to me. Is Landmark right for everyone?

I had a few things I wanted to work through and I knew I needed some help working through them. Landmark ended up being exactly what I needed to hear at the time. That being said, I may not have been as accepting of it at different points in my life. Thank you for being willing to share your life with us, Jenny. I can stop trying to do it myself! I gave that up just the other day. And thank to the staff and program leaders of Landmark Worldwide! This is such a wonderful explanation of Landmark.

Thank you for taking the time to put this into words. I think it will open the door for so many people! She completed it this past weekend with Josselyne and other people. JK I love you lunatic! Thanks for all of this insight, Jenny! I have been considering attending Landmark for the past few weeks now since Integrative Nutrition encourages all of its employees to attend and offers to pay for it if you go.

It never quite resonated with me, though, at least not right now, and after reading your blog and learning more about the specifics of the Forum, I know my instincts are right about it for me at this point in time. I really appreciate you sharing all of this information and look forward to reading many more intriguing and fabulous blogs from you!

I believe lululemon does too. Kinda cool to have a workplace that supports people in this kind of stuff. Thanks as always for reading the blog: Hi Jenny, Thanks for your authenticity, there I said it, a Landmark word. I did the Forum in and am now an Introduction Leader. I have coached courses and transformed hundreds of lives, all I truly believe, for a better world. Thanks for this post Jenny.

I randomly ended up at a Landmark thing last Tuesday — I thought I was going to a group for abused women with a friend but entered a giant conference room with a stage and a lot of smiley people instead.

My friend left me there and went off to an advance course herself. He was real — very markety — but real. At that point, I had had enough of not being heard to and feeling pressurized so I left during the break. Let me know if you do end up checking it out again. Thanks for the post! Great explaination of Landmark.

I have been taking courses since My second favorite course is the Adanced course — my favorite is the Wisdom course — that course is a 10 month journey where you get Landmark in plain english. If you like the advanced course — look into that one for sure. I can attest to the fact that my family, my work, my circle of friends have had crazy good things happen and most have never set foot in a Landmark course. Thanks for sharing that!! Hi Jenny Brill article, thanks!

And that the teachings from both IIN and Landmark are so in tune. Both courses are transformative! Landmark is not that. There is something much more life-transforming in it. Thanks so much for sharing that!! And I appreciate your input about the Tony Robbins events. Glad you liked this post and can share it with people!! Tony is very inspirational but he is just one man with his stories, tips and suggestions.

What makes Landmark work so well is that we get to share in the humanity and journey of others through their sharing in the course. Every Forum is different because the group of participants is different, there is much more interaction and connection between people.

Thanks again for sharing all these experiences Jenny. I just attended the Landmark Forum last weekend and feel roughly the same as you said you did about it. I definitely got a lot out of it. I just finished the Advanced Course in Seattle.

What was really exciting, though, was a new access to language and how language shapes our reality, everything we say and do. As a speaker and leader in social justice, I have understood what it means to be in action, but that role for me in life has a new clarity. Came across your blog on Google. It was an extremely powerful experience for me.

My life totally changed as a result of this work. Has it been perfect? Do I live in a fantasy? Have I had my share of ups and downs since the course? But how I now handle it, manage it, view it, perceive it, deal with it, etc. I get out of my own way, get out of my head, get out of my story in record time now! The power to do that propels you forward in life. Staying in your story and wearing the pretty hat at your own pity party keeps life stagnant and keeps you spinning your wheels.

Hi Jenny, how was the advanced course for you? Did you blog about it, or can give me some insight in how you felt during and after? I just completed Landmark Forum a couple weeks ago, and next week I do the Advanced Course and I will admit am a bit scared after reading the disclaimer they send you to fully register. It was much more in depth than the forum. It triggered a lot for me but I learned a lot too. I came across your blog because I am reviewing taking the Forum a second time this weekend and was hoping to find a list of of things I should bring.

Thanks for writing such an honest, clear summary of your experience. The freedom from my self imposed limitations is truly priceless and worth a few irritations and all that flourescent lighting. I finished my Forum a few weeks ago and have just started my seminars. I went to a friends evening 4 years ago and pretty much dismissed it as not for me. I felt they were too pushy and overly ecstatic!

He is creating an exceptional life for himself and I was so inspired by him. And hey presto, I always pick men I know will leave me!

CRAZY behaviour for someone who thinks they are relatively grounded and aware! I had no idea I was doing any of this. I was convinced the frustration I felt with my sister was just me being judgmental.

Brian your story was MEGA inspirational!! I cant get over it! Thank you all for sharing!! His events got me all hyped up but never really did anything long-term for me. I went VERY skeptical. I had my arms crossed for the first five hours or so. I too hate anything that seems to be even slightly pushy. And I am NOT an group, club, joiner person. My friends meant well insisting I go..

I regret not listening to them. No, the organization is not perfect. The jargon can be a little annoying, etc. This is the best so far. Hi, If others are considering the Landmark as a brainwash, I consider then that they are using good kind of soap: I have read all that you did and I have a few concerns. Plus, who the heck wants to sit in a dark room for 30 hours? Strange way to approach something that clearly has some good in the message but totally screws it up with the methods and messengers.

Hi Judith, Totally understand your concerns, but just want to clear up a few things. You can take them to the lobby of the building and eat them. Aside from that, your points are valid. I got in arguments with people and I even cried multiple times. This was in the Advanced Course. But I think it was worth it and I learned a lot.: Landmark people tend to get so fired up and enthusiasts that the seem like a cult.

Cults force you to achieve their goals, while Landmark asks you to set your goals and then provides the framework for you to achieve them. Of course, you have to re-visit the material sometimes and keep it at top of mind in order to practice it continuously in your life.

Hi, Jenny, I happened to read your blog with interest, word by word, without missing any. I just googled Landmark and hit your blog. I too have heard about Landmark and the hype in India. I wanted to understand what all people had to say about it, before signing up for it. Your blog seems to be the most honest. But I have a question. I am unable to decide whether it would be really beneficial to me or my wife. In India, you know the course is pretty expensive for middle class people like us.

May be, you could throw some light on whether we should both attend. For me, it was not dangerous. There is one point that I missed out in my previous post.

We have very recently created an online dating community for the spiritually minded christian. Its very new so we are looking to grow it! Our desire is to eliminate or discourage the dishonest from registering. There are a few mechanisms in place but its not fool proof. Our desire is that the community is truly a Christian one! Check it out for yourself http: What were your criteria for determining which would be called a Christian site?

Married persons posing as single persons are on those sites with no way to weed them out. It might be a good idea to start with a definition of what constitutes Christianity. Now because it is a site with lots of members a benefit of having launched by a large internet company in the early days allows it to garner a late data base of users.

But Christian — is a bit of a strecth. Excuse the late response. I am not sure you intended to reply to my comment. I am unsure what you mean in reference to my comment. I am a single mom and have taken a long break from the dating scene. Since I am way into middle age and living in Asia, my chances for a match are slim. Will anyone recommend looking at a match in a different location? I had a very BAD experience with eHarmony and only found after my experience that it was far from uncommon.

The have a common practice that even if you have the automatic renewal turned off, it automatically charges your credit card again. They do not offer refunds ever. I was able to challenge it through my credit card and eventually got a refund, Uterus it was a hassle.

As far as the actual matching, I live in the LA area, so I had no shortage of matches, literally hundreds over my 6 month membership. I had a total of 4 return my communication over that time. Of my 4 matches, only 1 had similar conservative Christian values like saving sex for marriage only. For how much money I paid for the membership to only come out with just one possibility was so not worth it. Add in their questionable business practices and I recommend everyone to stay away from eHarmony!

Search the internet and you will find many similar stories. I sent an e-mail asking about what had happened and they asked to send confidential documents. I thought it is very strange. What do you think about that? May be a scam? Fusion is actually pretty good. There is no fee, but there is only one man who operates the site, so it might take a few days for your profile to be approved.

You can search as much as you want, send emails via the site, all username unless you choose to reveal your name. You can post 3 photos of yourself and change them as often as you want. I never paid anything, but still update my profile and photos with very little wait time. I tried the other sites mentioned here, but removed myself quickly.

I had given up entirely on online dating when I received my approval to fusion I had forgotten I had submitted a profile. So, I say, check it out — nothing to lose.

However, my experience with them is that my account got hacked so I had to sign up with a different email and they did give me credit. However, even after that, most of my matches are fraudulent. I get emails sometimes as often as five times a week where they pull one of my matches. Then the ones that communicate with me, I find out that they are frauds. This hacker for a while was using the same picture. He finally got smart and is now using many different pictures.

I even think he hacked my pictures because I swear that I had pics that have disappeared off my iPhone and my Mac and iPad.

I am very disappointed in eHarmony and I am not trying to get a refund. I think all my matches are frauds at this point. Be cautious if you decide to use eHarmony. Join Now to feel the Love. Rich men, sugar daddies searching for young ladies sugar babes. What happened with christiansingle.

I met my husband there 5 years ago, we have two girls now? This was an excellent article and it is obvious you did your homework. My experience with Match, Zoosk, and Christian Mingle was like going to an overcrowded party with way too many strangers having access to me.

I have a sense of control I never had on the other sites, especially love the forums, including the Prayer forum. By reading the threads a user can get a much better insight into who a person really is by reading their conversations with others. Searching for rich Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby to date and make a relationship.

Join Now here to discover your Match. Planned Parenthood is also doing experiments on their members. I remember getting a bunch of transgender matches all of a sudden. I mean, all my matches are the same gender for years, then suddenly I start getting transgender matches here and there.

Like every time I sign on, I see a new transgender match. It was getting annoying. I actually complained, and then it stopped for a while.

I mean, for example, is Planned Parenthood reading my messages to other members. I bet they are being allowed to do that.

And then, who knows what other sites Planned Parenthood is also using now to run its social experiments on people. I tried Christian Mingle and will never use thier website again. I thought I could pay that much a month easily enough. So I cancelled my memebership.

We won't spam your inbox with endless amounts of emails, but we will send you updates of the latest discussions taking place within the SingleRoots community. Read Review Visit Match. Read Review Visit ChristianMingle. Read Review Visit ChristianCafe. Read Review Visit ChristianCrush. Read Review Visit eharmony. Very informative…had heard of all of them except Mary Well……thanks!

Looking forward to it!! So where are your individual reviews? Inquiring minds want to know. Have you beard of or checked out ChrisfianLove.

No way eHarmony, match, pof or okcupid Completely free one is droidmsg. Hi HonestJohn, Any luck with dating sites, Christian or otherwise since your last post? Sorry to hear that Bebe, nothing surprises me with them. Where can i find true love??? Those 2 Christian sites are awful. I take that test for eharmony and I get a rather unpleasant result: People now days are and can be deceitful by saying their one thing when they are really completely not whether it be by words that they type and or pictures that they post.

While there are only a small few sectors of people who are truthful and honest it seems that is getting rarer with each passing moment. Do research and know what your getting yourself into before agreeing to any electronic document online. Get to know the other person and get spiritual counseling and guidance before deciding if the other person is the mister or misses right one for you.

When the following three above things are done, thus, what to do about them. When a person does nothing all the the time, all the advice, and all the answers are meaningless.

When a person does something the moments spent searching, the time getting knowledge, the time finding out where just only half way; either by doing starting and stopping or doing by nothing then moving and later not finishing. Could you help me please? Please reply with the following information: Wait until the two of you are alone and can talk openly without distraction or embarrassment.

Consider other situational details, as well—if your friend is going through a stressful time in their life or just got out of a longterm relationship, it may not be the right time to share your feelings with them. The best time to work your way out of the friend zone is when you and your interest get along well, spend a lot of time with each other and express your desires and frustrations about dating.

Spend more time with your friend. Offer to do things with your friend more often and change the nature of your time together. Rather than interacting like casual friends the way you always have, show more of an interest in them, mentally and physically. Getting out of the friend zone is often as simple as shifting the way your friend views you and your dynamic together. Invite your friend to do things you know they enjoy, like attending a concert, going on a hike or playing a sport together.

Start small and work your way up. Give the other person time to relax and update their perspective. Go on a few casual non-dates at first, then ask for a more formal date when the time is right. Let your gestures gradually become more flirty and playful, and escalate to more obvious affection later on. If you push too much right away, you might just end up scaring them off.

If they respond well to lighthearted flirting, it could be a good sign. Pursue someone else for a while. If there is someone else who you also like, then you might consider pursuing this person instead. Doing this may give you a chance to process your feelings about a friend while also allowing you to have a romantic relationship.

Try to identify someone who is not a friend and who you think might be a good match for you. Look for someone who shares your interests and someone to whom you are genuinely attracted.

If you do start showing an interest in someone else, make sure that it is authentic. Keep in mind that if your friend is interested in you, then your new relationship might cause them to act jealous. Just make sure that this is not your goal in pursuing someone else. Break the touch barrier. Small, physical gestures are a building block of deeper intimacy.

Try being more hands-on with your interest. This kind of subtle contact can awaken arousing feelings in your interest and may create a desire for more. One of the major differences between friends and lovers is that lovers tend to touch each other in more flirtatious, suggestive ways.

When you introduce a more intimate level of contact with your friend, it will naturally influence the way they view you and your relationship. Be upfront about your feelings. Find a time when you can sit down with your friend one-on-one and talk things out. Be heartfelt as you explain yourself, but try not to make them feel uncomfortable.

Let them know that you don't expect them to change the nature of your friendship, but that you had to get your feelings off your chest. I have feelings for you and If you can work up the nerve to be honest, you have a better chance of receiving a straightforward answer, which can save you from having to agonize about the situation for weeks and weeks. Enjoy the comfort of dating a friend. If your friend also has feelings for you, congrats! The two of you can now begin moving your relationship forward.

Dating a good friend might feel a little strange at first, so give yourself time to adjust as you grow closer. Be ready to live up to new expectations. As great as dating one of your best friends can be, it also changes your dynamic. You need to be ready to respect the new boundaries and expectations that arise as your feelings develop.

Show your partner that you care for them as more than a friend, and that you take your new relationship roles seriously. Make an effort to put them first rather than treating them like any other friend. The behavior that you displayed toward each other as friends might need to be altered in order for your relationship to be successful. For example, your partner might expect you to text them when you wake up or before you go to bed. Indulge your common interests together. As a couple, you can keep doing the same kinds of things you used to do together as friends.

Go see bands you both like, hang out with mutual friends or agree on a favorite spot to meet for dinner. Your history together as friends will have prepared you for a romance full of fun and excitement and allow you to connect on a much deeper level. Best of all, the two of you will never run out of things to talk about. This takes the difficulty out of planning dates and thinking of ways to spend time together.

Communicate with one another openly and be able to positively resolve issues when they pop up. There needs to be a degree of privacy in your new relationship so you can keep your interactions with friends separate from your life as a couple. Be prepared to be turned down once you invite your friend to go on a date or make your feelings known. Find support from your loved ones. Soothe the discouragement of unrequited love by spending time with your friends and family. Take some time for yourself.

Put your social obligations on hold for a while to reconnect with yourself and take inventory of the good things in your life. Devote time to developing a skill or enjoying your hobbies. Explain the time you take for yourself as a form of emotional healing and refinement. Focus on your friendship. Consider this a stroke of good fortune. Think of it as an opportunity to get a fresh start in your relationship and become closer friends than ever. Don't blame yourself if the friendship ends.

Your interest may not feel like they can remain friends with you after finding out how you truly feel about them. If this happens, understand that you've done nothing wrong. It's important that you be honest with yourself and your friend, as ignoring your desires can cause the relationship to become frustrating for both of you. Sometimes, however, things just may not work out in your favor. Move on and take comfort in the fact that you gave it the chance it deserved. Part 1 Quiz You should try to get out of the friend zone when: Your friend leaves their current relationship.

You're physically attracted to your friend. Your friend emphasizes what a great friend you are. Part 2 Quiz How can you start flirting with your friend? Ask them on a formal date. Talk about another love interest. Offer to give them a massage. Part 3 Quiz What might you need to change once you and your friend begin dating?

Your behavior toward each other. Your group of friends.

Iamges: my best friend is dating my crush yahoo answers

my best friend is dating my crush yahoo answers

When he first saw my rave attire the first night of the con his eyebrows shot up and he was quick to give me a compliment, so I feel some confidence that he may find me sexually appealing.

my best friend is dating my crush yahoo answers

Aside from that, your points are valid. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

my best friend is dating my crush yahoo answers

I liked him because of his wittiness and personality. The rest are vating choice answers, and of those, only a few discuss faith. Hi Eric, I have been involved with uncharted 2 matchmaking on again off again guy for over 10 years. Who knows, you might even end up meeting a better guy in the process. Do you become a robot or alien after attending Landmark?