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Holbrook of Medway, MA. Visitors are welcome to explore the Museum open-house style until 8pm last entry at 7: How can historic site managers and other public historians approach the myths that families and populations have repeated for generations when scholarship reveals something different? One lot located Building

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For upcoming events, visit the schedule page of their website. Enjoy your meals inside or outside on a shared spacious deck overlooking the water. CA specialists can quickly and systematically identify critical needs of local citizens in war or disaster. You can activate call for- Assume that you are at your desk and you hear a phone the transfer feature: Naval Station Newport website:

The was set up as a subordinate activity of NLSO upon graduation. OCS is a mentally demand- curriculum includes courses covering naval Northeast Groton, under the direction of a ing and physically challenging program. Aca- indoctrination, military law, naval correspon- commanding officer. The curriculum includes became Region Legal Service Office ately upon arrival. Legal assistance services agement System. Students can expect eight to McCarty-Little Hall include landlord-tenant, consumer protection, 10 hours of academic work each during the Cushing Road domestic relations and family law, immigra- nine-week DL phase.

Students must attend the Phone: Co-located DL phase and in-residence phase concurrently. Atlantic, Newport Detachment Code , office for Defense Service Office North, where The eight-week Reservist course is com- provides program management, technical Sailors, Coast Guardsmen and Marines facing posed of six weeks of DL and two weeks of services and engineering support for Joint nonjudicial punishment, administrative sepa- in-residence education.

Students can expect approxi- Code provides program and project Elliot Ave. By providing an understanding of Cushing Road nication skills, leadership and management, national security, Joint Force operations, and Phone: Starting in January , the SEA seated 65 students per class and convened for 6 weeks.

The SEA completed another expansion to the Perry Hall Annex in , increasing the student capacity to per resident class. The SEA's active-duty course is composed of nine weeks of distance learning DL followed by three weeks of in-residence education in Newport, Rhode Island.

This process utilizes off-hull train- leaders sharpen their leadership, manage- BDOC is an eight-week course of instruction ing environments, simulation, to enhance ment and professional skills throughout their designed to provide the foundational training knowledge, skills and abilities required to career. The SWOS mission is "to provide a con- for new Division Officers to succeed when they perform tasks within a specific watch sta- tinuum of professional education and training first step foot aboard ship.

The course offers tion or position. Taking best practices from that prepares officers, enlisted engineers and instruction in division-level administration, naval aviation and civilian maritime industry, quartermasters to serve at sea. It T2Q capitalizes on delivery of individual principles of SWOS professional development also offers practical instruction in navigation, ready-to-operate high-cost, high-risk systems are to acquire perspective for sea duty assign- seamanship and shiphandling.

The slightly in that it reinforces the concepts of the LCS simulators at SWOS replicate the bridge hallmark of the Surface Warfare community is Basic Course and couples it with fleet experi- environment including precise placement of the regularity with which we receive profes- ence after some time aboard ship. More class- controls and seating. It teaches the student to sional military education at major milestones room and simulator time is spent developing handle the ship and to build muscle memory as of a Surface Warfare Officer's career.

The pur- the consummate professional Officer of the the OOD of an LCS must be able to handle the pose of this training continuum is to keep Deck OOD and prepares the Division Officer ship without the backup of a large and often the leadership abreast of traditional roles and for advanced qualifications in naval warfare more qualified bridge team.

Officers selected for Department Head latest changes to the geopolitical and opera- A recent development to the Division Offi- return to SWOS for the flagship course in tional environment. What follows is a brief cer course occurred with the introduction of maritime warfare hosted by the N73 Director- synopsis of the major training directorates at the Littoral Combat Ship LCS that requires ate.

Legacy instruction at most demanding and professionally reward- domain. SWOS mimics the undergraduate and gradu- ing course a Surface Warfare Officer receives We begin this journey with the introductory ate academic worlds of lecture, self-study and throughout their career.

Among the topics of instruc- Ship Material Readiness Course provided by geopolitical and operational environments. In addi- sional military education to instruct our grow- cooperation.

Officers and senior enlisted who tion to academic studies, students participate ing list of naval partners throughout the world. There are operations from damage control to coalition U. A part of their specialized serve at sea. We do this through traditional Phone: There is constant revision provides training for commanders and their http: The 75th TC conducts predeploy- training organization is to furnish both opera- tions forces for worldwide support to regional ment training for all Army Component Forces tional and strategic capabilities to the U.

CA forces sup- Detachment 1, 2nd Battalion, stakeholders. It values its employees, families, port activities of conventional commanders, th Regiment, 4th BCT, civilian employers and volunteers, and the ser- and do so in the Reserve CA as a unique blend 98th Division Institutional Training , vices they all provide to the organization and of Army, Navy and Air Force personnel.

It is a learning organization that Ninety-four percent of the Department of Phone: They sizes innovation within a systems framework ready drill sergeants, instructors, cadre and are a prime source of skills necessary to help a for performance excellence. Army rd Civil Affairs Command, experience in public administration, public Accessions Command in training, advising and U. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological safety and health, legal systems, labor manage- assisting joint, multicomponent and multina- Operations Command Airborne ment, public welfare, finance and education, tional forces.

The th Training Command Phone: Army Civil Affairs and Psychologi- communications and transportation, logistics, initial military training, representing half the cal Operations Command Airborne mission food and agricultural services, economics, total basic training capacity of the U. CA specialists can quickly and systematically identify critical needs of local citizens in war or disaster. They can also locate civil resources to support military operations, help mini- mize civilian interference, support national assistance activities, plan and carry out non- combatant evacuation, support counterdrug operations and establish and maintain liaisons or dialogue with civilian aid agencies and other nongovernmental organizations.

She was commissioned April 12, , and is the first of 14 ships of her class named in honor of famous lighthouse keepers from the U. Lighthouse Service, which became part of the Coast Guard in Lewis had a stroke, responsibilities fell to Ida and her mother. Ida made her first rescue at the age of 16, and went on to carry out as many as 24 documented rescues. After her death, the Lime Rock Lighthouse was renamed Ida Lewis Lighthouse, the only such honor ever given to a lighthouse keeper.

Juniper's missions include ser- vicing aids to navigation, law enforcement, search and rescue, domestic icebreaking and marine environmental pollution response. Juniper can also skim and recover spilled oil, as dem- onstrated by her recent day deployment in response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, where she recovered , gallons of oil.

The cut- and U. Dur- and coastal security. The Tiger Shark relocated engine which is currently displayed in the ing a five-year period of operation, OAK ser- from berthing in Newport in early and Smithsonian Museum of American History. Since being cue Missions. Tuesday through Friday, 9 a. See "Commands" section for Shoppers with disabilities may enter 30 minutes prior to the commis- telephone numbers and website addresses.

All patrons must be positively identified at registers prior Command Duty Officer: Monday through Friday Website: Personal checks may be cashed for classification.

The commissary features a full line of discriminated against. Its mission is to help commands achieve oper- fresh meats, vegetables and 10, line items ational readiness, superior performance and of frozen, chilled and dry grocery products. The grab-and-go section Business Phone: Referrals has ready-made sandwiches, soups and salads. Information is available on social ser- redeemed in all U.

Be member who are registering for this program. For routine response requests -- such pre-deployment briefings, ombudsman sup- tions provider to the Department of Defense, as fire inspections, code compliance, etc. This includes pro- Fire and emergency service response to all port for command mobilizations and repatria- curement of these services from commercial off-base housing is provided by local commu- tions are also offered as needed.

In the event of an emergency off base, The Relocation Assistance Program pro- vider of solutions for the conversion, retrieval, dial Building Peary St. Groton, Connecticut, Office Hours: Employment discrimination entails areas such as firing, hiring, promotions, transfer or wage practices and it is also illegal to discriminate in advertising, referral of job applicants or http: The BCO provides day-to-day operational support and management and technical support in relation to dial tone and voicemail to approximately 40 customer com- mands, including visiting ships, at NS Newport.

Monday through courses in anger management, stress manage- services, data collection, command consultation Friday; noon to 4: Saturday from June ment, marital communication, new spouse ori- and support for victims of sexual assault. Classroom workshops, vid- lies transition from military to civilian life by http: In addition, providing programs on veterans benefits and http: Once on the island, as the Army employment information, job search strategies Building 47 and Navy Journal reported, Luce proceeded to and how to prepare for today's and tomorrow's 47 Chandler St.

Monday through Friday programs in budgeting, financial management, door, solemnly declared to his few companions Website: The on-installation on Oct. Fleet and Family Support Center facilitates var- needs of its government customers, with free Today, the "little poorhouse" is a ious support groups and life skills programs.

The store is oper- well-preserved and stately structure, a National The Family Advocacy Program offers assis- ated by Central Association for the Blind, and Historic Landmark and home to the Naval War tance in the assessment, prevention, interven- all profits from sales go toward providing College Museum.

Named Founders Hall in tion and treatment of child abuse and domestic jobs and services for nearly 50, blind and honor of the founding fathers of the college, it violence within military families to provide severely disabled American workers. In support during times of crisis. These lectures, first published in Hacker Ave. Saturday, Sunday and series of Mahan's books that marked the begin- is to provide customers with quality goods federal holidays ning of modern naval strategic and historical and services at a savings and to support studies.

Today, the Naval War College Museum quality-of-life programs. Monday through Fri- Command, Washington, D. Saturday and Sunday, with the Naval War College.

Some services provided by the NEX include: Monday through Fri- and the naval heritage of Narragansett Bay -- a Fax: Monday through Saturday, Its collection consists of items relating to these 9 a. Sunday and federal holidays Naval War College Bookstore subjects that are perceived to be of value to All authorized patrons must show proper Phone: Monday through Fri- its throughout the college and for educational Exchange. Same as Main Exchange cial exhibits relating to the college curriculum Hours: Monday through Fri- Portrait Studio and to current naval-related topics.

In general, day; 9 a. Monday through Friday Phone: Monday through philosophy and mission of the college; and appointment. Fridays, closed chronicle the eventful relationship of the U.

For reservations, call at Hours: Monday through Saturday; Hours: Monday through Satur- least five working days in advance.

Sunday and federal holidays day, closed Sunday and federal holidays and two forms of government-issued identifi- cation are necessary to enter the Naval Station for those without Department of Defense iden- tification. Foreign nationals require two weeks' advance notification. Visitors must stop at the Pass Office before proceeding to Gate 1.

Facilities for the disabled are available, as is a gift shop operated by the Naval War Col- lege Foundation, a c 3 charitable orga- nization that supports the Museum as part of its many activities to buttress the Naval War College.

Further information about the museum's exhibits, special events and its naval history book lecture series may be found on the museum's website at www. Monday through tions and wealth management, including http: Saturday Navy Federal Financial Group. Room types vary from Phone: Personnel urday, 9 a. Cash-back services are also avail- Newport are entitled to a reservation. Students attending Peary St. Room rates on average are 45 percent less than civilian hotels. Monday thru Thursday Website: We assist with budget counseling, budget boot camp classes and host a Budget 4 Baby class where expectant parents receive "Baby's First Seabag.

Patron comments are highly encouraged. A drop box is located at the front Peary St. The status of a shipment also can be checked right of the building for donations. Addi- ment or furniture. Base access needed to shop in the Fax: Personnel occupying gov- day through Friday ernment quarters are advised to review floor Building Website: It is recommended that those items that Breakfast: Entitlements are outlined Dinner: Arrangements must be Breakfast: Incoming personnel to the Newport area manent long-term storage is only authorized at Dinner: Those living off base will be responsible sonnel, activated reservists and DOD employees ery address, if available, or they can call the for their own storage units and storage charges.

Consolidated Mail Center Building 47 Phone: The office oversees publication of the official Naval Sta- tion Newport weekly newsletter and admin- isters the installation Facebook page, Twitter account and website. Those moving within the DP3 program members throughout New Hampshire, continuous publication, serves all area com- must submit their form to their carrier online Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and mands and activities. It is published every at www.

Monday through Fri- is a beautiful house of worship nestled in a sce- Hours: Monday through day, 9 a. Saturday, closed Sunday nic corner of the base in the midst of "Training Friday All business must be completed prior Postal boxes are available to military per- Country," adjacent to the Naval Academy Prep to 4 p. After If you are a military family with school-age appointment and access the registration forms.

Step 1 may be done in advance online. The range of responsibility move, as well as helping prepare for your next http: Martin can be reached at ment only: Her office is located at the John F.

The Safety Professionals utilize an effective, proactive hands-on approach that emphasizes finding solutions that help supervisors take immediate and lasting action to eliminate haz- ards and potential health and safety problems.

This, coupled with a command structure that considers safety synonymous with mission, has resulted in an ongoing superlative safety record, and has fostered an environment for safe work, play and living for Sailors and civil- ian employees alike.

Monday through Friday Do you have school-aged children? The Naval Station Newport installation School Liaison Officer SLO serves as the installation subject matter expert for youth education, transition, kindergarten through Grade 12 school years, and deployment issues.

The SLO's role includes seven core duties which include: Suspicious activity should be Phone: Federal police officers attend the ing and command administration. Police patrol officers enforce all court-martial prosecution of a member of indi- the email to prevent identity theft. Command services advice To drive on the installation, personnel and Code, the UCMJ, assimilated Rhode Island encompasses any other legal issue confronting their family members must present two forms law and applicable instructions.

They ensure the command or unit that does not involve the of valid government-issued identification cards. Detectives are on staff to inves- officer and one enlisted staff member. Monday, Tuesday and Detectives: Station Newport is located in the rear of the Patrol Supervisors: Newport Naval Physical Security Officer: For availability of services or to schedule an appointment please call us. All pets living on post must be registered with the VTF upon arrival.

On-post housing may limit the number and breed of pets that can live in on-post housing. Contact on-post hous- ing for more information. Due to our limited manpower and resources, most veterinary emergency cases are best served through a full-service civilian veterinary hospital. Names Building will be placed on the waiting list if applicable as of the date of detach- Peary St. There are student quarters and staff quarters at NS Newport. Housing is in Courses at the Surface Warfare Officers School Command and the Naval multiple housing complexes within a 7-mile radius of the base.

NS Newport housing is a privatized housing site partnered with Balfour Pet Policy Beatty Communities, which manages and maintains all family housing Balfour Beatty Communities has a two-pet policy, to include dogs, cats, at NS Newport. Information about Balfour Beatty can be obtained by birds or fish tanks. Several dog breeds or mixed breeds are not per- contacting them at or via www.

Please check directly with Balfour Beatty for a current restricted All active-duty military members with or without family transferring breed list.

Exotic pets are also not permitted. Housing Service Center, groups of housing and measures the average usage for each group every http: A 10 percent buffer is then added above and below the average to create a Normal Usage Band.

Residents using more than the Normal Usage band pay for the excess and those using less receive a rebate or credit. For more infor- mation, you can contact the Housing Service Center. For active-duty military with family, the maximum rental rate is equal to the mem- ber's local-with-dependent BAH.

Ask about any current rent specials. For members without family, the rental rate is set at a fair market rate that can be obtained by contacting the Housing Service Center.

Information on average waiting times, fre- quently asked questions, photos and floor plans of the housing is available at the Navy Housing Service Center site: Housing information is available at www. Service members are required to contact the Housing Service Center within agreements as well as assist with information easily accessible.

Additionally, the HSC staff will help ensure Due to Newport's reputation as a famous For further information, call , that all personnel receive fair and equal oppor- tourist area, short-term furnished rentals are DSN or toll free This online database contains a large home park. Additionally, community mobile ter HSC is ready to assist service members selection of unfurnished and furnished prop- home lots are extremely difficult to obtain with finding off-base housing in the local erties ranging in price from approximately within the commuting area.

The HSC staff is available to before committing to private housing off base. Enroll- 43 Smith Road ment is not automatic. Enroll online Information Desk Phone: Once enrollment is complete, Hours: On Saturdays, only the pharmacy All questions about services available and access may be directed to the is open from 8 a.

The clinic is closed on Sundays and holidays. Want a medication renewal and hoping to avoid a trip sive health care facility at the south end of the naval complex. It provides to the medical clinic? Now it's possible to use email to do all of this and a full range of outpatient services for naval shore activities and fleet units more when you sign up for RelayHealth. It is free and secure. Please take of the operating forces, family members of armed services personnel and a few moments to sign up at: For technical other authorized beneficiaries.

For emergency care, patients should call for an ambulance or report to the nearest civilian hospital. Clinical staff and services are cient and streamlined service from specially trained appointment agents. By referral or self-referral their annual dental examinations.

Closed for lunch from noon to 1 p. Monday through shore-based Navy and Marine Corps personnel Medicare. It is a birth specialties available include restorative den- Hours: IMR staff ensure age and risk-related tics and endodontics.

Treatment and routine The Immunization Clinic provides routine medical screening is performed, as well as dental examinations for active duty personnel immunizations for all eligible TRICARE Prime counseling on those and other lifestyle top- are provided by appointment.

The cies will be treated at any time. To expedite to elderly across all patient categories active Medical Readiness Reporting System team is treatment after hours, patients should contact duty, retirees and family members.

Allergy responsible for all medical record tracking and the clinic to let the duty section know when shots are not provided nor given by this clinic. The Deployment Marine Corps personnel are enrolled in a den- can be given without a prescription if immu- Health Clinic DHC provides Post Deploy- tal review program when they check in with nization records are available and brought in at ment Health Assessments to all military per- the dental clinic.

They will be notified through the time of the visit. DHC identifies any behavioral issues that can affect the member's well-being. Physical Exams staff schedule pre-commissioning, aviation, sepa- ration, retirement, routine and Special Forces physicals. They also ensure that all preliminar- ies and paper work are complete prior to the patient's visit with the provider.

Monday through Friday except holidays Sick Call Hours: Monday through Friday except holidays with walk-ins up to 4 p. Appointments not required at King Hall.

Monday through Friday Mail-Outs: Tests not performed in this labora- tory are referred to other military treatment facilities or contracted civilian reference labo- ratories for testing. The Laboratory Department provides exten- sive support services covering Anatomic and Clinical Pathology and is accredited by the College of American Pathologists. Contact the Laboratory Department with any questions regarding specimen handling or laboratory policies.

Information Automated Refill System: All services, 8 a. By referral only through Friday except holidays , 8 a. Monday through Patients are reminded that the pharmacy Friday except holidays Hours: Monday through Fri- does not stock all medications. Monday through Friday http: The Health Friday except holidays Hours: Newport, RI Phone: Available equipment for the do-it-yourself Whether you enjoy sailing, physical fitness, fine dining or just relax- patron includes a battery charger and hand tools.

Saturday and 10 a. Information about MWR to 5 p. Closed Monday through Friday. Child and Youth Programs http: Individual facility information may be obtained rienced childcare in our Child Development Center CDC and Child by calling or visiting the facility.

Before and after school care and summer MWR has something for everyone. Visit facilities soon and often and take camp are offered for school-aged children 5 through 12 years of age.

MWR hours Pre-teen and Teen Programs for children ages 9 and up are offered outside of operation are subject to change. Friday ages appropriate learning activities, as well as home Building 9 through 18 , closed Saturday through Thurs- life experiences. The children are able to build Phone Hours are set individually by foster their curiosity and creativity, provide providers.

Hourly care is offered when space is be Navy certified and reside in Balfour Beatty Phone The certification process is provided Fax In addition to the provid- School-age Care: Building The program is led by qualified profes- Phone The program is affiliated with John H. Activities are planned; how- ever, these plans are flexible depending on the daily interests and needs of the children. Chil- dren are invited and encouraged to participate in individual and group activities designed to promote social, emotional, intellectual cogni- tive and physical development.

Caregivers administer the curriculum and guide the children's behavior. The ratio of staff to children is always suf- ficient to maintain constant supervision and implement a developmentally appropriate pro- gram.

Some examples of skills we foster are: Child Development Homes The Child Development Home program is an alternative to center-based care and is often preferred by families because of the small group sizes, the home-like atmosphere and the flexible hours of operation that the center often http: During school vacation days and weeks, full-day care is pro- vided at the center.

School-age Care is at the Youth Center, Building For more infor- mation, please call School-age Summer Camp During the summer months, the School-age Program offers a week summer camp with weekly themes and field trips. Camp programs are available to children ages 5 through 12 years of age must have com- pleted kindergarten. Summer camp is supervised by trained youth development professionals, a caring staff that gives special attention to your children.

Chafee Fitness Center Dive-In Night recreation is offered along with scheduled activities and special events. The Teen Cen- ter is open 5: Chafee Fitness Center 9 through It is closed Saturday through programs and equipment to all authorized Swimming Pool Thursday and federal holidays. For more patrons active duty personnel, reservists, Building information on current programs and events, retirees, eligible family members and DOD Taylor Drive call Nationally certified trainers are Phone: Chafee Fitness Center contacting the fitness office at 6 p.

Monday through Friday, 8 a. Sunday, Taylor Drive the request form. Commands may also reserve 10 a. Monday through Fri- ness coordinator at Indoor run- The meter pool is open daily with lap day, 7 a. Saturday and Sunday, ning track, basketball and racquetball courts and open recreational swim times available.

ID cards are required for Active-duty personnel, family members, Thanksgiving and Christmas admission at all times. Recreational swim- ming programs include swim lessons private Administrative Officer Fees apply for swim Bowling Center Monday through Friday Fax Training rooms feature Enlisted Club Free wireless is paper, and white board with dry erase markers.

Bowling Center, Child Development Center, also available. The coffee shop offers Starbucks Onsite catering and free Wi-Fi. Fill out the pink form, and much more.

Enjoy the beautiful view of Narragan- because it tells us what discount promotions day through Friday, 8 a. Once the form is completed, it is routed back through October Stop by and check out our grab-and-go con- to GOTickets and we are able to contact you Located near Gate One, across from the Offi- venience center with Starbucks coffee, gourmet and answer any questions and process the sale.

Sailboats and powerboats may ments and promotion ceremonies, conferences, Leisure Bay Internet Cafe be rented with an appropriate qualification war games and for distinguished guests. For and Coffee Shoppe card, kayaks and paddleboards can be rented more information, call the Officer's Club Cater- Building without qualifications card. Monday through Friday Building 95 Phone: It sits on the rocky shoreline ing Disney, Universal, Legoland and more These of Narragansett Bay with sweeping views of pink forms are available at a kiosk located at all the Newport Bridge, Jamestown and surround- ing islands.

The grand ballroom is the perfect setting for events such as weddings, dining-in, dinner dances, luncheons and meet- ings. The grand ballroom is fitted with three drop-down screens, built-in LCD projectors and complete audio hookups.

Enjoy the all-hands casual dining experience for lunch, either on the South Deck, weather permitting during the summer, or in the Top- side restaurant. The South Deck sits right on the water and offers a full-size sit-down bar with a glorious view of Narragansett Bay. Cafe-style seating is also available. Daily lunch and dinner specials are available Monday through Friday. Hours for Topside are 11 a. Monday through Friday and 4 to 9 p. Chafee Fitness federal holidays. The kitchen closes an hour leyball court, horseshoe pits and port-o-john Center at During the summer, hours facilities are available.

Reservations are taken are extended and Topside moves to the deck. Kay Hall Building The area may be Fields: Intramural sports programs have first Phone: Chafee Fitness Center, Phone: Monday through Reservations are taken at the John H. Four Har Tru courts, located Thursday, 11 a. Friday, 1 to Fitness Center, call Saturday, 1 to 8 p. Sunday, noon Carr Point Picnic and Recreation Area is first-served basis unless otherwise reserved to 6 p. Three picnic areas with pavilions, permitting.

Users of these courts are asked lane center offering pin bowling with a to sweep or rake after play. Courts are main- state-of-the-art electronic scoring and sound tained by the John H.

Chafee Fitness Center at system, and automatic bumpers for kids Site rent- glow-in-the-dark balls, lanes, shoes and pins. Sites may be Flashing neon lights illuminate the center for a fun family experience. In addition to serving an extensive pub menu which includes appe- tizers, sandwiches, burgers, salads, pizza and more, Seaview Bowling Center is also avail- able for children's birthday parties, command functions and other group events.

Call ahead at to place an order for pick up or have it ready to eat in house or place a to go pick up order.

The kitchen closes one hour before closing time. Friday, 4 to 11 p. Sunday and noon to 6 p. A refundable key visions, there is also shuffleboard and darts Phone: Storage lot sign-ups available in the CPO Club. The club has an The Vehicle Storage Lots offer two secure are by appointment only. The other recreational vehicles.

One lot located Building For more information, call Enlisted Club is all-hands and offers a lunch on base is for vehicles 25 feet or less and the time all-you-can-eat-buffet from 11 a. Enjoy your meals inside or outside on a shared spacious deck overlooking the water. Monday through Thursday, 4 to 10 p. Friday, 1 to 10 p. Sunday, noon to 6 p. The Liberty Center has eight com- puter stations with free internet access, plus Wi-Fi for personal laptops.

There is also a small movie view- ing room offering free movies from the Navy Motion Picture Service. Food may be ordered daily from the Recreation Center menu. Outdoor Recreation Rental Phone: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 2 to 7 p. Rent camping gear including tents, sleeping bags, air beds, coolers, lanterns and propane stoves.

ORR has large canopies for rent, as well as tables and chairs. ORR also offers a wide variety of sporting goods such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, softball sets, horse- shoes and more. Lawn and garden equipment complete the rental selection. During the winter months, rent skis, snowboards and ice skates. ORR has also added a camper, a tow-along grill, a foot boat with motor, an 8-foot inflatable outdoor movie theater, open and closed trailers, and various sized boun- cies to the inventory.

ORR offers daily and weekly rates. Naval Station Newport website: This site provides up-to-date information on foul weather impacts on This new section of our annual directory and guide is for person- the base, MWR opportunities, changes that may impact gate operations, nel who come to the installation for the day or for the year. The fol- promotions and much, much more. Base-wide messaging is passed along lowing pages include information on making the most of your stay on this page first!

This weekly electronic newsletter contains make reservations for a function on Bishop's Rock picnic area. This is information from all of the tenant commands depending on what's hap- your guide. It is truly the installation newsletter that features such Hold onto this directory and we will update it again next year, as we useful information as traffic announcements; base-wide recreational are sure that many things will continue to change here at Naval Station events; job information and much, much more.

Monday through Friday, Galley Ney Hall Gate hours are subject to change during Navy Lodge Newport The Defense Staff Personnel Non-affiliated personnel Security Dispatch The technology used in the scanners requirements should be sponsored by the DoN Grants access to medical, commissary, NEX has changed over the years. Two 2 forms of approved retired military members. Grants access to able to sync with today's security technology.

Did you know that since you properties unless on official orders to the base. Contractors are entitled to ating a vehicle onboard the naval station if you who is entitled to use which facilities. If you on orders are entitled to eat at the galley. DOD retirees period you will have your driving privileges inactive Ready Reserves. Grants access to the are not authorized to use the facilities in the suspended for a period of not less than six commissary; NEX and all MWR facilities.

Many of these people had been part of the settlement at Portsmouth , along with Anne Hutchinson and her followers. They separated within a year of that settlement, however, and Coddington and others began the settlement of Newport on the southern side of the island. Newport grew to be the largest of the four original settlements which became the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations , which also included Providence Plantations and Shawomett.

Many of the first colonists in Newport became Baptists , and the second Baptist congregation in Rhode Island was formed in under the leadership of John Clarke. In , a group of Jews were welcomed to settle in Newport; they were fleeing the Inquisition in Spain and Portugal but had not been permitted to settle elsewhere. The Newport congregation is now referred to as Congregation Jeshuat Israel and is the second-oldest Jewish congregation in the United States.

It meets in Touro Synagogue , the oldest synagogue in the United States. The Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations received its royal charter in , and Benedict Arnold was elected as its first governor at Newport.

The Old Colony House served as a seat of Rhode Island's government upon its completion in at the head of Washington Square , until the current Rhode Island State House in Providence was completed in and Providence became the state's sole capital city. Newport became the most important port in colonial Rhode Island, and a public school was established in The commercial activity which raised Newport to its fame as a rich port was begun by a second wave of Portuguese Jews who settled there around the middle of the 18th century.

They had been practicing Judaism in secret for years in Portugal, and they were attracted to Rhode Island because of the freedom of worship there.

They brought with them commercial experience and connections, capital, and a spirit of enterprise. Most prominent among those were Jacob Rodrigues Rivera, who arrived in died and Aaron Lopez , who came in died May 28, Rivera introduced the manufacture of sperm oil which became one of Newport's leading industries and made the town rich. Newport developed 17 manufactories of oil and candles and enjoyed a practical monopoly of this trade until the American Revolution.

Aaron Lopez is credited with making Newport an important center of trade. So that the said Aaron Lopez nor any other of said religion is not liable to be chosen into any office in this colony nor allowed to give vote as a free man in choosing others. From the mid 17th century, the religious tolerance in Newport attracted numbers of Quakers , known also as the Society of Friends. In , he published the first newspaper, the Rhode Island Gazette.

In , his son James founded the weekly newspaper Mercury. The famous 18th century Goddard and Townsend furniture was also made in Newport. Throughout the 18th century, Newport suffered from an imbalance of trade with the largest colonial ports. As a result, Newport merchants were forced to develop alternatives to conventional exports.

Many were hanged in Newport and were buried on Goat Island. Newport was a major center of the slave trade in colonial and early America, active in the "triangle trade" in which slave-produced sugar and molasses from the Caribbean were carried to Rhode Island and distilled into rum , which was then carried to West Africa and exchanged for captives. In , Rhode Island had about 30 rum distilleries, 22 in Newport alone.

Almost half were trafficked illegally, breaking a state law prohibiting residents of the state from trading in slaves. Slave traders were also breaking federal statutes of and barring Americans from carrying slaves to ports outside the United States, as well as the Congressional act abolishing the transatlantic slave trade.

A few Rhode Island families made substantial fortunes in the trade. William and Samuel Vernon were Newport merchants who later played an important role in financing the creation of the United States Navy; they sponsored 30 African slaving ventures. However, it was the DeWolfs of Bristol, Rhode Island , and most notably James De Wolf , who were the largest slave-trading family in all of North America, mounting more than 80 transatlantic voyages, most of them illegal.

The Rhode Island slave trade was broadly based. Seven hundred Rhode Islanders owned or captained slave ships, including most substantial merchants, and many ordinary shopkeepers and tradesmen who purchased shares in slaving voyages. In addition to being one of America's most active slave ports, Newport was also home to a small community of abolitionists and free blacks. Touro Synagogue , America's oldest existing synagogue. Oliver Perry Monument in Eisenhower Park.

Newport was the scene of much activity during the American Revolution. William Ellery came from Newport, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He later served on the Naval Committee. In the winter of and , the Rhode Island Legislature put militia General William West in charge of rooting out loyalists in Newport, and several notable individuals were exiled to the northern part of the state, such as Joseph Wanton and Thomas Vernon.

The population of Newport had divided loyalties; many pro—independence Patriots left town, while loyalist Tories remained. Newport was a British stronghold for the next three years. In the summer of , the Americans began the campaign known as the Battle of Rhode Island. This was the first joint operation between the Americans and the French after the signing of the Treaty of Alliance. The Americans based in Tiverton planned a formal siege of the town.

However, the French refused to take part in it, wanting a frontal assault. This weakened the American position, and the British were able to expel the Americans from the island. The following year, the British abandoned Newport, wanting to concentrate their forces in New York.

For the rest of the war, Newport was the base of the French forces in the United States. The first Catholic mass in Rhode Island was said in Newport during this time.

Newport's population had fallen from over 9, according to the census of to fewer than 4, by the time that the war ended Over abandoned buildings were torn down in the s. Also, the war destroyed Newport's economic wealth, as years of military occupation closed the city to any form of trade. It was in Newport that the Rhode Island General Assembly voted to ratify the Constitution in and become the 13th state, acting under pressure from the merchant community of Providence.

Perry and the Reverend William Ellery Channing. Rochambeau statue in Kings park. Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, wealthy southern planters seeking to escape the heat began to build summer cottages on Bellevue Avenue, such as Kingscote By the turn of the 20th century, many of the nation's wealthiest families were summering in Newport, including the Vanderbilts , Astors , and the Widener family , who constructed the largest "cottages", such as The Breakers and Miramar.

Wharton's own Newport "cottage" was called Land's End. Today, many mansions continue in private use. Hammersmith Farm is the mansion where John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy held their wedding reception; it was open to tourists as a "house museum", but has since been purchased and reconverted into a private residence. Many other mansions are open to tourists; still others were converted into academic buildings for Salve Regina College in the s, when the owners could no longer afford their tax bills.

In the midth century, a large number of Irish immigrants settled in Newport. The Fifth Ward of Newport in the southern part of the city became a staunch Irish neighborhood for many generations. To this day, St. Patrick's Day is an important day of pride and celebration in Newport, with a large parade going down Thames Street.

The oldest Catholic parish in Rhode Island is St. Mary's , located on Spring Street—though the current building is not the original one. Rhode Island did not have a fixed capital during and after the colonial era but rotated its legislative sessions among Providence, Newport, Bristol, East Greenwich, and South Kingstown. In , the sessions were eliminated in the cities other than Providence and Newport, and Newport was finally dropped in A constitutional amendment that year restricted the meetings of the legislature to Providence.

Mary's Church in Newport on September 12, The city has long been entwined with the United States Navy. It held the campus of the U.

Naval Academy during the American Civil War —65 when the undergraduate officer training school was temporarily moved north from Annapolis, Maryland. From to , it hosted the Cruiser-Destroyer Force of the U.

Atlantic Fleet , and subsequently it has hosted smaller numbers of warships from time to time. The departure of the Cruiser-Destroyer fleet from Newport and the closure of nearby Naval Air Station Quonset Point in were devastating to the local economy.

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