Stone cutter floor stripper

stone cutter floor stripper
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DESCRIPTION: The shop vac comes with wand, hose, and your choice of bristle head for removing dry material or squeegie head for vacuuming up liquids. The speed, along with floro diamond grinding plate, make short work of almost any floor coating. Quickly remove VCT tiles, rubber-backed carpeting and sheet type stone cutter floor stripper from wood and concrete surfaces. The unit is portable, light weight, cleans and profiles in one easy step..

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Scarifying cutters | Blastrac Surface Preparation Equipment

Please check any Delivery Charges when reviewing your order. Need more than 10? Simply check stock availability in your area and choose your branch for collection. Sandpaper is available in 20, 36, and 80 grit. The aluminum telescopic handle makes transporting a breeze and it slides easily back into the unit for storage.

Floor Tile Strippers.

stone cutter floor stripper
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Save yourself time and finish the job off by smoothing everything over with a tile roller. Normal applications include removing a broom finish or smoothing high spots..

  • Users should wet the floor then use the attachment to remove mastic..
  • Single disk rotary scrubber
  • To level or remove surfaces

It is generally used to remove floor coatings such as glue or mastic left behind after a previous floor was removed..

  • Blastrac scarifying cutters are well known for their strong fabrication and long lifetime. News & Info · Contact. MENU. Shot Blasters · Steel Blasters · Floor Grinders · Scarifiers · Floor Strippers · Dust Collectors Levelling of uneven concrete floors. Removing of concrete, asphalt, stone or other hard materials.
  • Items 1 - 12 of 12 - National 27" Cutting Head to suit National 27" Cutting Head to suit National Stripper. Instore or Phone Orders Only. More.
  • floor stripper machine - Janser LTD supplying machines and tools to the flooring You searched for floor stripper machine Cutting Tools & Blades for Flooring.

Vinyl tools Hand tools Welding tools. Bosch Jackhammer - Electric. The weight of the unit and angle of stone cutter floor stripper teeth make it an aggressive solution for removing these type of coatings. The approximate run time on a full tank of propane is 8 hours. The aluminum telescopic handle makes transporting a breeze and it slides easily back into the unit for storage. Straight-line tracking and the folding handle enable the operator to perform more efficiently, with less fatigue.

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