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New Fans Feb 22 9: I like her acting though except in the love scenes. Skip to primary content. Listening to music Specialty: It matches her dorky and weird personality that shines through often enough for the fans to see and enjoy.

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She's a good actress. MCkayla Feb 15 I really hope that she would be filming with Super Junior Donghae.. The dialogue was refreshingly honest and comical that I eagerly look forward for their scenes together - a young girl who brought a breath of fresh air to the serious stoic man of a PM with her natural charm and honest youthful qualms and perky smile , patiently bearing with the PM' character and quirks despite being reprimanded countless times for her inquisitiveness to help. A smile with corners of lips lifted up would be nice. Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea Height:

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New Star Award [22]. Most Popular Actress TV [52]. Most Popular Actress Film [53]. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kwon Yuri. Korean Girls' Generation Oh! I just love you and SNSD. Suiren Jun 20 She did nothing to you, but I guess you guys are just jealous, huh? YoonA is also a good actress too. I hope one day you all will notice that! If you perhaps see this message I will always love you, YoonA!

I hope jang keun suk and yoona have another drama.: Rebeca Jun 06 3: I think she's so pretty and talented, Too sweet and mysterious In others words, she's incredible. XOXO May 08 She has another award name "best new female actress" from you are my destiny.

I agree - that Yoona's acting is not that very convincing, but I think her dramas are good - funny Mr President and I. She doesn't ruin the dramas, her acting's just no very good. No need to her acting is 'shit' - like you could do any better. S L Tong Apr 20 She is so pretty and adorable. Anyone know about it? They such a great couple in Love Rain and they also look like real couple.

You will fell for them if you watch the drama. Paul Apr 20 2: RoriGator Apr 17 7: Im so broken heart. KayKay Apr 02 1: New Fans Mar 18 8: Yoona Mae Mar 07 3: Unknown Mar 01 Thank for your suggestion, but I'm fine watching Yoona. She has potential from what I see. I have known a lot of actresses whose are more talented than her, but there something about her that is special.

New Fans Feb 22 9: Kanda Phy Feb 16 7: I want to see her on movie. I hope one day I will meet her. Do you know me??????? MCkayla Feb 15 Amigrace Feb 14 8: Peggy Feb 12 9: The dialogue was refreshingly honest and comical that I eagerly look forward for their scenes together - a young girl who brought a breath of fresh air to the serious stoic man of a PM with her natural charm and honest youthful qualms and perky smile , patiently bearing with the PM' character and quirks despite being reprimanded countless times for her inquisitiveness to help.

Yoona made the character Nam Da Jung so natural and effortless. It was a role perfectly casted for Yoona and Lee Beom Soo too. There are K drama where the male and female lead just don't gel inspite of acting their best. Especially where it is so obvious the male lead look so young barely out of his teens which hardly fits the maturity of the character he is playing and the female lead looks older than him when seen together.

Arken Feb 07 5: She always get decress of ratting. I love them both DDDDD and i wish for a movie for her: She'll always just be Yoona LOL. Morgane Jan 16 5: She was acting so well! Especially for her age! Paul Jan 13 Jan 07 5: Owl's eye Jan 06 Yoona acts differently from her previous dramas.

She acts great there. Although the lead role is not match enough yoona and lee boem soo , the story is fun! Romantic comedy genre that has a cute plot between reporter Yonna and prime minister lee boem soo.

Many people just give a try for 1st episode but finally they watch it until latest episode. Just give a try: Khuncho Jan 03 You are excellent in Prime Minister and I.

I become you fan since "Love rain". Your photos are on my desktop!!! Baekhyunsshi Jan 02 3: Sam Jan 01 Kasuni Dec 30 8: Chris Rey Losaynon Dec 26 9: FoOoOoFy99 Dec 25 3: Zuali Dec 16 4: Musa Setiawirawan Dec 14 9: Of course that is my opinion and that is not to say she would do better than the actress in the role, but I think she would do a good job. It matches her dorky and weird personality that shines through often enough for the fans to see and enjoy.

And I am sure they will all enjoy her role as Nam Da Jung. I still don't get it. She does not flirt with them and she even acts like a choding! It's not her fault to be paired up with them ,nor to be chosen as an ideal type by many.. And It's not her fault to be chosen as a center, nor to be chosen as one of the most beautiful idol. She does not deserve any hate at all. For me she's the prettiest mainly because of her personality. Just stop the hate. I don't even bash your idols.

I totally love your new drama! Paul Dec 03 9: Mesh Luma Dec 02 3: Hana Nov 22 Love Nov 22 MilKdrama Nov 06 1: C Yoona and Sportswoman Yoona,.. Yoona is super talented and wonderful goddess. Kham Lian Kim Oct 26 8: Yoona I'm very interested in you because you are good, beautiful, cute, funny, I like you have a face so beautiful..

Maha Oct 20 3: JhonyFORyoona Oct 13 2: First time i see u in gee video, that time im so wow, u like innocent girl, sweet, nice smile n when u wink oh im feel "right now i like u". I think u my dream girl, and now im ur fan hehehe. Mei Lin Oct 10 2: When i got to know yoona and her world seeing those kpop videos on TV didn't irritate me anymore I have come to understand it.

I prefer KPOP rather than the others because the songs and videos are not about sex, naked man and women which I really don't get what does it have to doe with music.. I mean really are they selling their music or their body. I liked how clean and innocent kpop is and same goes to the drama. I fell in love with You are my destiny because it proves that a show doesn't need those kissing scenes and love scenes to rate. I liked how yoona acted in that drama..

No wonder she got an award for her role on that show because she really did a great job. No matter how many roles she'll play I'll always remember her as saebyuk. By the way she did won an award for best popular actress but please be reminded that she also won the best new actress award at the same time there's a difference between the 2. Although, cinderella man didn't do well it's not because of yoona's acting CM story is kinda boring.. Love Rain didn't do good in the rating in korea,which I really don't understand, the plot was beautiful, cinematography was perfectly done..

She is not the best singer in SNSD but she can carry a tune Come on I was watching a show where 2 members of a girl group sang Genie and they were horrible so i thought how can people be so harsh on yoona's singing skill when in fact she's way better than those 2 which I'm not really familiar as who they are.

When it comes to dancing She is one of SNSD's main dancer. She has both of Hyoyeon's power and Yuri's sexiness and to add to that sooyoung grace when dancing. Adding her on style of dancing she definitely is one of the best.

I should say she is a well-rounded entatiner as she can do everything and most of them she can do with flying colors.. I'm not exaggerating this because she is my bias well she wouldn't be my bias if she is not the best why would I waste my time with someone who doesn't deserve it.

She is a very nice person. I love her appearance she has this Ms. Bright Sunshine appeal that whenever you see her you feel refreshed. Right now she has become my stress reliever. I could go on and on and say more about my yoona discoveries but it all boils down to this fact that to those who came to know yoona she is an idol worthy She is very pretty and cute, he's a humble beauty in itself is so fascinating.

He is the best. Maha Oct 01 Mygirlyoona Sep 11 2: Adamcool Sep 10 Esther Aug 19 3: I really love watching Love Rain.. She is adopted child since You my bias allways. Livia Aug 08 Giroro Aug 06 8: I love u, ur my type girl sharanghae y0ngwonhi y0ona.

I hope to see you in more dramas.. Kim Hyun Ra Aug 01 9: I'm a girl, but really a huge fans of yoona!!! I love her so much! Yoona keep strong please, please don't be cry when antis talk bad about your mom, be strong, yoonaddict loves you!

Fatima Jul 09 Yoona, I really really like you.. I like your natural beauty and I like the way you act, specially in Love Rain. Steve Jun 26 4: While she is very young, she portrayed a character of sweetness and innocence in the show and I think it really tugged at people's heart strings.

I think as she gets more experience, she can develop her acting skills. She definitely has plenty of beauty to help carry some of the shows as well. At least you're cuter than Jang Keun Suk which is a hard fete when you're co-star is a "beautiful" guy.

Kimmy Jun 06 7: Bambang Hermawan May 26 2: NerA93 May 24 9: I really hope that she would be filming with Super Junior Donghae.. It surely will be a great drama.. SM please make both of them in the same drama.. Ikker May 05 6: We need to see Yoona in new Drama or Movie. Please confirmed drama sword and flower! Vote yoona baeksang awards ! Tey Apr 21 I wish she confirm to play as a lead role. Currently she's a front runner if she accept this project.

She will be the lead role in Saguek drama Historical drama. She's very adorable and I adore her. Yoongie ah Please cast in a drama this year I have a feeling that you will choose this as your next drama too. SM please selected drama for yoona! DudeFromFinland Apr 04 8: How can you be so Lovable! Tey Apr 02 She's beautiful even inside and outside.

Dee Yoongie Mar 15 3: D I hope your filming drama with lee seunggi, yoochun or lee minho: Bobby T Mar 04 As an Australian it is a pleasure to watch programs, without bad words and sex scenes. May you all have a happy and wonderful life.. John Feb 11 7: Considering that she wasn't even 20 years old would you expect her to behave any differently? SaMa Feb 07 5: Suiko Feb 05 And i think compared to her previous dramas she already improved. Kim YoonA Jan 18 9: Especially Yoona likes to play acting and dancing.

Do you think that there is a face similar to Yoona do not ever wish there never was! Abhishek Vishnoi Jan 18 6: Aeri Dec 22 When did I ever demand respect for my opinions? If I wanted to suck up to anonymous people on the Internet, would I really post my heated opinion like this in a sea of admiration?

Secondly, I have friends and family members who love everything that YoonA does. I don't think I'm better than them. I hate their taste in music, but I adore them.

This is called 'being civilized. I didn't cross any line just because I hurt your little fee-fees by saying she's basically a glorified extra on SNSD. Thirdly, I don't hate her. Seriously, go back and read the comments. When have I ever said that? I'm, quite frankly, annoyed that she continues to get so much attention. In the broad spectrum of human emotions, annoyance is not nearly as vitriolic as hate.

Geraldi Edward Dec 19 4: Colby Nov 27 9: And you expect others to respect you? No, yours is not a simple ''difference of opinion''. It's a hateful rant.

Yes, u r one of the rarest I wish ur light reach more skies n touches more ground I wish smday we can meet Aeri Aug 06 9: Because God forbid people have different opinions on celebrities. Long story short, I have respect for real actors and artists, not for walking mannequins whose fanbase consists of teenyboppers who can't recognize talent if it sneezed on their faces. La La Jul 25 6: You are so good. I am happy that you aren't feeling anything about what jealous people talk about you.

You are my best. And your movies are also my best. Thank you for teaching me how to love. Alyssa Salazar Jul 20 9: You are very beautiful inside and out Dont mind your antagonists, they are just jealous, pity them Best wishes for you Jun 27 She's so pretty, good singer, good actress, and looks so nice: But I still like her. She can dance pretty well. Her singing is okay, I guess. I don't really like her acting: Yoona Jun 23 3: I dunno why people think youre the face of snsd;Taeyeon or Yuri is going to kick you out from your precious 'center' place, soon.

Mia Jun 18 7: Rea May 25 2: Such a young talented actress I'm looking forward to see the 13th episode of Love Rain! She is so charismatic that I'm addicted to her.

She has such a positive vibe around her and she is so fun to watch. Soshi is sushit Apr 21 8: Yoona is the perfect girl. Marife Apr 13 Irenhe Apr 11 7: Yoona and Sukkie are the most beautiful couple. Honey Apr 10 I like "love rain".. Yoona es a big actress Cherie Mar 29 She's a triple threat--dancing and singing with SNSD, and a great actress on her own.

Ever since her audition for SM as a little girl, she has been working super hard as an artist. She's my most-admired idol, and it's great watching her continuously growing in her talents. Yoonafan Mar 25 Ilike "you are mi destiny" Yoona is an angel, a princess and a goddess. I am currrently watching this drama.. This drama is supposed to be super super good.. Ami Siwon Feb 17 7: Yana Jan 25 Looking forward for more of your acting. All the best for you!!!

With Jang Geun Suk Dana Dec 17 6: Toto Sep 21 2: Gesundheit Sep 26 8: Jasmine Aug 03 3: Her drama You are My Destiny, which spreads joy, laughter, sadness, and even anger, will glue your eyes to the computer until you finish it!

I would love to see any dramas or movies that she stars in because Yoona's cute, friendly face and superb acting are what you can never have enough of. Watch You are My Destiny peoples. I like her very much in Cinderella man.

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snsd dating generation

All Night Aug 11 1:

snsd dating generation

I have known a lot of actresses whose are more talented than her, but there something about her that is special.

snsd dating generation

But I don't get why she tends to pair up people a lot older than her christian dating south australia the past. I hate their taste in music, but I adore them. They such a great couple in Love Rain and they also look genertion real couple. That or they are using it to cover the other various scandals going around. Steve Jun 26 snsd dating generation